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October 30, 2009
Rochester, New York

WWE Signature Video is shown.

************CYBER SUNDAY RECAP VIDEO*************

Justin Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Chris Jericho and the World Heavyweight Champion Edge are shown coming down to the ring. The two stand in the ring awaiting the voting results.

Jim Ross: It’s time to find out which superstar will officiate this World Championship match.

The three possible special guest referees, CM Punk, Jeff Hardy, and Rey Mysterio are all shown backstage, waiting for the results.

Tiffany: We’re about to find out which one of these three men will be the Special Guest Referee for the World Heavyweight Championship match.

************VOTING RESULTS*************


CM PUNK – 33%



Jeff gets excited and goes to the ring as Edge and Jericho un-eagerly wait for him with displeased looks on their faces.

Jim Ross: The question on everyone’s mind is will Jeff Hardy just act as a normal referee, or will this match break down and turn into complete chaos?

Clips from the match are shown, as Jericho and Edge fight. We see them yelling at Jeff, complaining about the calls, and finally attacking him. Rey then comes out and helps Hardy. After a 619 to Jericho and Twist Of Fate to Edge, Punk comes out looking to cash in his Money In The Bank, but Khali grabs it out of Jeff's hand and nails him with it. Punk and Rey dropkick Khali off the apron and go to the outside to get the Money In The Bank briefcase from Ranjin. Ziggler and Umaga come out and attack them, but Morrison and Shelton come out and fight the two of them through the arena and into the back. Punk and Rey take out Khali with a drop toe hold into the steel steps and then go into the ring to save Hardy from Edge and Jericho. Rey hits the 619 on Jericho and Hardy follows up with the Swanton Bomb. Punk then delivers the GTS to Edge, who lands on top of Jericho. Jeff makes the count to officially end the match.

Justin Roberts: Here is your winner and still World Heavyweight Champion, Edge!

Punk looks over to the outside, goes out, and brings in his Money In The Bank briefcase. Punk looks down at the fallen Edge and says to Jeff "I'M CASHING THIS IN... NOW!" The crowd goes nuts as Jeff hands the briefcase to ringside.

Justin Roberts: Ladies and gentlemen, I have just been informed that CM Punk is now cashing in his Money In The Bank contract… therefore this is an official contest for the World Heavyweight Championship!

Jeff, the Special Guest Referee, rings the bell. Punk picks Edge up and hits him a second time with the GTS! The cover, 1......2......3! PUNK WINS!

Justin Roberts: Here is your winner, and the NEW World Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk!

Jeff hands the World Title to Punk. Punk looks down at the title and then holds it proudly.

Jim Ross: MY GOD! CM PUNK IS THE NEW WORLD CHAMPION! For the second year in a row, CM Punk has successfully cashed in his Money In The Bank contract on Edge to become champion!

Todd Grisham: It looks like “The Ultimate Opportunist” got a taste of his own medicine.

The video ends with Punk holding the World Title high in the air in the corner as the crowd chants "CM PUNK!"​
Smackdown Opening Video is shown as “Let It Roll” by Divide The Day plays.

Pyro goes off and the crowd goes wild.

Todd Grisham: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Friday Night Smackdown. I'm Todd Grisham alongside WWE Hall Of Famer Good Old JR, Jim Ross. We are just five days removed from Cyber Sunday, and JR what a night that was.

Jim Ross: You're right about that Todd. What a night indeed. Mass chaos ensued during the main event title match, ultimately ending with Edge, unaware and unconscious, retaining the World Title. But then the shocker of the night happened.

Todd Grisham: That's right. CM Punk cashed in his Money In The Bank briefcase and won the World Heavyweight Championship for the second time. I wonder how Edge and the rest of The Revolution will react to that.

Jim Ross: Well right now let's go to the ring, where Smackdown General Manager Theodore Long is standing.

We go to the ring and see Theodore Long standing there with a microphone.

Theodore Long: Welcome to Friday Night Smackdown!

The arena is electric!

Theodore Long: Now for those of you who didn't see it, five nights ago at Cyber Sunday, throughout all the chaos, history was made. That's right. The Money In The Bank contract was cashed in on Edge and we now have a new World Champion.

The crowd cheers.

Theodore Long: So ladies and gentlemen... please welcome the NEW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION........ C...... M.... PUNK!

“This Fire Burns” by Killswitch Engage plays. The crowd is on their feet and goes crazy as CM Punk comes out holding his new World Heavyweight Championship proudly!

Jim Ross: And here he comes! The man who for the second year in a row has cashed in his Money In The Bank contract successfully... CM Punk!

Todd Grisham: And the arena is going crazy for Punk. I can barely hear myself. But good for Punk. He's earned it!

Punk gets into the ring and holds the World Title high as the crowd continues to cheer for him. Punk grabs a microphone and then goes next to Long.

Theodore Long: Punk... I just wanted to be the first to congratulate you on being the World Heavyweight Champion for the second time.

The crowd claps for Punk's accomplishment as Punk shakes Long's hand.

Theodore Long: I wanted to give you this time to come out here and celebrate your big win.... So Punk.... the floor is yours playa.

Punk puts the title on his shoulder and goes to lift the microphone to his mouth, but the crowd starts chanting "CM PUNK!" Once it dies down a bit, Punk starts talking.

CM Punk: Thank you Teddy. And thank you to all of my fans here tonight Rochester, New York and watching at home.

The crowd cheers once again.

CM Punk: Last Sunday... well let's just say things got a little out of control.

Punk stops and sarcastically ponders about what he just said.

CM Punk: Well.... maybe that's an understatement. It was so bad that I think everybody but the referee Jeff Hardy forgot that the match was still going on.

Punk smirks a bit as he pauses.

CM Punk: But none of that matters... because the real story is what happened after the match.... When I cashed in my Money In The Bank contract for the second year in a row and became a TWO-TIME WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!

Punk holds up the World Title and the crowd goes wild.

CM Punk: And now that I'm holding the World Title... The Revolution has lost some of its power over Smackdown.

The crowd starts clapping for Punk's statement.

CM Punk: They have no titles now and kicked out a member... They are getting weaker...And soon enough, we will take down The Revolution once and for all...

Just then, “Smack Down” by Thousand Foot Krutch plays and cuts off Punk. The arena fills with boos as Edge and Chris Jericho make their way to the ring with angry looks on their faces.

Todd Grisham: Well the celebration has ended for Punk. Here comes two men who are in an extremely foul mood after Cyber Sunday.

Jim Ross: Everything that could go wrong for The Revolution did at Cyber Sunday. They lost the Intercontinental Title, kicked Shelton Benjamin out, Kane losses to the Undertaker in a brutal Stretcher Match, Edge and Jericho's title match was ruined, and Edge ultimately loses the World Title to Punk.

Edge and Jericho storm into the ring and grab microphones. They stare intensely at Punk as the crowd starts a "YOU SUCK!" chant.

Edge: How dare you..... HOW DARE YOU call yourself the new World Champion!

The crowd boos the hell out of Edge.

Edge: That's my title and you know it.... What happened at Cyber Sunday was complete and utter crap!

The crowd starts chanting "SHUT THE HELL UP!" at Edge. Jericho and Edge look out at the crowd furiously.

Chris Jericho: SHUT UP! All of you hypocrites just sit back immorally and cheer that this tragedy happened. WHAT'S WRONG WITH ALL OF YOU?!

The crowd now boos the hell out of Jericho. Jericho turns and looks directly at Long.

Chris Jericho: And you Teddy Long... you're the worst of them all. You sat back and did nothing while our main event title match... what would've been the greatest match of all time... was completely ruined by your little lap dogs.

Jericho gets very close to Long and intensely stares right at him.

