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Amazing Prediction video for NOC! Check it!

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Will CM Punks title reign come to a end at the hands of John Cena in his hometown? Will Del Rio finally capture the World title? Will the other champions retain their titles? Find out sunday, but until then check out this in depth prediction vid from none other then Quantrix02. If you enjoy it leave a like or you like my channel overall sub me. Thanks stay gold.

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You can't call your own video 'amazing' :lmao
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Lol. Do you really think you're amazing?

I will review this for you, as you post it up as an advertisement.

You try too hard to sound and look charismatic but you are not. You also need to make sure you don't stutter with your words if you make a video for a potential media outlet of millions.
You can't call your own video 'amazing' :lmao
Well, technically it is only called confidence.
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