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Bryan, my boy, I love you but you sounded like a pussy.

Could WWE actually ruin Bryan? Probably not TBH but they might have done for my own tastes.

I guess patience and faith are two virtues I no longer have when it comes to this company.

Bryans promo was clearly manufatured to manipulate people to hate Reigns less. All it did was make Bryan sound stupid, and still somehow "happy"? (I'm a Bryan mark who disagreed with what he said: Total disconnect)

Hold up guys, yes, I know it was a pieced together show at the last minute.....hold on... JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER RAW THEN :lmao

everyone looks and sounds weak. Bryan too happy with his corporate job, much? Bryan a Reigns suck up... uhh, grow a pair Daniel.

No good guys and bad guys anymore. Genuinely I feel like the product is totally falling to bits.

#Roman might not be talented but its not his fault.
#Bryan might be talented but he is not perfect.

I'll probably never be happy with it, it seems so broken.

Meh, what a shit rant. Still, needed to get it off my chest.

tl;dr: I have no idea why I watch this anymore but I still do, for some reason? Actually hoping it gets worse so I don't have to anymore.
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