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Hey all.

If we take a look about the past of NXT, there is a lot of wrestlers who had a great run in NXT and put their names on the brands.

But, if you have to take 5 names that come to mind when you see "NXT", who they will be?

I'll start with my opinion:

1) Johnny Gargano - I think this is the most first name. he earnd his "Johnny Wrestling" nickname by giving so much great matches, on TakeOver, on TV, anytime and anywhere. he was the ultimate babyface.

2) Tomasso Ciampa - One of the best heels not only in NXT but all WWE. he had a great title reign with the NXT championship but unfortunately he got injured. OFC we have to mention the great and in my opinion the best feud in NXT history - the feud with Gargano.

3) Adam Cole - he debut NXT already as a big name, but in those 2 years he proved that he deserve this big name. one of the best heels, full of chemistry, great in ring and on mic, the leader of TUE and now the NXT champion. he had so much great moments in this brand.

4) Aleister Black - so, the booking monster of NXT. he was undeafeted very long time, had great matches and amazing booking. I think he deserve a spot here.

5) so now this is the hard part, I will go with Kevin Owens. had run with the NXT title, great feud with Zayn and more, had such a great performance on the main roster as the NXT champion and much more.

Wrestlers that almost enterd the list:
Finn Balor
Velveteen Dream
Shinuske Nakamura
Sami Zayn

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1. Sami Zayn

2. Sasha Banks

3. Johnny Gargano

4. Kevin Owens

5. Neville

HM: Dream, Cole, Ciampa, Bayley, Balor, Asuka

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1.) Sami Zayn

2.) Sasha Banks

3.) Johnny Gargano

4.) Adam Cole

5.) Asuka

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1) Bayley
2) Sasha Banks
3) Tyler Breeze
4) Tye Dillinger
5) Velveteen Dream

Lol all the people you guys loved were the parts of NXT I most disliked.

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1. Velveteen Dream
2. Adam Cole (and TUE)
3. Shinsuke Nakamura
4. Tomasso Ciampa
5. Andrade Cien Almas

HM: Johnny Gargano, Aleister Black, Finn Balor, Ricochet, The Shield, Drew Mcintyre, Samoa Joe

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1 - Asuka
2 - Bray Wyatt (everyone forgets he was on NXT but he was)
3 - Samoa Joe
4 - Kevin Owens
5 - Sami Zayn

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1. Bray Wyatt. Before the main roster fucked up his Wyatt Family gimmick, NXT Bray Wyatt was superb as the backwoods cult leader. He was so good, Jericho requested an NXT appearance just to work with him.

2. Velveteen Dream. Most charismatic wrestler NXT has ever had. Brilliant character work.

3. Ciampa. Best heel in years, including the main roster.

4. Big E. Back before he became a dancing clown, Big E was awesome in NXT with his 5 count gimmick.

5. Bo Dallas. Bo was absolutely perfect in his Bo-lieve super troll gimmick.

Honorable Mention: the original Ascension. Before Kenneth Cameron (Bram-TNA) fucked up and punched a cop, his version of the Ascension with Conor O’Brien (Konnor) was excellent. Not sure if they ever had an official NXT match or if it was only FCW, but they had some NXT vignettes.


IMO, this was the best era of NXT, before they filled the roster with generic, no psychology indy spot monkeys with their ridiculous false finish kick outs.
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