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Your first thought when you read that heading is that another wrestler is going to cry and whine about the fans, that are spending their hard earned money on tickets, and deserve to be heard right? Well you are! Ahhh, not really but it did grab you didn’t it?

Articles written by the wrestlers and staff to be placed on ROHWrestling.com is a pretty cool concept to me. No one paid extra to write them. There is no one editing them. It’s just another way that ROH continues to be the most fan-friendly company in the world.

For the last 16 ½ years I have been fortunate enough to wrestle for a living and travel around the world. I, alongside Jerry Lynn, were in the original ECW. We experienced a company that was based around its fans. People remember ECW and those of you that came to a house show or TV Taping, remember that experience. That, my fellow wrestling nerds, is magic. Lightning in a bottle. Doesn’t happen more then once in a lifetime.

That was until Ring Of Honor. Before the nay-sayers say nay, I have been around ROH since the beginning. Look at the roster. If I remember right its myself and Christopher Daniels that were at the first event. Almost nine years has passed. Changes have happened. But the wrestling? Has only got better.

2002 Briscoe Brothers or 2010 Briscoe Brothers?
2002 Homicide or 2010 Homicide?
Would the SAT even be booked?

And I am not saying the SAT are bad wrestlers. They are, but only I can tell them that! LOL. But the amount of talent in this locker room amazes and sometimes intimidates me.


16 years. Over 2000 matches. 75 tours of Japan. I can go on for minutes about my resume. I have wrestled some of the best wrestlers, even from different eras, ever. Ever. But when I returned to Ring Of Honor last year I felt like I was the low man. Why? Because of the work ethic and moves these athletes put out in EVERY match. There is no “house show” style in this company.

Not only did I feel like I needed to reinvent myself and work even harder just to compete with the wrestlers, I knew that I had to reinvent Steve Corino in the eyes of the fans.

I read the forum sometimes. I follow the trends and I believe that you should read critical things about you with your home fans. It makes you better. It also gives you a chance to stay humble. I enjoy the subjects because I believe the ROH fans are the most educated wrestling fans in the world. Sure, sometimes I feel the fans are too critical. Especially when they are not caring about the house show DVDs. Those shows are great. Sorry that they aren’t a PPV. Guess what? The guys still work there asses off.

If you are a fan of Ring Of Honor, you love real and passionate professional wrestling. But do you realize that your energy energizes the wrestlers? Everyone. Fan Favorites or Rulebreaks and yeah I called them Fan Favorites and Rulebreakers. I’m the old guy of the crew. Sure JL and Christopher Daniels are older in age, but I am the grizzled vet. I accept this. You, ROH fans, put a pressure under me that I haven’t felt in years. I train harder. I prepare for matches in my mind. I get that feeling. What is that feeling? The butterflies. I live for that feeling.

I am one of the more hated wrestlers in ROH. Maybe the best. It’s not bragging. I know how to piss you off and I love it. I will never wrestle like Davey Richards, but lets see him get a death threat (You know who you are!!!!). But don’t think for one minute that I don’t get goosebumps when I hear you chanting “Colt Cabana” or “Ole”. Some people are heels, I am a FOREVER HEEL.

And this energy that you put out has made this year has been the most fun and challenging year of my career. I have loved every moment.

For those of you that came to the ROH TV Tapings saw that I am working with a torn left tricep and fractured elbow. Everyone asks me why I would do that. Easy. You.

I am not looking for sympathy. I am not looking for praise. I want you to know that these guys go out and work hurt for you. You give them energy. You make them superhuman. If there was no YOU, there would be no us.

I hate each and every one of you. OK, some of you are cool. But the truth is that you are the best fans in the world. You keep everyone on their A game.

Now you stay on your A game. Get out there and enjoy this amazing product. Watch Kyle O’Reilly, Adam Cole, Bobby Dempsey, The Bravado’s, and Mike Bennett become the future of this sport. Enjoy seeing some of the best tag teams in the world in one company. Relish in the fact that pro-wrestling the way that you like it is alive and well in one company.

This is just a great time to be a fan. Every once in a while stand back and enjoy.


Corino needs to do columns more often.

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Corino came off a stand up guy to me when I saw his ROH shoot from a few years ago. Then again they do say a lot of times the Heels are really the nicer more humble guys in the lockeroom. Nice read.
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