Chris Jericho: I can now say with certainty that you are the WORST General Manager OF ALL TIME!

The crowd boos Jericho's comment as Edge nods in approval of his partner's comment.

Edge: And Punk... you think that The Revolution is collapsing?.... No. In fact, we're going to work harder than ever to get rid of all of you once and for all!

Edge and Jericho stare down Punk, when all of a sudden "No Chance In Hell" plays. Everyone turns towards the stage and sees the Chairman Vince McMahon out on the stage coming down to the ring. The crowd goes nuts and sections of the arena are even bowing down to the owner.

Todd Grisham: Do you believe this JR! It's the Chairman of the WWE, Mr. McMahon! What's he doing here?!

Jim Ross: You're guess is as good as mine Todd, but what a shocker! No one was expecting to see Vince McMahon here tonight.

Todd Grisham: Including everyone in the ring. Look at how shocked they are to see the Chairman. This must be important if he's here tonight.

McMahon gets into the ring and grabs a microphone. Edge, Jericho, Long, and Punk all have shocked looks on their faces.

Vince McMahon: Let's here is one more time for me... Vincent Kennedy McMahon!

The whole arena cheers for McMahon.

Theodore Long: Mr. McMahon, it's great to see you again. To what do we owe this pleasure?

Edge turns towards Long.

Edge: Oh shut up Teddy, you suck up. He's obviously here because he got all of our messages and finally sees what a terrible GM you are.

The crowd boos Edge.

Vince McMahon: Now hold on a second here... I'm the Chairman and it's my turn to talk.

The crowd cheers for McMahon taking over the conversation.

Vince McMahon: Edge... Jericho... I have received your messages and obviously I've seen what's been going on here on Smackdown... and I will agree with you two that Theodore Long here has made some biased decisions against the two of you.

The crowd boos McMahon for agreeing with Edge and Jericho.

Vince McMahon: But you don't help your cause when you antagonize, disrespect, and physically assault your General Manager week after week!

The crowd starts cheering McMahon again. Edge and Jericho are shocked at McMahon's comments.

Vince McMahon: But that's not why I'm out here.

Everyone in the ring looks a bit confused.

Vince McMahon: As far as the matter of The Revolution tasks and Teddy Long's decision making goes... I'm going to leave that up to you Mr. Long to figure out how to handle it.

Everyone looks over at Long and Long looks shocked at what McMahon just said.

Theodore Long: Me? Sir, don't you think that's a bit much for me to handle since I'm personally involved?

Vince McMahon: No, I don't. I hired you to make great matches to entertain our fans and to make tough decisions. Now by next week I want you to make a decision that'll please both you and The Revolution.

Long nods his head at McMahon.

Theodore Long: Ok Mr. McMahon. I can do that.

Vince McMahon: Alright... now that that's out of the way, it's time to get to the real reason as to why I'm out here.

McMahon pauses as everyone in the ring waits unsure of what McMahon is going to say.

Vince McMahon: This past Sunday I was watching Cyber Sunday... I saw all of the chaos unfold during the World Title match... and then CM Punk shocked the world and cashed in his Money In The Bank contract.

Punk holds his World Title up proudly and the crowd cheers for him.

Vince McMahon: Unfortunately, that's the problem.

Punk lowers his title slowly looking very confused at McMahon.

Vince McMahon: You see Punk... when you cashed in your Money In The Bank contract, you used Jeff Hardy as your referee, thinking he was the Special Guest Referee for the whole night.

Punk still looks a bit confused, as does everyone else in the ring.

Vince McMahon: But once Jeff counted the three for the first World Title match and rang the bell... Jeff was no longer recognized as a WWE Official.

Punk has a look of concern on his face, having a feeling where this is going.

Vince McMahon: So I regret to inform you that since you didn't use an official referee... you're Money In The Bank cash-in was null-and-void.

Punk can't believe what he's hearing. The crowd boos as Punk has to hand the World Title over to McMahon.

Vince McMahon: Which means that Edge is STILL the World Heavyweight Champion!

McMahon gives the World Title to Edge, who is ecstatic. The crowd continues to boo the situation.

Edge: YES! Thank you Mr. McMahon! I knew you would correct this travesty!

Edge holds the title high with a big smile on his face as Jericho claps approvingly.

Vince McMahon: Your welcome Edge.... but just to inform you... since the cash-in never happened.... that also means that CM Punk still has the Money In The Bank contract.

Edge's smile is wiped clean off his face. Punk stares Edge down as the crowd cheers for him.

CM Punk: That's right Edge... that smile better go away.... Because if I wanted to, I could cash-in my title match right now!

The crowd starts chanting "CASH IT IN!" Edge and Jericho look out at the crowd disgustingly.

Edge: Oh you people would love to see that, huh?

The crowd cheers "YEAH!"

Edge: Well that's not going to happen... because I'm taking the night off!

The crowd boos as Edge and Jericho go to leave the ring.

Vince McMahon: Uh no you're not Edge.... In fact, you're going to have a match tonight.

Edge and Jericho abruptly stop and turn around angrily.

Vince McMahon: It's going to be Edge teaming up with The Great Khali to take on Rey Mysterio....

The crowd cheers for Rey.

Vince McMahon: And Mr. Money In The Bank... CM Punk!

The crowd cheers for Punk. Punk points at Edge as Edge starts fuming.


McMahon looks right at Edge.

Vince McMahon: I can do whatever I want! And everything that I say is fair!

The crowd cheers for McMahon's comment. Jericho then steps up to McMahon.

Chris Jericho: Fine... you want to be fair.... give us our rematch for the World Title.

The crowd boos Jericho's idea.

Chris Jericho: And this time... no Special Guest Referees.

The crowd boos even more.

Chris Jericho: Think about it... Edge verses Chris Jericho is a sure-fired money maker match.

McMahon nods his head in agreement about the last comment.

Chris Jericho: And I deserve a rematch after that rainbow haired idiot Jeff Hardy ruined our match at Cyber Sunday.

The crowd boos Jericho for insulting Jeff.

Vince McMahon: I would Chris... but I saw Cyber Sunday... and I know that you were the one that started the chaos in the first place when you attacked Jeff Hardy.

Jericho starts arguing a bit with McMahon, but McMahon ignores it.

Vince McMahon: So... you WON'T be getting your rematch.

Jericho gets even angrier and argues more as the crowd cheers the decision.

Vince McMahon: But you will get a chance to earn yourself another title match.

Jericho calms down and seems curious as to what McMahon is going to say.

Vince McMahon: Tonight... it'll be Chris Jericho one-on-one against...... JEFF HARDY!

Jericho flips out as the crowd goes crazy for Jeff Hardy being named.

Vince McMahon: And the winner of that match will go onto Survivor Series to face Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship!

McMahon looks right at the angry Jericho.

Vince McMahon: Now that's fair.

McMahon leaves the ring as Jericho continues to yell about the decision. Punk and Long leave the ring as well. And as Punk goes up the ramp, he points at Edge, checks his wrist like a watch and then signals around his waist for the World Title. Edge stares down Punk, but then turns back to Jericho. Edge tries to calm Jericho down by pointing out that he has the title and seems to assure Jericho they will be fighting for that title. Jericho calms down and nods his head in agreement with Edge.

Todd Grisham: WOW! What a start to tonight's show! First the World Heavyweight Championship is giving back to Edge after the Money In The Bank cash-in was ruled null-and-void and now we have a #1 contenders match tonight.

Jim Ross: Leave it to Mr. McMahon to clean some of this mess up. But this is all far from over. Mr. McMahon now wants Teddy Long to make a big decision that will please both The Revolution and himself, along with everyone else on his side.

