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ok ok i know u are sick of me doing new thread im really sorry, i do know what to do now, iu wouldnt be making a new one except for i didnt know there was already a new wrestling federation league going, and i apologize, iam putting what i did onto this thread and if u want u can delete me new wrestling federation, the one by wwewordlifeman i know a few of u are thinking stop making new threads and i will i just wanted to make a different one, and not have 2 nwf leagues, once again iam sorry this will be the last post, my league still the same guys and stuff thaty went on in raw, but different name
is the american wrestling association.. thanks mike henry

Raw Roster
Triple H - H
Chris Jericho - F
Christian - H
Matt Hardy - F
Kane - H
Randy Orton - F
Billy Gunn - F
Shelton Benjamin - F
Edge - H
Booker T - H
Rob Van Dam - F
Shawn Michaels - F
Ric Flair - H
Batista - H
Rene Dupree - H
Doug Basham - H
Danny Basham - H
John Bradshaw Layfield - H
Eddie Guerrero - F
William Regal - F
Rhyno - F
Trish Stratus - H
Molly Holly - H
Jazz - H
Stacy Kiebler - F
Torrie Wilson - F
Nidia - F
Lita - H
Victoria - F

Smackdown Roster
The Rock - F
Kurt Angle - H
Undertaker - F
Test - F
Rikishi - H
Rey Mysterio Jr - F
D-Von Dudley - H
Buh Buh Ray Dudley - H
Chris Benoit - F
Hardcore Holly - F
Tajiri - F
John Cena - F
Big Show - H
Spike Dudley - H
Charlie Haas - F
Eugene - F
Rob Conway - H
Garrison Cade - H
Chavo Guerrero - H
Heidenreich - H
Maven - F
Jamie Noble - F
Sylvan Grenier - H
Hurricane Helms - F
Billy Kidman - F

Raw Announcers
Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler

Smackdown Announcers
Tazz and Michael Cole

General Managers
Raw - Eric Bischoff
Smackdown - Theodore R Long

AWA Belts
World Heavyweight Title
World Tag Team Titles
Intercontinental Title
Women's Title

AWA Heavyweight Title
AWA Tag Team Titles
United States Title
Cruiserweight Title

Thanks for the time you took to read this, AWA Owner Mike Henry.

AWA MONDAY NIGHT RAW 9-13-04 from arco arean in sacromenton california
jr-- " hello everyone welcome to monday night raw", im your host jim ross along side me is the king, tonight will
be a great show here on raw, we got the 10 man royal rumble to determine the new nwf world champion,
plus 2 womens matches the will determine who will face off next week for the womens title, and we got eddie guerrero
vs the big bad batista in a cage match, dont miss out folks,

king--" yea jr this is one heck of a show i cant wait to see who wins the world title its going to be grrreatt".

bischoffs music hits, and he comes out thanking everyone for coming to his show, erics monday night raw, ERIC: "ladeis and gentle man
thank u thank u, tonite is going to be a great night, tonite there will be a new world heaveyweight champion crowned in a match i thought of,
a 10 man royal rumble, 2 guys will start and every 2 mins another one will enter then the last one standing will be the new nwf world champion, but first i wanna get something off my back, that loser theodore long from smackdown thinks he has the better show and better wrestlers cause he has the rock kurt angle undertaker, well see i got the one and only triple h, the man who will lead raw to the top,
and i have a good feeling that tonite triple h will walk out the new world champion, "VIVA LA RAZA" king-- " oh my god j.r its eddie guerrero, whats he doing out here he has a match later with batista",

j.r- " i dunno but he must got somthing on his mind".

eddie guerrero starts talking about the fans and his low riders, and then brings up the world title, EDDIE: " i know bischoff u kept me outta the royal rumble caue u knew i would walk out champion, so insteade u try to sugar coat it by putting me in a match with batista essay , thats ok holmes cause the time will come when eddie guererro is the world champion, and when that time comes, im going take the belt and walk right up to u and kick your ass". (fans start to chant eddie eddie) eric bischoff--" woah woah eddie before u get ahead of yourself i want u to know your match is next right now so come down to this ring and get your as kicked by batista". NOW"

j.r-" ladies and gentleman eddie vs batista next dont go away".

commerical break.....................
MATCH# 1 eddie g vs batista,
both men lock up collar and elbow, batista powers him into the corner and starts to kick eddie in the gut, then hits him with a few rights,
batista contiues on the attack for alil bit, then eddie gets a burst of energy and starts fireing back, with rights and lefts, then comes off the ropes with a big dropkick, the crowd starts getting into the match, j.r--" looks as though eddie is in control of the match right now, but can he keep the big man down, batista isnt no push over"

king--" i think eddie needs to relize and respect batista he is a member of the evolution and eddie is getting himself into to much"

j.r" i think eddie can handle himself in the ring, do u wanna get in there and tell eddie himself"

king--" uh no i think i um i got a sore knee so maybe later"

j.r: yeah i bet king anyways back to the action at hand"

eddie and batista contine to go at it, batista gets eddie up on the top turnbuckle and hits a big super plex makes the cover 1--2 kick out eddie as the crowd yells 2, a few mins later batista goes for the sit down powerbomb, and as he gets eddie up eddie reverses and ddt's batista, eddie gets up and goes up for a frog splash, but batista moves outta the way, seconds later ric flair comes down to the ring, and starts distracting the ref,

j.r--" what thehell is the nature boy doing out here he has no business being out here".

king--" yeah he does, his good buddy batista is in the match he is just showing his support", j.r--"yeah if thats what u wanna think"

eddie goes after flair and knocks him off the apron, then turns around and ducks a clothsline from batista, eddie comes off the ropes and drop kicks batista, then gets up on the turnbuckle and this time nails the frogsplash, makes the cover 1--2--3 winner eddie guerrero,
VIVA LA RAZA, jr--" my god eddie pulls out the win here on raw even with the nature boy trying to cause eddie to loose what a match to kick off RAW".

MATCH #2 the next match on the card is one of the womens title tournament TRISH STRATUS VS TORRIE WILSON....
both women come out flanting there stuff, then they stare each other down and torrie charges trish and spears her knocking her down and then starts hitting him and then trish grabs her hairs and turns it aroun and starts hitting torrie, then picks her up and throws her into the ropes and kicks her in the gut and ddt's her then goes for the cover, 1...2.. kick out byt torrie, king-- " what j.r that looked like a 3 count to me trish should be the winner" j.r--"well i beg to defer both these women know there stuff in that ring and i dont think torrie would stay down on the mat this early in the match"
trish continues to pound on torrie putting her in a chokehold and yelling at the crowd "whos the best huh huh" ref grabs torries arm and raises it and it falls.. 1 counts the ref. then does it again and it falls..2
one more time shes out ref rasies it and she keeps it up and the crowd gets behind her, cheering and clapping, torrie gets up and elbows trish then punches her 2 times, then clothslines her. j.r" wow king torrie showing us a a comeback shes fueld together,

torrie goes for a body slam and covers trish 1..2.. kick out by trish so torrie picks her up and throws trish into the ropes and she comes back and they both end up doing a couble clothesline, ref starts to count 1....2...3....4....5....6....7......8 both ladies get to there feet, and trish turns torrie around and hits the stratisfaction on torrie and covers her 1..2..3 ding ding winner TRISH STRATUS,

j.r--" well it looks like trish is moving on into the womens title tournament she will be in the finals agaisnt either nidia or victoriatrish gets up and celebrates then starts beating on torrie and throwing her outside the ring and then leaves, king--" wow jr, trish is showing aggresion," i think she may win the title next week on raw". j.r--" yea king but shes gotta beat either victoria or nidia".

backstage we see triple h talking to bischoff, HHH--" u know eric tonite i feel it i feel like iam going to walk in... wait i know im going to walk in there tonite and win the 10 man royal rumble and become the new world champion, those other 9 guys are going to feel the wrath of the game, i may not know whos all in it, but i got a good idea, and im not affraid of a damn person in that ring,"

bischoff--" well i know how u are feeling triple h, i have already drew out the order in the royal rumble by random drawing, and well i think u should know your name was choosen, umm, choosen #1 sorry,"

HHH--" whhhat eric, #1 what are u talking about, i want a redraw damnit, nooowww,"

now now i know u are upset but i cant just go back on it and do it all over cause of one guy, u are just going to have to go out there and be who u are, and thats the game, now i gotta deal with some other issues so im done for the night, good luck triple h."

J.R--" wow king i guess the game has to work for his chance to become the world champ, what we just heard is triple h is #1 in the royal rumble, we know he is in it but what about the 9 other guys, plus we know eddie guerrero wont be in the match tonite..

comerical break.......

back from the break, and the bashams come out for there tag match with rvd and william regal, the match starts out with rvd and danny basham, rvd takes danny and gets him in the corner and starts to kick him a couple times then does a back hand spring and then runs at danny and gives him a back elbow to the face, then danny comes stagering outta the corner and rvd drop kicks him,

JR- so king what is your pick for the royal rumble later tonite, who do u think will win it all?

KING-- well im going to have to say the man that wins it will win hahah no im kidding i still think triple h will win tonite i meen he may be #1 in the royal rumble but he can do it Jr"

few minutes into match rvd is still in the ring this time doug is in, kicking on rvd and picking him up and body slamming him, then droping a elbow, another one right after it, he goes over and tags in danny, danny rushes right over and gets rvd in a sleeper hold, he then picks up rvd and throws him agaisnt the ropes, goes to drop kick him but rvd ducks and comes back with a spining heel kick, both men down as the ref starts his count, rvd starts crawling towards regal, and doug try to get over to danny, both guy tag in there partner at the same time as regal knocks down danny, with a flury of punches he then clothes lines doug and then grabd danny and gives his one hell of a suplex, goes for the cover 1..2 kick out, regal continues to kick on danny stomping away, he goes over and tag in rvd and rvd climbs the to the top turnbuckle, and does a super dropkick then goes to make the cover 1..2 akick out almost 3
rvd then picks up danny and knocks danny down with a hard right, then goes off the ropes and does the rolling thunder, makes the cover 1--2-- kick out, so rvd tags back in regal and regal pounds away on danny, he picks danny up but danny gives regal a thumb to the eye and then clotheslines him, danny crawls over and makes the tag to doug, doug picks up regal and throw his into the ropes and does a drop toe hold on regal, quickly applying a leg lock on regal, rvd then runs in to stop the hold, danny runs in and starts fighting with rvd as they both fall out of the ring-then while the ref is distracted regal then grabd the knucks outta his tights and clocks doug and makes the cover 1--2--3..

KING- j.r rvd and regal got of lucky regal had to use the knucks just to get the win otherwise the bashams could have taken it, what a bunch of cheaters,

JR-- well none the less still to come ladies and gentleman still to come the anticipated world title royal rumble match here tonite on raw,
its going to be a blockbuster, lets take u back earlier when bischoff told the game the news about the royal rumble:

screen rolls footage of earlier tonite--- HHH--" u know eric tonite i feel it i feel like iam going to walk in... wait i know im going to walk in there tonite and win the 10 man royal rumble and become the new world champion, those other 9 guys are going to feel the wrath of the game, i may not know whos all in it, but i got a good idea, and im not affraid of a damn person in that ring," bischoff--" well i know how u are feeling triple h, i have already drew out the order in the royal rumble by random drawing, and well i think u should know your name was choosen, umm, choosen #1 sorry," HHH--" whhhat eric, #1 what are u talking about, i want a redraw damnit, nooowww," BISCHOFF--"
now now i know u are upset but i cant just go back on it and do it all over cause of one guy, u are just going to have to go out there and be who u are, and thats the game, now i gotta deal with some other issues so im done for the night, good luck triple h."

