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It is a world where time does not matter, and age is irrelevant, where wrestlers of 30 years past look and preform the exact same as they did in their heyday. Recently, WWE had to file bankruptcy, and TNA was put up for sale. Both were purchased by Brandon Brownson. Little is known of CEO Brownson, other then that he wrestled for 5 years in Michigan's Oakland County Wrestling Xtreme, and wound up running the promotion for almost 3 years before he left to found All Star Wrestling Federation, and he recently inherited nearly a billion dollars! Now, under his ownership, we see the greatest promotion in wrestling history blaze a new trail- the trail of the ALL STARS!

General Maneger: Brandon Brownson

Announce Team: Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler & Joey Styles​

ASPW World Heavyweight Champion:

ASPW Superstar Champion:

ASPW World Tag Team Champions:

ASPW Television Champion:

Hulk Hogan
Steve Austin
AJ Styles
Samoa Joe
John Cena
Bryan Danielson
Rey Mysterio
Diamond Dallas Page
Yoshi Tatsu
Santino Marella
Val Venis
Evan Bourne
Chavo Guerrero Jr​

Randy Orton
The Rock
Triple H
Randy Orton
Ric Flair
CM Punk
Christopher Daniels
Lance Storm
Kurt Angle
Big Show
Petey Williams
Brian Kendrick
Alberto Del Rio
Hardcore Holly
Mark Henry

The Hart Foundation (Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart)
The Outsiders (Scott Hall & Kevin Nash)
The Rockers (Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty)
The Hardy Boyz (Matt & Jeff Hardy)
The Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley)​

The Miz & John Morrison
Perfectly Dashing (Dolph Ziggler & Cody Rhodes)
The Million Dollar Family (Ted Dibiase & Ted Dibiase Jr)
William Regal & Vladmir Kozlov
The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray & D-Von Dudley)​

Pay Per View Schedule
March: Battle Zone
June: Summer Showdown
September: Violent Harvest
December: End Game​

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I'm gonna just go ahead and ask how much the concept of "realism" weighs in in this universe. I mean, don't get me wrong, this is really well written and fun to read, but....half of your roster is shot/retired. Marty is shot, Bret and Neidhart are shot, Flair's shot, Austin's shot, Rock's done, Hogan will never fucking walk again. Hall's shot, Nash is shot. See what I mean? If you like these guys, and this is fantasy booking, that's fine, I'm just wondering.

This is entire fantasy booking. The point of All Star Wrestling Federation is to offer the best superstars of the past (In their prime) going against the best of today.

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ASWF Superstars Preview

A new day has dawned in professional wrestling, the All Stars have come to play. And in the first episode of ASWF Superstars, we witness the dawn of this new day! General Manager Brandon Brownson announced on ASWF Dot Com that there will be two 8-man tournaments, to determine the ASWF World Heavyweight Champion and the ASWF Superstar Champion.

First, in the World Heavyweight Title Tournament, Hulk Hogan will square off against Randy Orton and, in the main event, Steve Austin will go one on one against the Rock, all four men looking to advance to the semi finals to become the first ASWF champion ever!

Plus, in the Superstar Title Tournament, Samoa Joe will face CM Punk, and AJ Styles will face Kurt Angle.

Also, there will be a Tag Team Turmoil match featuring 5 teams in order to declare the first ever ASWF Tag Team Champions

All this and more on the first episode of ASWF Superstars!!!​

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Well your roster definitely has a ton of star power that's for sure. Looking to see what you can do with it. Preview looks decent will be reading and reviewing.

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A video package plays, cutting back and fourth between some of the iconic moments in professional wrestling history and a jungle.

Announcer: Many men have stepped into a professional wrestling ring. Most of them fade into obscurity, however there are some who become superstars. Out of those superstars, some go on to become legends, and of those legends, only a select few become icons. But all of these men are all stars. And, for the first time in history, the best Superstars, the best Legends, the best Icons... the best of professional wrestling's all stars have come together, to put their skills to the test in the All Star Wrestling Federation's ring.

Video cuts to a field during a thunderstorm, with faces of ASWF superstars fading in the backround.

Announcer: A new day has dawned upon the professional wrestling world; the day of the all star. And tonight, in the first episode of All Star Wrestling Federation's Superstars, the all stars come out to play!

Camera cuts to the arena, where Deadmau5 feat. Rob Swire “Ghosts N' Stuff” is blaring over the intercom. Pyro goes off on the stage before camera's zoom into the announce team, which consists of Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler and Joey Styles.

Joey: Good evening, ladies and gentleman, and welcome to the inaugural edition of All Star Wrestling Federation Superstars, live from the Izod Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey. I'm Joey Styles, here with my broadcast partners Jerry “The King” Lawler and Jim Ross, and we have got a HELL of a show for you tonight.

Jerry: That's right, Joey. Tonight, we will see two matches in the world heavyweight title tournament, which was announced a few days ago on ASWF's website. First, Hulk Hogan will face Randy Orton, and in the main even, Stone Cold Steve Austin will face The Rock!

Jim: Of course, all four men will be trying to advance to the semi-finals, all four men trying to become the first ASWF World Heavyweight Champion.

Joey: Speakings of tournaments, tonight will also feature the beginning of the ASPW Superstars Tournament, where 8 men will battle to become the first ever Superstar Champion.

Jim: Tonight, “The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe will face “The Straight-Edge Savior” CM Punk to advance to the semi finals.

Jerry: Don't forget about AJ Styles VS Kurt Angle, which will also be a quarter-finals match in the Superstars Tournament.

Jim: I was getting there, King

Joey: But first, the Tag Team....

Joey is cut off by “Mope” by Bloodhound Gang (Censored) blasting over the intercom.

Joey: Okay, maybe not. FIRST, the CEO of All Star Wrestling Federation, Brandon Brownson.

Brandon walks out to the stage, wearing a pair of black slacks, black converse and a black “ASWF” shirt with a blue Hawaiian over it.

Brandon: Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to the All Star Wrestling Federation!!

The crowd cheers

Brandon: Now, I just want to make it known that this will NOT be the same shit, different day!

Joey: Did we forget to mention this is TV-14?

Brandon: There will be no politicking power houses backstage, no overly predictable “Plot Twists”, no Russo-worthy matches, oh no! You will only have the best of the best in professional wrestling; The best MATCHES, the best STARS, the best...

Brandon is cut off when “The Game” starts playing. The arena is filled with boo's as Triple H makes his way to the stage, dressed in jeans and a Triple H T-shirt.

Brandon: Hunter, I hope you DO know that interrupting the CEO is a terrible idea, since your not porking the boss' daughter, anymore.

Crowd chuckles, Triple H smirks

Triple H: Oh, that's funny, Brownson. You know, I know it's your first night, and you have a lot going on, but I can't help but notice that, despite your obvious wit, you seem to have made a teeny tiny mistake.

Brandon: Oh really?

HHH: Yeah, you did. You see, um, YOU FORGOT TO PUT ME IN THE WORLD TITLE TOURNAMENT! Now, I understand making a small mistake on your first show, but this is pretty big! However, I can forgive you if you fix that mistake and put me in the tournament right now.

Crowd boo's

Brandon: You see, Hunter, here's the thing; that was no mistake. I didn't put you in the tournament so I could give fan's the chance to see people they haven't seen in awhile...

HHH: Wait, so Hogan and Orton haven't been seen in awhile? Please, the only things that have been crammed down these fan's throats more then Hogan and Orton are the little debbie's snacks that made their asses too big to properly fit in the seats.

Crowd boo's. A “Game Over” chant begins

Brandon: Okay, Hunter, clearly you want a mach tonight, so I'm going to give you one. And that match will be next! So I suggest you get down to the ring right now?

Hunter: (Smirks) I see what your trying to do, Brownson, your trying to get a reaction out of me. Your trying to get me to complain, “Oh, that's not fair! I don't know who I'm facing! I'm not in my ring gear!”. But here's the flaw in your plan; I am the game! I am the biggest star in ASWF, the biggest star in wrestling history, and the best wrestler of all time. It doesn't matter who you throw at me, it doesn't matter if it's Hogan, if it's Austin, if it's Sting, it doesn't MATTER! As far as I'm concerned.... GAME ON!

“The Game” plays again as Triple H makes his way down the ramp to a barrage of jeers from the crowd.

Jim: Well, folks, we gotta take a commercial break after this, but up next, Triple H will face a mystery opponent!

Jerry: I wonder who it could be!

Commercial Break

Superstars comes back on the air. Triple H is standing in the middle of the ring when “Mettalingus” starts to play. Edge comes out, revealing himself as Triple H's opponent. The crowd goes wild.

Jerry: Oh boy!

Jim: Well folks, it looks like Edge is The Game's opponent!

MATCH 1: Triple H VS Edge

The match starts with a lot of back and fourth action, but Triple H soon gets the advantage after a high knee strike. He starts to wear Edge out with rest holds, punches and clotheslining Edge down whenever he gets up. He Irish whip's Edge into the corner and goes for a body block, but Edge moves out of the way, sending the game colliding with the top rope.

Joey: Well, there's a reason Triple H doesn't go for that move much!

Triple H walks out of the corner, and Edge catches him with a big boot. Triple H gets back up and Edge nails him with a flapjack. Edge locks in the Edgecator, locking it in tight, but Triple H is close enough to the ropes to break the hold after only a few seconds. Edge is in control for awhile. He climbs on the top rope and goes for a diving crossbody, but Triple H catches him and hits the Rated R Superstar with a spinning spinebuster. Triple H and Edge get up slowly. Triple H kicks Edge in the gut, doubling him over. Triple H locks in the pedigree, but Edge flips him over before walking over to the corner to rest for a moment. Triple H slowly gets up and Edge nails him with the Spear, getting the three-count shortly afterward! Edge pins Triple H afterward to get the win.

Winner: Edge by Pinfall.
Match Length: 7 minutes, 42 seconds

Camera's go backstage, where The Rock is standing with “Mean” Gene Okerlund.

Gene: Ladies and gentleman, my guest at this time, The Rock. Now, Rock, tonight, you are going one on one with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin to try and advance in the World Title Tournament. What are your thoughts going into this match.

Rock: Well, Mean Gene, the Rock says this! The Rock has already proven that he is better then Steve Austin by beating him twice at Wrestlemania, and the millions.... and MILLIONS.... of the Rock's fans already know how this one is gonna go.

The Rock pauses, and you can hear “Sellout” chants coming from the crowd.

Rock: However, there are still those out there who think that the Rock's time in Hollywood has slowed him down. They think that THE most electrifying man in sports entertainment today has lost his juice, and those fans will learn they are WRONG when the wrong kicks Austin's beer-swelling ass back to Texas! But Mean Gene, who do YOU think is gonna win the match?

Gene: Well, I...

Rock: IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK!!! Tonight, I'm gonna take Austin's cooler full of beer he has the timekeeper hang on to, shine it up real nice, stick it sideways and stick it straight up his candy ass, IF YOU SMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELL.... what the ROCK is cookin'!

Commercial Break

When we return, “1967” is playing and the Motor City Machine Guns are standing in the ring, fans chanting “MCMG”. “1967” fades out and “Bombshell” by Powerman 5000 starts playing as the Dudley Boys come out to massive boo's.

Jerry: Well, ladies and gentleman, it's time for the Tag Team Turmoil match!

Joey: The rules of this match are simple. Two teams will start off. When one team is eliminated by either pinfall, submission, count out or disqualification, the next team will come out. This will continue until one team is left.

Jim: And that team will become the first ever ASWF Tag Team Champions!

TAG TEAM TURMOIL ROUND 1: Motor City Machine Guns VS Dudley Boys

The match begins with Bubba Ray and Sabin in the ring. Sabin goes right for a running crossbody, but Bubba catches him and scoop slam's him hard to the ground. Bubba picks Sabin up before sidewalk slamming him to the ground. Bubba tags in D-Von, and D-Von climbs to the top rope and hits a diving headbutt to Sabin's chest. D-Von lifts Sabin up and powerbomb's him onto the mat. However, Sabin is close enough for a tag. Shelley is now the legal man. Shelley hit's an Enzugiri on D-Von and takes control for a little bit, stomping away and hitting D-Von with a flurry of high risk moves. Shelley looks for the Shellshock, but Bubba runs in and clotheslines Shelley. Sabin runs back in, but the Dudleys both boot him in the gut, double him over and double powerbomb Sabin to the outside of the ring. Shelley runs at D-Von, but D-Von catches him, and the Dudleys hit the 3-D on him, getting the first pin of the match.

