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December 16 2001
Eric Bischoff is still upset that wcw was bought out by the wwf, he says he plans on starting a new wrestling promotion.He says he wants to create the new underdog of wrestling.

December 26 2001
Bischoff meets with finacial advisors to map out a plan.He also meets with patential talent.

January 3 2002
Bischoff meet with his lawyers to get info on trademarks and copyrights.

January 16 2002
Bischoff is accepted for an unknown loan.After a month of just dreaming Bischoff can finally see his dream coming coming together.

January 28 2002
Bischoff signs several unnamed talent.

Feb 1 2002
Bischoff officially announces his plans via press conference.Goldberg's contract with aol has officially expired.He immediately calls bischoff about a contract.
There is a number of contracts expiring in the wwf one of those being a huge name.

Feb 16 2002
Rumars speculate that goldberg might have signed.
Jim Ross's contract ends with wwf at the end of the month.Bischoff hires unnamed talent.

Feb 18 2002
Bischoff officially names company American Championship Wrestling.Bischoff is in talks with a major unnamed Cable network.Bischoff signs Jim Ross as head of talent relations and as a Announcer.It is announced that the rock's contract is official up with wwf.

March 1 2002
Dirtsheets speculate that acw has signed 6 more major names.Bischoff holds a press conference and announces the new tv deal with FX.Kevin Kelly is signed as an announcer.FX network execs announce the debut for ACW for April 2 2002 at 8pm.Bischoff is in a bidding war for The Rock against the wwf.

March 28 2002
Bischoff finally reveals the roster.He also announces the name of the show as Tuesday Night Mayem.The Rock officially signs with ACW.

April 2 2002
Tuesday Night Mayem Debuts
The Rock- ownes trademarks
Billy Gun
Shawn Micheals
Rey Mysterio Jr.
AJ Styles
Billy Kidman
Chris Jericho
Bubba Ray Dudley
Devon Dudley
Cm Punk
Christopher Daniels
Big Show
Justin Liger
Ultimo Dragon
Jeff Hardy
Eddie Guerrero
Chavo Jr.
Chris Benoit

Show name:Mayhem!
Theme: Justice for All by Metallica

Owner: Eric Bischoff
General Manager: vacant
Booker/Writer: Ghost
Announcers: JR/Kevin Kelly

ACW Heavy Weight Championship - The Rock
International Championship - CM Punk
European Championship - Vampiro
ACW Tag Team Championship - vacant
Cruiser Weight Championship - vacant

Flagship ppv:
Night of Champions - October

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March 2 2002 ACW Debute live in San Jose,Ca

Theme music and video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfeivwW4PI0

Opening Fireworks are huge & the crowd is going nuts!
Jim Ross - Hello welcome to the debute of Tuesday Night Mayem.I'm Jim Ross and sitting besides me is my Broadcasting partner Kevin Kelly.
Kevin Kelly - Hello everyone, this should be a very exciting night as this is our very first episode.
Jim Ross - We have a huge crowd and you can feel the electricity in the air.Well this should be a good night.

As we come back ACW's owner is in the ring.

Eric Bischoff - Welcome one and all to my show.Ok so my first order of bisness is later tonight I will announce the very first ACW Heavyweight champion.Secondly there will be 2 crusier weight battle royals to determin the first two contenders for the cruiser weight championship.One tonight and one next week, the winners will face eachother for the title in a few weeks.Then later tonight I will hand pick the champions for the other two titles.And that leads me to the tag team championship,next week there will be a tag team tournament in which will end with two teams at the ppv where they will face off in a ladder match!

Jim Ross - Well that was some thing.Bischoff love him or hate him, I admire his creative side.
Kevin Kelly - I agree, the man is a genious.
Jim Ross - Well coming up next is the first of two cruiser weight battle royals.