JR- well u heard it king triple h has to go in the royal rumble #1, wow is the game sure in for a working,

KING- yea well j.r i think he can do it but i think someone messed with the the drawing,

JR-- well up next dont miss the 2nd match of the womens title tournament its going to be nidia vs victoria, coming up next on raw..

comercial break........
back from the comercial break and nidias mucis hits as she comes to the ring, then victorias music hits and she comes runnging to the ring, as the 2 girls start going at it, punches left and right, then nidia knocks down victoria with a kick to the head, KING- wow that was a kick man nidia sure wants to face trish next week for the womens title next week on raw,

J.R- boy king that match will be a slober knocker, we also recieved word from the back that next week on raw it will be a triple threat match for the I.C title between, edge, randy orton, and booker t, who knows if any of these guys are in the royal rumble later but if they are and they end up winning the title they could go for a 2nd one wow that would be something.
couple of minutes into the match victoria has nidia in the corner with her foot in in her throat, 1..2..3...4. ref makes the count as victoria lets off the choke, she takes her to the middle of the ring and picks her up and does a couple back breakers and covers nidia
1..2.. kickout, she covers her againe 1..2..kick out, victoria starts to get frustrated, and goes out of the ring to grab a chair,
JR- i dunno what shes doing, if she does this she will get disqulified and wont win the match,

KING- i dunno j.r but u can never trust a women they are all the same..

as victoria gets up by the ring the ref says no put that away, and he grabs the chair, and then nidia runs over and does a baseball slide kick into the gut of victoria,
then nidia goes outside and grabs victoria and throws her face first into the announce table, and then does it again, she slides victoria back into the ring, nidia gets in and kicks on victoria, and yells to her " come on get up" nidia picks up victoria and body slams her, then goes off the ropes and drops a powerful leg drop, makes the cover 1..2.. kick out by victoria, nidia then gets victoria up and goes to powerbomb her but victoria goes all the way up and over nidia and rolls her up into the pin 1..2...3 JR- what a match victoria pulls out the win with a roll up pin, and now its set king, next week trish stratus vs victoria for the womens title ha what a match it will be.

KING- yea u are right j.r it will be a great match, watching trish win the title next week.

J.R- well dont get to ahead of yourself victoria can put up a fight just as well as trish can....

we go backstage with the coach interviewing randy orton,
COACH--ok randy orton u heard it from j.r earlier that word has it next week on raw u, edge and booker t in a triple threat match for the iwf i.c title, can u tell us your thoughts on that, and are u going to be in the royal rumble tonite for the world title?

ORTON-- yea coach ill tell u now i was told iam in the royal rumble later on and for all of u orton fans wondering what # i was given, well i was told not to say anything or id loose my spot in the royal rumble, now as for the i.c title match next week on raw, well not only will i be walking in the world champ haha, but ill be walking out the new i.c champion, can u imagine it 2 raws in arow randy orton walking out with a championship. booker t and edge need to relize that iam randy orton the legend killer, and tonite weither they are in the rumble or not,
they well see what kinda things i can do, and then understand that iam the man here on raw, not triple h, not kane not booker t, not even the 16time world chump ric flair, i will......
then all the sudden booker t walks up to orton and stares at him and grabs the mic.
BOOKER T-- did i hear u right sucka, u coming in her saying u will walk out the world champion and then next week walk out the i.c champ, well i dont think either one of those things will happen sucka, see the book man is in the royal rumble tonite and i dont know if me and u will be in the ring at the same time but u better hope not, cause i will give u a stomping just like i will next week, when i beat u and edge for the i.c title, now can u dig that succcckkkkaaaaa.........

all the sudden orton socks booker t, and looks down at him.
ORTON- ill see u tonite chump... or should i say suckaaa..
comercial break.............

J.R--welcome back to raw folks coming up next the world heavyweight title match the 10 man royal rumble,
we know triple h is #1 and we also know booker t and randy orton are going to be in the rumble to, know lets go to our ring announcer
lilian garcia..

LILIAN GARCIA-- ladies and gentleman this next match is a 10 man royal rumble for the world heavyweight championship. crowd cheers loudley.. the rules of this match are, the first 2 men will enter the ring and begin the match, then every 2 minutes after another man will enter the ring untill all 10 men have entered, then the winner of the match will be decided when all 9 other men are eliminated, and the last man in will be the awa world heavyweight champion...
triple h's music hit and the crowd cheered and boed, for the game who is # 1 in the rumble,
KING-well here comes the game j.r this is my pick to win the world title, i dont care if he is #1 i know the game can do it trust me j.r..
J.R-- well i know the game is a tough sob but he has 9 other great superstars to deal with in the ring, ill be suprised to see the game win this thing tonite. but now we get to see who #2 is in the rumble.
KING-- whos its going to be j.r?? lets see.

and JBL'S music hits, jbl is the 2nd man to enter the royal rumble, as he enters the ring and looks at the game and gives him the throw u over the top sign,
ROSS-- well it looks like 2 big men to start it off king, the game triple h and john bradshaw layfield.
KING: yea this is going to be a what do u call it j.r a slober knocker haha, i just cant wait to see who #3 will be. will it be someone to help the game or help jbl or someone that will get jumped by jbl and the game we will see..

the match gets underway with triple h locking up with jbl, both of these men are big and strong, the game fires out with a few punches and get jbl over by the ropes and quickly trys to get him over the top, but jbl is to healthy and strong to go over this soon and jbl give the game a shot across the back twice, and then fires off the ropes with a clothesline, jbl quickly goes to work on the game, giving him knees to the back and a boot to the head, he picks up hhh and bodyslams him then drops a elbow across the cheast of the game, he picks up the game and takes him over to the ropes and trys to flip him over.. KING: oh no jr the game cant go out this soon noo, help him,
ROSS: this is all on the game he can handle it himself, i personally would like to see the game be thrown out,

the countdown to # 3 begins who will it be........ 0 the horn sounds and here comes #3
KING: whos it goign to be here we go..

CAN U DIG IT SUCKAAAAAAAA.... ROSS: well it looks like #3 is booker t earlier tonite he got sucker punched by randy orton..
KING: yea i hope orton is next so booker t can give him what he deserves.

booker t gets in the ring and goes right after jbl, and helps hhh back in the ring and they both start pounding on JBL,
he trys to fire back but after hitting booker t, hhh knocks him down with a clothesline, hhh then picks up jbl, and throws him agaisnt the ropes, and him and booker t double drop kick jbl,

KING: boy it looks like JBL needs help out there j.r, look at hhh and booker t destroy him, boy i wonder who will be next, hopefully someone to help JBL..

J.R: who knows but i sure wanna see the game get what he deserves, that damn son of b*tch.

KING: woaahh there j.r maybe u would like to get in there and do it yourself.
JR: well by god if i could i would but anyway back to the action.

booker t then tells triple h that he has this guy and triple h steps back and watches, booker t takes jbl and gets him in the corner and starts to kick on him after about 5 kicks he turns around to run at jbl in the corner but the game runs up and knees booker t, and knocks him to the ground,, HHH: u aint got nothing booker this is my match..
hhh then takes booker and goes for the pedigree and nails it in the center of the ring and runs over and clotheslines jbl who was just getting up, the game then stand there raising his arms and watching for the next guy to come in...
the count starts down for the 4th guy to come in..
10...9..8..7...6..5..4..3. KING: well here we go j.r #4 guy about to come in, boy i hope its orton, then booker t and triple h would tear him up..

2..1..the horn sounds and its...... the heart break kid shawn michales... hbk runs into the ring and goes right after hhh, them to start nailing each other back and forth rights lefts kicks, then hbk knock hhh down with a elbow shot to the face, hh gets right back up and hbk then throws his into the ropes and is right behind the game and when hhh comes off the ropes hbk nails him with a high knee to the cheast and hhh goes up and over the top ropes but hangs on and crawls back in..

KING: omg no the game was almost eliminated wow, what a way to hang in there,
ROSS: yea the game is lucky he didnt get taken out of this match by hbk...
hbk then continues to kick at hhh,, while booker t grabs jbl and trys to lean him over the top ropes but jbl is hanging on for dear life,
jbl fights off the attempt by booker t and get back in the ring, then blocks a punch by booker and jbl gives him a powerful clothesline from hell, jbl picks up booker t and goes for the last call but booker t drops to a knee and gives jbl a low blow and jbl falls back towards the ropes and booker t runs over and clotheslines jbl over the top and out of the ring,
ROSS: look out king booker t just eliminated j.b.l,
KING: well it looks like jbl wont be the new champ haha i still feel the game will win it..
after jbl goes out, booker t sits there in the corner watching hbk-hhh go at it, while he catches a breather.
during the jbl-booker t fighting, hhh managed to turn the tide, and got hbk in the corner stomping away at hbk, then the game picks up hbk and gets him to the middle of the ring and goes to do the pedigree but hbk reverses it and does a back body drop on hhh, right after that booker t comes flying outta the corner kicks hbk in the gut and does the scissor kick, as the time counts down to # 5 participent, 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1- the horn sounds... and here comes BILLY GUNN, gunn runs in the ring and starts going at it with booker t, billy blocks a punch and drop kicks booker t, then runs over to triple h who is up off his back and trys to throw the game over and while dong that hbk gets back up and superkicks booker t right after booker gets back to his feet, then walks over and grabs billy gunn and says no no i want the game, and pulls triple h back in, and billy argues with hbk about it, and hbk decks billy gunn knocking him down,
ROSS: boy i guess it shows theres not freindships in this match not when its for the world title, but i think hbk should have helped billy throw the game out and have it one less guy to deal with..
KING: yea id agree with u on that one there j.r in this type of match do what u can to win, but jr look look the game is still in the match.
ROSS: yea i see that king, anyways..

then hbk turns around and gets suplexd by the game and the game grabs hbk and suplexes him again, then booker t, goes over and pick up gunn and applys a sleeper hold on billy gunn, trying to take his energy outta this match, then hhh throws hbk into the ropes and they end up double clotheslining each other leaving them both out cold,
KING: booker t should go over and try to get rid of hbk he doesnt need to be in there, take advantage of the situation,

a few seconds later booker still has the sleeper applied and hbk-hhh are out, and the count down to # 6 starts..
10--9--8--7--6--5--4--3--2--1 the horns sounds and its, woooooooooooooooooaaaaa, rick flair 16 time world champion,
KING: look jr its the 16 time champ the nature boy rick flair, he could become the 17 time champ after tonite, if not the game id love to see the nature boy win it,
ROSS: well flair and hhh are in there together they got the advantage on there side, i'd say..

flair gets in and goes right over to the fallen hbk and goes to put the quick figuare 4 leg lock on him, and does, flair has hbk in the figuare four, hh gets back to his feet and starts to kick away at hbk, during all that, booker t and gunn continue to work at each other, gunn takes booker t and slams bookers head in the turnbuckle 10 times, as the crowd counts along, 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10. booker comes stagering out and billy gunny hits him with the fame asser, he then goes over and hits hhh from behind, and kicks flair breaking the hold on hbk, gunn picks up flair and gives him a few back hand chops as the crown wooooo's on each one, flair turns it around and starts chopping at gunns cheast the crowd again woooo's, then hhh and booker t start going at it rights and left then booker t trys to hit hhh with a big swinging fore arm and the game ducks and turns around and dropkicks booker t right over the top and out...

KING: jr omg the game just eliminated booker t, i guess we wont see booker get ahold of randy orton,
ROSS: i guess not, but the game is still in aftert coming in #1..

just as booker t goes out the countdown starts for the 7th entry in the 10 man rumble. 10--9--8--7--
ROSS: well king here we go #7 about to enter who could it be, lets see #7..

2--1 the horn sounds and the flames hit and here comes KANE,
KING: ah ohh look out its the big read machine ahhh run,
ROSS: thats right king if i was in that ring id be running for cover, kane has a great # at 7 and he is the biggest guy in this rumble,

kane climbs in the ring and billy gunn runs after kane and gets the big boot, then flair gets the same thing, and then kane grabs hbk and
chokeslams him, then he looks up at the game..