Round 1: Dudleys advance by Pinfall. Lasts 3 minutes, 42 seconds.

“Hitman” plays as the Hart Foundation make their way out to the ring. The fans chant “Hitman”

ROUND 2: Dudley Boys VS Hart Foundation

Bret and D-Von start the match off. Bret hits D-Von with a dropkick before going for a schoolboy pin. D-Von kicks out at 1, gets up, and Bret nails him with a snap suplex, taking control. Bret wrestles rings around D-Von before tagging in Neidhart. Right off the bat, Neidhart nails D-Von with a leaping shoulder block. Jim muscles D-Von around for awhile, but it careless with a suplex, getting D-Von close enough to get the tag. Bubba comes in with a bionic elbow and a Samoan Slam before running over and clotheslining Bret off the apron, sending Bret into the guard rail, head first. Bubba hits the Bubba Bomb on Jim, getting the pin.

Round 2: Dudleys advance by Pinfall. Lasts 5 minutes, 12 seconds.

“Modest” by Peroxwhy?gen plays as the Hardy Boys run to the ring. The fans lose their shit, as the music is barely heard over the cheering

ROUND 3: Dudley Boys VS Hardy Boys

D-Von steps into the ring as the Hardys slide in, and the teams start to brawl. After a minute or so of straight brawling, Jeff throws D-Von over the top rope, and Jeff throws himself over the top rope, cross bodying D-Von, leaving Matt and Bubba in the ring. Matt hits the side effect on Bubba and begins to stomp away. Bubba starts to get up, and Matt whips him into the corner. Matt clotheslines Bubba and goes for the running bulldog, but Bubba throws Matt off him, gets to the second rope and hits a senton splash. He goes for the pin, but Matt kicks out. Outside of the ring, Jeff and D-Von are back up, and brawling. D-Von bounces Jeff's head off the steps and rolls back into the ring. Bubba and D-Von stomp away at Matt, and pick him up. They do their 3-D taunt, but Jeff, who has gotten up, climbs to the top rope and hits D-Von with a missile dropkick before getting back in his corner. Matt hits the twist of fate on Bubba and tags in Jeff. Jeff hits the Swanton Bomb, and gets the pin.

Round 3: Hardys advance by pinfall. Lasts 4 minutes, 58 seconds.

“I Am Perfection” by Cage 9 plays, as Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes make their way out, to moderate boo's.

Jim: And here comes the final team of the match, Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes

Joey: Not to correct you, JR, but they call themselves “Perfectly Dashing”. For those of you who don't know, Rhodes and Ziggler started teaming up in various west-coast indie promotions before CEO Brandon Brownson decided to hire them.

Jim: It's also worth noting that CEO Brownson hired Perfectly Dashing before he hired any other team, seeing them as the future of tag team wrestling!

FINAL ROUND: Hardy Boys VS Perfectly Dashing

Jeff and Dolph start the match off with a bit of back and fourth, but Dolph beats Jeff's head off of the turnbuckle, taking advantage of the injuries he got facing the Dudleys. Dolph and Cody make a lot of quick tags, isolating Jeff from his corner. Cody goes to hit the Cross Rhodes on Jeff, but Jeff nails Cody with a sitout jawbreaker. Jeff inches his way over to his corner. Cody gets the tag to Dolph, but not soon enough, as Jeff tags in Matt. Matt runs in with a series of forearm smash's and clotheslines, and hits Cody with a forearm smash, sending him from the apron to the floor. Matt runs toward Dolph and hits the Side Effect. Dolph slowly gets up as Matt does his V.1 taunt. Matt gets Dolph in a front headlock, backs the two up toward Matt's corner, and it's clear he's going for the twist of fate, but Dolph pushes Matt into the corner, making Matt accidentally nailing Jeff with an elbow. Matt looks at Jeff, trying to see if he was okay, and Dolph takes advantage, nailing the Zig Zag. Dolph drags Matt to the center of the ring and pins him. Jeff runs in, but it's too little, too late, as Dolph gets the three count.

Winners and NEW Tag Team Champions: Perfectly Dashing
Final Round Time: 7 minutes, 8 seconds.

Dolph slides out of the ring and wraps his arm around Cody as the ref hands them the titles (Which look kind of like the old Smackdown tag team titles) and they hold the belts high above their heads as they back up the ramp. The fan's are booing loudly. Jeff is checking on Matt while he holds his head.

The screen cuts black as a rainy alleyway fades in. A black trench-coated figure holding a bat is seen walking down the alley, back turned to the alley. The words “Next week.... he debuts” fades onto the screen before turning into smoke.


When we return, “This Fire Burns” by Killswitch Engage is playing over the intercom as CM Punk makes his entrance.

Jerry: Well, folks, it's time for the first round of the Superstar Title Tournament.

“Samoan Style” plays as Samoa Joe walks down the ramp. He steps into the ring and stares Punk down as he takes the towel off his head.


Punk and Joe tie up, but Joe pushes Punk against the corner, smashing Punk with a forearm smash and hitting the CCS enzugiri. Joe has the early advantage, but that changes when Punk pushes Joe into the ref, nailing Joe with a low blow while the ref was distracted. The ref gives Punk a lecture, but he insists it was an accident. Joe slowly gets up during the argument, but Punk turns around and hits Joe with a kicking combination, finishing it with a one-hand bulldog. Punk now has the advantage, and wears Joe down with a series of arm-based submission holds.

Joey: Smart move by Punk. He's using those holds to wear out Joe's arm, making it harder for him to hit the muscle buster.

Jim: Joe does still have the Coquina Clutch, though.

Jerry: Oh, c'mon JR, when's the last time you saw Joe use the Coquina Clutch to finish off an enemy? Joe is entirely reliant on that Muscle Buster.

Jim: I wouldn't go that far, King. Samoa Joe has a vast arsenal of moves, and I'm pretty sure he could finish Punk off with any combination of those moves.

Meanwhile, Punk and Joe are back on their feet. Punk hits a spinning wheel kick, sending Joe back toward the corner. Punk punches away at Joe's torso, but Joe grabs his head and throws him in the corner, kicking at Punk's torso. Joe lifts Punk up to the top rope with his good arm, and goes to lift him up for the muscle buster, but puts Punk down, holding his arm. Punk takes advantage, kicks Joe in the arm, before lifting himself up to the top and hits a crossbody, getting a two-count.

Jerry: See, I told you! Without his arm strength, Joe is in trouble! His biggest advantage over the “Straight-Edge savior” is his strength, and Punk just eliminated that factor!

The two get up. Punk Irish whip's Joe, and locks in the Anaconda Vise. Joe screams in pain, but inches his way slowly toward the ropes, before finally getting his foot on the ropes, causing Punk to have to break the hold. Punk gets up quickly and stomps Joe's foot while it's still on the ropes. Joe grabs his foot in pain.

Jerry: HAHA! First, Punk takes out Joe's strength, now he's assaulting the leg, virtually cutting Joe in half!

Punk points at his wrist as Joe slowly got up. When Joe gets up, Punk lifts Joe up on his shoulder, signaling the GTS. However, Joe slides off Punk's shoulder and hits a German suplex, sending Punk to the ground. Punk pulls himself up to a sitting position. Joe chops Punk's back, turns and kicks him in the chest with his good foot, runs (limping) against the ropes and nails Punk with a jumping knee drop. Joe and Punk get up slowly, Joe favoring his foot. Punk goes for a clothesline, but Joe grabs him and hits an overhead belly to belly suplex. Joe gets behind Punk and hits a bridging Dragonplex with a pin, and gets the three count on Punk.

Winner: Samoa Joe by Pinfall
Time: 10 minutes, 31 seconds.
Joe advances to the semi-finals.

Joe slowly limps to the back

Jerry: Well, I'm eating my words right now! Joe advances to the semi-finals of the Superstar Title Tournament.

Joey: And he will face the winner of AJ Styles VS Kurt Angle, which is coming up next!

Commercial Break

“I Am” plays as AJ Styles walks through his pyro, to huge cheers.

Joey: And here comes “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles, one of the greatest wrestlers out there today! AJ was one of CEO Brownson's first hires from the current crop of superstars.

“American Hero” begins to play as Angle makes his way out to the ring to thick boo's and “You Suck” chants

Jerry: You want to talk about the best wrestlers today? I think you are looking at the best right now, Joey! The only Olympic medalist in professional wrestling history, Kurt Angle!


AJ goes for a tie up, but Angle drags him down, instantly going for a leglock. Angle holds it in for awhile, but AJ kicks Angle off of him, sending Angle over the top rope. AJ jumps onto the top rope and jumps toward Angle, but Kurt moves out of the way. AJ lands gut first on the guard rail. Angle lifts Styles off the guard rail as the ref begins his count. Angle pushes AJ into the guard rail again before pushing AJ back into the ring. Angle rolls in and goes for an early Angle Slam, but AJ back flips over Angle and drop kick's Angle against the turnbuckle. Angle steps away from the corner and AJ hits a back flip kick, sending Angle to the ground. AJ clutches at his ribs as he takes advantage for awhile. Eventually, AJ goes for a suplex, but Angle moves his way back down and hits an overhead belly to belly, putting Angle back in the driver's seat. Angle locks in a rear naked choke and almost choke's AJ out, but AJ moves back up to a standing position, snapmare's Angle over his shoulder, and hits a dropkick to Angle's back. Angle gets up and Styles lifts him up, going for the Styles Clash. However, at the last second, Angle rolls between AJ's legs and locks in the Angle Lock, grapevining AJ's leg. AJ is able to hang on for about a minute, before finally tapping out

Winner: Kurt Angle by Submission
Time: 12 minutes, 21 seconds
Angle advances to the semi finals

Angle climbs up to the top ropes and raises his arms in victory, as the fans chant “You Suck!”

Jim: Well, there you have it, folks! Angle advances, meaning that in a few weeks, Kurt Angle will face Samoa Joe in the first semi-finals match in the Superstar Title Tournament!

Commercial Break

When we come back from the break, Mean Gene Okerlund is standing with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

Gene: Ladies and gentleman, my guest at this time, Stone Cold Steve Austin. Steve, earlier tonight, The Rock pointed out that he has two wins against you at Wrestlemania, and that he will beat you tonight. What are your thoughts

Austin: Gene, I'll admit what has happened in the past, but The Rock has got something else comin' tonight. If you think that Stone Cold is gonna get his ass whipped by The Rock tonight, gimme a hell yeah

The crowd boo's

Austin: Exactly what I thought. Now if you think that Stone Cold's gonna whip The Rock's ass all over New Jersey tonight, gimme a hell yeah!

Crowd screams “Hell Yeah”

Austin: Tonight, Stone Cold's gonna beat The Rock and advance in the tournament, and become the first ever All Star Wrestling Federation World Champion, and that's the bottom line, because...

Santino Marella walks into the interview area.

Santino: Ah, finally Santino Marella meets the great “Rock Chilly” Steve Austin. The two greatest super-a-stars together at long last.

Austin:...boy, what the hell are you doing here?

Santino: Well, mister “Rock Chilly”, I know that you like the beer, so I thought before you beat the Rock in front of his millions.... and a-millions.... of haters, I would drink some beers with you.

Austin: Well, now your speaking Stone Cold's language. Gimme some beer!

Santino lifts up a 12 pack of bud light

Austin: What the hell is that light beer bullshit?

Santino: Well, I'm a-trying to watch my weight right now.

Austin: I don't drink light beer, boy

Santino: Aw, c'mon! Just a-one beer!

Austin: Okay, let's try this. If you want stone cold to drink a beer....

Santino: Wait, stone cold?

Austin: ….If you want STONE COLD to drink a beer with this spaghetti-munchin' sumbitch, gimme a hell yeah

Crowd screams “Hell Yeah”

Austin: Alright then, gimme a god damn beer.