Todd Grisham: I wonder what Long will think of. Well don't go anywhere. We still have a lot more to come tonight here on Friday Night Smackdown.

*-----Commercial Break------*

“Smack Down” by Thousand Foot Krutch plays. The crowd boos as Dolph Ziggler, Umaga and Armando Estrada make their way to the ring.

Justin Roberts: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, representing The Revolution, being accompanied by Armando Estrada, at a combined weight of 571 pounds, Dolph Ziggler and Umaga.

Todd Grisham: Welcome back to Smackdown. And here comes two of the members of The Revolution, Dolph Ziggler and Umaga. And JR, Ziggler had a busy night at Cyber Sunday.

Jim Ross: That he did. At the beginning of the night after Shelton Benjamin lost the Intercontinental Title to John Morrison, Dolph Ziggler went out to the ring and essentially kicked Shelton Benjamin out of The Revolution.

Todd Grisham: Well we saw Ziggler talk to his leaders Edge and Jericho last week on Smackdown saying he felt Shelton didn't belong in The Revolution. So last Sunday, Ziggler was given the task of sending Shelton packing.

“Ain’t No Make Believe” by Stonefree Experience plays. The crowd cheers as John Morrison makes his way to the ring.

Justin Roberts: Their opponents, first, from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 219 pounds, he is the Intercontinental Champion, John Morrison.

Jim Ross: And here is the man who inadvertently caused that to happen when he took the Intercontinental Championship away from Shelton Benjamin... the new champion, John Morrison.

Todd Grisham: Well no one can really blame Morrison for what happened to Shelton. Morrison simply did what he went out there to do, and that was to win the Intercontinental Championship yet again.

Jim Ross: And what a match that was. You the fans voted for a Ladder Match, and what a choice. Just nonstop great action that ultimately ended after Morrison kicked Shelton off the top of the ladder and grabbed the title.

“Ain't No Stoppin' Me” by Axel plays. The crowd cheers as Shelton Benjamin makes his way to the ring. Shelton storms to the ring and looks to attack Ziggler, but Ziggler gets out of the ring and Morrison calms him down.

Justin Roberts: And his partner, from Orangeburg, South Carolina, weighing in at 248 pounds, The Gold Standard, Shelton Benjamin.

Todd Grisham: And take nothing away from this man, Shelton Benjamin. He put up one hell of a fight. And just five days aftr facing each other, Benjamin and Morrison now have to team together.

Jim Ross: I don't that will be a problem though. Shelton Benjamin seems one hundred percent focused on getting his revenge on Dolph Ziggler for attack him at Cyber Sunday.

Todd Grisham: Well he managed to get a piece of Ziggler during the chaos in the main event. But you can tell that wasn't even close to being enough for Shelton Benjamin.

Dolph Ziggler & Umaga vs. John Morrison & Shelton Benjamin

Ziggler gets into the ring to start things off for his team, but doesn't notice that Shelton is starting things off too. Shelton runs across the ring and starts whaling Ziggler with punches and kicks. Ziggler immediately gets back to his corner and tags in Umaga. The match continues as an even contest between the two teams. Towards the end, Shelton and Ziggler are the two legal men, with Ziggler in control. Ziggler hits a jumping elbow drop on Shelton and then goes right to punching in the head. Ziggler lifts Shelton up and back him up in a corner. Ziggler kicks Shelton a few times in the mid section while he's in the corner. Ziggler then trash talks Shelton and slaps him in the face. Ziggler tosses Shelton towards the opposite corner and follows him, but Shelton manages to springboard out of the corner and nail Ziggler with a crossbody. Both men are down and start crawling towards their corners. Both men get there and tag their partners in at the same time.

Morrison and Umaga both run towards each other. Umaga goes for a clothesline, but Morrison ducks. Umaga turns around and gets hit with a dropsault by Morrison, which makes the Samoan Bulldozer stumble. Morrison runs off the ropes and hits Umaga with a running calf kick to the head, causing the big man to fall to the ground. Umaga starts to sit up, but Morrison runs at Umaga and nails him with a knee to the face. Morrison then taunts at Umaga's side and connects with a STANDING SHOOTING STAR PRESS onto the Samoan Bulldozer! The new champion goes for the cover.

1......2......Ziggler breaks up the pin just in time!

Shelton charges in the ring and tackles Ziggler to the floor. Ziggler rolls out of the ring and Shelton follows. Shelton runs at Ziggler, who is standing right in front of the steel steps. Ziggler ducks a bit and launches Shelton over his head, but Shelton manages to land on top of the steel steps. Ziggler quickly sweeps out Shelton's legs, causing him to crash down face first into the steel steps! Back in the ring, Morrison is setting up by the ropes, looking over his shoulder as Umaga slowly gets back to his feet. Morrison goes to springboard off the ropes, most likely for the Flying Chuck Kick, but Ziggler from the outside pulls down on the second rope, causing Morrison to lose his balance and crash backwards onto the mat. Morrison slowly gets up holding the back of his head and gets caught with the SAMOAN SPIKE by Umaga! Umaga goes for the cover.

1......2......3! UMAGA AND ZIGGLER WIN!

Winners: Dolph Ziggler & Umaga

Justin Roberts: Here are your winners, Dolph Ziggler and Umaga!

Todd Grisham: Well what a win for The Revolution here. It seems like their luck is really turning around tonight. First Edge gets his World Title back, and now Dolph Ziggler and Umaga pick up a huge victory over their former member Shelton Benjamin and the Intercontinental Champion John Morrison.

Jim Ross: In the end, I think Shelton's rage may have gotten the best of him. Ziggler was just one step ahead of him and managed to sweep his legs on the steel steps, taking Shelton out for the rest of the match.

Todd Grisham: Ziggler got lucky here, but rest assured, Shelton is not done with him. Well speaking of The Revolution, still to come tonight, the co-leader Chris Jericho will take on Jeff Hardy for the #1 Contendership to the World Title. Don't go anywhere. We'll be right back with more Friday Night Smackdown.

*-----Commercial Break------*

As we come back from commercial break, we see Dolph Ziggler, Umaga, and Armando Estrada walking back from their match.

Armando Estrada: Very good work out there guys. That's what I like to see.

Dolph Ziggler: Thanks Armando. Now that we lost that dead weight Shelton Benjamin, The Revolution is going to be stronger than ever. What Umaga and I just did out there is proof of that.

Estrada pats Umaga on the back as he is excited about the win.

Armando Estrada: Haha! No one can stop us now.

Estrada pulls out a Cuban cigar from his pocket.

Armando Estrada: Let's go celebrate your win tonight.

Dolph Ziggler: Alright. I'll meet you guys back at the locker room in a bit.

Umaga and Estrada walk away as we follow Ziggler walking down the hallway by himself. All of a sudden, SHELTON BENJAMIN TACKLES ZIGGLER FROM BEHIND! Shelton is punching Ziggler on the ground as Ziggler tries to get away. Ziggler escapes from the ground, but Shelton quickly grabs him and tosses him into the nearby garbage cans. Shelton starts punching him on the ground again until security runs over and separates the two men. As Security holds back Shelton and Ziggler is taken away, Shelton yells out to Ziggler.

Shelton Benjamin: DOLPH... THIS IS FAR FROM OVER!

The camera zooms in on Shelton's angry face and then pans over to Ziggler on the floor holding his head. We then cut to ringside with JR and Grisham.

Todd Grisham: Well just we said before, this thing is far from over. Shelton releasing some of his frustrations on Ziggler there and he deserved it.

Jim Ross: Who knows what more Shelton would've done to Ziggler if security hadn't separated them. Ziggler is going to regret personally kicking Shelton out of The Revolution.

We cut backstage to see backstage reporter Eve.