KING: ahh oh whats going to happen to the game,

kane starts to go after the game and triple h gives kane a boot to the mid section and then throws in a right punch and starts to attack kane, but kane blocks a punch and knocks down hhh with a upper cut shot
and then goes to choke slam the game but flair comes from behind and low blows kane,, hbk and gunn get up and go after the game, they work a double team and they both suplex triple h, then flair takes kane and gets him in the coner and gives him a few backhand chops, wooooooo the crowd chants after each hit, but on the 4th one, kane just looks at flair, and flair goes off shaking his head noooo,

ROSS: i dont think kane liked that very well king, it just made the monster mad..

kane then grabs flair and throws him into the corner punching away on flairs a few times, then flair comes outta the corner and does his famous fall face first, then hbk comes over and hits kane from behind, as the clock starts to count down for the 8th guy to come in,
10--9--8--7--6--5--4--3--2--1 the horn sounds and here comes edge.. edge slides in the ring and quickly goes after kane getting him agasint the ropes and trys to get kane out, but billy gunn and hbk walk over and all the sudden tips both guys out,,,
ROSS: oh my god king kane and edge have just been eliminated, wow and edge just got in there, i cant believe it, and the big red machine cant believe it either,
KING: but hey like i said look the game is still in this thing wow i cant belive it, go triple h,

after kane and edge go out, kane is mad and grabs edge and chokeslams him on to the floor, and then stares down hbk and billy gunn, as he leaves... back in the ring triple h goes rigth after hbk and flair gets attacked by billy gunn, gunn takes flair down with a hard drop kick, and then leg drops him, hhh and hbk go through the middle rope and land on the floor but are still in the match,
back in the ring, billy gunn picks up flair and goes to throw him agaisnt the ropes and flair reverses the throw and hits gunn with a high knee kick , triple h and hbk get back in the ring and hbk goes up to flair and superkicks flair knocking him agaisnt the ropes and hhh runs at hbk but hbk moves and hhh accidently knocks flair over the top ropes and out, and hhh look in disbelief at what happened.. and flair cant believe it,
KING: oh no the nature boy is gone nooo this isnt good for the game, he is in there with hbk and billy gunn, hey all these guys use to be with d-x, but now they are all on the own and going to tear each other apart,,
ROSS: lets see how the game handles this one, we still have # 9 and # 10 guy to enter,

back in the ring triple h looks at hbk and gunn and begs not to get him, and to fight each other, but they wont have anything to do with that and they both go after the game kicking away at him and triple h slides under the ring to get away and the crown boo's
and while outside the ring the countdown begins for the 9th guy to come in, 10--9--8--7--6--5--4--

ROSS: well here we go again king # 9 we are getting down there whos it going to be, we got 3 guys in the ring and 2 left to come in,
KING: i dunno whoit is but i hope he is here to help hhh, who is it j.r???.
3--2--1 horn sounds and the crowd go wild its y2j jericho is next, that only meens randy orton is #10,
ROSS: look its y2j king, i dont think he is here to help triple h, and guess what king that meens orton is the last guy and we all know he wont help the game, i guess your guy is in trouble,
KING: nooooo game get outta there..

y2j gets in the ring with hbk and gunn, and they all look at triple h telling him to get in the ring. triple h wont do it and then y2j gets fed up and hit gunn from behind, and then knocks down hbk, then y2j tells hhh to get is ass in the ring...

Y2J: come on u jackass get in here now,
ROSS: wow strong words from y2j he is pumped and wants to win the match

in the ring y2j picks up billy gunn and goes to throw him agaisnt the ropes and hhh on the outside gets up and pulls the top rope down and billy gunn falls over the top and out..

KING: oh my god j.r does that count did the game just get billy gunn thrown out,
ROSS: i guess so since triple h is still in this match, damn him why dont he get in the ring... and fight
KING: jr havent u been watching, he has been in the whole time, since #1 hes going to do it i know it....
back in the ring y2j turns around to a superkick by hbk, hbk picks up y2j and bodyslams him then drops a elbow, hhh has been in since #1 hbk came in at #4 and y2j just came in, with orton still to come, hbk picks up y2j and throws him into the corner and runs at him and y2j moves and hbk hits the turnbuckle with his face and then comes out staggering and y2j goes off the ropes and bulldogs hbk, then goes for the lionsault, and hbk gets his knees up and gets y2j across the cheast, both guys laying there hurt, so then triple h sneaks back in and goes right after hbk and pounds on him and then goes after y2j, kicking away on him, he picks up y2j and suplexes him hard to the canvas, then picks up hbk and suplexes him, then the countdown to the last guy starts and the crowd stands knowing and waiting to see orton come out,,, 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 the horns blows and the lights go out...

KING: oh no the lights went out what the heck what is this...
JR: i have no idea why the lights went out something is up,

the lights come back on and randy orton is in the ring right behind hhh,
KING: oh no look out triple h its orton..the crowd goes wild and orton starts pounding on the game right left right left, and then drop kicks him,
as hbk and y2j are over in the corners resting, we watch orton take on the tired triple h, orton throw hhh into the ropes and give him a knee to the midsection as hhh flips over his knee, orton then gets on hhh pounding away, on him the crowd chants "orton orton orton"
ROSS: well we know one of these guys will win the world title, triple h--- randy orton--hbk or y2j anyone of these guys can do it...
KING: but i still think the game will do it j.r.
ROSS: well we will see about that...

orton then pick up triple h and throw his into the corner and hhh comes back out with ah hard clothes line, making a great recovery..
then all the sudden hbk and y2j start going at it, hbk takes y2j and gives him a few elbows, then throws him agaisnt the ropes and drop kicks y2j.. then picks him up and give y2j a back breaker.... triple h then goes over to orton and kicks him across the back and does it 2 more times, then triple comes off the ropes and drops and big knee drop to the back of ortons head, triple h looks up and sees hbk looking at him. they walk up to each other and start talking back and forth then outta no were orton got up and ran up and drop kicked hhh from behind making him fall into hbk as they both came off the ropes orton double clotheslined them both leaving him hbk and hhh on the mat,

y2j gets up and looks around thinking about who to go after, y2j walks over and pick up triple h, and throws him back into the corner and then goes over to the middle of the ring and runs at hhh and does a diving splash on the game, orton and hbk get back to there feet and hbk goes to hit orton and orton blocks it and punches hbk right and left and right, then throws hbk off the ropes and puts hbk in a sleeper hold,

KING: man i cant believe the game is still in there he came in #1 and is still in there wow i knew he would do it..
ROSS: yea king but look hbk is still in there he came in 4th and plus orton is the freashest guy in there, its anyones battle,,

back in the ring y2j gets hhh in the walls of jericho and triple h is tapping but that doesnt do anything in this match, so y2j lets go and drops a elbow to hhh's back. then he picks up triple h and brings him over to the ropes and trys to throw hhh out but the game hangs on for his life, orton then leave hbk and walks over to try and help get hhh out, they almost had him till hbk came over and kept him im for the 2nd time...

KING: idunno what is on hbks mind but thats 2 times he has kept the game in the match, im not complaning but doesnt hbk wanna win,
back in the ring orton and y2j look at hbk and ask why he did that and then they both knocked over hbk with shoulder blocks,, y2j then got on hbk and punched away at him...
orton then walked over to the game and the game grabed ortons tights and pulled him face first into the top turnbuckle,,
hhh gets up and and pounds on orton in the corner kicking him about 7 times, then y2j was trying to get hbk out of the match and triple h walked over and hit y2j, keeping hbk in the match,

ROSS: wow this is really hard to make out i thought hbk and hhh didnt like each other, but them seem to keep each one in, i hope nothing is up, but who knows...
so triple h and hbk actully worked together and started kicking y2j in the corner, then orton comes running at hbk and hbk side steps him and throws him right over the top and out...

ROSS: woah there goes randy orton right over the top by hbk. theres 3 left hbk--hhh--y2j one of these 3 will do it..
KING: can u see it coming j.r omg the games going to win it i see it now, and he was drawn #1,

back in the ring hbk looks at hhh and they start to smile, like they planed this all along..
ROSS: ohh my king i knew somthign was up these 2 had it planed all along to stay in the match, what a bunch of no good cowards,
KING: haha i knew it know the game has a big chance, lets go hbk and hhh get jericho....

hhh and hbk start to pound on y2j and take turns beating on him, doing body slams-- clothes lines, suplexes, and double team moves..
they both pic up y2j and are about to get rid of him when all the sudden CRASSSSHHHHHHHH... stone colds music hits and the corwd goes wild, austin shows up and runs in there and takes out hbk and hhh, he stunners hbk and then turns and stunners hhh who ended up falling outside but under the ropes, and then helps y2j back to his feet and then stone cold flips the fans off and they cheer and chant austin, austin, and he leaves

KING: what the hell j.r that wasnt right stone cold wasnt even part of this match how could he, damn him....
ROSS: well im not complaning lets see if y2j can get his momentum back...

inside the ring y2j gets back up and walks over to hbk and kicks him across the back and then picks him up and bod slams hbk, y2j then goes up to the top rope to do a move and when he gets up there, hhh runs over and knocks him off the top turnbuckle and onto the floor eliminating y2j from the match... 2 guys left hhh and hbk
KING: jr look 2 guys left the heart break kid shawn michales and triple h, the game is one guy away from doing it all can he do it,
ROSS: i didnt want him to but im starting to believe he just might,

hhh crawls back in and looks at hbk and hbk gets back up and looks at hhh and they get face to face and say its on now,,,

both guys pound away at each other rights and lefts, hbk got in a better punch knocking the game down, he then droped a elbow on hhh
and then got up and did it again, both men have been in for awhile, hhh in the whole time and hbk came in at #4...
hbk picks up hhh and throws him off the ropes and kicks him in the midsection and ddt's hhh..

ROSS: looks like hbk has the match going in the way he wanted, now can he eliminate the game and win the world title...
KING: i dunno triple h is reallllly tired j.r wouldnt u be after being in the whole time... come on game..

hbk picks up the game and goes to ddt him but as he gets the game up, hhh reverses it and then ddt's hbk as both men lay there on the mat, beat up and tired,, both men get to there feet and hbk gets hhh over by the ropes and trys to toss him out but as he starts to go out, hhh grabs hbk and they both go over and land on the apron,, but hbk slides back in and trys keeping the game outside the ropes
both guys get to there feet but the game is still on the outside of the ropes and hbk grabs the back of hhh's head and slams his throat down across the top rope and triple h hangs on has he starts falling back, then hbk dropkicks the game as the game comes back towards the ropes and the dropkick sends hhh to the floor ding ding ding ding. the winner of this match and the newwwwww AWA HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION shawn michaels........................ the ref hands hbk the belt and he stands in the ring for a few minutes celebrating and the crowd cheering for him,

KING: nooooo the game almost won the match shawn cheated noo noo j.r..
ROSS: well there u go ladies and gentleman there u have it the new world champion is shawn michaels.. he came in at #4 and surived some of the best in the buisness, and walks out the new champion.... whasts going to happen next week on raw. by god we have a new champion hbk, good night folks.............................................

well there u all go my first raw results, i know i had a few mistakes and stuff but ill get better at it, wow the rumble match took alot outta me to think of and decided where to go... so yea please read this and rate it and be honest i wanna see how i do, i will do raw on monday and smackdown on thursday .. but if u all are ok with the way im doing this was wanna see it more, then ill probably do it more nights a week and ill make sure to date the shows, i will keep all my shows on the same thread. raw smackdown and the pay perviews,
i hope for this being my first show, i did ok, i didnt wanna breez through the matches, but i also wanted to give it some detail if it gets to long ill shorten it alil, so yea please if u want rate this show 1--10 so i can see how each show does, ill take the total # of votes and divide it by the # of people who ranked it, and see the avg rating, i know i didnt have any breaks in the rumble sorry for that i got to involved in the rumble.. thank you for the time u took to read this..... mike henry


Dont miss out on the great action this Thursday. on Smackdown,
the cruiserweight title will be up for grabs when spike dudley takes on 619 rey mysterio jr. also 2 matches that will pit the winners of each match going one on one next thursday for the A.W.A TITLE, and also the big show 500 pounds of pure beast takes on the rabid wolverine chris beniot, all this and more on smackdown dont miss out.....


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pyros hit as smackdown comes to u live from the united center in chicago illinois,
and right off the bat general manager Theodore Longs musics hits, and the crowd cheers.. long steps into the ring and grabs the mic...

LONG: hello players, welcome to chi town the place of playas like myself, holla holla holla.. first of i wanna say tonite will be a great night, oh yea, we got 2 matches, the winner of each match will then go on next week to face each other in a match for the A.W.A title, can ya feel me now.. (crowd cheers),
but playas i also wanna let u alllll know that if anyone decides to interfere in those 2 matches will be fined some dolla dolla bills, and i will tell u right now then men participating in those matches, the first match will have kurt angle going one on one with the peoples champion, the rock,.

(crowd cheers loudly).

oh yea i knew u would like that, and the other match is even better, it will be John cena vs the undertaker, can ya feeeel me now.
(crowd is on there feet)

yea see i told ya all players this would be a great night,

all the sudden paul heymans music hits, and he comes walking out to the top of the stage as the crowd boo's..

