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On an older forum I was part of we did a thing where we had a Hall Of Fame, not about users as alot of forums had but wrestlers, we simply voted for 4 wrestlers that fitted into these rules
-Wrestler must be retired for at least 2 years
-Must have held at least 1 title
-Must have been wrestling for at least 10 years
-Must have made either a TV appearance or creditted as an innovator
-Tag teams can be inducted as a group but only if they're success lies as a team only [i.e. Bret Hart wouldn't count because he went onto bigger things without Niedhart]

and also voted for a Woman wrestler,A manager, a commentator and etc for those that were authority figures or interviewers or anything else that wasn't mentioned in the former catagories (ie.Vince McMahon,Stu Hart[known more for training his family and others] and Mean Gene)

All the inductees basically had a section called "Hall Of Fame" and a thread where their bio was posted and a picture/video of their greatest moments and list of accomplishments are shown

I think it would be intresting considering how many members of the forum are here to see who would be get inducted, if your interested or not please post an opinion
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