Eve: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time... Jeff Hardy!

The crowd cheers as Jeff Hardy walks into the frame.

Eve: Jeff... this past Sunday at Cyber Sunday, you were chosen to be the Special Guest Referee for the World Heavyweight Championship match. Unfortunately, it got completely out of control. What are your thoughts on everything that happened?

Jeff takes the microphone.

Jeff Hardy: I don't get it Eve.... I watched the match over and couldn't find anything wrong with how I was calling that match before they attacked me.

Jeff pauses and ponders it as Eve nods her head in agreement.

Jeff Hardy: I understand that neither Edge or Jericho wanted me there in the first place, but I don't think attacking me for no reason was the right or smart move on their part.

Eve nods her head in agreement again as Jeff pauses.

Jeff Hardy: Chirs Jericho was complaining earlier that I ruined their match...

The crowd boos for Jericho. Jeff then looks directly at the camera.

Jeff Hardy: But Chris.... you ruined your own match!

The crowd cheers.

Jeff Hardy: And not only that... but you cost yourself a shot at the World Title.

The crowd continues to cheer Jeff as he pauses.

Jeff Hardy: Now tonight... we're going to go one-on-one for a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship.

The crowd cheers in anticipation for the match.

Jeff Hardy: And Jericho... I plan on winning tonight and going on to Survivor Series!

The crowd agrees with Jeff's statement as they cheer him on.

Jeff Hardy: Then at Survivor Series when I face you, Edge.... I'm going to take that title away from The Revolution!

The crowd goes crazy for Jeff!

Jeff Hardy: And this time a technicality won't save you like it did for Cyber Sunday with Punk.

Jeff Hardy walks away with the crowd cheering as we go to commercial break.

*-----Commercial Break------*

“Nasty Girl” plays. The crowd boos as Layla makes her way to the ring.

Justin Roberts: The following diva contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Miami, Florida, Layla.

Todd Grisham: Welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown, as we get ready for diva competition. And here is the lovely and fierce Layla getting ready for action.

Jim Ross: Layla has a big opportunity here tonight to make a name for herself. She's going up against the Women's Champion, Melina.

Todd Grisham: Even though it's non-title, a win here could really push Layla up in the ranks in the women's division.

“Paparazzi” plays. The crowd cheers as Melina makes her way to the ring.

Justin Roberts: And her opponent, from Los Angeles, California, she is the Women’s Champion, Melina.

Jim Ross: And here comes the champion herself, Melina. And Melina has to be in a good mood after last week's big victory.

Todd Grisham: Well for those of you who didn't see, last week on Smackdown, Melina successfully defended her title against Michelle McCool in a fantastic match.

Jim Ross: Melina really proving that she deserves to wear that championship around her waist. And everybody is wondering what Melina's next challenge will be. It could very well be Layla. Let's find out.

Melina vs. Layla

The match goes on with Melina getting the majority of the offense. Towards the end, Melina is in control of the match. Melina connects with a roundhouse kick to Layla's mid section, causing Layla to go down to a knee in pain. Melina runs off the ropes at Layla and hits her with a Lou Thesz Press. Melina grabs Layla's head and starts slamming it against the mat. Melina gets to her feet and taunts out to the crowd, who is cheering for the champion. Layla slowly starts getting up, but Melina knocks her back down with a kick her in the head, ending in a split. Melina goes for the cover.

1......2......Layla kicks out!

Layla rolls over to the ropes to try and aid herself back to her feet. Melina goes over to Layla and grabs her from behind. Melina looks to be going for a german suplex, but Layla blocks it by holding onto the ropes. Layla then stomps down on Melina's foot and then elbows her in the head to get out of the hold. Layla turns around and dropkicks Melina to the mat. Melina gets back to her feet, but Layla continues her attack with a scoop slam. Melina sits up to try and get back to her feet, but Layla connects with a Spinning Roundhouse Kick to Melina's head! Layla goes for the cover.

1......2......Melina kicks out!

Layla gets frustrated. Layla lifts Melina up and grabs her by the head and neck. Layla twists Melina around so that Melina is behind her, possibly to go for the Layout, but before Layla can drop down for the move, Melina elbows Layla in the back of the head and gets out of the grip. Melina then grabs Layla from behind in a reverse DDT position and drops Layla down across her knee for a backbreaker. Melina lifts Layla back up in the same position. Melina looks out to the crowd, does her patented scream, and delivers the PRIMAL SCREAM to Layla! Melina goes right into the cover.

1......2......3! MELINA WINS!

Winner: Melina

Justin Roberts: Here is your winner, Melina!

Melina gets her Women's Title and goes over to the corner. Melina gets up on the ropes and holds her title up proudly as the crowd cheers for her and her victory. But just then... MICHELLE MCCOOL AND ALICIA FOX RUN DOWN TO THE RING AND ATTACK MELINA FROM BEHIND! Melina falls off the ropes and to the mat. Michelle and Alicia ferociously stomp on Melina. Layla gets back up and joins the two divas in beating up the champion as the arena fills with boos. Michelle tells Layla and Alicia to lift Melina up to her feet and hold her there. Michelle gets in Melina's face and yells at her "YOU THINK THIS IS OVER?!... YOU THINK THIS IS OVER MELINA?!.... NOT EVEN CLOSE!" Michelle then backs up, runs at Melina, and nails her with a nasty BIG BOOT straight to the face! Michelle then grabs the Women's Title belt and stands over Melina. Michelle screams "THIS WILL BE MINE SOON..... I GUARANTEE IT!" Michelle drops the title on the fallen Melina. Michelle takes Alicia and Layla's hands and lifts them up in the air in celebration of what they just did as the crowd continues to boo them out of the arena.

Jim Ross: WOW! What an impact Michelle has made. Her actions definitely speak for themselves. And with Alicia Fox and now Layla by her side, Michelle may be the most dangerous diva in the WWE today.

Todd Grisham: Michelle has definitely made it clear that, despite last week's failed attempt, she will not rest until she gets that Women's Championship.

Jim Ross: It's hard to deny her a shot after what she just did. Well speaking of title shots, still to come tonight is our huge #1 Contenders Main Event when Chris Jericho takes on Jeff Hardy. Don't go anywhere. We'll be right back with more Friday Night Smackdown here on My Network TV.

*-----Commercial Break------*

As we come back from commercial break, we see Theodore Long in his office working on something when we hear a knock at the door.

Theodore Long: Come in.

The door opens and in walks Michelle McCool, Alicia Fox, and Layla. The crowd boos the three divas.

Theodore Long: What can I do for you ladies?

The three divas walk up to Long's desk.

Michelle McCool: Teddy... I'll cut to the chase.... I want.... No, I DEMAND a shot at the Women's Championship!

The crowd boos as Long ponders.

Theodore Long: Well Michelle... correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe you had your shot at the Women's Title last week on Smackdown, and you lost.

Michelle slams her hands on Long's desk.

Michelle McCool: Forget last week! That was nothing but a fluke!

The crowd boos Michelle. Michelle points to the TV monitor in the room.

Michelle McCool: Did you see what I just did to Melina out there? That should show you why I deserve another shot at the title.

Alicia and Layla proudly pat Michelle on the back and nod approving what Michelle did.

Michelle McCool: I am the most dominant diva in all of the WWE.

The crowd heavily boos Michelle as Alicia and Layla continue to nod in agreement.

Michelle McCool: Let me remind you that I took out Gail Kim AND Maria.

Michelle proudly smiles about her actions as the crowd starts a "You Suck!" chant. Long looks at Michelle displeased.

Theodore Long: Yeah and damaged the Women's Division along with that.

Michelle smirks and points to herself.