HEYMAN: well well well, teddy long the new Smackdown g.m, isnt that nice, u are very lucky i quit as g.m or u wouldnt be standing there in that ring, u see i hear rumor backstage that someone is returning to the awa, well u know mr long thats fine cause u see theres a man back there that i wanna bring out who has been gone awhile and iam going to manage him, and he will tear apart your smackdown, to the point to were u will beg me to be g.m again. cause we all know u can never compete with paul heyman.

(crowd boo's)

[COLOR=Blue]so let me introduce u to him now, ladies and gentleman please welcome back,
big sexy kevin nash, [/COLOR]

nash's music hits as he comes out, the crowd cant beleive it..

COLE: omg taz kevin nash has returned to the awa, with paul heyman why taz?
TAZ: i dunno cole thats a good question maybe nash has the answer..

nash takes mic from heyman. as he looks around the arena to asshole chants.

NASH: yea yea u can call me anything u want, u see the fact of the matter is, i decided to have paul heyman as my manager cause i know he is a brillaint man, look what he did with the big show, and brock lesnar, both became champions, and plus he leade ecw, so i talked to my heyman and we decided this was the best thing to do, but i also asked him for one lil favor, and i asked is i could bring with me some ole freinds of mine and he said it was just fine, so id like to bring out a few freinds of mine...

the music of n.w.o hits... as scott hall, scott steiner and sid vicious all come out, all from the old wcw,

COLE: omg taz look its nash hall stenier and sid, what the heck is going on
TAZ: cole i think heyman has brought it his on faction or atleast nash was the one behind the group but we know heyman had brought back nash,, i wonder what there reason is for being here on smackdown.

HEYMAN: ohh see theodore long, its already begining i can see the look on your face haha, its only a matter of time before u give me smackdown, oh by the way dont worry my men wont be getting involved in the 2 matches u got later tonite between the rock and angle and the undertaker vs john cena matches, because they are going to be in them hahahaah, u see i got it also okd to allow 2 of my men to be put into those matches, so now mr long, tonite its going to be the rock vs kurt angle vs sid vicious, and the other match will be the undertaker vs john cena vs scott hall, hahaha so i hope u enjoy your smackdown tonite, because the new n.w.o is here to stay, thank u all very much hahahaha,

and then it rolls to a comercial,

back from the comercial break....
as rey jrs music hits for the first mag of the night we hear michael cole,

COLE- well taz we are back here on smackdown and i cant believe whats already took place, heyman comes out and brings back kevin nash, who they brings out scott hall, scott steiner and sid vicious, the form the new NWO, and then puts hall in the match with cena and the undertaker, and then put sid vicious in the match with angle and the rock, i cant belive it what a turn of events here on smackdown, what a night and we are just now having our first match, rey jr and maven vs the dudley boys,,
TAZ: yea cole i cant believe it, but then again i have been around paul heyman for along time i know is tricks, i remember a few things from ecw,


begining of match... rey jr has buh buh in the corner kicking him in the mid section, then he takes buh buh out to the center of the ring and goes to ddt him but buh buh throws it off and clothesline rey, then makes the tag to devon who then takes rey and throws him into the corner of the ring, and runs at him and squashes him in the turnbuckle then as rey comes out devon body slams him, and covers him, 1--2-- kick out by rey, devon picks up rey and appiles the sleeper hold on him, a few mins later devon tags in buh buh who throws rey into the ropes and rey comes back and ducks under and clothes line as rey come off the other side maven makes a blind tag, and rey baseball slides under buh buh who turns around and get drop kicked by rey, buh buh then gets drop kicked by maven in the back, maven makes the cover, 1--2-- kick out by devon, maven stay on the attack with a few kicks to buh buh while he's on the ground...

mid match- dudleys get control back as devon gives maven a back elbow to the face, devon then gives maven a headlock take down and applies a choke hold on him, 1--2--3--4 devon lets go before the count of 5, devoin then covers maven 1--2 kick out maven, devon then takes maven and goes off the ropes to clothes line him but maven runs at him and they double clothes line each other,, both guys down as ref counts, then both guys start crawling to there partners and maven makes it first, both rey and buh buh hit each other back and forth then rey gives him a quick lil drop kick to the mid section knocking buh buh down..

end of match- rey jr goes for a head scissor take over but buh buh turns it into a pwer bomb, then he makes tag to devon, devon comes in and runs right over and knocks maven off the apron with a hard right, buh buh picks up rey and throws im into the turnbuckle and rey comes running out but buh buh picks up rey, and devon goes up and they do the 3D on rey and devon makes the cover 1--2--3, giving the dudleys the win..

COLE: well what a win for the dudleys, who after that win may get a spot in next weeks 4 team tag match for the awa tag titles next week on smackdown,

cameras then go backstage were spike dudley is watching on a tv monitor celebrating on his brothers wining, then billy kidman walks up to spike,

SPIKE: can i help u with something kidman?

KIDMAN: no but i just want u to know, that your brothers got lucky out there, i know and we all know rey jr and maven are the better team.

SPIKE: ohh ohh is that right um lets see, has maven and rey won the tag titles as many times as my brothers have humm i dont think so, and they also just beat maven and rey tonite so i guess if shows whos better, speaking of better, i know who the best cruiserweight is in the awa, u wanna know who it is??

KIDMAN: yea sure who do u think is the best cruiserweight?

SPIKE: um that would be... me iam the best cruiser weight in the business,

KIDMAN: oh really know, i beg to defer, but maybe we can prove that right now..

just then theodore long walks up to them,,
LONG: ok hold on players, im not in the best mood after what just happened earlier with paul heyman, now im not going to have u 2 fight and bicker about it, u 2 wanna find out whos a better cruiserweight thats fine, tonite it will be bily kidman vs spike dudley, and u know what players, its for the awa cruiserweight title, now u 2 boys go settle your differnces,..

comercial break......

we come back from the break woith spike and kidman in the ring redy for there cruiserweight title match..


start of match-- billy and spike lock up and billy gives him a arm drag take down, then gets up and leg drops spike, he picks up spike and goes off the ropes and does a low drop kick to the legs of spike.

COLE: well this is going to be a great cruiserweight match tonite between 2 great cruiseweights, i still cant wait to see the outcome of the 2 matches later tonite we the winners of each match will face off next week for the awa title, what if both guys of the new nwo win, what if hall and sid win that match what kinda title match would that be next week wow,

TAZ: i guess we are going to find that out later cole,

back to the match, minutes later spike gets the upper hand and starts attacking billy kidman in the corner he then clothes lines kidman over the ropes and onto the floor, spike climbs out and slams kidmans head into the the ring post, spike then throws kidman back into the ring and he slides in and covers kidman 1--2 2 and half and kidman just gets the shoulder up,

mid match.. kidman gets the advantage has he dropkicks spike dudley then kidman gets up to the top rope and does a flying cross body to spike as spike gets up, he hooks the leg 1--2 kickout by spike, kidman then throws spike into the ropes and does a flying clothes line to spike he, he hooks the leg again, 1--2 kickout again by spike, spike then gives kidman a rake to the eyes and then bulldogs him, mins later spike still on the attack , he takes billy and throws him into turnbuckle then spike runs at him and gives him a shoulder to the gut, and rolls bully up, 1--2-- kick out by billy..

[I]COLE: what a great match so far both men wont stay down as
they know whats in store for them, the cruiserweight title.[/I]

finish of match-- spike gets billy in the corner and goes to ddt him but kidman reverses it and backbody drops spike, he then drags spike over by the corner, billy goes up to the top and nails the shooting star press, hooks the leg,
1--2--3 ding ding ding... winner of the match and new cruiserweight champion billy kidman...
after match dudleys come out and attack kidman then spike gets up and hits kidman with chair across the head bustin kidman open and then dudleys pick him up and spike hits kidman with kidmans belt, and then the dudleys leave the ring,,

TAZ: wow what agreat match kidman the new cruiserweight champ, but got a beating after the natch by , id say a upset spike dudley,

COLE: yea but folks if u are just joing us, earlier tonite heyman came out and brought back kevin nash, who then brought in a few friends, heres what happend earlier....

footage rolls of earlier tontie with heyman and the nwo, and announcing the new main events tonite.......
backstage we see the nwo and heyman pumping up sid vicious for his match next agaisnt the rock and angle...

HEYMAN: listen to me sid, i want u to go out there and win this match, and i want u to show rocky and kurt that the nwo isnt any joke, ok u got me, and if u dont win, well.. u dont wanna know what will happen if u dont ok u understand me?

SID: oh yea paul no worries kurt and the rock dont have anything on me, ill destroy them,,

HEYMAN: ok thats what i thought, now go do what u gotta do,...

comercial hits as heyman and the rest of the nwo watch sid walk away..

back from the comerical break.......

[I]COLE: well ladies and gentleman coming up next the rock kurt angle and sid vicious in a triple threat match the winner gets a spot in next weeks title match, agaisnt the winner of the match later on with undertaker john cena and scott hall....[/I]


all 3 men enter the ring,

COLE: well here we go this is going to be one heck of a match,
TAZ: oh yea cole lets get this on..

the rock starts to mock both guys, then angle and sid both go after the rock and they start double teaming the rock, angle and sid pick the rock up and double suplex him, rock rolls out of the ring, and angle starts yaking back and forth with sid, then they start exchanging blows and kurt ducks and swing and goes for a angle slam but sid counters it and give kurt a big clothesline, as his raises his arms the crowd boos, and then sid picks up kurt and gets him in the corner and yells, im the man, than slaps angle hard across the cheast , the rock then gets back in the ring and turns sid around and starts throwing rights then goes to spit on his hand like he always does but sid gives him the big boot,

COLE: wow sid vicious is really showing his stuff in this matchup, kurt and the rock better think of a way of slowing the big guy down..
sid turns back around only to get punched by angle, angle then throws him off the ropes and does a drop toe hold, angle quickly goes for the ankle lock, but the rock grabs kurt and ddt's him and covers him 1--2-- kick out kurt..

middle of the match, the rock and sid in the corner, angle is outside the ring, the rock then brings sid out and throws sid off the ropes and gives sid a spine buster, rock gets up to do to the peoples elbow, he goes off one side of the ropes then goes over sid and one his way back sid gets up real fast and grabs the rock and chokeslams him hard, covers him 1--2 kurt breaks up the count, as the rock rolls away alil, kurt goes to angle slam sid and this time does, makes the cover 1--2 kick out by sid,

COLE: oh my god taz, sid kicked outta the angle slam, wow what a match so far.

back in the ring, mintues later all 3 men going to work on each other, sid body slams the rock, and then body slams angle, then falls down from being tired,

and then cole tells us we will be back from comerical break...

back from the break.. we see the rock giving sid a sharpshooter, and it looks like sid will tap ,

COLE: taz i think sids going to tap. will he tap out,
TAZ- idunno cole sid is not the type to give up, rocks giving it all he has,

then bad angle breaks it up, and quickly covers sid 1--2-- sid kicks out again..

end of match.... angle does the angle slam to the rock but turns around and gets powerbombed by sid, sid makes the cover.

COLE: taz sids got the hook of the leg he may have it,

1--2-- kick out angle, and the crowd cant belive it, wow, angle then gets thrown out of the ring, but rock is getting to his feet and as sid comes over to the rock the rock gives him a rock bottom, rock hooks the leg,

1--2--3 its over, ,

[I]TAZ: oh man its over the rock has pined sid vicious and will be in the awa title match next week on smackdown, but whats going to happen to sid now that he lost the match, i meen worst of all he got pined to,
COLE- i dunno what heyman is thinking now,, [/I]

as rock celebrates, sid attacks the rock and powerbombs him 2 times, and then grabs angle and powerbombs angle, on the outside of the ring knocking kurt out,

COLE- oh man i think we may need to medical attention, for kurt angle and the rock, wow sid vicious just gave the rock and angle alil piece of what sid was feeling after losing the match up, but never the less the rock is moving on..

cameras roll backstage with theodore long in his office, theres a knock at the door,

LONG: come in!

we see john cena enter the office crowd cheers,

LONG- what can i help u with player?
CENA- well first off u are the gm right, well i dunno were heyman gets off making these decisions, first he puts sid vicious into the match with angle and the rock, well im gald to see the rock come out on top, but then 2nd he puts scott hall, the stupid no good drunk, in the match with me and the undertaker, u see mr long, iam john cena, them 2 aint got nothing on me, ok let me tell u this, first off i gotta face the deadman and now a drunk, man this is just wrong. makes me wonder whos really in charge he, is it paul heyman or teddy long.
its ok though,imm a step in that ring and take them down 1-2-3, ill slap them both around and make them look as stupid as mr T, so when i beat them both in the ring, and all said is done, ill be raising my arm when the bell goes ding ding.... ding,
(crowd cheers as cena leaves)....

camera goes to nwo locker room.. and sid enters,

HEYMAN- sid sid sid, u had a simple task to complete and u failed, u know i dont like failing at anything, so sid next week on smackdown u are going to go one one with someone, and i think this someone will give u alil more practice as to what it takes to win a simple match, im not doing this cause i dont like u, im doing this to show u what its like to fail with paul heyman, so next week u will go one on one with....... the big show..