Cruiser Weight Battle Royal
Rey Mysterio vs Ultimo Dragon
Pyscosis vs Christopher Daniels
AJ Styles vs Jeff Hardy
The first Superstar to be eliminated from the Battle Royal is Jeff hardy by Mysterio and Psycosis.followed shortly by Christopher Daniels enlisting the help of Ultimo Dragon to eliminate Aj Styles but fails and out goes daniels.Psycosis is eliminated by Rey Mysterio.Mysterio would then eliminate Ultimo Dragon, followed by a show down between Mysterio and Styles.The crowd is chanting for both superstars to win. Styles hits Mysterio with a back elbow, Styles counters by a huge fly dropkick that knocks mysterio over the top rope.Styles goes to celebrate thinking he got the win but mysterio pulls an hbk and his feet never touches the ground.Mysterio at the top rope and does a 619 and styles is eliminated.

JR - Just look at that replay kevin this just showed why cruiser weights should always be the highlite of the show.
Kevin Kelly - Right I mean that was a hell of a contest.
JR - Well we are going to take a little break but don't go anywhere we will be right back.


Xpac and Billy gun come out to a standing ovation.And make their way to the ring.

X Pac - San Jose make some noise! (The Crowd boos)
you are looking at the greatest tag team ever to walk the face of this business.
Billy Gun - Dudleys Get your asses out here so we can kick them!

The Dudleys come out and go to the ring.

Tag Team Match
Dudleys vs Xpac/Billy Gun
The bell rings and the match begins. Early on the match is quite eventless as there is some sort of confusion between Xpac and Bubba Ray which is resolved by Devon and the match continues on.The heels worked on Devon for a while and then Devon took the tag and took on Xpac.Devon goes for a suplex when billy Gunn trips him and held his leg as xpac pins him for the win.X
After the match Ray argues with Devon while making their exit.

Jr - I have know xpac and billy for quiet a while now and I have to say they have sunken to new lows now.
Kevin Kelly - HAHA that was funny though jr.
Jr - I didn't find it funny in the least bit.

Singles Match
Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit
They lock up and Benoit is backed into a corner, then eats a cheap pop. Jericho back with blows and a drop kick for two. Jericho back with blows, then pushes Benoit over. y2j runs the ropes as Benoit bounces over, then hits a back elbow for two. Benoit on Y2J with blows in a corner, then a back elbow for two. Benoit sides steps Y2J who slides out through the ropes. Then Benoit double ax hamme to the outside on Y2J. Y2J rolled back in, Benoit on the apron, but then Y2J kicks Benoit in the head and Y2J gets two.

Chin lock on Benoit on the mat. Benoit up with blows, but it then slammed back by his hair. Y2J kicks Benoit in the head for two. A big elbow from Y2J for two. y2j back with the chinlock on Benoit on the mat. Benoit up, blows, but pushed back into a corner. Benoit fights back with a back elbow then a big RIGHT HAND. y2j ruses Benoit in a corner, but Benoit moves and Y2J hits the mat. Double clotheslines to y2j, then a drop kick. Another big clothesline and Benoit is pumped up. Y2J grabs the ropes and pushes Benoit off.y2j HITS a beautiful tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Benoit for two.

Y2J sets Benoit up for his WALLS OF JERICHO, but Benoit gets free.Y2J rolls up Benoit , but Benoit reverses it and gets the three on Y2J
After the match benoit celebrates.But the celebration is short lived as Y2J comes back and attacks benoit.He knocks benoit down and gets him into the walls of jericho.The ref is pleading to release benoit but he refuses.Y2J finally releases his grip and makes his exit.

Bischoff's music comes on and out comes bischoff.


Bischoff - So I will now announce the very first acw heavy weight champion.But first I will name the european and international champ.Vampiro is the european champion and Cm punk will be the international champion.Now your new acw heavy weight champion is THE ROCK!

The crowd goes wild as the champ makes his way out.