Santino grabs two beers and hands Austin one. They open it and start to drink, but Austin hits Santino with a stone cold stunner. Austin gets up and walks back to Mean Gene

Austin: Anyway, like I was saying, tonight I'm gonna whip The Rock's ass, and that's the bottom line, cuz' stone cold said so!

Camera cuts back to the announce team, who are laughing

Jerry: Well, I can't blame Austin for that. I'm not a fan of light beer!

Jim: Well, anyways, we still have two great matches tonight, but next week, we have another great line up!

Joey: That's right, JR, next week, we go through the last of the quarter-finals for both the World Title and Superstars Title tournaments.

Jim: In the world title tournament, next week we will see Sting square off against the “Nature Boy”, Ric Flair!

Jerry: Not to mention The Undertaker will face “Macho Man” Randy Savage!

Joey: Then, of course, in the Superstars Title Tournament, Bryan Danielson will go against Lance Storm and Christian will face Christopher Daniels.

Jerry: But up next, Hulk Hogan will face Randy Orton in the first match of the World Title Tournament!


“Real American” by Rick Derringer plays as the fans absolutely LOSE it! The Hulkster makes his way out to the ring, doing his usual taunts. “Real American” fades out as “Burn in My Light” by Mercy Drive plays. The fans boo Randy Orton as he makes his way out to the ring.


The two square off in the center of the ring before tying up in a Greco-roman hold. Hogan gets the strength advantage, but Orton boots him in the gut and puts him in a front headlock for a moment, before nailing him with a European uppercut, following it with a falling clothesline. Orton circles around Hogan, stomping away at him, as he takes the advantage. Orton beats hogan down for quite awhile before he hits Hogan with the RKO. Orton pins Hogan, but Hulk kicks out at 2 with ATHORITY. He begins to Hulk up as Orton hits him with punches. Hogan points at Orton as the crowd chants “YOU!”. Orton goes for one more punch, but Hogan blocks it and hits Randy with three big punches before whipping Randy into the ropes, hitting him with a big boot. Hogan hits the big leg drop and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Hulk Hogan
Time: 12 minutes, 42 seconds
Hogan advances to the Semi Finals

Hogan parades around the ring doing his taunts. Camera cuts backstage, where Perfectly Dashing are on their way to a limo, in their street attire (Preppy clothing). The two are happily chattering about their plans to go clubbing when they open the door to the limo. The Rockers step out of the limo.

Dolph: Wait, what the hell are YOU TWO doing in OUR limo?

Marty and Shawn: Weeeeeeeeeeeell...

Marty: We thought we'd congratulate you two on your victory.

Shawn: And let you know not to get too attached to those belts

Cody: And might I ask WHY we shouldn't get attached?

Marty: That's kind of obvious.

Shawn: We're a tag team

Marty: The BEST tag team in history, mind you.

Shawn: Your the tag team champions

Marty: Kind of a cheap victory, if you ask me

Shawn: And we're going to win those belts from you.

Dolph: (Laughing) Yeah, Okay! Tell you what, how about you go down to one of the local rock clubs, I hear that they have an 80's night. I think you two will fit right in.

Marty and Shawn look at each other before they begin laughing in the hokiest way possible.

Marty: Oh, you guy's are comedians!

Shawn: Anyway, we've warned you. Have fun at the gay bar.

Marty and Shawn walk away.

Dolph: IT'S NOT A GAY BAR!!! (Turns to Cody) Can you believe them?

Cody: Whatever, man, their just jealous has-been's. Let's go have some fun, man!

Dolph: Yeah, your right, man. (Cody gets in the limo). Cheap victory.... whatever!

Commercial Break

“Is Cookin'” begins to play as the Rock makes his way out to the ring to “Sellout” chants

Jerry: Well, here it is, our main event! This is gonna be great!

“Glass Shatters” by Disturbed plays as the fans go crazy. Austin comes out on a quad and circles the ring a few times before stepping into the ring.


Joey: Here's what we've been waiting for all night! The Texas Rattlesnake VS The Brahma Bull!

The two get face to face and start trash talking one another before Rock pushes Austin. Austin responds with a punch to the jaw. The two slug it out before Austin Irish whip's Rock. Rock duck's a clothesline, bounces off the ropes, but is caught by a Thez Press. Austin begins punching the hell out of Rock. Austin gets the early advantage, pounding away at the Rock, but Rocky hits a float-over DDT. Rock now takes the advantage, hitting Austin hard with a flurry of punches and stomps. Eventually, Rocky locks in the sharpshooter, locking it in tight. Austin eventually grabs the ropes. The two get up and Rocky goes for the Rock Bottom, but Austin elbow's Rock in the head a few times, gets behind him and back body drop's the Rock to the mat. The next few minutes is a lot of back and fourth action until Austin drags Rocky over to the corner and starts mudhole stomping Rock until the ref pulls Austin off. Austin flips the ref off as Rocky slowly moves over and leans against the second rope. Austin bounces off the ropes and body guillotine's Rock. The referee grabs Austin and warns him that he's skidding on thin ice now. Rock slowly gets up, and Austin boots him in the gut and stuns him. Austin gets up and starts flipping off Rock, but Rocky pulls it off as if Austin kicked him in the groin. The ref checks on Rock and calls for the bell. Austin looks at the referee as he goes to the timekeeper's table.

Timekeeper: Ladies and gentleman, Steve Austin kicked The Rock in the groin, so the winner as a result of a Disqualification, THE ROCK!

Winner: The Rock VIA Disqualification
Time: 13 minutes, 17 seconds
The Rock advances to the Semi Finals

The Rock, still selling the false kick to the groin, smiles widely as Austin steps outside of the ring and starts arguing with the ref! A replay plays showing that Austin CLEARLY booted The Rock in the gut

Jim: That isn't fair! Austin didn't hit him in the groin!

Jerry: Be that as it may, JR, The Rock advanced, didn't he?

Joey: Yeah, but who wants to win like that?

Austin argues with the ref for another moment before stunning the referee, jumping back on his quad and riding it backstage. Meanwhile, the Rock climbs to the top rope and does his signature single-arm-raised taunt as the show fades out


Edge beats Triple H VIA Pinfall after 7 minutes, 42 seconds
Tag Team Title Turmoil Round 1
The Dudley Boys beat The Motor City Machine Guns VIA after 3 minutes, 42 seconds
Round 2
The Dudley Boys beat The Hart Foundation VIA Pinfall after 5 minutes, 12 seconds
Round 3
The Hardy Boys beat the Dudley Boys VIA Pinfall after 4 minutes, 58 seconds
Final Round
Perfectly Dashing beat the Hardy Boys VIA Pinfall after 7 minutes, 8 seconds to become the first ASWF Tag Team Champions
Superstar Title Quarter Finals
Samoa Joe beats CM Punk VIA Pinfall after 10 minutes, 31 seconds
Kurt Angle beats AJ Styles VIA Submission after 12 minutes, 21 seconds
World Title Quarter Finals
Hulk Hogan beats Randy Orton VIA Pinfall after 12 minutes, 42 seconds
The Rock beats Steve Austin VIA Disqualification after 13 minutes, 17 seconds

Superstars Title Quarter Finals
Bryan Danielson VS Lance Storm
Christian VS Christopher Daniels
World Title Quarter Finals
Sting VS Ric Flair
Undertaker VS Randy Savage​

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Last week, we saw the dawn of a new day in professional wrestling- the dawn of the All Stars! And this week, live from Anaheim, California, the new day continues!

In a DOUBLE MAIN EVENT, we will see "The Icon" Sting go one on one with "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair, as well as The Undertaker facing Macho Man Randy Savage in the final matches of the All Star Wrestling Federation World Title Tournament Quarter Finals!

Also, in the final matches of the All Star Wrestling Federation Superstar Title Tournament Quarter Finals, Bryan Danielson will face Lance Storm, and Christian will square off against Christopher Daniels!

Plus, after The Rock's underhanded tactics to win his match last week, Stone Cold Steve Austin is looking for revenge!

All this and much more on this week's episode of All Star Wrestling Federation SUPERSTARS

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ASWF SUPERSTARS: January 10th, 2011.
Honda Center, Anaheim, California

The opening video plays, camera cuts to the stage, where a pyro show goes off as "Ghosts N' Stuff" by Deadmau5 feat. Rob Swire plays. Almost immediately after the last bit of pyro goes off, "Glass Shatters" by Disturbed plays, as Steve Austin rides out on a quad through the smoke. He pulls right up to the ring, gets off the quad and slides into the ring. He beckons for a mic, and is given one by the time keeper.

Austin: If you think that Stone Cold was screwed by The Rock last week, gimme a hell yeah!

Crowd chants "Hell Yeah"

Austin: That's exactly what I thought. Now, The Rock could have beat me in a fair fight, and I wouldn't be out here, he would have been the better man. But no, The Rock had to go and convince that jack-hole referee that Stone Cold cheated, which I think all of you know I didn't, and Stone Cold's pretty god damn pissed off about it.

Crowd chants "WHAT?"

Austin: Now Stone Cold's pissed


Austin: He's had a few beers!


Austin: Had a few more beers


Austin: Got to the arena


Austin: Had a few more beers


Austin: Now Stone Cold's lookin' to whip the Rock's ass!


Austin: So, if you think the Rock should be a man and walk his ass down here and face me like a man, gimme a hell yeah!


Austin: Now, Rocky, you get your ass down here and take your ass whippin...

At that moment, "Mope" by the Bloodhound Gang plays as ASWF Chairman Brandon Brownson walks down the ramp, mic in hand. He gets in the ring and looks at Austin. Austin looks at Brandon intensely.

Brownson: Steve, I understand that your pissed, and you have every right to be... however, I have a few issues.

Austin looks at Brownson with a puzzled look on his face.

Brownson: First off, last week, you assaulted an ASWF official, and that will not fly. While I will not punish you this time, be warned that if this happens again, I will have to fine you.

Austin give's Brandon an "Okay, what else?" look.

Brownson: Second, while I understand that you want to get your hands on The Rock after his despicable actions last week, I WILL NOT allow you two to have a free for all. This is not the wild west...

The crowd boo's, and Austin can be seen saying "You gotta be kidding?" Brandon holds his hand up and continues.

Brownson: However, you WILL have a chance to get your hands on The Rock, because next week, you will face The Rock in a singles match!

The crowd cheers and Austin smiles. Brandon nod's at Steve and leaves the ring, as "Mope" plays. Camera cuts to the broadcast team.

Jim: Well, folks, talk about a hell of a way to kick off tonight's edition of All Star Wrestling Federation superstars! Good evening, I'm Jim Ross, here with my broadcast partners Joey Styles and Jerry "The King" Lawler, and we have a hell of a line up for you tonight!

Joey: That's right, JR, we're gonna see the last of the Quarter Final matches in both the Superstar Title Tournament and the World Heavyweight Title tournament live tonight, from the Honda Center in Anaheim, California.

Jerry: The Undertaker will go up against "Macho Man" Randy Savage, and Sting will go against "Nature Boy" Ric Flair in the World Title Quarter Finals matches. We will also see "Captain Charisma" Christian go one on one with "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels.

Joey: But after the break, we will watch Bryan Danielson face off with Lance Storm in our first match tonight!

Commercial Break

When we come back, "The Final Countdown" by Europe is playing. Bryan Danielson comes out to massive cheers. The Broadcast team is going down a list of Danielson's achievements on the Indy Circuit. "Hammerhead" plays as Lance Storm makes his way to the ring, first to boo's, then to a mass "Your gonna get your fucking head kicked in" chant. Danielson is smiling in the ring as Lance enters.


The two start the match immediately after the bell rings, going back and forth with a lot of holds and arm drags, before Lance hits Bryan with a shoulder jaw breaker. Lance takes control, using a flurry of submissions, focusing on Bryan's lower back. The two get to a standing position, and Lance goes for a super kick, but Danielson ducks it and nails a double underhook suplex, followed up with a crucifix armbar. Lance realizes he's in trouble, and shuffles his way to the ropes rather quickly. The American Dragon hangs on until the four count, before releasing. He reminds the ref that he has until 5, but Storm nails Bryan with a drop kick. Daniels leans against the ropes, and Storm goes to clothesline the back of Bryan's head, but Bryan ducks behind Lance and nails him with a German suplex, getting a two count. Danielson takes control of the match, eventually hitting a snap suplex. He flips Storm over and locks in the LaBell lock. Storm struggles for a moment, but eventually taps out.