SID- what ahh come on paul im sorry, but was not that simple of a match paul u cant make me face the big show..

HEYMAN- oh yes i cant and u will, oh u will, but dont worry, we all got your back,
however, i do not wanna forget the fact that u scott hall u still have a match later to the same type of match sid was just in, well u see what he is getting from not winning, so i sugest u win, cause if u dont win, your punishment wil be worse,
oh yea much worse,

HALL- hey heyman no worries man, i got this, unlike some people,
(hall looks at sid as sid walks off,)

back to the ring..
COLE- well it looks like heyman is handing out some still punishment, u heard it next week on smackdown sid vicious goes one on one with the big show....

WELLLLL WELL ITS THE BIG SHOW... big shows music hits for the next match,

[COLOR=Blue]COLE- woah speaking of the big show here comes the 500 pounds monster about to enter the ring in his match up with chris beniot..

TAZ- i think sid should watch and study this match and watch the big shows everymove, cause he will need it next week in phoenix arizona on smackdown.

COLE- well when we come back its big show and beniot one on one....[/COLOR]

comericial break......

back from the break..

(might be a quick result)

start of match- big show uses his power and throws arounf beniot for alil, then beniot fights back and attempts the cross face 2 times but bigshow shrugs it off, and then throws beniot into ropes and gives him a big boot, and covers him 1-2- kick out beniot, big show then gets beniot in the corner and gives him 2 back slaps to the cheast, then chokes beniot with his foot agasint the turnbuckle...
mins later beniot gets the advantage going with some arms locks and headlocks..

mid match- beniot gets bigshow on the attack and drop kicks him 3 times before show goes down, then beniot goes to the top to do the flying head but and big show moves, big show goes for chokeslam and as beniot is up in the ai he counters it into a crossface, looks as thought show will tap, but just gets right up and does a sideslam to beniot,

end of match, ref gets knocked out by big show on accident, then all the sudden sid runs down to the ring gets in and goes after big show, then turns around and gets caught in a cross face by beniot, he lets go and kicks sid out side to the floor but turns around into a big boot, and then big show chokeslams beniot and covers him,
1--2--3 winner big show..

after match show goes outside the ring and grabs sid and puts him back in the ring, and goes to chokeslam him but scott hall runs down there and hits big show from behind, as sid rolls out and leaves, and hall clothes lines the bigshow over the ropes, then outta no were cena jumps hall and starts hitting away at him and the bell sounds for the last match,

COLE- wow taz just like that the final match is underway but wheres undertaker,
TAZ- i dunno maybe he didnt even know this was going to happen, wait a minute something is going on in the back..

camera rolls to the backstage area, and we see the nwo beating on undertaker, as taker trys fighting them off, but gets hit with chair, and bust taker open, as heyman is yelling
HEYMAN- get the car get the car hurry,

then we see nash pull up with a car and the nwo put taker in the trunk and drive off... as we go back to the action in the ring..

COLE- omg the nwo just took the undertaker somewere, but i have no clue as to were they could have gone, so is this match now 1 on 1,

TAZ- uhh i guess so wow, i think the nwo wants to make sure hall wins now he really has a chace to win this match, can cena pull it out.


start of match- hall takes cena into the corner and yells at him, "im a drunk huh u wanna see a drunk" and then hall starts kicking him in the stoumach 3 or 4 times, ref tells hall to get him outta there, hall takes cena and puts him into a headlock, and then drops to the mat, and keeps it applied, crowd trys to get behind cena as they chant, cena cena cena,, cena slowly gets back to his feet and give hall a few elbows then goes off the ropes and does a diving shoulder block to hall and covers him 1--2 kick out hall. cena then hits hall, hall hits him back and cena kicks him in the gut and goes for the F-U and he gets hall up for fu but hall counters it and lands on his feet and ddt's cena. as cameras roll to the last comercial..


back from comercial.
midmatch- hall still on the attack as he drives cena into corner and gives him a few shoulders to the gut,

COLE- taz i still have no idea were the undertaker could have been taken to, and what the nwo is doing.

just then we see a car pull back up and the nwo gets out, and heads to the ring,

COLE- oh no the nwo is back and heading this way, but they dont wanna think about jumping in cause they will get fined by the g.m,
back in the ring cena starts firing back and giving hall a few forearm shots to the face and then a clothesline and covers hall 1--2-- kick out hall, cena than drops a few elbows to the back of hall and picks him up and gets him up on his shoulders and does a shoulder breaker on hall, and covers him 1--2 kick out again hall. jsut then nwo comes down and circles the ring,

end of match- hall gets the advantage when cena is distracted by nash, but nash never got in the match, just said something, and hall starts pounding away, and still no undertaker, hall takes cena and goes to clothesline him and they end up doing a double clothesline ref starts to count, 1--2--3--4--5--6--7 both guys start to get up and make it up by 9, hall takes cena and throws him into ropes and goes for a back body drop but cena sees it and kicks hall in cheast and then rolls him up 1--2--kickout, nash then gets up on apron and distracts ref, stenier throws hall a chair and he nails cena with it and then throws it out.
hall then picks up cena as ref turns around, hall puts cena up for razor edge and nails it, and hooks the leg 1--2--
3 its over.. ding ding ding.
winner hall.

COLE- oh my god no scott hall just beat john cena with help from the nwo, but doesnt that meen the nwo interfered, weres the g.m, at,??
after match cena gets attacked by nwo, then they all stand in the ring and raise there arms as the fans boo!!!.

COLE- i cant believe it the nwo shows up tonite and scott hall ends up getting a title shot next week but his opponent is the rock, them 2 will go at it for the AWA TITLE. but what happend to the undertaker were did he go, and what will happen next week, this is unbeleiveable...

cameras show nwo celebrating over a fallen cena as the show goes off the air..............................

i think this was a good show for my second show i hope u all start getting interested, i know u all got other leagues to, but spread the word, and please rate this show 1-10 any coments???


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dont miss out on raw, when the awa world tag team titles, awa womes title and awa i.c title will all be up for grabs, plus we hear from the new world heavyweight champion shawn michaels, whats his thoughts on becoming awa world champion, and his thought on his future of defending the title...

plus a big big announcment for the awa raw divas, you dont wanna miss out
catch raw, live from key arena, in seattle washington, as we count down the days to awa unforgiven live from the toyota center in houston texas, on september the 26th

this is sure to be a show for all to see.......

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please try posting a reply!!!

i see my views on my league going up which is great, people are seeing my league, but i would also like to hear back from u, please try to post a reply and let me know how my shows are, i have 9-13 raw and 9-16 smackdown both on my thread so far, both are good shows, i will be doing raw of 9-20 on saturday maybe sunday, i made a raw preview already and so check it out and lets all have a good time with out leagues,

later to all, from the rookie hahahaha later


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Whoa, I'm shocked that the nWo is back in black......... Hall getting the title shot was a shock, let's see if after his long career he can finally win the big one, I think he will.

I see a BIG fued between Sid Vicious and Big Show.

Also Kidman winning the cruiserweight strap I'm pleased about...... very pleased.

Your improving as you go, wonder what RAW will be like and who will win which titles?

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major ups for Kidman winning the cruiserweight title, nWo was great also.... good shows 9/10.

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Tonight on Raw these titles will be on the line,

AWA World Tag Titles, Ric Flair/ Batista vs Edge/ Billy Gunn

AWA I.C Title, R.V.D vs Kane

AWA Womens Title, Trish Stratus vs Victoria,

Also new World Champion, HBK talks about the Raw Rumble last week on Raw were he eliminated Triple H the win the title,

Plus a big announcement on the Divas,

dont miss Raw later tonite

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AWA RAW RESULTS FOR 9-20 SHOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!


some footage of last weeks raw was shown, it showed highlights of the 10 man rumble for the World Title, Than it showed the final 2 guys, HBK and HHH, it showed HBK eliminate HHH to win the Rumble..

Then the pyros hit and the crowd is on there feet for a great "Title Night" edition of Raw, A night were 3 titles are on the line.

Victoria's music hits to start the first match of the night, The AWA Womans Title,

ROSS- Well ladies and gentleman we welcome u to Monday night Raw, live from Key Arena here in beautiful Seattle, Washington, and we kick off this show with the 1rst of 3 title matches tonite, This one is for the AWA Womans title, and u seen these 2 women in action last week, Trish defeated Torrie Wilson to get here and Victoria beat Nidia to get here, now its on, and for all the marbles.

KING- Oh yea J.R i cant wait to see trish host the gold up after this match, i know shes going to do it.

ROSS- Oh is that right? just like last week when u thought for sure Triple H would walk out the World Champion huh??

KING- Well um uhh tonites different i feel it more tonite..

Trish then makes her way down to the ring, and the ref shows the 2 ladies the womens title. and then calls for the bell to start the match up..


Both women go to work on each other, pulling out anything they can, ref gets knocked out once, and Trish takes advantage of it, and goes to grab the belt, she gets in and goes to hit Victoria with it and nails her right across the forehead with it, then Trish covers her.. but the ref is still out,

KING- Oh no, why does the ref gotta be out cold, Trish should be the winner, come on ref get up..

Match then continues for another 4 mins, Victoria gets Trish up in the powerbomb and nails it, and covers Trish

1-------2------------kick out Trish, few minutes later, Trish is complaning to ref about her knee hurting, so ref has his back turned when, Kane comes running down and pulls victoria out of the ring, and rams her head into the steel post, then slides her back in and then starts walking back up the ramp, Trish then picks up Victoria and does the stratisfaction, makes the cover
1------2----------3 winner trish..

ROSS- By god Trish wins the title but with help from Kane, why on earth did Kane have a reason at all to come out here, no reason at all,

KING- Well i have no idea but se i was right i told u Trish would win it haha, off to a good night so far,

in the ring Trish grabs belt and starts rubing it in and standing over Victoria,

ALL THE SUDDEN ERIC BISCHOFFS MUSIC HIT......as Trish looks up in question,

KING- woah king check it out, Its Raw General Manager Mr. Bischoff, well he always leave u wondering why he is out here, i hope he is out here to take the belt from HBK and give it to the rightful owner HHH,

ROSS- Oh king would u get over it, i wanna know why Mr.Bischoff is out here, but i guess we will find out

Mr Bischoff stands in the middle of the ring as that chants start, "Asshole, Asshole, Asshole.

BISCHOFF- ahh it feels great to be in Seattle Washington, ( eric looks around)
"then again i take that back, cause u see i have been in this town for 3 days now, and alls it does is rain, if not rain then its cold, but most of all this town lacks beauty, oh i dont meen the town itself i meen the people, i meen oh my god u people look like your all in need of a pick up, (crowed boos),
so thats why i came out here, i wanna announce something, tonite here on Raw, later u will see each and every single diva is going to come out here and do a Raw Diva swimsuit competition, (crowd cheers) " oh but im not doing it to please ya, im doing it to show ya all what real beauty looks like, cause Seattle sure doesnt have it, but the AWA does, so thats right Trish, oh by the way congrats on becoming the new Womens champion, but anyways thats right Trish tonite u along with Victoria, Molly Holly, Jazz, Stacey Keibler, Torrie Wilson, Nidia and Lita, will all come out here and let these fans see real beauty, and let them decide who will be tonites AWA Raw Diva swimsuit contest winner.