Michelle McCool: Teddy... I AM the Women's Division!

The crowd heavily boos Michelle. Long then stands up from behind his desk.

Theodore Long: Ok... First off, I do not condone your actions out there moments ago and it certainly won't make me give you a title shot.

The crowd cheers Long standing up to Michelle.

Michelle McCool: I don't think you understand Teddy.

Michelle, angry, gets very close to Long.

Michelle McCool: You can either give me a title shot or I can take Melina out and force you to give the vacant title to me.

Michelle has a very serious and intense face as the crowd boos her.

Michelle McCool: So... what are you gonna do?

Long sits back down and thinks about it.

Theodore Long: You know what I'm gonna do Michelle..... I'm going to give you one more chance.

Michelle's serious face turns into a smile as the crowd is shocked at Long's decision.

Theodore Long: Next week... here on Friday Night Smackdown... you will go one-on-one... with the Women's Champion... MELINA!

Michelle is very grateful, yet surprised.

Michelle McCool: Well... maybe I underestimated you after all. I guess you can make good decisions.

Michelle backs off from Long's desk.

Michelle McCool: Next week.... I promise that I will walk out the NEW Women's Champion!

Michelle, Alicia, and Layla go to leave Long's office as the crowd boo.

Theodore Long: Whoa... Michelle... I don't think you understood me.

The three divas stop and turn around confused.

Theodore Long: You see next week, you will face Melina... but it won't be for the Women's Championship.

Michelle gets angry and the crowd starts cheering.


Michelle angrily walks back to Long's desk.

Theodore Long: Well if you had let me finished, I would've explained it to you.

Long, who is very calm, pauses for a second.

Theodore Long: Next week will be a non-titled contest... but if you can beat Melina... then you will earn a shot at the Women's Championship.

Michelle looks displeased about the decision.

Michelle McCool: Alright... fine! If that's how you want to play... then so be it.

Michelle starts to look very serious once again.

Michelle McCool: Next week will just be a prelude to the inevitable....

Michelle gets closer to Long to make sure he hears her clearly.

Michelle McCool: I WILL beat Melina...

Michelle holds up two fingers in Long's face.

Michelle McCool: Twice...

Michelle pauses for a second as the crowd continues to boo her.

Michelle McCool: And I will become the Women's Champion AND the first diva to have ever held both the Women's and Diva's Championships!

Michelle stares intensely at Long.

Michelle McCool: You can count on that!

Michelle turns around and tells Alicia and Layla to follow her. They walk out of Long office as we cut to commercial break.

*-----Commercial Break------*

“Smack Down” by Thousand Foot Krutch plays. The crowd boos as Edge, The Great Khali, and Ranjin Singh make their way to the ring.

Justin Roberts: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, representing The Revolution, being accompanied by Ranjin Singh, at a combined weight of 670 pounds, The Great Khali and the World Heavyweight Champion Edge.

Jim Ross: Welcome back to Smackdown and it's time for more tag team action involving The Revolution. And as you can see, Edge has his World Championship back with him.

Todd Grisham: For those of you who missed it, earlier tonight Mr. McMahon himself came down and announced that since Jeff Hardy was no longer an official referee after the first World Title match was over, Punk's Money In The Bank cash-in was null-and-void.

Jim Ross: Thus, Edge is still the World Heavyweight Champion. And Edge has to be feeling better about things after regaining his title and with Ziggler and Umaga winning their match earlier. Can Edge and Khali keep things rolling for The Revolution?

“Booyaka 619” by P.O.D. plays. The crowd cheers as Rey Mysterio makes his way to the ring.

Justin Roberts: Their opponents, first, from San Diego, California, weighing in at 175 pounds, Rey Mysterio.

Todd Grisham: Well here is a man who played a major part in all of the chaos during the World Title match on Sunday... Rey Mysterio.

Jim Ross: Rey saw Jericho and Edge beating up Jeff Hardy, so the Master of the 619 came out and helped his friend out by evening the odds and taking it to The Revolution leaders.

Todd Grisham: And just think, that if a few more people voted for Rey Mysterio, he could've been in Jeff's position at Cyber Sunday. I'm sure Rey can't wait to get his hands on Edge and Khali again after everything they've done.

“This Fire Burns” by Killswitch Engage plays. The crowd cheers as CM Punk makes his way to the ring.

Justin Roberts: And his partner, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at 222 pounds, Mr. Money In The Bank, CM Punk.

Jim Ross: Well Todd, I'm sure you're right about Rey wanting a piece of The Revolution, but there isn't a man in this building who wants at Edge more than the "Straight-Edge Superstar" CM Punk.

Todd Grisham: As we mentioned already, Punk's cash-in at Cyber Sunday was declared invalid. Punk's moment was taken away from him and he's going to take his frustration out on the champion Edge.

Jim Ross: And if I was Edge, I'd seriously watch out for CM Punk. While Edge got his World Title back, Punk also got his Money In The Bank briefcase back. And after everything that happened tonight, I wouldn't put it past Punk cashing-in tonight against Edge.

Edge & The Great Khali vs. CM Punk & Rey Mysterio

The match begins with Punk and Edge starting things off for their teams. It continues with both teams getting an even amount of offense and tags. Towards the end, Edge and Rey are the two legal men, with Edge in control. Edge goes for a back suplex on Rey, but Rey continues the momentum and flips over onto his feet. Rey tries to go over to his corner for the tag, but Edge quickly turns around and grabs Rey's leg. Edge tries to pull Rey back, but Rey gets loose after an enzugiri to the back of Edge's head. Rey leaps forward and tags Punk in. The crowd goes crazy as Punk runs into the ring and starts striking Edge. Punk tosses, Edge off the ropes and catches him with a scoop powerslam as he comes back. Punk waits for Edge to get up and then connects with a right slap, left slap, and then a spinning back right hand combination.

Punk goes for a roundhouse kick, but Edge ducks it and takes control with a big boot to the face of Punk. Edge lifts Punk up and sets him up for the Edgecution, but Punk gets out of Edge's grip. Punk grabs Edge's arm and pulls him towards him, lifting him on his shoulders for the GTS. Edge elbows Punk in the head and slides off his shoulders behind him. Edge shoves Punk from behind hard into the nearby corner. Punk crashes into the corner and stumbles backwards. Edge grabs Punk's head from behind and hits the Edge-O-Matic! Edge goes for the cover.

1......2......Punk kicks out!

Edge argues with the referee but gets nowhere. Edge then goes to the opposite corner and waits for Punk to get to his feet as the crowd boos him. Punk finally gets to his feet and Edge goes for a SPEAR, but Punk moves and EDGE SPEARS THE TURNBUCKLE! Edge stumbles backwards and Punk lifts him on his shoulders. Punk looks to be going for the GTS, but Edge quickly squirms off Punk's shoulders and scrambles over to his corner looking a little afraid of the GTS. Edge tags in Khali and then leaves the ring and slowly starts making his way up the ramp backwards. Khali gets in the ring but then looks over at Edge leaving and is confused. Punk takes advantage by running at the distracted Khali and dropkicking him back into the corner. Punk runs at Khali in the corner and hits him with a high knee lift. Punk backs up and hits the running high knee in the corner again on Khali.

Punk tries for a bulldog out of the corner, but Khali is too big and strong to let that happen. Khali tosses Punk off of him, but Punk manages to land on his feet unharmed. Khali comes out of the corner at Punk, but Punk chops the giant down with a dropkick to the knee, taking Khali down to one knee. Rey then springboards off the ropes into the ring behind Khali and dropkicks Khali forward. The dropkick causes Khali to fall onto the second rope. Rey sees the positioning and the crowd cheers knowing what's coming next. Rey runs off the ropes and delivers the 619 to Khali! Khali stumbles backwards as Punk and Rey look at each other to collaborate what they're doing next. Rey springboards off the ropes and hits Khali with a SEATED SENTON while Punk sweeps Khali's legs from under him at the same time! Punk then goes by Khali's head and locks in the ANACONDA VICE! Punk locks it in tight as he looks over at Edge on the ramp, sending him a message.


