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I wonder what Aeris felt...When she was up on that
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All Japan and Nana Natsume held a joint show in conjunction with the PLAYBOY CHANNEL JAPAN which turned out to be pretty eventful. The show featured a U-30 Tag Tournament featuring young wrestlers from All Japan, K-DOJO, BattlArts, DDT, and El Dorado. It seems as if the winning team would play capture with the losing team's "sexy idol" as the teams in the final had a total of about 3 playmates rooting them on. The final was said to be really good with the idols cheering all the players on. After the bout, T28 (who seems to have injured his right shoulder) grabbed the mic and stated that he was encouraged by the girls and they gave him power. He then sent a warning to Kaz Hayashi, saying that Kaz wouldn't be the ace of All Japan's junior division forever. KUSHIDA stated that he loved working for All Japan, saying that he wanted to form a junior pair with T28 more often on the All Japan mat. Nana Natsume said that she watched her convention and that all of the matches were really wonderful and was glad to see the young wrestlers doing well by their power, and almost moved her to tears. All Japan president Keiji Muto was also in the house, stating that although the young players who participated in the show may not be famous, that they were young and even Muto felt some jealousy towards to them. Muto stated that he also noticed fans looking at the women, and that he was a little guilty of that himself, but whatever the case, the show was a great success and gave an immediate "GO" sign for Nana to work on a 2nd show.

AJPW/Nana Natsume Produce "PLAYBOY CHANNEL NIGHT 2008", 2/15/08 (Samurai! TV)
Shinjuku FACE
520 Fans - Super No Vacancy Full House

1. U-30 Tag Team Tournament - Round 1: T28 & KUSHIDA beat Mototsugu Shimizu & CJ Otis (10:13) when KUSHIDA used a moonsault press on Otis.
2. U-30 Tag Team Tournament - Round 1: Seiya Sanada & Keita Yano beat Hajime Suruga & Yuta Yoshikawa (12:54) when Sanada used a backdrop hold on Suruga.
3. Kaz Hayashi, Joe Doering & Kana beat Nobutaka Araya, Kikutaro & Apple Miyuki (15:11) when Kana used a German Suplex hold on Kikutaro.
4. U-30 Tag Team Tournament - Round 2: T28 & KUSHIDA beat Kaji Yamato & Taishi Takizawa (8:01) when T28 used a flying high-angle horizontal cradle on Yamato.
5. U-30 Tag Team Tournament - Semi Final: Manabu Soya & Daichi Kakimoto beat Seiya Sanada & Keita Yano (12:18) when Kakimoto used a German Suplex hold on Yano.
6. Rabbit Boy beat Giant Jet 98:28) with the Shooting Star Press.
7. U-30 Tag Team Tournament - Final: T28 & KUSHIDA beat Manabu Soya & Daichi Kakimoto (17:27) when T28 used the Firebird Splash on Soya.

Credit: Shining Road

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Half Naked women = $ratings$

Nice to see some young talent getting a chance to shine. I really enjoy AJPWs more lighthearted style these days.

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I bet Mutoh ****ed about 7 of those women at the same time after the show. He no doubt did it for Hashimoto.

Well good on AJ to try and make some young stars with this event, god knows there gonna need them in a few years.
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