Winner: Bryan Danielson by Submission
Time: 7 minutes, 51 seconds
Danielson advances to the Semi Finals

Danielson hops up to the middle rope and raises his arm in victory to thunderous cheers from the crowd.

Joey: Well, folks, Bryan Danielson is the third man to advance to the Semi Finals of the Superstars Title Tournament. Only one more spot is available!

Camera cuts backstage, where "Mean" Gene Okerlund is standing with "Nature Boy" Ric Flair.

Gene: Ladies and gentleman, my guest at this time, "The Nature Boy", Ric Flair

Crowd Boo's. Flair is smiling at the camera.

Gene: Ric, tonight you are squaring off against Sting to try and become the final man to advance to the Semi Finals of the World Heavyweight Title Tournament. Your history with Sting is the thing of wrestling lore, what are your thoughts going into this match?

Ric: Well, Gene, let me tell you something. Without me, Sting would still be a nobody from California, wearing his beach shorts, struggling to pick up girls at the beach. Were it not for the Nach-Ure boy, there would be no Sting! This ain't no garden party, brother, this is professional wrestling, and tonight, Sting's going back to school! Because the wheelin', dealin', kiss stealin', jet flyin', limousine ridin', WOOOO SON OF A GUN... is gonna take the Stinger back to school. WOO! WOO! WOO!

Ric walks off camera, "Woo"ing away as we cut to a commercial break.


We return to see Edge stepping out of his car in the parking lot, making his way to the arena. Triple H can be seen sneaking up behind Edge with a sledgehammer, and The Game chop block's Edge with the sledgehammer. Edge drops to the ground, and Triple H begins booting away at Edge. Edge slowly gets up, and Triple H nails him in the head with the sledgehammer, busting Edge wide open. The Game throws the hammer to the ground, lifts up Edge, and throws him through the windshield of a car. The Game stands above Edge, who is lying on the hood, and does his taunt. The camera cuts back to ringside, where Hardcore Holly is standing, waiting for his opponent, being showered by light boo's from the crowd.

Jim: What a SAVAGE assault by Triple H! What did Edge do to deserve that?

Jerry: Well, JR, if you recall, last week, Edge beat Triple H in what was the most unfair match I've seen in a long time! Triple H had absolutely NO time to prepare, and he was clearly pissed that Edge took advantage of that!

Jim: So you take the guy out with a sledgehammer? That's a human being, King!

"J-Pop" plays as Yoshi Tatsu comes out to the ring, to a pretty decent pop. The Broadcast team readjusts to the match, Joey promising to keep the fans updated on the situation with Edge.

Yoshi Tatsu VS Hardcore Holly

The match starts with Yoshi running toward Holly, but Holly catches him with a stiff clothesline. Holly takes the advantage early, pummeling Yoshi every which way he can. Holly knocks Yoshi to the ground with a scoop slam and goes for a knee drop, but Yoshi rolls out of the way, causing Holly to tweak his knee. Holly slowly gets up, and Yoshi targets a few kicks to the hurt knee of Holly, before hitting Holly with a rolling snapmare, which he followed with a kick to the chest. Yoshi raises his arms, pumping the crowd up, as Holly slowly gets up. Yoshi hops to the top rope, and nails Holly with a diving spinning heel kick, going for the pin directly afterward, winning him the match.

WINNER: Yoshi Tatsu by Pinfall
Time: 6 minutes, 48 seconds

Yoshi jumps around in victory before rolling outside of the ring and high-fiving members of the audience. The camera cuts to a video, showing Kurt Angle standing in front of an american flag.

Announcer: Kurt Angle, a true American hero! The only gold medalist in professional wrestling history, a seven time world champion, a role model for our children, teaching them values such as "Intensity, Integrity and Intelligence", approves the following message

A photo montage plays of Kurt's career up to this point, featuring pictures from the Olympics, and him posing with a variety of titles.

Announcer: Last week, Kurt Angle advanced to the Semi Finals of the Superstars Title Tournament. In a promotion filled with vile, foul mouthed "Athletes" with no class, and no right being a role model to our children, it is Kurt's destiny to win this tournament, to not only cement his status as an American Hero, but also to give America's children a champion worth rooting for. An honest, hard working success story that any everyday-man can relate to. A man who worked his way from the bottom of the social ladder to wrestling stardom, and to Olympic success! Next week, Kurt will face Samoa Joe, a savage man obsessed with harming other people, focused only on himself. Of course, Kurt is a proud American, concerned with the good of this great nation! So be sure to tune in and support your American Hero, as he once again cements this country's status as the greatest country in the world!

Kurt: Oh, it's true, it's damn true!

The clip closes with Kurt standing with an American flag draped around his shoulders, a giant gold medal in the background.


When we return, "Pomp and Circumstance" is playing, as "Macho Man" Randy Savage makes his way down to the ring, thick boo's raining down upon him.

Joey: Well, folks, this is the first of two World Title Tournament matches. And you have to say, "Macho Man" Randy Savage has a pretty good chance of winning this match, given his record!

Jim: Well, Joey, his chances would be a LOT better if he wasn't facing the dead man!

As if on cue, the arena goes dark, as a gong echoes through the arena, and "Rest In Peace" plays throughout the arena. The crowd is cheering wildly as the Undertaker makes his way toward the ring. He gets to the top of the steps and raises his arm, as the lights come back on. Savage doesn't look intimidated in the least bit as the Phenom takes the trench coat off.

WORLD TITLE QUARTER FINALS: The Undertaker VS "Macho Man" Randy Savage

The match starts off with Savage and Taker staring one another down. Savage throws the first punch, but Taker quickly throws a flurry of fists toward the Macho Man, backing him into a corner. The Deadman takes the early lead, beating Savage down. However, Savage finally ducks a punch, and meets the Deadman with a series of jabs to the chest and head, before grabbing a fist full of Taker's hair and bringing him down to the mat. The crowd jeers, but The Macho Man doesn't seem to care, as he goes to work on Taker, throwing fists at his head, and locking him into a headlock. Savage dominates the match for a good chunk of time. He goes to throw the phenom to the ropes, but Taker takes advantage, springing off the ropes and nailing the macho man with a leaping lariat. Taker brings Savage up by his hair, and gets him in a wrist lock, dragging him to the corner. Taker goes to climb to the top rope, but Macho Man bumps into him, causing the Deadman to get hung up on the top turnbuckle. Randy throws him off the top, and returns to his assault. This time, however, it's a little more back-and-forth, and we go to a commercial break. When we return, the action is still back and forth for awhile, until Savage hits an atomic drop. Savage climbs to the top rope and leaps to hit Taker with a double ax handle, but Taker catches him in a goozle, and chokeslam's him. The deadman does his throat slash taunt, and the crowd pops, knowing what's coming next. Sure enough, The Undertaker lifts Randy up on his shoulders and hits the Tombstone Piledriver on him. It's all over!

WINNER: The Undertaker by Pinfall
TIME: 15 minutes, 18 seconds

The Undertaker drops to one knee as the lights go out again, and black lights fill the arena.

We go backstage, where Mean Gene is standing with The Rock

Gene: Ladies and gentleman, my guest at this time is none other then The Rock. Now, last week, in your match against Ste...

Gene's sentence is cut off as Austin jumps The Rock. The two brawl around the interview area until security runs in and pulls the two off one another. The two struggle to get out of the security's grasp as we cut to a commercial break.


When we return, "Manson" is playing as "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels is making his way to the ring. The broadcast team is chattering about the backstage brawl between Austin and The Rock moments ago, as "Manson" fades out, and "Take Over" starts to play. A "Captain Charisma" chant breaks out as Christian makes his way to the ring.

SUPERSTARS TITLE QUARTER FINALS: Christian VS "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels

The two kick it off with a series of headlocks and wrist locks, and Christian goes for a drop kick, which is countered by Daniels, as he drop kicks Christian in midair. Daniels goes for a few high risk moves, and connects until he goes for a springboard moonsault, which is countered when Captain Charisma raises his knee's. Daniels gets on his feet, clutching his midsection, and Christian kicks the inside of his knee. The Fallen Angel falls against the second rope, and Christian stands on his shoulders, choking Daniels, releasing when the referee got to his three count. Christian allows Daniels to rise to his feet, before nailing him with a flapjack. Christian takes the momentary lead. Christian goes for a DDT, but Daniels stomps his toe and greets him by bouncing off the ropes and nailing a high knee. Daniels backs into the corner for a moment to recover, as Christian slowly gets to his feet. Christian stumbles toward Daniels, but Daniels hits him with an STO. Christian lays on the ground, and Daniels hits the BME on Captain Charisma, getting the pinfall

WINNER: Christopher Daniels by Pinfall
TIME: 9 minutes, 38 seconds

Daniels taunts, being showered by boo's from the crowd. Camera cuts to The Rockers, who are making their way toward the entrance area.

Jerry: Well, up next, we get to see if the Rockers can live up to their self-appointed moniker of "Best Tag Team Ever", as they face the imposing team of Vladimir Kozlov and William Regal up next!

Commercial Break

When we come back, "Villain" is playing amongst "USA" chants from the fans, as William Regal and Vladimir Kozlov stand in the middle of the ring, neither man looking too thrilled. The Rockers theme plays as Michaels & Jannetty come out, very high energy, to massive cheers from the fans.

The Rockers VS Vladimir Kozlov & William Regal

Marty and Regal start things off. They tie up, and Regal meets Jannetty with a knee to the gut, followed by a double underhook suplex. Regal stretches Jannetty out quite a bit, taking advantage for his team. Regal and Kozlov make frequent tags, Regal stretching Marty out, and Vladimir tossing him around like a sack of potatoes. Meanwhile, the Heart Break Kid is getting the crowd behind Jannetty. The cheering of the crowd pays off soon enough, as Marty catches The British Brawler with a dropkick. Regal gets up and Jannetty catches him with another dropkick. Regal gets up once more, and Marty hits the Rocker Dropper on him, and starts to crawl toward Michaels. William tags in Vladimir, but Marty succeeds in tagging Shawn in. Michaels hits a flurry of offence on Kozlov, but Regal comes in and hits the Show stopper with a forearm to his upper back. Marty runs in and clothesline's Regal over the top rope. The Rockers hit a double drop kick, followed by a double arm drag on Kozlov, and Shawn starts to tune up the band. Shawn hits Sweet Chin Music on Kozlov, causing Kozlov to turn around... right into a Rocker Dropper from Marty. Shawn gets the pin, picking up a victory for the team!

WINNER: The Rockers VIA Pinfall (Shawn pins Vladimir)
TIME: 7 minutes, 14 seconds

The rockers embrace with a hug in the middle of the ring, as Regal and Kozlov make their way up the ramp. Camera cuts to the Broadcast Team.

Jim: Well, I think that The Rockers proved that they can back their talk up tonight!

Jerry: Yeah, but that's only one win! There gonna need more then that if they want a shot at Perfectly Dashing's titles!

Joey: Changing the subject, folks, we just got word that after Triple H's heinous assault earlier tonight, Edge is receiving medical attention at the local hospital. We wish him the best

Jerry: In interesting news, though, let's talk about next week! What a show we have lined up for you next week! Four massive matches have been announced by Chairman Brownson, including the rematch between Steve Austin and The Rock!

Jim: I don't think that your taking the Edge situation seriously enough.... anyway, earlier tonight, Austin and The Rock got in a fight backstage, and I can only hope that their issues are resolved next week! We also have two semi-final matches.

Joey: In the first of two World Title Semi Finals, we will see the winner of Flair-Sting go against The Undertaker. Also, Samoa Joe will face "The American Hero" Kurt Angle, both men looking to advance to the finals of the Superstars Title Tournament!

Jerry: Plus, in news we just got not that long ago, there will be a 12 man battle royal next week to determine our first Television Title!

Jim: 12 young bucks in the ASWF are looking to make a name for themselves, and they will have the opportunity to make the all-important first step up the ladder next week!

Joey: But up next, Sting will face "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair to determine who will advance to face The Undertaker next week!