TRISH- Um Eric, hehe um we all know who the hottest diva is in the AWA, theres no need to have us all come out and parade our bodies around to all these losers, Plus i just had a hard fought Womens title victory i was going to get cleaned up and take the night off if that was ok with you eric,

BISCHOFF- Oh thats fine with me Trish but after the swimsuit contest, so ok u can go ahead and go to the back now and ill see u later thank u Trish,
OK now that i got that outta that way, i wanna bring up one more thing thats been bugging me, it envloves the Word Title,

KING- haha see j.r i knew Eric was going to take the belt away from HBK, haha greeattt.

ERIC- Last week on Raw we have one hell of a Rumble match for the world title, and in the end The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michales beat Triple H to win the title,
( crowd cheers loudly). Yeah cheer all u want, But i had a lil conversation with Tripl H earlier tonite, and he asked me for a Title shot tonite with HBK for the World title, right here on Raw, (crowd cheers), so i thought and thought about it and i came to a decision and my decision is..........................

All the sudden the music of Randy Orton hit and the crowd irupted, then Orton came out on the stage and looked right at Eric, then grabed the mic from Eric,

ORTON- Now Eric u did make one good decision tonite, and that was to make the Diva swimsuit contest, ill be watching that haha, but if u were about to give
Triple H a title shot tonite agasint Shawn Michales, well i was going to have a big problem with that, because no one deserves a title shot more then The Legend Killer, Randy Orton (crowd cheers), so Eric im not asking, im demanding a title shot, think about it, the fans here in seattle will love it, 2 great guys going one on one, do the match Eric, i know u want to,

BISCHOFF- You know Randy u are right, The fans would love to see 2 great wrestlers going one on one tonite, so u know what im going to do, im going to make the match, oh yea, (crowd cheers)
But!!! its not going to be Orton vs Michales for the World Title, oh no no no,
Tonight its going to be... Randy Orton vs Triple H and the winner gets shot at the AWA World Title at NO Way Out in October, (crowd cheers)
so Randy if u will excuse me i got business to attend to, OH and good luck tonite, Mr Orton.. (eric has a big grin on his face, like soemthing is up,)

ROSS- Well King, what a night it will be not only do we have 2 more titles to decide, but we got a #1 contendership match for the world title at no way out
between Randy Orton and Triple H, wow what a match, u seen them both give it there all in the Rumble last week, Now tonite in a one on one match, who will come out on top tonite...

cameras roll to commercial.......

back from the break..... cameras rool backstage with eric and triple h talking in erics office,

HHH- Well i guess if i cant get the title shot tonite, kicking Ortons ass to get the title shot is good enough, he is going to wish he never came out there and opened his mouth, he has a problem with that, and i think im going to put a end to it tonite, oh by the way good idea on the diva contest later, cant wait it,....
u know Eric this night is going to be a alright night u know, we got the divas in bikinis and me walking out the #1 contender later,

ERIC- Well thats how i run Raw, always on top, and it will stay that way,

HHH- thats good but i gotta go get ready for my match later.

(bischoff watches hhh leave his office,)

ROSS- well coming up next The World TagTeam Titles will be up for grabs, its anyones ball game in this match, but man tonite Orton and HHH one on one, and still to come the Raw Diva Bikini contest..


match starts out with edge and flair in a battle back and forth, Flair gets Edge in the figure 4, edge almost taps but Gunn breaks it up, that cause batista and gunn to fight outside the ring, later in match Gunn in with Flair, Gunn take flair and body slams him a few times then trys to do the figuare 4 on flair but flair gets away, he tags in Batista and him and Gunn go at it for a few minutes, ending up outside for a few, match continues through comercial break,
and about 13 minutes into match, Gunn runs at batista but batista about takes his head off with a clothesline, then he throws Gunn out of the ring, Flair and Edge the legal guys, Flair takes Edge and does another figuare 4 lock on him in the middle of the ring and Edge is trying to get to the ropes, and flair starts doing it harder, and finally Edge taps out....
winners Batista and Flair...,

KING- well look at that new world tag team champs batista and flair, good night for evolution so far, now next Triple H will beat Randy Orton and get his deserved title shot agaisnt HBK at NoWayOut,

ROSS, well we dont know that yet, we know Orton is a fighter, but ladies and gentleman coming up next its the Raw Diva Bikini Contest, boy will that be something..

KING- Oh j.r i cant wait hott divas in bikinis, and its neexxxt.

comercial hits....

as we come back from comercial, all the divas enter the ring in nice biknis, except Trish Stratus.

ROSS- well here they are all the divas but i dont see Trish the new womans champion anywere.

KING- ohhh j.r i wish she was out there wow Trish could go 2 for 2 tonite,

then after all the divas are in the ring Eric Bischoff comes back out and gets in the ring, and looks at them all as they are in bathingrobes,

ERIC- well well its now that time, to have the diva bikini contest, but how ever i do see one girl missing, so Trish Stratus like i said before u can have the night off after this contest, so u need to come out here now, or if u dont, ill strip u of your title u just won earlier tonite....

Trish's music hits and she comes out in a robe, and enters the ring, with a look on her face like she didnt wanna go through with this..

ERIC- ok ladies heres the rules u got 30 seconds to take off the robe and strut your stuff, and then we will let the audience decide the winner, so first up is

jazz takes off her robe and just kinda walks around rasing her arms its a dark brown top and bottom 2 piece, she then walks back in line...

ERIC- ok that was good Jazz, next up is Molly Holly, go ahead Molly

Molly takes a few seconds to take off her robe and she does and the crowd dont like it, she has on a work out type suit, short spandex shorts and a tight tank top looking one peice, and she just stands there..

ERIC- Um ok that was very interesting Molly but anyways, next up is the lovley,Torrie Wilson.. go ahead torrie

Torrie teases with the crowd by showing her leg then she takes off the robe and drops it on the ground, so she puts her hand to her mouth and says oppsie, and bend over without bending the knees and picks it back up and then runs it between her legs, slowly.. and then blows a kiss to everyone..

ERIC- wow very nice Torrie, that is soemthing this city isnt use to seeing, anyways next up is Lita, go ahead Lita.

lita was about to start, when BAAANNGGGGG !!!!, kane comes down to the ring and gets in and says.
KANE- i dont think so my wife does not show anyone my property, lets go lita now
sorry Eric u understand what im taliking about dont u!!!!!!.

ERIC- uh uh yea i understand, lita go ahead and go with kane, um anyways um lets keep going, um next is Stacey Keibler,

As kane and Lita go to the back, Stacy takes her robe off and its a pink to piece really nice bikini that brings out her skin and the legs for sure,

KING- om my god this contest is killing me, wow i just cant wait to see Trish, and what she has going in,

Stacy walks around the ring and lifts her leg up and puts her foot up on the top turnbuckle and leans over and kisses her knee and then puts her hands on her ass cheeks..

ERIC- ok very very nice, now lets move on, next is Nidia, go ahead,

nidia stands there then takes her robe off shes wearing a dark red 2 piece bikini and she rasies her arms and then does the splits and comes back up and stand there.

ERIC- ok good Nidia, next is Victoria, lets see what u got, it should be better then what u showed us earlier in your match but go ahead,

Victoria takes her robe off as she looks at Trish, and her bikini is a 2 peice white bikini but one one breast it says "Trish" on the other it says " Is"
then victoria turns around with her bacdk to Trish and the ass part of it says "a" on her left ass cheek and "slut" on her right cheek, the crowd got a kick outta that.

ERIC- well wow what a very big statement u made with that one victoria, lets see what the Womens champion has in store, Trish u are next.

Trish walks up to Victoria, and then drops her robe and shes wearing a black 2 piece bikini the bottom basically a thong and she is wearing her title belt, and she gets on her knees right in front of Victoria takes off her belt and starts to run it all over her body then she stand up and holds the belt right in front of victorias face, then backs up in line..

ERIC- Well well well this is going to be a tough one to call, ok seattle if u even know how to judge beauty lets hear ya make your vote,
do u all think Jazz should win?
(crowd boo's), do u think Molly Holly should win? (crowd boos), how about Torrie Wilson? ( crowd cheers loudly). well ok sounds good, well Lita wasnt in it for certin reasons, so how about Stacey Keibler? ( crowd cheers loude). OK how about Nidia? (crowd boos and cheers). ok now we have Victoria? (crowd cheers loude) WOAH ok now last but not lest, the womens champion Trish? ( crowd cheers and boos, alil more boos then cheers)

ERIC- ok ok this was a tough one but umm let me think.......ok from what i heard from u all here in seattle, the winner of tonites Diva Bikini contest is.......
CRASSHHHHHH, Austins music hits and the crowd on ther feet, for Stone Cold Steve Austin,

ROSS- well by god its Stone Cold, he made a pressence and the rumble match last week, trying to assist y2j in the match, whats he here for?

Austin enters ring and walks up and grabs mic from Eric....

AUSTIN- so eric u wanna bring all these lovley ladies out here and get them in there bathing suits to show the world what u seem to think u are in control of,(crowd whhhattt) im not stupid, seattle isnt stupid, i know who u were going to pick to win this thing, but ikm here to tell u that aint happening, look at shaa, i know u were going to announce Trish Stratus the champion, (crowd whhhhatt)
but i was listening back stage and i know the real winner, if u all think Victoria is the winner give me a Hell Yea, (crowd, HELLL YEAAAA),
if u think TrishStratus is exactly what Victoria stated, give me a hell yea
well My bischoff let me announce the winner of tonights Diva Contest, tonights winner is.... Victoria, and thats the bottom line cause stone cold said soooo..

just then austin stunners eric as all the ladies leave excpet Victoria and Trish,
they start argueing then they get into it and Victoria ends up kicking Trish out of the ring, and Stone Cold and Victoria, celebrate while drinking beers.....

and we go to comercial........................

we are back from comercial..

Both men go back and forht battling away, ther ewas about 6 near falls, rvd hits the 5 star splash 2 times, Kane kicked out both times, Kane got in a chokeslame but rvd got his shoulder up at 2 and half, match goes outside for alil, and then they get back inside and battle it out, with the crowd behind r.v.d,
ref gets booted by Kane on accident, and all the sudden Austin runs back in there and stunners Kane 2 times, and leaves, , ref just getting back to his feet, when rvd hits the 5 star splash again, and he hooks the leg,

3 winner RVD!.

backstage in Erics office we see Eric and Trish all upset about what happened earlier,

TRISH- oh my god eric areu going to allow that to happen, u know i wont hat thing, and stone cold had to come down there, ahhh im so mad, i wanna rip victorias face off..

ERIC- trish trish i know how u feel, and u will get your chance next week, cause next week its going to be 2 on 1, yea thats right, next week, Victoria goes 1 on 2 agasint you, and... me Eric Bishoff, hows that sound,

TRISH- oh Eric thanks so much u wont regret this, now im done for the night, u have a good night,

ERIC- oh u to trish u have a good night,

Eric watches Trish leave.


this match was back and forth good technical moves and a few highrisk ones, a few close falls, y2j mounts a big attack but booker fights back, booker t almost gets counted out, y2j gets Booker T in a walls of Jericho but Booker reaches ropes, Booker does book end to Y2j but y2j kicks out,
Jericho wins with a lionsault, at 12:30

ROSS- well u all heard Eric, next week on Raw Trish Stratus and himself, Eric Bischoff takes on Victoria in a 2 on 1 handicap match.

KING- yea i wanna see Eric and Trish take out Victoria, did u see Victorias outfit how rude?

LILIAN GARCIA- ladies and gentleman please welcome the neewww World Heavyweight Champion, HBK Shawk Michales,

(crowd errupts), Hbk enters the ring and holds up belt. and crowd chants hbk hbk hbk,

HBK- wellll hellooooo seattle, my god it feels soo good once again world champion, and i didnt do it in no one on one match, i beat out 9 other guys to win the title, i hear many feel Triple H should have won it for his outstanding effort in the Rumble, coming in #1 and staying in till the end, yes i tip my hat to your Hunter, But, it wasnt u that was left standing with the title, it wasnt u that had there hand raised, and it isnt u thats standing here right now the World heavyweight Champ, ( crowd cheers).

