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follow me on this i know its far fetched but it makes sense to me so id go with it

last 5 in the rumble are cena brock reigns wyatt and bryan
brock eliminates cena and wyatt and is looking dominant when reigns hits him with a spear, looks like he could eliminate him when hhh music hits
hhh walks to the ring and personally removes roman then gives him a beat down
brocks distracted allowing bryan the time to eliminate him and wins the title

the next night reigns demands hhh at fastlane, which hhh reluctantly agrees to but only if reigns puts up his title rematch on the line
because of this cena faces sheamus for the fastlane number 1 contendership and beats him, after the match he cuts a promo on all the people hes beat but singles out 2 that he hasn't bryan and taker
brock and heyman cut a promo on hhh saying because he ruined lesners rumble lesners going to ruin hhhs company, starting with taking out the biggest star theyve ever made, the rock, at wrestlemania

vignettes of taker now start to appear weekly on raw, each time subtly referring to cenas promo

reigns beats hhh clean, brock comes out and destroys both men til league of nations saves hunter and rock saves reigns
rock has a 1 on 1 promo with heyman earlier as they tease that brock isnt there
cena vs bryan is a classic, looks like maybe cenas done enough then Gong lights out, lights on and it says on the titanron youll never beat me, cena turns into a running knee for the bryan win

next raw hhh cuts a promo on how the league of nations, his faction are the number 1 group in the company when the wyatts music hits, bray talks about how hes offended by hhh claims of dominance, wyatts clear the ring and bray hits hhh with sister ab

there we have for mania

bryan vs reigns wwe title
brock vs rock
cena vs taker (never wrestling for the title again vs career)
hhh vs wyatt

add the ic, us, tag and divas title matches and thats a solid mania

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Stopped reading after "but it makes sense", because it's not gonna happen then. :draper2
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