As Joey says this, the arena goes dark except for the ring, as "Seek and Destroy" by Metallica plays. Sting is seen lowering from the rafters, the crowd screaming wildly in approval as we cut to a commercial break.


"Dawn" is playing as the Nature Boy makes his way toward the ring, "Woo"ing at the crowd, amongst boo's. Flair disrobes in the ring as the two stare one another down


The night's main event starts with the two walking nose to nose, staring each other down. Flair makes the first move, shoving Sting... and the Stinger responds with a punch to Flair's chops. Sting takes the early lead, throwing a variety of punches and throwing the 16-time world champion around the ring. Sting backs Flair into the corner after a few minutes of straight offence, and goes for the Stinger Splash, but Flair ducks out of the way. Sting backs into the corner, and Flair meets him with a few well-placed chops, lighting Sting's chest up. Flair moves methodically, picking his moves very carefully, as he takes Sting to school. Flair eventually goes for a vertical suplex, and he holds it for a moment too long, as Sting backs behind Flair and hits a belly to back suplex on The Dirtiest Player in the Game. Sting takes advantage, and hits the Stinger Splash. Sting goes to lift Flair up for the Scorpion Death Drop, but Flair manages to get his leg behind Sting's knee, and pokes The Icon in the eye. Sting, in retaliation, throws a blind punch, and appears to knock Flair out, as he drops limp to the ground. Sting goes to the middle of the ring, and let's out a WOO, taunting Flair and riling up the crowd, but Flair, who was playing Possum, cross block's Sting, sending him to the ground. Flair hits Sting with a knee drop, and locks in the figure four leg lock. Sting struggles and gets close to the ropes before finally having to submit.

WINNER: Ric Flair by Submission
TIME: 16 minutes, 51 seconds

Jim: Well, it looks like next week, Ric Flair will face The Undertaker in the first Semi Finals match of the World Title Tournament!

Sting is shown clenching his knee as Ric Flair struts around the ring, WOOing away, as the camera fades out

Bryan Danielson beats Lance Storm
Yoshi Tatsu beats Hardcore Holly
The Undertaker beats Randy Savage
Christopher Daniels beats Christian
The Rockers beat Vladimir Kozlov and William Regal
Ric Flair beats Sting

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin VS The Rock
12-Man Battle Royal to become the first Television Champion
World Title Semi Finals
"Nature Boy" Ric Flair VS The Undertaker
Superstars Title Semi Finals
"The Samoan Submission Machine" Samoa Joe VS "The American Hero" Kurt Angle

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I'm gonna just go ahead and ask how much the concept of "realism" weighs in in this universe. I mean, don't get me wrong, this is really well written and fun to read, but....half of your roster is shot/retired. Marty is shot, Bret and Neidhart are shot, Flair's shot, Austin's shot, Rock's done, Hogan will never fucking walk again. Hall's shot, Nash is shot. See what I mean? If you like these guys, and this is fantasy booking, that's fine, I'm just wondering.

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This is entire fantasy booking, Wild-Pegasus. The point of All Star Wrestling Federation is to offer the best superstars of the past (In their prime) going against the best of today. Entirely fantasy, mate!

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Oh. Okely-dokely. *chills* Carry on!

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The rivalry between "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and The Rock boiled over last week with a backstage brawl, and this week, the two will lock horns once more as The Texas Rattlesnake and The Brahma Bull go one on one!

In the first of two World Title Tournament Semi Finals matches, The Undertaker will go against "Nature Boy" Ric Flair, both men looking to get one step closer to becoming the first All Star Wrestling Federation World Heavyweight Champion!

Plus, in the Semi Finals of the Superstars Title Tournament, "The Samoan Submission Machine" Samoa Joe will face "The American Hero" Kurt Angle to earn the right to compete in the finals!

Also, 12 men (Yoshi Tatsu, Petey Williams, Santino Marella, Brian Kendrick, Val Venis, Alberto Del Rio, Evan Bourne, Hardcore Holly, Finlay, Mark Henry, Chavo Guerrero Jr and Carlito) will face off in a battle royal to become the first ASWF Television Champion!

All this and more on the next SUPERSTARS!

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I'll be honest, when I first saw the roster, I thought you were going to be some jobber who doesn't want to do an "actual" be the booker, so you're doing a weird ass one.

I was wrong.

This BTB looks very well thought out and planned. I enjoyed reading the shows and I'll get a review up for either your next show or the second show you posted. Stick with this, it looks real damn good! Good luck!

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Much appreciated, Dave! I've been writing these for maybe three years in note books, but this is the first time I've ever shared my work. I was honestly worried at first, because the first edition of Superstars got very little attention, but I'm actually pumped for this now!

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Source: Pro Wrestling Illustrated's website

Today, it has been officially announced that All Star Wrestling Federation's Brandon Brownson has finalized ASWF's developmental promotion, the Michigan-based Superstar Pro Wrestling. Brownson had this to say in a press conference:

"Well, I've been working on getting SPW up and running for about as long as I worked on All Star Pro Wrestling (Editor Note: Mr Brownson first began organizing what would become ASWF in July of 2010). It took me awhile to figure out when and how things should be run here, but it was right in front of my face all along! I got a hold of my old friends and business partners, Branden Welch and Jeremy "JJ" Hughes in October, and we got to talking about the old promotion that we used to run in Michigan, Oakland County Wrestling Xtreme. One conversational topic lead to another, and next thing you know, we were discussing my plans for ASWF and SPW, and they agreed to completely reformat the old OCWX into SPW!"

When asked why he needed a developmental company for such a NEW promotion, Mr Brownson had the following to say: "Well, I knew right off the bat that I wanted the best of the best to be under my employment, but I also knew that I would only have a limited amount of space on my main roster. I also knew that there were a bunch of Independent wrestlers who were extremely good, but needed just a little more polishing before they could be on a main stage. So, instead of scrambling to get a developmental promotion going after ASWF was up and running, and we NEEDED more guy's, I took the initiative to get that taken care of right away."

Also in the press conference, Mr Brownson announced the roster for SPW:


"X-Pac" Sean Waltman
Tommy Dreamer
Gregory Helms
Mr Kennedy
Billy Kidman
Spike Dudley
Jushin Liger
Eugene Dinsmore
Ultimo Dragon
Jack Swagger
Zach Ryder
John Bradshaw Layfeild
Gunner Scott (Known on the Indies as Brent Albright)
Al Snow
Matt Morgan
Paul Burchill
M-Dogg 20


The Hart Dynasty (Tyson Kidd & DH Smith)
Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin
New Aged Outlaws (Road Dogg & Billy Gunn)
Ken Shamrock & Steve Blackman
Beer Money INC (Robert Roode & James Storm)
John Cena & Batista
Luke Gallows & Vance Archer
The British Invasion (Doug Williams & Rob Terry)

Also noted at the press conference, Mr Brownson said that he does not plan on pursuing a TV Deal with a cable company: "While I do firmly believe that the superstars in SPW could very well hold a TV show with their combined star power, I do not want SPW to be on major television. However, there is a possibility that I might allow local channels to broadcast SPW in the future. Right now, SPW will be showing exclusively on local channels in the Metro Detroit area, where SPW will be located. This will not only give the rookies a chance to be exposed, without being overly exposed, but it is my belief that it will be able to restore viewership on local channels. Professional wrestling was originally a staple in the local broadcast channels, and SPW will be a bit of a return to familiar territories, if you will."

Also, in other news in the broadcasting, Mr Brownson was asked if he takes the fan's input into consideration when planning ASWF story lines and events. He responded "Why yes, I do. I believe that the All Star Wrestling Federation is not my company, and it is not the wrestler's company, but it is the fan's company! Without our loyal fan base, there would be no ASWF, no SPW, and possibly no professional wrestling! Not only do I listen to the fans, but I encourage them to tell us what THEY want from the various promotions that I operate!"

More news on SPW, and ASWF will come as we acquire it

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All Star Wrestling Federation SUPERSTARS
January 17th, 2011
Verison Center, Washington DC

The opening video plays. Camera cuts to the stage, where a pyro show goes off as "Ghosts N Stuff" by Deadmau5 feat. Rob Swire plays. The smoke clears and "American Hero" plays. Kurt Angle makes his way out, and his pyro goes off and the crowd jeers at him, before we hear the broadcast team.

Joey: Good evening, ladies and gentleman, and welcome to ASWF Superstars! I'm Joey Styles, here with good ol' JR and Jerry "The King" Lawler, and we have a hell of a night in store for you!

Jim: Tonight, we will witness the rematch between The Rock and Steve Austin. This feud started a few weeks back, when The Rock used some underhanded tactics to advance in the world title tournament, and last week we saw the two brawl backstage.

Jerry: Speakings of the World Title Tournament, we will also see "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair go one on one with The Undertaker to find out who the first man in the finals is!

Jim: Plus, there will be a 12 man battle royal to determine who the first ever Television Champion will be!

"Samoan Style" plays as Samoa Joe makes his way out to the ring, ripping the towel off of his head as he enters the ring. He is getting a very positive reaction from the fans.

Joey: But first, we will see "The Samoan Submission Machine" Samoa Joe go against "The American Hero" Kurt Angle in the first Semi-Finals match of the Superstar Title Tournament.

Superstar Title Semi Finals: Samoa Joe VS Kurt Angle

The match starts in a thunderous way, as Samoa Joe wastes little time, hitting a massive lariat on Angle, sending him to the mat. Joe begins a stunning show of offence, nailing Kurt with a flurry of strikes, and eventually bringing the American Hero down with an inverted atomic drop, which he followed immediately with a CCS enzugiri. Joe takes the lead. After another period of offense, Joe goes for the Coquina Clutch, but Angle ducks behind Joe, hitting him with a German suplex. Angle hits a series of stomps, and starts to wrestle rings around the Samoan Submission Machine, using amateur wrestling techniques to wear the big man down. After a few moments of this, Angle nails Joe with a European uppercut, which he followed with an Angle Slam to get the three count.

Winner: Kurt Angle by Pinfall
Time: 10 minutes, 17 seconds
Angle advances to the finals

Kurt gets an American flag from the time keeper, and he stands on the top rope, holding the flag behind him as the crowd congratulates him with a thick mass of boo's. With that, we go to a commercial.

Commercial Break

When we return, Mean Gene is standing with "The Viper" Randy Orton.

Gene: Ladies and Gentleman, my guest at this time, Randy Orton. Randy, two weeks ago you lost your quarter finals match against Hulk Hogan. What are your thoughts?

Randy: You know, Mean Gene, at first I was pretty upset by it, because I know that I am ten times the wrestler that Hogan is, and I am the legend killer, but right now, I can live with that. I'm still disappointed that I lost the match, but this is far from the end of my journey to the World Title. This is nothing but a setback for me! I don't care who wins the tournament. I don't care if it's Flair, Taker, The Rock or... Hogan. All four of these men are legends, but I AM THE LEGEND KILLER, and whoever wins, I WILL beat them. That's not arrogance, Gene, it's my DESTINY! In this business, it's all about making an impact, and I will make an impact!

Randy walks away, and the camera cuts back to the arena, where "Mope" by Bloodhound Gang is playing. A very serious looking Brandon Brownson walks down to the ring, sporting a black button-down work shirt instead of his usual Hawaiian shirt. He calls for a microphone and turns toward the fans.

Brownson: As I'm sure many of you can tell by my shirt, I'm here with VERY serious business to attend to. I'm gonna make this short and sweet, Triple H, I want you to come down here right now!

"The Game" by Motorhead plays as Triple H makes his way out to the ring, dressed in a very fine suit. He steps in the ring, and Brownson calls for the crew to cut the music. The Game grabs a mic.

Brownson: Hunter, there's a lot of things I can tolerate. I can tolerate people cutting me off, I can tolerate people fighting back stage like a bunch of drunken idiots... hell, I can even tolerate people assaulting my referee's, but if there's one thing I can, and I will NOT tolerate, it's people putting my athletes on the shelf!

HHH: (Sarcastically) Why, Mr Brownson, what EVER are you talking about?