Winners: CM Punk & Rey Mysterio

Justin Roberts: Here are your winners, Rey Mysterio and CM Punk!

Punk looks over at Edge and smirks at him. Edge backs up at the top of the ramp, looking a little worried, but just tries to brush it off like Punk isn't getting to him. Punk taps his wrist like he's checking for the time, points at Edge, and then signals around his waist for the belt.

Jim Ross: What a victory for Mysterio and Punk. And we can see Punk pointing to Edge saying it's just a matter of time before he cashes in and wins that belt back.

Todd Grisham: Punk trying to get in the head of Edge, and after seeing Edge walk out of this match, I'd say he's doing a good job of doing just that.

Jim Ross: But will Edge even be champion when Punk cashes in? If Punk waits until after Survivor Series, it could end up being the winner of tonight's main event between Chris Jericho and Jeff Hardy, when we determine the new #1 Contender to the World Title. Stay tuned for more Friday Night Smackdown.

*-----Commercial Break------*

As we come back from commercial break, we see Theodore Long in his office again working. Just then we hear a knock at the door.

Theodore Long: Come in.

The door opens and in comes CM Punk. The crowd goes crazy for him. Long gets up from his desk and goes over to Punk.

Theodore Long: CM Punk... always a pleasure.

Long shakes Punk's hand.

Theodore Long: Hey playa... I'm really sorry about what happened earlier tonight, with your World Title being taken away from you.

CM Punk: Don't worry about it Teddy. It's not your fault... Edge should just be lucky about that little technicality.

Punk pauses for a second and then gets serious.

CM Punk: But I'll take that World Title back soon enough.

The crowd cheers for Punk.

Theodore Long: Oh speaking of which...

Long reaches over behind his desk and grabs the Money In The Bank briefcase.

Theodore Long: Here is your Money In The Bank briefcase back. Mr. McMahon wanted me to give this to you.

Long hands the briefcase over to Punk.

CM Punk: Thanks.

Punk looks down at the briefcase very intensely.

CM Punk: You know, while Mr. McMahon didn't exactly make an announcement that benefited me tonight...

Punk pauses for a second and looks up at Long.

CM Punk: He did give you the chance to make a decision regarding The Revolution situation.

Long nods his head very unenthusiastically.

CM Punk: Have you thought of anything yet?

Long thinks about it for a second.

Theodore Long: Well... I have a few ideas on what I might do.

Long pauses for a second and seems uncertain about his ideas.

Theodore Long: It's tough to think of an idea that'll please both sides like Mr. McMahon wants me to.

Long takes a deep breath to relax himself.

Theodore Long: But I'm going to think about it some more and announce it next week.

Punk nods his head.

CM Punk: Alright.... I can't wait to hear it.

Punk ponders for a second and then looks at Long.

CM Punk: Too bad it has to be fair... cause those bastards deserve nothing less than a beating from myself and the other superstars in the back.

Punk puts his hand on Long's shoulder.

CM Punk: Just remember everything they've done to us when you make your decision next week.

The crowd cheers Punk's comments.

Theodore Long: Don't worry Punk...

Long pauses and looks right at him with a grin on his face.

Theodore Long: I have a few ideas in mind that teach these guys a lesson.

Punk shakes hands with Long again with a smile on his face and then leaves the room. Long sits back down at his desk and looks to start working again... but Long looks up from his desk and see Mr. McMahon staring at him.

Vince McMahon: I don't know what ideas you have in mind so far Teddy....

McMahon looks at Long with a very serious face.

Vince McMahon: But like I said earlier... it better be fair for BOTH sides.

McMahon gets up in Long's face to drive his message across.

Vince McMahon: You got it?

Long gulps and wipes the sweat from his forehead.

Theodore Long: Yes Mr. McMahon.

McMahon backs off from Long.

Vince McMahon: Good... I look forward to hearing your announcement next week.

McMahon stares right at Long with a very serious look.

Vince McMahon: Your job may depend on it.

McMahon walks out of Long's office as Long looks very nervous and concerned.

*-----Commercial Break------*

“Pay The Price” by Eric & The Hostiles plays. The crowd boos as Charlie Haas and Mike Know make their way to the ring.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, being accompanied by Mike Knox, from Dallas, Texas, weighing in at 249 pounds, Charlie Haas.

Todd Grisham: Welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown. As you can see, here comes the Senton Hall graduate Charlie Haas along with his partner, the "Evil Genius" Mike Knox.

Jim Ross: These past few weeks, Haas and Knox have really formulated as a team and have certainly made an impact together here on Smackdown.

Todd Grisham: This is definitely a team we will need to look out for, but right now, Charlie Haas will be in singles action and looking to get back on track after his loss to R-Truth last week on WWE Superstars.

“In The Middle Of It Now” by Disciple plays. The crowd cheers as Curt Hawkins makes his way to the ring.

Justin Roberts: And his opponent, from Long Island, New York, weighing in at 221 pounds, Curt Hawkins.

Jim Ross: And here comes the man who beat Haas's partner, Mike Knox, last week on Smackdown, Curt Hawkins in a hard fought battle.

Todd Grisham: Hawkins managed to defeat the "Evil Genius" Mike Knox, but after the match he was a victim of an assault from Charlie Haas and Mike Knox.

Jim Ross: Thankfully R-Truth came out to help his friend Hawkins out. But now Hawkins looks to get a little revenge on Haas for starting the attack on him last week on Smackdown.

Charlie Haas vs. Curt Hawkins

The match goes on as an even contest between the two. Towards the end, Haas is in control. Haas waits for Hawkins to get up, as Hawkins uses the ropes to get to his feet. Haas then grabs Hawkins and goes for the German Suplex, but Hawkins grabs onto the ropes in front of him to prevent the move. Haas tries again, but Hawkins is still holding on. Haas then lets go for a second and clubs Hawkins in the back until he lets go of the ropes. Haas then pulls Hawkins away from the ropes and grabs him around the waist again. Haas goes for the German Suplex again, but Hawkins blocks it and manages to flip through and roll up Haas.

1......2......Haas kicks out!

Both men quickly get to their feet. Haas runs at Hawkins and goes for a clothesline to keep control, but Hawkins ducks it. Haas turns back around and gets hit with a clothesline by Hawkins. Haas gets back up and runs at Hawkins, but Hawkins hits him with a knee strike to the gut, flipping Haas over and to the mat. Hawkins lifts Haas up and plants him to the mat with a spinning body slam. Hawkins then goes out to the apron by the nearby corner, but before Hawkins can climb up, Knox grabs Hawkins's foot. Hawkins tries to shake off Knox, but Knox has a strong grip on. Just then, R-TRUTH RUNS DOWN THE RAMP AND ATTACKS KNOX FROM BEHIND! R-Truth starts punching away at Knox on the outside and then knocks him down with a corkscrew heel kick to Knox's face. Hawkins then looks back in the ring and sees Haas running at him. Hawkins ducks in between the second and top rope and nails Haas with a shoulder thrust. As Haas stumbles backwards, Hawkins climbs up to the top rope. Hawkins then jumps off the top rope and nails Haas with a missile dropkick.