Rock: (bischoff goes to talk but rock stops him as the rocks fans chant his name)Finaly... The rock has come back to san jose.Now who in the roodypoo are you.(Bischoff tries to say his name but it interupted)It doesnt matter what your name is! (The rock then hits the rock bottom on bischoff and grabs his title as we go off air.)


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April 3 2002
Bischoff is interviewed by nodq.com
Ratings results are in Mayhem scored a 1.4 which is considered a success for a first time run one hour show.

April 5 2002
Vince Mcmahon is interveiwed by wrestling news sites and says that ACW maybe a failed experiment despite ACW having a tv deal. First ACW house show in Austin,tx.

April 6 2002
Hogan is asked if he will be contacted by acw and he says no.Steve Austin's contract in expiring soon and it should be noted that Austin may not resign.
Another huge name from wwf has been said to be leaving soon, no word yet on if they will consider heading to acw. Jeff Jarrett and his father plan on creating a new wrestling promotion.
This is starting to get exciting.I will write the second show in the next few days.

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Eric Bischoff has appears on Jay Leno!

April 7 2002
Jay Leno - So Mr. Bischoff, why did you decide to get back into the "wrasslin business"?

Eric Bischoff - Well simply because I feel I have quite a few regrets from when I was in wcw and I feel that I need to turn over a new leaf and make the wrestling business new again.

Leno - What are those regrets?

Bischoff - Well there are quite a few but my first regret was allowing pollitics rule over wcw.And then there is the fact that I failed to create new stars and that is my biggest regret.The other regret I have is letting the nwo get too big and letting it go on way too long.

Leno - So what are you doing differently now,with your own company?

Bischoff - Well you will start to notice that acw has a much edgier product and that our young stars are going to start shinning.And some of the well known guys we have will be the ones to bring older fans to the product.I have signed all the young guys to long term contracts while guys like the rock have a short shelf life and their contracts will end by the end of the year.

Leno - Sounds like your doing a damn good job.Ok so nice talking to you and I hope to speak with you soon!

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Wow awsome first show man.I especially liked the benoit/jericho match.Keep going and people will start to notice.

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April 8 2002 Live in Las Vegas,Nevada

Opening theme and then the fire works open the show!

JR - Hello and welcome I'm good'ol JR along side my broadcasting partner Kevin Kelly.Tonight we are going to see who will face Rey Mysterio in just a couple of weeks for the crusier weight title!
Kevin Kelly - Right JR this should be a great night.
JR - Later tonight we will find out what Mr.Bischoff has planned for The Rock who just last week gave him the rock bottom after accepting the ACW world heavy weight title.
Kevin Kelly - Yea that came out of now where.
JR - Ok so kicking things off will be the cruiser weights!
Cruiser Weight Battle Royal
Kidman vs. Chavo JR.
CM Punk vs lowki
Justin Liger vs Rvd
The first to be eleminated is rvd who tried to superkick kidman and messed and was pushed out by chavo.Chavo is then eleminated by both cm punk and Liger.Liger gets pushed out the ring by cm punk.lowki and cm punk battle in the corner while kidman looks on.Lowki is elminated by cm punk.We have a showdown between punk and kidman.Punk goes for the gts but fails and is thrown over the top rope by kidman.

After the match kidman celebrates.

JR - What an amazing match we just had huh kevin.
Kevin Kelly - Yup
Singles Battle
Jericho vs Jeff hardy They stalk each other and hardy kicks down Jericho.Jericho tries a back suplex but hardy blocks it.Jericho tries something but hardy rolls them both outside.Jericho drives hardy into the side of the ring, then throws him back into the ring for a two count.Jericho works hardy over at the ropes, stomping on him,then poses.hardy starts a comeback with some kicks but gets caught in a side slam and gets slapped in the back of the head a couple times.Jericho uses a double hook and picks hardy up for some kind of offense but hardy counters and rolls Jericho up in a small package to get the win.Jericho is furious as JR and Kelly recap it.


After the match jericho trys to jump hardy from behind but Benoit comes out and makes the save.