Brownson: Don't be a smart ass, Hunter! Your assault on Edge last week was as cowardly as it gets! I'm sure you know this, but the audience may not know that Edge will be out of action for three weeks, due to your actions last week! Now, if Edge would have been hurt in a regular match, I could have tolerated that, injury is part of the game. But not only were you not in a match, you attacked him with his back turned! Not only did you injure one of MY all stars, but you did it like a F*CKING PUSSY!!!

The crowd cheers, and Triple H's face gets more serious.

HHH: Yeah, his back was turned, big whoop! He made a fool out of me a few weeks ago, and nobody makes a fool out of the game!

Brownson: Hunter, the only person who made you look like a fool was yourself... and, momentarily, me!

Triple H cocks his head a bit to the side, and Brandon continues.

Brownson: Edge will be out of action until February 7th... and you will be joining him! What I'm trying to say is YOU ARE SUSPENDED, HUNTER! Security, get this asshole out of MY ring!

Security comes out and starts to enter the ring, but Brandon raises his hand to stop them. Triple H is pissed at this point.

Brownson: Oh, and Hunter, on February 7th, when you return, you will have a match against the man you injured last week... EDGE!

HHH: (Livid) Brownson, before I go, I just want to let you know... YOU. WILL. REGRET. THIS. MOMENT! I AM THE GAME, AND I MAKE THE...

His mic cuts out. A livid Triple H is escorted from the arena, as "Mope" plays. The fans are chanting "Na na na na hey hey hey goodbye" as we cut to a break.


When we return, "Gold-Lust" is playing as Goldust makes his way to the ring, to a smattering of cheers.

Joey: Welcome back to Superstars folks, and for those of you just tuning in, let me say that you just missed a HUGE moment!

Jerry: That's right, ASWF Chairman Mr Brownson just suspended Triple H for THREE WEEKS for injuring Edge last week!

Jim: It's impossible to say that he didn't have it coming though, King!

"Fighters Passion" by The Immortals plays as Senshi makes his way to the ring, to a moderate series of boo's.

Goldust VS Senshi

The two tie up moments after the bell rings, and the veteran whips Senshi to the ropes. He goes for a hip block, but Senshi slides under Goldust's legs, bounces back up, and hit's a Mongolian Chop-Stiff Kick to the ribs combo, which he followed with a DDT. Senshi uses some martial arts inspired moves and takes the lead, until he is caught by a throat thrust by Goldust after being knocked to the mat. Goldust hits a big spinebuster on Senshi, and takes a lead. Goldust eventually props Senshi against the ropes, and goes to hit the shattered dreams, but Senshi gets his leg off the rope and boots Goldust in the gut. Senshi gets himself off the ropes and props Goldust up on his shoulders, hitting the Ki Krusher (A fisherman Driver). The World Warrior then hops up to the top rope and hits The Warriors Way, following it up with a pin and getting the victory.

WINNER: Senshi by Pinfall
Time: 7 minutes, 42 seconds.

Senshi gazes at Goldust for a few moments before sliding out of the ring, making his way to the back. Camera's cut to a lively looking rock club, which is playing Garage Rock very loudly. Camera's zoom in on THE Brian Kendrick, who is sitting at a booth with some very attractive women, sporting his trademark white leather jacket.

Brian: Hello, chicks and dudes, my name is THE Brian Kendrick. Tonight, I am going to be in a match with 11 other people... but c'mon, we all know whose gonna win that match, right? Just look at me! I'm the best looking of them, I'm the best dressed, I listen to the best music... not to mention, I have more wrestling abilities in my toe nail clippings then any of them combined have in their entire bodies. I just want to let you know that you might as well change the channel for a little bit, catch up on CSI or Desperate Housewives or whatever you lame-O's watch, because the results are in, and the match ain't even started! I, THE Brian Kendrick, am going to leave DC tonight with the Television Title around my waist... and who knows, maybe I'll be carrying some of these babes down there, too, if ya know what I mean!

Commercial Break

When we return, Mean Gene is standing with Yoshi Tatsu.

Gene: Ladies and Gentleman, my guest at this time, one of the 12 participants in the Television Title Battle Royal later on tonight, Yoshi Tatsu. Now, Yoshi, this is possibly the biggest match you've been in since coming to the United States, what is going through your mind?

Yoshi: (In VERY broken English) Gene, I come to country with one goal- success. I prove I best in Japan, knew there was only 1 place to show off talent- All Star Wrestling Federation. Tonight, I here, and I win TV Title!

We cut back to ringside, where "Dawn" starts to play, as the Nature Boy Ric Flair makes his way down the ramp to a thick chant of "Flair Sucks". Camera's show off some anti-Flair signs, including a "16 Time Lucky Shot" sign.

Jim: Well, folks, it's time for a World Title Semi Finals match. Now, usually, it would be Rock-Hogan first, according to the brackets, but since The Rock is meeting Austin tonight, Mr Brownson decided to give us this match a week early, and dear lord are we grateful for it!

As soon as Flair disrobes, the arena goes dark, and "Rest In Peace" echoes throughout the arena. The fans scream wildly as The Deadman makes his way to the ring, staring Flair dead in the eye. Flair exits the ring at the Phenom makes his way up the steps, raising his arms as the lights come back on. Ric climbs back in the ring as the Deadman takes off his jacket. Flair approaches him, but steps back as Taker rolls his eyes to the back of his head.

WORLD TITLE SEMI FINALS: The Undertaker VS "Nature Boy" Ric Flair

The two size one another up in the middle of the ring, Flair talking a million miles of trash, but the Deadman just staring blankly back at him. Flair goes to make the first move, but Taker blocks it and nails him with a huge right hand. Undertaker mounts his offence, nailing Flair with a variety of punches and elbows before finally bringing him down with a big boot. The Phenom takes control for a good, long time, throwing Flair around like he was a small child. Flair turns his luck around with a well placed poke to the eyes, an inverted atomic drop and a back body drop. Flair works the Deadman's legs for awhile, before Taker hits a Running DDT. Taker backs The Nature Boy into the corner and starts nailing punches. Flair grabs Taker, throws him into the corner and starts chopping away (The fans chanting "Woo" with every chop, despite clearly despising Naich), but Big Evil throws Flair back into the corner, and remounts his punches. Taker eventually goes for the Last Ride, but Flair pokes him in the eye as he's lifting him up. Taker drops Flair, and he bumps into the ref, giving Flair just enough of a window of time to hit a low blow on Taker. Flair knocks Taker down with a Chop Block, and locks in the figure four. Taker hangs on for awhile, before finally grabbing the ropes. The two get back to a standing position, and Flair goes for a suplex, but Taker reverses it, throwing Flair against the ropes, and clotheslining them both over. Taker goes to lift Flair back up, but The Dirtiest Player In The Game low blow's him once more (The ref was walking toward them, not noticing it). Flair bounces Taker's head against the steps, and whips him into the guard rail, and climbs back into the ring as the ref counted to 7. The fans boo loudly as the ref counts Undertaker out, giving Flair the win.

WINNER: Ric Flair by Count Out
Time: 14 minutes, 32 seconds
Flair advances to the Finals

Flair puts his robe back on at the crowd boo's loudly. Taker rolls back into the ring, and goes for Flair, but Ric climbs out of the ring and runs halfway back up the ramp before turning around, laughing and "Woo"ing as Taker stood in the ring, livid as all hell.


When we return, "This Fire Burns" by Killswitch Engage is playing and CM Punk is already in the ring, showered by "Straight Edge Sucks" chants from the fans. Punk looks disgusted.

Joey: Welcome back, everyone. As you can see, CM Punk is in the ring, awaiting his opponent, Rey Mysterio, and as you can see, he's not particularly thrilled with the fan's right now.

Jerry: Well, can you blame him? The fans are teasing him for his lifestyle choices right now. So what if he lives a substance free lifestyle, I think everyone should follow in his foot steps!

Jim: This coming from the same guy who was just asking us if we wanted to go to the bar after the show, King!

"Booyaka 619" by POD plays as Rey Mysterio shoots up from the stage, sparks flying, and fans cheering loudly for The Giant Killer.

CM Punk VS Rey Mysterio

The two tie up, and Punk locks in an arm wrench, stepping a leg over Mysterio's arm and kicking him in the face. Punk takes advantage and starts working on Mysterio's head and arm, with a series of strikes and kicks. Punk goes to the apron and hits Rey with a springboard clothesline, and does his X taunt, the crowd booing loudly. Punk lifts Rey up to his shoulders, going for the GTS, but Mysterio reverses it into a huricanrana. The two spring up and Rey hits an armdrag. The two once more get up, and Rey hits a dropkick on Punk's knee, sending him to the second rope. Rey bounces off the ropes and nails the 619 perfectly. Mysterio springboards up and drops the dime on Punk, getting the victory.

WINNER: Rey Mysterio by Pinfall
Time: 6 minutes, 21 seconds

Mysterio jumps up to the top rope and does his cross taunt, as Punk sulks his way backstage. Camera's cut to the interview area, where Alberto Del Rio is standing beside Mean Gene.

Gene: Folks, my guest at this time, one of the 12 participants in the TV Title Battle Royal, Alberto Del Rio. Alberto, the match is up next...

Rio: Gene, let me cut you off there, my name is Alberto Del Rio... but you already knew that (Crowd boo's). What you may not have known is that it is my destiny to become the greatest professional wrestler ever. And tonight, I step toward dominating the ASWF, because tonight, I become Television champion!

Camera cuts back to ringside. "Man With A Plan" plays, and Brian Kendrick frolics down to the ring to sizable boo's.

Jim: Well, folks, up next is the 12 man battle royal for the Television title, so don't go anywhere!


When we come back, Del Rio's music is dying down, 11 of the 12 superstars in the ring. "Born To Win" by Mutiny Within plays as Evan Bourne, the 12th man, comes out to pretty big cheers. As soon as he enters the ring, the superstars begin to rumble.

12 MAN TELEVISION TITLE BATTLE ROYAL: Yoshi Tatsu VS Petey Williams VS Santino Marella VS Brian Kendrick VS Val Venis VS Alberto Del Rio VS Evan Bourne VS Hardcore Holly VS Finlay VS Mark Henry VS Chavo Guerrero Jr VS Carlito

The opening of the match is a massive brawl between the 12 men. The first elimination is Val Venis, who is thrown out with no effort by Mark Henry. Almost immediately following, the other 10 gang up on Henry, eliminating him. The 10 brawl again, and in the next few minutes, Santino, Finlay and Holly are eliminated (by Holly, Yoshi and Kendrick, respectively). We are down to 7 men. Del Rio and Kendrick team up on Bourne, and the other four brawl amongst themselves. Eventually, Chavo is tossed out by Carlito, leaving us with six. Shortly after, Carlito is tossed out by Yoshi, leaving five. Another minute of brawling ensures, until Del Rio is thrown out by Petey Williams, leaving four men.Yoshi brawls with Petey and Evan with Brian. Petey Williams is eliminated after Tatsu dropkicks him over the top. The three remaining superstars are Evan Bourne, Yoshi Tatsu and Brian Kendrick. They all square off until, Brian makes a move at Bourne, hitting him with a leg lariat. Bourne leans against the ropes, and Yoshi clotheslines him over the top. We're down to Yoshi and Kendrick. The two tie up, and Yoshi hits him with a rolling snapmare, following it with a dropkick to the chops. Yoshi climbs to the top and looks for the diving spinning heel kick. Kendrick gets out of the way, and Yoshi collides with the mat hard. Yoshi slowly gets up, and Kendrick hits him with a huricanrana, sending him over the top.

WINNER and NEW TELEVISION CHAMPION: THE Brian Kendrick after eliminating Yoshi Tatsu
TIME: 10 minutes, 9 seconds

Brian runs right up to the top rope, holding the new Television Title Belt (Which looks a tad like the classic WCW World Title Belt) high over his head. He bobs along with the music before strapping the belt on his waste. Cameras cut to a hype video of the Austin-Rock match, showing clips from the World Title Quarter Final match, Brownson's announcing the match, and the brawl the two had last week. Camera's cut to a split screen shot of the two walking toward the stage, with text on the screen saying "Next"

Commercial Break

"Glass Shatters" by Disturbed plays, as the fans pop loudly. Austin rolls out on his quad, racing around the ring a few times before getting into the ring.