Back on the outside, R-Truth is standing on the apron waiting for Knox to get back up. R-Truth runs on the apron and then jumps off for a crossbody onto Knox, but Knox shows his strength by catching R-Truth in his arms. Knox then walks over and TOSSES R-TRUTH BACK FIRST INTO THE STEEL RING POST! R-Truth is on the floor holding his back in pain. The referee is yelling at Knox to stop it and to get out of here. While this is happening, Hawkins lifts Haas up and sets him up for the Laugh Riot DDT, but Haas gets out of the hold, falls to his knees, and delivers a LOW BLOW to Hawkins! Haas then grabs Hawkins from behind and delivers a picture perfect GERMAN SUPLEX WITH THE BRIDGE! The referee turns back around after dealing with Knox and notices the cover.

1......2......3! CHARLIE HAAS WINS!

Winner: Charlie Haas

Justin Roberts: Here is your winner, Charlie Haas!

Todd Grisham: Well thanks to an assist from Mike Knox, Charlie Haas picks up a victory over Curt Hawkins.

Jim Ross: Just when it seemed like Hawkins was zoning in on the win, Mike Knox grabs Hawkins from the outside. R-Truth came down to try and help his friend, but paid the price of being tossed back first into the steel ring post.

Todd Grisham: Charlie Haas then took advantage of the referee being distracted and snuck in a low blow to setup for the win. But like it or not, Haas gets one in the win column. This duo of Charlie Haas and Mike Knox are really starting to work well together and it can only get better from here. Don't go anywhere. We'll be right back with more Friday Night Smackdown here on My Network TV.

*-----Commercial Break------*

As we come back from commercial break, we are backstage with reporter Eve.

Eve: Ladies and gentlemen... please welcome my guests at this time... the leaders of The Revolution... Chris Jericho and the World Heavyweight Champion Edge.

Chris Jericho and Edge walk into the frame to an entire arena booing them.

Eve: After everything that happened at Cyber Sunday between the losses and the chaos during your title match... things have certainly been better for you two tonight, especially with you, Edge, getting the World Title back.

Edge takes the microphone from Eve as the crowd boos him.

Edge: Cyber Sunday, as we said earlier, was the biggest travesty in WWE history.

Edge's serious face turns into a cocky smile.

Edge: But thankfully, Mr. McMahon has the sense to do the right thing and overturn that ridiculous Money In The Bank cash-in by CM Punk.

Edge pauses and does a cocky laugh.

Edge: How stupid is Punk that he can't even cash-in a title match correctly?

Edge and Jericho both laugh at Punk's expense.

Edge: But then again... what else do you expect from a failure like him?

Edge leaves the microphone out as he looks over and laughs with Jericho. Eve leans in and gets a hand on the microphone.

Eve: Well...

Edge rips the microphone away from Eve.

Edge: That was a rhetorical question!

Edge smirks and gestures at Eve.

Edge: I can see you've been hanging out with Punk recently since his stupidity has rubbed off on you.

Eve just rolls her eyes at Edge as the crowd boos him.

Edge: Go on sweetheart... next question.

Edge, who is being very sarcastic at this point, hands the microphone over to Eve.

Eve: Ok....

Eve just shakes Edge's comments off and moves on.

Eve: Chris Jericho... in just a few moments you will take on Jeff Hardy, where the winner will face Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship at Survivor Series. What are your thoughts going into this match?

Jericho takes the microphone as the crowd boos him.

Chris Jericho: My thoughts on this match...

Jericho pauses to think about it, but then gets very serious.

Chris Jericho: It's ludicrous!... That's what this match is.

The crowd boos Jericho's comment.

Chris Jericho: I earned a championship match at No Mercy when I defeated three superstars in one match.

Jericho holds up three fingers and then pauses after his statement. Jericho gets an angry look on his face.

Chris Jericho: But as far as I'm concerned, Cyber Sunday should not count as my title match, seeing as those delinquents ruined our match.

Jericho starts to get angrier as the crowd boos him.

Chris Jericho: Not to mention that we were stuck with a barely functional human being in Jeff Hardy as our referee.

The arena fills with boos for Jericho putting down Hardy.

Chris Jericho: Jeff Hardy knows nothing about wrestling... All he does is throw his body at people and hope for the best.

Jericho pauses and starts to calm down.

Chris Jericho: But not me... see I'm the best in the world at what I do for a reason.

Jericho points at himself.

Chris Jericho: I'm professionally trained in the art of wrestling, dominating every aspect of wrestling that there is.

Jericho pauses and smirks a bit.

Chris Jericho: It's a known fact that I'm better than Jeff Hardy and can beat him anywhere... anytime.

The crowd boos, disagreeing with Jericho's statement.

Chris Jericho: Tonight's match is just a formality... because the Survivor Series main event will be what Cyber Sunday's should've been...

Jericho looks over at Edge and puts his hand on his shoulder.

Chris Jericho: And that is the two Revolution leaders... myself and Edge... tearing the roof down and letting all of these undeserving hypocrites bear witness to the Greatest Match in WWE History!

Jericho and Edge walk away and we cut to ringside to Jim Ross and Todd Grisham.

Jim Ross: Jericho seems very confident that he's going to Survivor Series to face Edge for the World Title.

The song "Eon" by Celldweller starts playing in the background as the album cover comes up on the screen.

Todd Grisham: Yeah, well we'll see what happens later tonight when we determine the #1 Contender to Edge's Title at Survivor Series. And speaking of Survivor Series, you're listening to the official theme song for the vent. It's "Eon" by Celldweller off their soon to be released album "Wish Upon A Blackstar: Chapter 02 Of 05." And what an event it's turning out to be so far.

Jim Ross: This past Tuesday on ECW, General Manager Tommy Dreamer announced that the ECW Championship will be defended in a 5 Man Battle Royal. The champion Paul Burchill will be put to the test when he faces four challengers. So far Evan Bourne and Vladimir Kozlov have qualified for the match. Who else will join them?

Todd Grisham: And on Raw, we learned that there will be a traditional Survivor Series Match-up. It's Team Cena taking on Team Orton in a 10 Man Tag Team Elimination Match.

Jim Ross: Both teams were filled up throughout the night and it seems as though they are completely even. Which team will be able to concur the other? We'll find out on November 22nd in the Verizon Center.

Todd Grisham: But coming up next, is the #1 Contendership Match. It's Chris Jericho verses Jeff Hardy in our main event, next, here on Friday Night Smackdown.

*-----Commercial Break------*

“Break The Walls Down” plays. The crowd boos as Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the #1 Contendership to the World Heavyweight Championship. Introducing first, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, weighing in at 226 pounds, Chris Jericho.

Jim Ross: Welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown and it is now time for our main event as the co-leader of The Revolution, Chris Jericho, makes his way down to the ring. And Todd... Jericho was not happy about this match being made.

Todd Grisham: Well Jericho felt that he was entitled to another shot at the World Title after all the chaos that ensued during his title match at Cyber Sunday. Now he has to try and earn another shot.

Jim Ross: I agree with what Mr. McMahon did here. Jericho attacked Jeff Hardy during their match, which started a domino effect. Before we knew it, half the locker room was out there fighting each other. Jericho should be lucky he's getting another chance.

“No More Words” by Endeverafter plays. The crowd cheers as Jeff Hardy makes his way to the ring.

Justin Roberts: And his opponent, from Cameron, North Carolina, weighing in at 225 pounds, Jeff Hardy.

Todd Grisham: Well Jeff should feel pretty lucky as well getting this huge opportunity here. He may have gotten attacked at Cyber Sunday, but not only did he get some payback that night, but now he's getting a chance to become the #1 Contender to the World Title.

Jim Ross: From what I understand, Jeff Hardy was chosen by Mr. McMahon to face Chris Jericho because he was picked by the fans at Cyber Sunday over the other contenders and of course because he was attacked for no reason by Jericho and Edge.