HBK- And now u go to Mr Bischoff and win and whimper and demand a title shot tonite, that would have bee just fine, cause it would have gaven me another chance to kick your butt in this ring, But now its going to be u and Randy Orton later on, The winner gets a shot agaisnt me at No Way Out, well i say thats fine to, it doesnt matter to me if its, you, Randy Orton, Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, Macho man, Or even Brett Hart, i wouldnt care cause iam at the peek of my career, everytime i have this belt im unstopable, i will continue to defend my title and take out anyone that gets in my way weither it be, Triple H or Randy Orton... ( crowd Cheers, and chants hbk hbk hbk,)

ITS TIME TO PLAY THE GAAAMMMEEE... triple h's music hits as Hbk looks on with a unhappy look, Triple H comes right to the ring, with a mic, he looks ready to wrestle, they get face to face for a second...

HHH- wow u come out here talking about how u dont care who it is u face, well u better care, cause iam the game, i lasted all the way to the end of the rumble. only to get eliminated by yoouuu, so hbk what i want u to do, is i want u to go take a seat over there by lilian garcia, and watch and learn and see whats going to happen to u at no way out, cause when i get done with Orton, then im coming for u,

just then hbk punches HHH and starts to attack him, then he gets in a superkick and the crowd is on ther feet, and just as Orton comes down the walkway, Hbk gets out and sits over by lilian garcia with his belt..


Orton takes advantage of what hbk did, orton has advantage of the match for the first few mins, HHH battles back with a flury of moves, he nailes a few sulexes and body slams and chokeholds, but Orton fires back and get on the top turnbuckle and does a flying cross body, makes the cover1---2----
kick out HHH, orton then takes HHH and continues to work away on the game, he gets him over in the corner and then starts to yell at HBK,

ORTON- see this shawn, yea remember this come noway out,

HBK just looks at him, later int he match HHH gets back the advantage, landing a few knees to the face, and covers Orton 1----2--- kickout,
HHH throws, Orton out by HBK, HHH then climbs out of the ring and slams Ortons head into the spanish announce table, then looks over at shawn, and smiles, and says "get ready"

few minutes later, both guys getting tried, and throwing rights back and forth, then Orton gets in a kick knee to the stoumach, he then suplexes HHH, and covers him


kick out HHH, Orton then gets set for the RKO, and just when he was going up to the game to do it, Triple H does the Pedigree,


kickout just in time by orton, what a match, Triple H goes to do it again and Orton reverses it and gets behind the game and neck breaker,
1------------2--------------kickout triple H again, HBK stands up outside the ring and starts to walk around, he gets over by the walkway and Orton sees him and starts talking to him, and yelling at him, " dont get involved" that causes HHH to turn Orton around and give him another pedigree and makes the cover hooks the leg,



3 winner Triple H....

ROSS- omg Tripl H just beat Randy Orton, so that meens at No Way Out it will be for the World Title Shawn Michaels vs Triple H

KING- wow what a match that will be, i have a feeling it will be HHH's night at no way out,

ROSS- well what a night we had tonight, what will happen next week, dont miss Raw Next week, this has been one heck of a night, Goodnight folks............

HHH is showen in the ring standing there staring at HBK, and Orton is on the mat with the Game standing over him, with triple H telling HBK

" get ready " as the show goes off the air...



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i'm not trying to promote my show but you all should check out the NWF by me and wildman123. we will have our new shows up very soon. so go take a look.

how does it feel?

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dont miss smackdown the AWA title will be on the line as The Rock goes one on one with NWO's Scott Hall,

Also Chris Beniot takes on Eugene for the U.S title and the monster Sid Vicious takes one the 500 pounds Big Show, and more

plus what Will Theodore Long do next as he battles with Paul Heyman and he NWO,

dont miss all the action on AWA SMACKDOWN

this will be up in the next 24 hrs

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pyros hit and a video is shown last week of the return of the N.W.O, as AWA smackdown is underway
from the Phoenix, Arizona.......

COLE-- Ladies and Gentleman welcome to AWA Smackdown, what will happen tonite, who knows?. but we do know that tonite
The Rock will go one on one with N.W.O's Scott Hall for the awa title, plus we heard it from Paul Heyman last week, that Sid Vicious
goes up agaisnt The BigShow, 2 great matches on hand for us, And also Chris Beniot takes on Eugene for the U.S title ,
But folks lets not waste anytime the first match is a big one, a 4 team tag title match, only 2 guys start in the ring they can tag who ever they want, in the object is to be the last time left and they win the Awa TagTeam titles,

TAZ-- yea cole what a night, great matches, great fans great areana, im loving it, oh yea dont forget, AWA NoWayOut alil less the a month away,
October 17th live from the Pepsi Center in Denver Colorado, lets get to the first match of the night shall we,


Kidman the cruiserweight champ starts off with g.cade, the 2 go at ir for a few mins, and when kidman goes to back body drop cade, Cade kicks Kidman and then runs over and tags in Devon Dudley, Devon gets in the match and pounds away on Kidman, Devon takes Kidman and pulls out a few bodyslams and then covers him quickly,


kick out kidman, few mins later they are still in the ring, devon goes over and tags in heidenreich, he comes in and picks up Kidman and powerbombs him..

COLE-- smart tag in by devon i dont think u will see alot of guys taging in there own guy, they wanna stay out as long as they can, and for Devon to tag in the monster Heidenreich thats a smart move.

Heidenreich, takes kidman after the powerbomb and starts choking him right in from of the ref, ref counts the 5, 1--2--3--4 and heidenreich lets off, later in the match Rey jr is in with Kurt Angle, the 2 go at it non stop, kurt pulls off a few neck breakers and attempts the ankle lock but Rey gets outta it, he then picks up Rey and starts punching away on him and then clothes lines him, and covers him hooking the leg,


kick out Rey, Angle then tags in BuhBuh dudley, buh buh goes to attack Rey, But rey counters and drop kicks him, he then jumps up on Buh Buhs shoulders and ddt's him. rey crawls over and tags in Rob Conway, Conway looks at buh buh and they lock up, buh buh gets the advantage and starts pounding away knocing Conway down, then hee clothes lines him, then he suplexes him, and then buh buh applies the headlock on Conway,
a few mins later heidenreich is back in with Devon as they go at it, devon gets in a good superplex crowd cant believe it, makes the cover


kick out just in time, by heidenreich, Devon then starts to pick up Heidenreich but he blocks a punch and kicks Devon in the gut and picks him up and nails the powerful shoulderbreaker, covers devon


3 dudleys are out...

COLE-- omg taz the Dudleys are gone from this match, wow what a shoulder breaker by heidenreich i think everyones hesistent to get in the ring
TAZ-- well can u blame them i would be to cole,

all the sudden Rey runs in and jumps on heidenreich, but he just gets thrown off, then he walks over and tags Cade, Cade gets in the ring and starts to kick away on rey, then he picks rey up and drops Rey across Cades knee, cade covers him


kick out Rey, Later in match Kidman back in with Angle and the 2 put on a show of great moves and highflying moves, Angle goes for the angle slam but Kidman reverses it and ddt's angle, then kidman crawls over and tags in Conway, few minutes later, Conway goes for his finisher and Angle reverses it and nails the angle slam,



3 Conway and Cade are out,

COLE-- well its down to 2 teams left kidman and rey or heidenreich and angle,
TAZ- wow 2 great teams left, man imagine if Kidman wins this match he will have 2 belts already.

few mins later Kidman in with Heindenreich, kidman trys everything he can he starts to wear down heidenreich, but then he gets clotheslined hard from heidenreich, he covers Kidman..


kicks out kidman, few mins later, Angle and Mysterio going at it, another classic battle, Rey bulldogs Kurt 2 times, and then goes for the 619 but angle moves and as Rey gets back to his feet he turns around into a angle slam, Angle hooks the leg


kick out Rey, so close to the 3 count. Angle cant believe it, angle then tags in heidenreich, and Heidenreich just over powers Rey, and then covers rey. but kidman jumps in and stops the count, causing Angle to run in and he attacks Kidman, then Kidman and angle end up outside the ring, Angle goes to throw Kidman into ring post but Kidman reverses it and angle hits face first into the post, kidman then gets back in the ring, and him and Rey do a double dropkick then a double ddt on heidenreich, Kidman sets him up for the shoot star press and he gets up top and nails it, then gets out and Rey hooks the leg has much as he can can he do it...


3 its over winners kidman and rey new tag champs

COLE- well oh my look the new AWa tag team champs Billy Kidman and Rey Mysterio Jr, Kidmans on a roll, what a match to start off Smackdown.. but we still have more to come dont go away we will be back here on smackdown..

comecial break........

as we come back from the break we see Theodore Long in his office mumbling something, then all the sudden NWO walks in, and Heyman walks right up to Long,

LONG-- Is there something i can help u with?
HEYMAN-- as a matter of fact u can, U see tonite my man Scott Hall has a very very important match later tonite, its for the AWA title, and i want u to tell your guys in the back, they better think twice about interfering in the match,

LONG-- woah woah player, first of dont worry about my guys running in, i asure u they wont be a part of that match at all, Bu what i wanna know is? Can the NWO stay outta the match, cause listen up if anyone jumps in that match, they will be fined and suspeneded and anot..... wait a minute player, i thought i said that last week in the 2 #1 contender matches, it sure seemed to me like Hall was helped out alil in the match, infact i seen the video footage and i seen Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner interfere, and i stick by my word, so get this players, since Nash didnt get involved as much as Steiner did ill be alil lienient, and well Big Sexy im going to fine u 500 dolla dolla bills, but also tonite im going to make u face the guy u all screwed out of the title shot, tonite Kevin Nash takes on......
John Cena, can u feel me now playas, Oh and for Scott Steiner since u did more and actully threw a chair in the ring, im going to make sure u get use to a chair, and im talking about yours at home were i will be sitting your butt at for the next 2 weeks holla holla,

HEYMAN-- Long wait a minute he never touched Cena, u cant do that to him...
STEINER-- woah woah paul its ok, listen to me Theodore, u may think u rule the roost around here, and u wanna suspened me for 2 weeks thats fine, but When i get back, u better watch yourself, Cause u are messing with the wrong man..

Steiner walks out of the office and leaves the arena...

HEYMAN-- Boy i hope u know what u are getting your self into, Oh and dont be to suprised if Scott Hall walks out the champ, Well we sill be seeing u later............

COLE-- Wow Taz, the GM laying down the law and handing out a 500 dollar find to Nash and suspending Steiner for 2 weeks,
so im guessing this week counts as one so we wont see Steiner next week, so i dont think he iwll be back till we are in Sacramento California,
but we also heard that tonite Nash takes on John Cena one on one, and coming up next the AWA U.S title, between Chris Beniot and Eugene,


Match starts off with beniot in control, both technical wrestlers, Eugene likes to pretend he is some of he favorite wrestlers he has watched in the past, Beniot gets eugene in the corner and gives him a few backhand chops, he then brings euegen out to the center of the ring and gives him a few german suplexes, and hooks the leg,


kick out Eugene, Beniot then applies a hold on Eugene , the ref asking Eugene if he wants to give, but Eugene says no no,
Beniot picks up eugene and throws him off the ropes and drop kicks Eugene at the knees, then covers him


kick out. Later in the match Eugene gets control of the match and starts doing some old school moves, he does a few junkyard bulldog headbuts, then acts like the MachoMan by waving his finger around in the area, he body slams Beniot and goes up to the top rope, he then goes to do the Macho Man elbow smash and Beniot moves, Beniot quickly gets up and appiles the sharpshooter, again ref ask Eugene if he will tap, and Eugene makes it to the ropes,
a few minutes later Bentiot hit Euegen but Eugene starts hulking up and acts liek hogan, he bocks a few punches from Beniot and then gives beniot the big boot, eugene then goes off teh ropes and does the hogan leg drop, and makes the cover, does he have him?


kick out just in time by beniot, what a match, then all the sudden Eugene gets Beniot in the crossface, omg will beniot tap out to his own move, the crowd is mied from chatting dont tap, do chanting eugene. but Beniot reaches the ropes, a few mins later, beniot goes for a body slame but Eugene rolls him up and grabs the tighs and puts a foot on the ropes, ref dont see it,



3 winner Eugene..