Jerry: Taking nothing away from the battle royal, I think it's safe to say that this is what we've all been waiting for!

Jim: In a very short amount of time, these two have kicked their old feud back into high gear. These two hate each other more then an ex wife when you forget to send the checks, and this is gonna be a bona-fide slobber knocker tonight!

"Is Cookin" plays as the fans erupt in "Sellout" chants. The Rock marches his way down to the ring, stepping up to the top rope and raising his arm. He steps down and the two stare one another down.

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin VS The Rock

The two tie up briefly, before Austin whips Rocky into the ropes, Thez pressing him and unleashing a wicked barrage of punches, letting out all of his frustrations. Austin takes advantage for a bit, but lets his guard down for a moment. That's all The Rock needed, as The Great One nails him with a Spine Buster. The Rock takes the lead for a bit, but it quickly turns into back-and-forth action after Austin hits a spinebuster of his own. A large chunk of time passes of the two going back and forth, until The Rock hits a flowing snap DDT, doing a Kip Up right afterward. The Rock stands over Stone Cold, kicking his legs to his side, and peels off his shoulder pad, throwing it to the crowd. He bounces against the ropes and hits the people's elbow, getting a two count. The Rock, frustrated, lifts Austin up, and goes for the Rock Bottom, until Austin hits a STUNNER OUT OF NOWHERE! Austin goes for the pin, but he, too, only gets a two count.


When we return, Austin is still in control, punching the holy hell out of The Rock. Austin whips The Rock into the ropes, but Rocky responds with a running neckbreaker. Both men slowly get up, and start exchanging rights, until the Rock ducks out of the way of a punch, causing Austin to clock the referee (Who happens to be the same ref from their last match). The ref is out. The Brahma Bull boots Austin in the gut, and hits him with a shoulder breaker. He lifts The Texas Rattlesnake up to his feet and goes for the Rock Bottom, but Austin pop's the Rock in the groin. Austin follows this up with a stunner, and goes for the pinfall, but the ref, who is just coming to, calls for the bell. A confused Austin looks at the ref, who climbs out of the ring and, clutching his head, goes to the timekeeper.

Timekeeper: Ladies and gentleman, The Ref has informed me that due to Steve Austin assaulting him, he has been disqualified. Therefore, you winner... THE ROCK!

WINNER: The Rock by Disqualification
Time: 18 minutes, 42 seconds

Jim: Damn it, are you kidding me? Another disqualification victory for The Rock, and once again, it isn't fair!

Jerry: Are you kidding me? Stone Cold assaulted this referee for the second match in a row! Not only does he deserve being disqualified, but if Brownson is true to his word, he'll be fined, as well!

Joey: That's hardly fair, King! The ref was a victim of poor placement, Austin was aiming for The Rock!

Steve Austin is arguing with the ref, while The Rock is halfway up the ramp, his arm raised in victory, and a wide smile across his face, celebrating a second (Even if cheap) victory against Stone Cold! The camera is on Austin as we cut to a video advertising next week's matches.


Superstar Title Semi Finals
Kurt Angle beats Samoa Joe by Pinfall after 10 minutes, 17 seconds
Senshi beats Goldust by Pinfall after 7 minutes, 42 seconds
World Title Semi Finals
Ric Flair beats The Undertaker by count out after 14 minutes, 32 seconds
Rey Mysterio beats CM Punk after 6 minutes, 21 seconds
Television Title Battle Royal
THE Brian Kendrick wins, lastly eliminating Yoshi Tatsu after 10 minutes, 9 seconds
The Rock beats Steve Austin by Disqualification after 18 minutes, 42 seconds

Superstar Title Semi Finals
Christopher Daniels VS Bryan Danielson
World Title Semi Finals
Hulk Hogan VS The Rock

NOTE: Sorry I didn't really do a "Next Week" segment. It's 8:43 AM, I haven't slept yet... I'm tired, and I didn't feel like going back and redoing that, after I'd noticed that I forgot to include it. Other then that, I hope you enjoyed it.​

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This week, on All Star Wrestling Federation Superstars...

We will see TWO SEMI FINAL MATCHES! First, in the last Semi-Final match of the World Title Tournament, we will see The Rock, fresh off the heels of his match against Stone Cold Steve Austin, go one on one with Hulk Hogan! The winner of this match will go on to face "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair to determine the first ever ASWF WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!!

Also, in the final Semi-Final match of the Superstar Title Tournament, two of the greatest wrestlers of the past decade will lock horns, as "The American Dragon" Bryan Danielson will face "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels, where the winner will face "The American Hero" Kurt Angle next week to crown the first ASWF SUPERSTAR CHAMPION!!!

Plus, just announced on ASWF dot com, Santino Marella will face Hardcore Holly to determine a Number One Contender for Brian Kendrick's Television Title, where the winner will face Kendrick next week!

All this and MUCH more will be live from New Orleans, Louisiana on the next ASWF SUPERSTARS!

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Source: Professional Wrestling Illustrated's Website

ASWF has suspended Alberto Del Rio for an undisclosed amount of time. While information is still unclear, one of our sources said that Del Rio failed a drug test earlier this week, and has been suspended indefinitely for his actions. While it is unknown how long he has been suspended for, our source says that he will probably be moved down to ASWF's developmental promotion, Superstar Pro Wrestling, which was recently launched and is centered in Michigan. Our source also says that this effects some of ASWF's long term plans, as well as plans for their first pay per view, Battle Zone, which is supposed to be held on March 27th. In the mean time, it is rumored that developmental star Rene Dupree will be filling Del Rio's spot on the main roster. Dupree, ironically enough, was hired the same day that Del Rio was suspended, and it is believed that he will spend a few weeks with SPW to prepare him for the main roster. We could not get any comment from Del Rio, Dupree, or any of the higher-up's in ASWF.

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All Star Wrestling Federation SUPERSTARS
January 24th, 2011
New Orleans Arena, New Orleans, LA

The opening video plays. Camera cuts to the stage, and the pyro show goes off while "Ghosts N' Stuff" by Deadmau5 feat. Rob Swire plays. Camera's cut to the broadcast team.

Joey: Welcome, ladies and gentleman, to ASWF Superstars! I'm Joey Styles, here with "Good Ol'" Jim Ross and Jerry "The King Lawler", and we're live from New Orleans, Louisiana tonight!

Jim: Folks, we have a hell of a show for you tonight. Tonight, we finish up the Semi Finals for both the World Title Tournament and the Superstars Title!

Jerry: That's right, JR! In our main event tonight, we will see The Rock, who is coming off a big win against Steve Austin, go against Hulk Hogan, the winner facing "Nature Boy" Ric Flair in two weeks for the ASWF World Heavyweight title!

Jim: Big win? King, The Rock only won because Austin accidentally hit the referee last week!

Joey: We can get into that argument later, but also happening tonight, "The American Dragon" Bryan Danielson will face "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels, with the winner going to face Kurt Angle next week for the Superstar Title!

Jim: Plus, Santino Marella will face Hardcore Holly, the winner going to face Brian Kendrick next week for the Television Title!

"J-Pop Drop" starts to play as Yoshi Tatsu makes his way out to the ring to sizable cheers.

Joey: But before any of that, we will see the young and eager Yoshi Tatsu face the World's Strongest Man!

"Some Bodies Gonna Get It" by Three 6 Mafia plays as Mark Henry makes his way down to the ring to a smattering of boo's.

Yoshi Tatsu VS Mark Henry

Yoshi kicks the match off by immediately targeting the legs of the big man, trying to chop him down like a redwood, but Henry responds with a shoulder block, sending Tatsu to the ground pretty hard. Henry takes advantage and starts to throw Yoshi around a bit, but Yoshi gets back in the driver's seat after stepping out of the way of a corner avalanche. Yoshi goes for a roll-up pin, but only gets a two count. Yoshi goes for a DDT, but Henry throws Tatsu off him. Yoshi gets up, and Henry Irish whips him. Henry goes for a clothesline, but Tatsu ducks it, goes off the ropes, and hits a spinning heel kick. Henry slowly gets up as Yoshi rips off one of his elbow pads when... BAM! Roaring Elbow by Tatsu. Yoshi gets the pin

WINNER: Yoshi Tatsu by Pinfall
TIME: 5 minutes and 51 seconds.

Yoshi runs to the top rope and raises his arm in victory while Henry lies on the ground, clutching his head. Camera's cut to the outside of a bar, where CM Punk is walking around, wearing a shirt with a big, red X on it.

CM: It's sad, isn't it... look at these folks... all standing in line to put chemicals into their body that will effect them physically and mentally. Chemicals that will make them lesser human beings, and eventually will put them in an early grave... but not before making them brain dead slaves to the alcohol that their about pour down their greedy little throats. These people are teachers, lawyers, celebrities, parents... people who are supposed to be role models. They pour hypocritical sayings into children's minds, with a "Do as I say, not as I do" mentality. Which is why the world NEEDS me! I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't do drugs... I am the straight edge savior, CM Punk... and straight edge means I'M BETTER THEN YOU!

Commercial Break

When we return, "Mean Gene" Okerlund is standing backstage with The Rock

Gene: Ladies and Gentleman, my guest at this time, The Rock. Rocky, last weak you got a second win against Steve Austin... yet, for the second time in a row, it seems as if you won by... questionable means. What do you have to say?

Rock: Ya know, Mean Gene, the Rock says this... I don't see how people can blame The Rock for what happened last week. You think I meant for that candy ass ref to get decked? No, the Rock was just making sure that alcoholic hillbilly didn't knock one of my teeth out! But you know what, at the end of the day, the Rock still beat Steve Austin last week, just like how tonight, in front of the Rock's MILLIONS...

Crowd Boo's loudly

Rock: And MILLION'S of fans, I'm gonna take Hulk Hogan's saggy ass and send it packing to the Smackdown hotel, IF YA SMEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLL.... what the ROCK! IS! COOKIN'!

The Rock walks off and we cut back to ringside, where "Fighter's Passion" by the Immortals is playing as Senshi stands in the center of the ring, being booed. The music fades as "Self-High Five" starts to play. Diamond Dallas Page comes out through the crowd, the fans cheering wildly and joining him as he does his Diamond Cutter taunt as me makes his way to the ring

Diamond Dallas Page VS Senshi

DDP is still pleasing the crowd at the opening bell, and Senshi takes advantage by spinning him around and nailing him with a series of knife-edge chops. DDP clutches his chest as Senshi nails him with a Mongolian chop, sending DDP to the ground. Senshi goes out to the apron as Page slowly gets up, and Senshi goes to hit him with a springboard roundhouse kick, but DDP catches him and scoop slam's him to the ground. Senshi gets up and Page hits him with a Russian Leg Sweep. Page takes advantage for a while, but Senshi eventually comes back with a stiff kick to the side. Senshi goes for a DDT, but Page turns it into an arm bar, before hitting the Diamond Cutter, getting the win

WINNER: Diamond Dallas Page by Pinfall
Time: 6 minutes, 31 seconds

Page hops to the top rope, doing his "Diamond Cutter" Taunt to the joy of the crowd, as Senshi makes his way up the ramp, eyes locked on Page. Camera's cut backstage, where Perfectly Dashing are getting ready for a match. The Rockers approach them.

Dolph: You throwbacks again? Look, we're very busy, what do you want?

Marty: Oh yes, SO busy! Oiling up your bodies...

Shawn: Picking the perfect pair of tights...

Marty: Oiling up each other's bodies!

Cody: Look, either get to the point or get the hell out of here!

Shawn: Oh no, is the Dashing One getting Cwanky?

Marty: To make our points though...

Shawn: Two weeks ago, we annihilated during our match...

Dolph: Okay, before you go any farther, let's clarify. You annihilated Regal and Kozlov... one of them's a muscle headed ape, and the other's a washed up, tea sipping botch machine, okay? Yeah, you won a match, but you beat a couple of jokes! Now, us? Tonight, we're facing the Hardy Boyz in a non-title match, one of the best tag teams ever...

Marty: Well, there the best cheap knock-off's of the Rocker's anyway...

Cody: The Hardy'z have more talent in their shoe laces then you has-been's have in your whole bodies... and we have more talent in our pinky's then they have in their whole bodies! Now, if you'll excuse us, we have a match to win tonight!