JR - Another great match, but Jericho's antics have gotten out of hand.


As we come back from break we are backstage and Where Bischoff says that the champ is not here tonight but next week The Rock will pay dearly for what the rock did.

JR - Now don't forget later tonight the tag tournament will begin.
Kevin - Yea Bischoff said that it will be this week , great idea.

Vampiro makes his way to the ring.

Vampiro - I found out that I am the new european champ, well I don't care about titles but as long as I have it, I will use as an excuse to beat anybody who crosses me.

All the sudden big show's music comes on and out he comes.

Big Show - You talk a big game.Why don't you put that title on the line if you can beat anybody.
Vampiro - I'm not affraid of some fatt ass like you so lets go!

European Championship Match
Vampiro vs Big Show
Big show goes to tie up with vampiro but vampiro has other plans and leaves the ring and gets counted out.


JR - Well I'm guessing he was too affraid to face the big man.
Kevin Kelly I dont blame him.

Singles Match
Eddie Guerrero vs Christopher Daniels
They tie up and Eddie Guerrero locks on a headlock as we cross 11PM. Eddie Guerrero ducks out of the ring and talks to himself a bit.Eddie Guerrero taunts the fans as the count gets to 8.Eddie Guerrero starts kicking away on Daniels
and backs him to the corner.Daniels delivers a running bulldog and Eddie Guerrero rolls out again to clear his mind and taunt the fans a bit.Another eight count for Eddie Guerrero before he gets back in the ring and the Daniels chants start.

Eddie Guerrero tries a kick but Daniels catches it and clotheslines Eddie Guerrero down.Eddie Guerrero rolls out one more time, collecting his thoughts and taunting the fans.He escapes over the safety rail, back toward the fans he taunted earlier.Daniels finally gives chase.Eddie Guerrero delivers a right hand to Daniels at the security railing and charges back to the ring.Daniels can’t get back in time and loses via count out.Eddie Guerrero steals a win.

And your winner!

After the match Eddie grabs a mic and says -

Eddie - Daniels should have known I lie,cheat and steal.
He makes his exit.

JR - typical eddie making it known that he lies,cheats, and steals.We will be right back so don't go anywhere!


We come back as we go backstage and to our supprise the rock is here!

Jonathan coachman interveiws him.

Coachman - Rock, you have the night off what are you doing here?

(The Rock stops him in his track.)

The Rock - Finally.... ( before he's able to finish.A man with a black ski mask super kicks him and he is knocked out.)

JR - Wow what the hell who is that?
Kevin Kelly - I don't know!

Tag Team Match
Billy Gunn/Xpac vs Kendric/Jonny Cage
Billy and Kendric start.They tie up and kendric counters by throwing some lenthy kicks to the forehead of billy.Billy falls and kendric goes up to the top rope but the billy rolls out onto the mat below and does some obscene gesters before rolling back in.Bill is up who the slaps kendric in the mouth into a suplex.Billy drags kendric to his corner and tags xpac. Xpac taunts kendric before thowing some nice kicks kendric.Billy then knocks jonny cage off the ring apron while xpac follows suit with an x factor on kendric.Xpac goes for the pin while billy is putting cage in a headlock 1.. 2.. 3... xpac and billy move on thru the tournament.


Xpac and billy are on the ramp laughing their asses off while doing a series of crotch chops as we go off air.


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April 9 2002
Bischoff speaks with Coachman

Bischoff - Hey what can I do to get the fans to hook on to the show?The ratings came in and we got a 2.0 which I think should be above that.

Coachman - Well there is a certain someone who,just left wwf.You can bring him in and let him debut in a few weeks.[\COLOR]

Bischoff - Ok great I'll call him up rite now.

(Bishoff calls the unknown man)

Bischoff - Hey man, I heard your done with wwf.Ahahaha thanks man.Hey why don't you meet me in vegas tonight and we will talk.Ok great see you then.
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