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Am I the only one who gets annoyed when Sheamus talks about drinking a pint?

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Sheamus in the ring is pretty good, I know he's not very popular with many on these boards but I think we can all agree his promo's are painful. The worst part for me isn't that 1-800 FELLA stuff, or him smiling non-stop, but him talking about going out and drinking a pint just sounds weird. It feels like he's only mentioning it because he thinks announcing that he drinks beer might help him get over. Am I the only who that gets bugged when he says this?

Compare that to Austin, I think the difference is, Austin would actually drink them in the ring for starters. I remember a while back Sheamus did a promo with Teddy Long and he talked about drinking with him after the show... it had me thinking, who the hell would want to drink with some old guy in their 60's? Austin on the flip side would've probably stunned Teddy Long and poured the beer all over him. Anyone feel the same way?
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