Dolph and Cody walk away as camera's cut to Bryan Danielson, who is jogging from one side of a hallway to another. He stops and starts walking toward ringside.

Joey: Well, ladies and gentleman, up next, we will see the last Semi Finals match of the Superstar Title Tournament. Bryan Danielson VS Christopher Daniels is up next!

Commercial Break

When we come back, "The Final Countdown" by Europe is playing, and the fan's are chanting to the keyboard part, and go ape shit when Danielson comes out. Danielson takes the time to high-five the first row, before sliding into the ring. The music fades as "Manson" starts playing. The Fallen Angel makes his way out to the ring, being greeted by "Your gonna get your fucking head kicked in" chants. The two square off in the center of the ring as the bell sounds.

SUPERSTAR TITLE SEMI FINALS: Bryan Danielson VS Christopher Daniels

The match beings with a lot of back and fourth wrestling. Arm drags, snap mares, suplexes, and short rest holds dominate the opening, before The Fallen Angel plants The American Dragon with an enzugiri, sending him to the mat. Daniels wears Bryan down with a flurry of high risk maneuvers and submission holds, but Danielson gets back in control with a corner boot out of nowhere. Danielson ducks behind Daniels and hits him with a belly to back suplex. Danielson takes advantage momentarily, but soon it goes back to back-and-fourth action. Finally, Danielson goes for the Dragon Suplex, but Daniels reverses it and hits the Angels Wings. He only gets a two count, though. Daniels goes toward the turnbuckle, and hits the BME... BUT WAIT! Danielson raises his knee's up just in the knick of time. Daniels holds his chest, and Danielson goes for the pin... two count! (As the commentators comment that the two have entirely too similar last names) as Danielson busts The Fallen Angel Danielson nails Christopher with a strong elbow strike. The American Dragon and Christopher Daniels slowly get up when... LABELLE LOCK! DANIELSON LOCKS IN THE LABELLE LOCK!! THE FALLEN ANGEL TAPS! THE FALLEN ANGEL TAPS!!!

WINNER: Bryan Danielson by Submission
TIME: 11 minutes, 10 seconds

Joey: Well, folks, it's official! Next week, in the finals of the Superstar Title Tournament, we will see "The American Hero" Kurt Angle face off against "The American Dragon" Bryan Danielson, and the winner will become the first ever Superstar Champion!

Commercial Break

When we return, we see Ted Dibiase and Ted Jr sitting poolside, holding drinks and surrounded by gorgeous women.

Ted Sr: My name is Ted Dibiase, and this is my son, Ted Jr. We are the Million Dollar Family.

Ted Jr: Look at us! More money then we know what to do with! Tailored suits, chauffeured cars, beautiful women, 5 star resaturates, luxury hotels... anything we could possibly want!

Sr: However, there is one thing we don't have... the ASWF tag team titles! So we would just like to announce to the entire tag team division... me and my son Ted Jr... we're coming... and we aren't gonna stop until the tag team titles are around our wastes... everybody has a price... and so do those belts!

The two start cackling as we cut to ringside, where Hardcore Holly's music is fading out as Holly is being booed by the audience. "Victory is Mine" begins to play as Santino storms out toward the ring, the fans chanting "Cobra Cobra"!


The two tie up in the middle of the ring, and Holly slugs Santino with a strong right hand. Holly takes advantage, clubbing Santino like he was a baby seal. Holly goes for an early win with the Alabama Slam, but Santino turns it into a roll up pin. Only a one count. Santino hits an arm drag, followed by a hip toss, and goes to scoop slam Hardcore, but Hardcore stomps on Marella's boot and Dropkicks him to the corner. Holly hits a corner clothesline, and goes to lift Marella up for the Alabama Slam, but Marella flips Holly over. Holly gets up and goes to clothesline Santino, but he does the splits, gets up and clothesline's Holly. Santino prepares the cobra... AND CONNECTS! This one is over!

Winner: Santino Marella by Pinfall
Time: 7 minutes, 16 seconds

Santino runs his hands across his waist, signalling that he's going for the gold, as we cut to a break.

Commercial Break

Backstage, Mean Gene is beside Television Champion, Brian Kendrick

Gene: Ladies and gentleman, my guest at this time, THE Brian Kendrick. Brian, moments ago, Santino Marella became the number one contender for your Television Championship. What are your thoughts?

Brian: Gene, I ain't worried at all. You see, Santino likes to pretend that he's some kind of linguine meanie, but that guy's less intimidating then Chuck E Cheese! Next week, I'm gonna make skettio's out of the guy, and I'm gonna walk away Television...

Santino walks into the shot to cheers

Santino: Less intimidating then Chuck E the Cheese? Linguine Meanie? Well, let me tell you something Brian the Kendrick! Next week, when Santino Marella and Brian the Kendrick face off, it will be Santino with the Television Champion-a-ship around his waist. So take THAT Mr Hippie McUgly Coat!

Santino walks away as the screen fades black. We see Abyss sitting at the bottom of a long, dark corridor that is glowing an eerie red, rocking back and fourth, staring at a blank spot in the wall, seemingly in a trance, his voice cracking a bit. He is clearly in a psychotic state of mind.

Abyss: This old man, he played one, so I had to remove his thumb. With a knick knack, gave his head a wack, break all of his bones... the man was shipped in a casket home. This old man, he played two, chop him up and put him in a stew. With a knick knack, gave his head a whack, break all of his bones, this man was shipped in a casket home... and I'm going to put all of my opponents in caskets... I'm gonna disembowel them... choke them with their own intestines... puncture their windpipes with thumb tacks... and that's if I'm in a good mood!

Abyss cackles madly as the camera goes black.

Commercial Break

When we return, "Modest" by Peroxwhy?Gen is already playing, and the Hardy's are in the ring, being showered with cheers. The music fades and "I Am Perfection" by Cage9 plays. The Tag Champs make their way to the ring to thick boo's and "Rocker" chants.

NON TITLE: Perfectly Dashing VS Hardy Boyz

The match starts with Dolph and Matt. While Matt takes a very early lead, his fortunes quickly change when Rhodes clocks him with a right hand from the apron. Matt leaves himself distracted just long enough for Dolph to dropkick Matt, sending him head first into the second turnbuckle. Perfectly Dashing take advantage, isolating Matt away from his corner, and quickly tagging in and out. Cody eventually goes for a Moonsault, but Matt bumps the ropes, sending Cody tumbling back down. The two slowly crawl to their corners, and they both get the tag. Jeff and Dolph are legal! Jeff clears the ring pretty quickly, and hits the Whisper in the Wind on Dolph. Dolph backs into the corner, and Matt drops on all fours. He hits Poetry in Motion on Dolph, but this only results in a two count. We cut to a break


When we return, Jeff is in full control of the match, and Cody is now the legal man for the champions. Jeff tags Matt in, and Matt goes to hit a Twist of Fate, but Rhodes reverses it and hits the Silver Spoon DDT out of nowhere! Cody makes the tag, and slithers over to the time keeper's table, grabbing one of the belts, but keeping it hidden. In the ring, Dolph nails a scoop powerslam on Matt. Cody jumps up on the apron with the title, and Jeff goes to get in the ring to stop Cody, but the ref goes to stop Jeff. Cody tosses Dolph the belt, and Dolph lays it on the ground and... ZIG ZAG ONTO THE TITLE! Dolph throws it out of the ring, and Cody yanks Jeff off the apron (Jeff and the Ref still fighting). The referee turns back to the match, and Dolph is pinning Matt.

WINNERS: Perfectly Dashing when Dolph pins Matt
TIME: 13 minutes, 2 seconds

Perfectly Dashing is making their way backstage, titles high above their heads, when camera's cut to the broadcast team.

Joey: Folks, we wanna thank you for watching Superstars tonight, and we want to encourage you to tune in next week, where we will have two HUGE title matches!

Jerry: Huge is right on the money there, Joey! In our main event next week, it's the Superstar Title Finals! "The American Dragon" Bryan Danielson will face "The American Hero" Kurt Angle, the winner becoming the first ever ASWF Superstar Champion!

Jim: Plus, earlier tonight, Santino became number one contender to the Television title, and next week, he will face Brian Kendrick, for the Television Title!

Jerry: And announced moments ago, next week The Rockers will finally get a chance to put their money where their mouths are, because they have a non title match against the tag champions, Perfectly Dashing!

Joey: But up next, we're gonna have the last semi final match for the World Title Tournament! Rock VS Hogan is after the break!


When we come back, "Is Cookin" plays as The Rock makes his way out to "Sellout" chants. The Rock cocks an eyebrow at the crowd, and they boo even louder. His music fades, and "Real American" by Rick Derringer plays. The fans lose it as the Hulkstar makes his way out, pointing at the Rock. He rips off his shirt in the middle of the ring and faces Rocky!


The two start off in a Greco-Roman hold. At first, Rock overpowers Hogan, but soon The Hulkstar over powers Rocky. The two break it off, and get in a shoving match. The Rock throws the first actual punch of the match, and the two start to trade fists until Hogan rakes Rocky's eyes. Hogan takes the cheap advantage, using a plethora of power moves to keep the great one grounded, throwing in head locks to wear Rock down. Eventually, The Rock lifts himself out of a head lock, and hits Hogan with a spinebuster. The Rock now takes advantage, stomping Hogan down, and wearing him down with arm locks and head locks. The two get to their feet, go off the ropes and clothesline each other to the ground, as we go to a break.


When we come back, Hogan and Rock are slowly trading fists back and fourth, both men getting increasingly tired out. Soon enough, Rocky hits a float over DDT. The two slowly get up, and The Rock bounces off the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Hogan ducks and The Rock ends up nailing the ref. The two slowly get back up and... ROCK BOTTOM! The Rock gets up and kicks Hogan's arms to his sides, and peels off his elbow pad. The Rock goes off the ropes when... AUSTIN RUNS TO THE APRON WITH A CHAIR! The Rock, oblivious to this, runs right toward him, and notices Austin a bit too late, as The Texas Rattlesnake plants the Brahma Bull with a chair shot right to the head. Austin runs back stage as The Rock falls in the middle of the ring. The ref slowly comes to and the Hulkstar gets up. He bounces off the ropes and nails The Great One with the Leg Drop to get the win!

WINNER: Hulk Hogan by Pinfall
TIME: 22 minutes, 38 seconds

A battered Hogan hulks up and parades around the ring. Meanwhile the Rock is absolutely stunned! The closing shot of the night is Hogan cupping his ear as the crowd works itself to a frenzy!

Yoshi Tatsu pins Mark Henry at 5:51
Diamond Dallas Page pins Senshi at 6:31
Bryan Danielson submits Christopher Daniels at 11:10
Santino Marella pins Hardcore Holly at 7:16 to become TV Title #1 contender
Perfectly Dashing beats The Hardy Boyz (Dolph pins Matt) at 13:02. Non Title
Hulk Hogan pins The Rock at 22:28. Hogan advances to the finals of the World Title Tournament

Perfectly Dashing VS The Rockers
Brian Kendrick (C) VS Santino Marella
Bryan Danielson VS Kurt Angle

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We have reached the finals of the Superstar Title Tournament! In this week's main event, two of the best wrestlers in the world will face off for the right to be the first ever SUPERSTAR CHAMPION! "The American Dragon" Bryan Danielson will go one on one with "The American Hero" Kurt Angle in the exciting climax of this tournament!

Plus, after last week's victory, Santino Marella has earned the right to be the Number One Contender for the Television Title! But if he wants to hold the belt, he will have to face off against the reigning TV Champion, "The" Brian Kendrick!

Also, after weeks of taunting, The Rockers finally get a chance to prove their worth when they face the Tag Team Champions, Perfectly Dashing, in a non-title bout.

All this and more on the next SUPERSTARS!

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Hey y'all. Just wanted to apologize for taking so long to update. Unfortunately, my computer took a shit on me about 3 weeks ago, and it's probably gonna be another three weeks to a month to get it fixed, depending on when I get the money to send my computer in. If I get a chance, I will try to post the next Superstars at a buddy's house, but it'll be roughly a month before I'm updating on a regular basis again. My apologies, and thanks in advance for your patience.

Peace, Love,
Brandon Brownson
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