COLE-- oh my we have a new u.s champion Eugene but did u see how he used the ropes and had a handful of tights, i didnt think he was that type, but i guess in a match like that u gotta do what u can..

backstage we see Big Show getting ready for his match agaisnt Sid Vicious, then Chris Bentot enters the room, and walks up to Big Show,

BENIOT-- Look Show, i know sometimes we dont get along and all, But tonight i want u to take out Sid Vicious, i dunno what Heyman is up to but he is trying to take over Smackdown and run Mr Long out, and u know darn well what the NWO is capable of, as a former member back in WCW, i remember what all went on there, Soi dont only want u to win this match for yourself, but i want u to win it for the rest of the Smackdown guys, if u need someone down there tonite ill go with ya,

BIGSHOW-- Listen Chris i respect what your saying and i understand, but i got this tonite, im going to do it on my own ok, But if it gets outta hand then be more then welcome to come out there, but for now let me handle this,

big show then gets up and walks out of the room to head to the ring as chris beniot watches him leave,
comercial break........

As we come back from the break we get set for our next match.


A few minutes into the match, both guys exhausted from pounding on each other, Sid takes Show and trys to clothes line him but Show stays up then he goes to do it again and Show grabs Sid in a chokeslam position, he goes up to chokeslam him but Sid counters and knock Shows arm away and kicks him in the stoumach and goes to powerbomb Show but cant pick him up, Show then flips Sid over him and makes the cover


kick out Sid, Show picks up Sid and throws him into the corner and then runs at him and squishes him inot the corner, Show gives Sid a big boot after Sid comes out of the corner, Few minutes later, Sid gets some offense going as he starts to give Show a few forearms, he then throws Show into the ropes and gives Show a big boot, Show then starts to stagger, and Sid goes to body slam him and he uses all he can and he body slams the big man, Sid comes off the ropes and gives SHow a leg drop, and covers him


kick out Big Show, Sid then drops a few elbows on him, the Sid gets Show up and puts him in the corner with Show on his butt, Sid then puts his knee into Shows throat, and starts to choke him ref makes the count 1--2--3---4 , Then Sid lets go and starts to do it again
1--2--3--4 Sid then yells at the ref, As Sid is picking SHow up, Big Show punches him in the gut, then gives Sid a fore arm shot. he then head buts Sid knocking him down, about 5 more mins into the match after both guys work each other over, Ref is knocked out on accident,
The NWO comes down to the ring and gets in and starts attacking Show, Show trys to fight them off, But Nash big boots Show, all the sudden Chris Beniot comes running in, he gets in and attack Nash, then goes over and starts giving backhand chops to Hall, but Beniot turns around and gets kicked in the stoumach by Nash, and Nash powerbombs Beniot, Then Sid and Nash pick up Show and double choke slams him,
then Nash picks up show and Hall hits Show with chair, They all get out and Hall walks over and starts to wake Charles Robinson up,
Sid then drops a cocky elbow and Show and covers him,

ref makes the slow count after being out cold


3 its over winner Sid, After match they continue to beat on Beniot and The BigShow, NWO then stands in the ring and holds there hands up
as the crowd boo's,

Cameras roll backstage as Josh Matthews is interviewing The Rock,

JOSH-- Well Rock later on tonite u go one on one with NWO's Scott Hall, we just saw what the NWO is capable of doing, as they helped Sid to victory over The BigShow, Are u worried at all about the NWO getting involved in the match??

ROCK-- Well josh let me ask u this, are u a hermaprodite? are u and Michael Cole bed buddies?
JOSH-- Um well no i would say no not at all,
ROCK-- Well thats exactly what The Rock has to answer for youre questions, Ofcourse The Rock isnt worried about the NWO, The rock is going to climb in that ring live live here in Phoenix Arizona, (crowd cheers) Last week u seen myself walk in there and beat not one but 2 guys to get this shot, do u honestly think The Rock is worried one bit, haha no, Because i know and the millions and milions of the rocks fans know that well all said is done, I will walk out the new AWA champion,

Just then Paul Heyman walks up to The Rock,
HEYMAN- well well well, rocky, u really think u are going to go out there and beat Scott Hall and win the title, think again, look at what we just did to the Big Show and Beniot, ohhh how it feels to run things around here, Cause even though im not the G.M, We all know that Theodore LOng cant control me and my guys, yeah so he may have suspended Steiner and fined Nash, we still know whos in charge, Rock u better start respecting me cause sooner or later u wil have to listen to me...

rock grabs mic from Heyman, and says..
ROCK-- no no no no no, u see u are wrong, the rock doesnt listen to anyone but himslef and the people, and tonite im going to walk in that ring, whip Scott Hall's candy ass, if u smeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllllllll what The Rock is................. then all the sudden he gets hit from behind by Hall,
Hall then Grabs the Rock and throws him head first into the background equipment, and then says,
HALL-- can u smell what Scott Hall is cooking chump,
and the cameras focus on the rock laying there,

COLE-- omg an attack on the rock leaving him out cold, whats going to happen later tonite in the title match, folks we gotta go to comercail break dont go away..
comercail break.................

COLE-- Were back from the break and just moments ago The rock was talking to Paul Heyman when he was attacked by his opponent later tonite, Scott Hall, and was droven head first into some equipment in the back,
word has it that the Rock has suffered a mild concusion, how will he do later tonite,
TAZ-- who knows but it shows the NWO will do anything to get ahead of the game, but hopefully The Rock pulls it out tonite..

John Cena's music hits for the next match up, Cena enters the ring and does a lil rhyme rap thing about beating Nash.
Then Nash comes to the ring and the match begins..


Match starts out with Nash in control, giving Cena a few side walk slams and suplexes, Cena fires back with a feww good moves, crowd chanting cena cena, Cena gets ahold of nash and does a snapsuplex and covers Nash,


kickout, few minutes later, Nash starts an offensive attack on Cena, he throws cena into the ropes and big boots cena, he then drops an elbow to cena, he picks him up and bodyslams he, then drops another elbow on him, he throws Cena into the corner and then Nash runs at him and gives him a back elbow to the face, as Cena is coming outta the corner, Nash sidewalk slams cena, and covers him,


kickout cena, few mins later, Nash goes for another big boot but Cena ducks, and comes back of the ropes and does a diving shoulder block on Nash, Cena trys to get the crowd into it, Cena tkaes nash and throws him into the corner, he walks over and starts giving nash a few shoulders to the mid section, Cena than goes off the ropes and clothes lines Nash, Cena pumps up the crowd and signals the 5 knuckle shuffle, and hits it, then he gets up and pumbs up his shoes for the f-u, he goes over and get nash up in ther f-u position but Nash gets off the shoulders of Cena and Cena turns around into a kick to the gut, Nash goes for the jack knife powerbomb and hits it, well this be it,


kick out just in time by Cena,
COLE-- What a great match up by these 2 guys, and yet we still have the AWA championship on the line later, we seen Sid Vicious beat The Big Show, and now Nash if trying to finish off Cena and could Hall beat the Rock later could this be a NWO night,

TAZ-- Boy Cole i dunno they are looking pretty sharpe tonite, but im excitied as all, for the match later,

Match continues another 5 mins, then Heyman comes running down after Cena dropkicked Nash to the outside,, Heyman trys to distract ref, but Cena walks over and grabs Heyman and pulls him up over the top rope and in, he picks up Heyman and does the F-U on him, Heyman rolls outside, Cena turns around and ducks a boot by Nash who got back in, Nash turns around and Cena kicks him in the gut and picks him up for the F-U and nails it her hooks the leg,,


3 winner Cena, crowd goes nuts,

COLE-- wow what a win for John Cena tonite, the fans are loving it here on Smackdown, But we gotta take our last break When we come back the AWA title is on the line dont go away and dont miss out,

comercial break......

Back from the break, The NWO's music hits as Scott Hall makes his way out and without the rest of the nwo, Hall enters the ring to the crowd booing,

If You Smelllll What The Rock is cooking, Rocks music hits and the crowd is on there feet, he looks alil slow and in pain from earlier, when Hall slamed Rocks head into some equipment earlier backstage,

COLE-- Well Taz, Rock looks alil outta it after substaining a mild concusion, i think if Hall is smart he will use that to his advantage,
TAZ-- yea if i was Hall going for the title id take it to my advantage but The Rock isnt no easy guy to beat in the ring trust me,


The match starts off with both men face to face, talking back and forth, as the crowd is chatting rocky rocky rocky,
then both guys start punching back and forth but the rock gets the better of it and knocks down Hall, Rock then takes him and starts to kick at Hall, Hall gets up and the Rock goes for the rockbottom eary but Hall gets away and rolls outside the ring, Hall gets back in and they lock up and Hall applies a arm lock on the rock, and then hits him in the head and The rock stumbles back and then gets clotheslined by Hall
Hall covers The Rock,


kick out by the rock, Hall then picks up Rock, and nails a hard suplex and thenhe gets up and starts tauting with the fans as they boo him, and he yells " rocky nothing, as Hall goes over to Rock, Rock nails a spinebuster on hall, and hooks the leg,


kick out Hall, a few mins later both guys mounting some offense, The rock takes Hall at 6:05 in the match, and pulls of a german suplex and then the rock, starts to once again stomp away on Hall, The rock takes Hall and runs hs head into the turnbuckle 3 times, then as Hall is walking beackwards trying to regain his focus, The Rock runs him over with a big rock clothesline, The rock grabs Halls legs and goes for the sharpshooter, and applies it, and the ref starts asking Hall if he gives, Rock is applying it with all he has, can the rock pull it off in this match,

COLE-- can u imagine if Scott Hall can win the title, it will be the first time in his career he has won the big won, we will only wait and see,

Rock still has Hall in the sharpshooter. Hall is reaching and reaching for the ropes and just gets to the ropes before taping out, The rock then picks up Hall and does the russian leg sweep, and covers Hall


kick out by Hall, Then at 11:45 into the match Scott Hall reverses a move by The Rock, and Hall counters with a bodyslam, Hall then starts to stomp away on The Rock, Hall then gets Rock into the sharpshooter, and ref is asking Rock will he tap,
COLE-- Is the rock going to give, and Hall win the title for the first time in his career, rock trying to get to the ropes, he is reaching..

The rock reaches the ropes and the crown sighs with relief, Hall then takes the rock and sets him up on the top turnbuckle and nails a hard superplex on the rock taking alot outta both men, what a match, Hall gets a arm over Rock,



kick out at 2and half wow Hall soo close, Hall then argues with the ref on the count and Rock goes over and grabs Hall and rolls him up


kick out Hall, both men giving it there all in this AWA title match, Hall then gets up same time as Rock , and Hall swings at him and Rock blocks it and hits him then does it again, then Hall goes for a big swinging hit and The Rock counters it into a Rock BOttom and nails it
hook of the leg he may have it.



kick out Hall again wow so close,
COLE-- wow what a match Taz both men wont stay down, a great battle, and whats great is no one in the back as came out to interfere,
TAZ-- i dunno about u Cole but im almost pushin for Hall to win this, u gotta have repect for hall he has never won the title in his life and heres his biggest chance agaisnt The Rock. i kinda hear some Hall fans in the crowd maybe some long time Hall fans that wanna see him do it finally,

Few minutes later at 17:30 both guys tired and wore out, Hall gets Rock up for the Razor Edge and nails it, and Hall drops to his knees,
THEN all the sudden the lights go out, for about 15 seconds, and when they came back on The ref was out cold and THE UNdertaker was standing behind HAll, the crowd cant believe it, Hall goes after Taker, and Undertaker grabs Hall and chokeslams him, Then he picks up Hall and gives hall a Last Ride, and rolls outta the ring and goes half way up the ramp and stops and wathces, Ref getting back to his feet. The Rock never really saw what happend he was out from the Razors Edge, The Rock looks at Taker with a confused look. he then walks over and picks up Hall who is barley on his feet and the Rock does the Rock Bottom again and hooks the leg



3 its over new champion The Rock.... The rock takes the belt and looks back at the Undertaker and then Rock raises his arms as the crowd is cheering, and the Undertaker just looks back at him as the show goes off the air............................................

whats going to happen next week on smackdown, dont miss out

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My raw will be up tonite, i think i wrote that in my sig, anyways i have seen alot of great shows on here, great feuds, great matches, i hope someday ill be one of the shows people like to check out, but im new so it takes time, i do get alot of views just not as many replies as id like, so i can see what u all think of, its ok, so yea keep up the good shows
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