Todd Grisham: Solid reasoning, and I don't think anyone is complaining about the choice... well except for Chris Jericho and Edge. But right now we're going to find out our Survivor Series main event. Will it be a rematch from Cyber Sunday, or will Hardy get a shot at becoming a two-time World Champion?

#1 Contendership to the World Heavyweight Championship
Chris Jericho vs. Jeff Hardy

The match is a hard fought back-and-forth contest between the two superstars. Towards the end, Jericho is in control. Jericho grabs Hardy and delivers a double underhook backbreaker to him. Jericho goes for the cover.

1......2.......Jeff kicks out.

Jericho sits Jeff up and delivers a stiff kick right to his back. Jericho slaps Jeff in the head as he slowly gets up and yells insults at him. Jericho then goes for a step up enzugiri to Hardy, but Jeff ducks just in time, causing Jericho to miss the kick. Jericho gets back to his feet, but gets knocked back down with a clothesline by Jeff. Jericho gets back up again, but Jeff grabs him and delivers a sitout jawbreaker to him. Jericho stumbles back a bit until Jeff grabs his legs and trips him to the floor. Jeff keeps hold of Jericho's legs and yells out to the cheering crowd. Jeff goes for a double leg drop to the midsection, but Jericho manages to block it with his hands, making Jeff fall back first onto the canvas. Jericho quickly gets up and grabs hold of Jeff's legs.

After struggling a bit, Jericho manages to turn Jeff over and locks in the WALLS OF JERICHO! Jericho has it locked in and Jeff is obviously in pain. Jeff slowly crawls and finally makes it to the ropes. The referee forces Jericho to break the hold after a count of four. Jericho gets off but then goes right back on the attack by grabbing Hardy's leg and pulling him away from the ropes. Jeff though gets up as Jericho is holding his leg and hits him with a spinning back mule kick that sends Jericho falling back, sitting in the nearby corner. Jeff runs at the corner and hits Jericho with his patented rope aided dropkick. Jeff pulls Jericho away from the ropes and goes for the cover.

1......2......Jericho kicks out!

Jeff gets up and waits for Jericho to slowly get to his feet. As Jericho is almost to his feet, Jeff runs up the corner and jumps off going for the Whisper In The Wind, but Jericho just moves out of the way, causing Jeff to crash and burn to the mat! Jericho regains his composure as Jeff slowly gets back up. Jericho then runs off the ropes and connects with a one-handed bulldog to Hardy. Jericho lifts his arm up and the crowd boos him. Jericho springs off the ropes and goes for the Lionsault, but Jeff gets his knees up just in time! Jericho holds himself up by the ropes as he holds his ribs and Jeff slowly gets back to his feet. Jeff grabs Jericho and connects with the TWIST OF FATE! Jeff then takes his shirt off and throws it into the screaming crowd as he makes his way over to the corner. Jeff climbs to the top rope, jumps off, and connects with the SWANTON BOMB! Jeff covers Jericho.

1......2......3! JEFF HARDY WINS!

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Justin Roberts: Here is your winner, Jeff Hardy!

Jeff goes over to the corner and taunts out to the crowd in celebration. Just then, EDGE RUNS DOWN TO THE RING, undetected by Jeff. Edge gets in the ring, drops his title and stalks Hardy. Jeff gets off the ropes, turns around, and gets SPEARED BY EDGE! Edge grabs his World Title and stands over Jeff. Edge holds the title high in the air as the entire arena boos him. Edge then looks over at the titantron and see CM Punk, Rey Mysterio, John Morrison, and Shelton Benjamin rushing down to the ring to help Jeff. Edge rolls out of the ring and grabs a hurt Jericho. The two Revolution leaders escape through the crowd while Punk, Rey, Morrison, and Benjamin check on Hardy in the ring and tell them to come back and fight.

Todd Grisham: Edge and Jericho just managing to escape that ring and a beating, but there will be no escaping Jeff Hardy for Edge at Survivor Series when he puts up his World heavyweight Championship against the Charismatic Enigma.

Jim Ross: After a tremendous back-and-forth battle, Hardy puts Jericho away with a Swanton Bomb to become the new #1 Contender. But the celebration was cut short thanks to a Spear by Edge. The World Champion was definitely trying to send a message to Hardy, and I think he heard it loud and clear.

Todd Grisham: Well don't forget. Next week, our General Manager Theodore Long will have a message for The Revolution when he has to announce his big decision as per the order of Mr. McMahon. What will Teddy Long have in stored for The Revolution? Thanks for joining us here on Friday Night Smackdown. Goodnight everyone!


Survivor Series
November 22, 2009
Verizon Center - Washington D.C.
Official Theme Song: Celldweller – “Eon”

Match Card:

World Heavyweight Championship
Edge vs. Jeff Hardy

10 Man Elimination Tag Team Match
Team Cena: John Cena, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Batista, & Mr. Kennedy
Team Orton: Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase, Matt Hardy, & Big Show

ECW Championship
5 Man Battle Royal
Paul Burchill vs. Evan Bourne vs. Vladimir Kozlov vs. ??? vs. ???

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Smackdown Review

First off I questioned the whole money in the bank cash in when the Pay Per View happened. While Punk being champ is not a bad thing, I just felt there was so much chaos it kind of got lost. I’m glad we see Mr. McMahon get involved, and he provided a great reason as to why Edge is still champ which is good for The Revolution. Anyway good stuff with the opening promo.

While I thought a one on one match-up would have been better for the feud that Ziggler and Benjamin has developed this was a good tag team match, with Ziggler and Umaga picking up the victory. The attack after was alright, I felt if Shelton got pinned it would of served more of a purpose, but still good to add some fuel to the feud.

Jeff Hardy promo was decent here. Hyping up the main event is always a good thing, and as of right now I do see him winning, because no way are we seeing Jericho v. Edge again.

Eh, Divas I’m not a huge fan of Primal Scream is the name of her finisher? Geeze everytime she screams I wish someone would shut her up. Anyway McCool attacking was perfect and much like she stated in the promo afterwards she is the Divas division. I expect her to win, and hopefully take the title from ape face….I mean Melina.

Wow so Khali taps? I like it because Khali isn’t a dominate big man, especially in this thread. His character is played up as the bodyguard type, and Punk keeps on rolling. Love the checking of the time after the match considering Edge’s time as champ might be drawing to a close.

Hmmm I’m not going to lie after someone has done something in the match, you have something happen afterwards backstage with them. See I feel something like this Punk promo maybe could have been place earlier, maybe replacing the Jeff promo, or switching the places of the two promos, so we don’t see the same reoccurring theme. Anyway glad to see he gets MITB briefcase back.

Wow surprised to see Haas and Hawkins in a match this high up on the card. At least both are getting pushed and they have a nice little storyline going on right now. Good match with Haas picking up the dirty win. BTW what’s a laugh riot DDT? Just curious….

It’s a rhetorical question haha Eve got owned at first, but overall it was a great rant from Jericho saying how Jeff doesn’t know the art of wrestling, which to me makes a lot of sense, since Jericho is very technical and controlling in a match. However I’m still picking Jeff in this situation, I can’t see Jericho v. Edge again, and we really shouldn’t see it again.

And Jeff wins!!! I have to say it was a good victory for him, and it sets up a good match. Also with everyone coming out to rush to Jeff’s aid after the match I see our traditional survivor series team excluding Hardy of course. Anyway a good way to end things.

Overall: A good show with the opening promo in my opinion being the thing that made this show enjoyable. It was a hot start, and the matches and other promos were all solid. So like I said I expect remaining Revolution members vs. whoever helped Hardy tonight. Anyway good work and keep it up man.
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