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Ok, sense it appears that nobody sees what I write, or cares, I think I should point out a few rules of the forum that I have seen constantly broken.

1. DO NOT double post unless it is 100% nessacary. If you want to add something to your previous post, click "Edit" in the corner of your post. "Bumping" once and a while is ok. (Note: This does not apply to Rosey&Jamal, but only when he is posting his shows.)

2. Do not post just to post. If you need to talk to somebody, use PM. I find it rather annoying to see a whole page with the same two or three people replying back and forth.

3. I do not find it nessacary to have every other reply in a thread. *coughf-5cough*

4. For the last time, DO NOT SPAM

5. Spam includes posting stupid messages just to get your post count up. *coughf-5cough*

I posted this because it seems that most of the people that post in Be The Booker are newbies. I am not mad at your for doing these things if you truly didn't know not to, however, I have told some of you before and you continue, and to those who continue; it makes you look like a complete idiot, so don't.
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