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Alexa Bliss' Talk is Jericho Interview

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Today, Chris Jericho has uploaded his LONG AWAITED interview with the hottest addition to RAW's Women's Division: Alexa Bliss! She stops by to talk about her beginnings, what got her into WWE, her first homecoming match against Sasha Banks, her reaction to turning heel, and more! Keep in mind, this interview was done before the Columbus RAW a few weeks ago, so she isn't champion yet. Cliffnotes are below.

  • Alexa was booed at her first homecoming to Ohio in NXT, because she had to face Sasha Banks at her peak.
  • Alexa had killer anxiety when told she was turning heel in NXT due to the innocent character she portrayed prior
  • Alexa cried during heat drills because she didn't know how to be mean. Heat drills are practicing trash talking while beating on your opponent.
  • Alexa said going from NXT to Smackdown is like going from high school to college
  • Alexa thanks all of the Smackdown women for being so welcoming. She wouldn't be where she was without them.
  • Alexa enjoys main roster travel over NXT travel because she has her own schedule.
  • During NXT, she had to be on a tight schedule that required everyone to be on the bus at the same time. On the main roster, she can rent cars and arrive at her leisure.
  • Alexa wasn't allowed to watch the Attitude Era because she lifted her arms in the air to crotch chop and almost told her mom to SUCK IT after being told to clean her room.
  • Alexa was a professional body builder that got told to try out for WWE by her trainer.
  • Alexa sent her video into WWE, and Triple H signed her without making her do a 30 day tryout on the basis that he hoped she's as athletic as she looked.
  • Alexa's family are big wrestling fans. Her grandma loves Dusty and The Great Kabuki.
  • Alexa has competed in the Arnold Classic every year since she was 5. She competed in gymnastics before body building.
  • Alexa and Dana Brooke have the same trainer. They've known each other since 2009.
  • Alexa initially showed up at 95 pounds, and WWE asked her to gain at least 15 pounds because they didn't feel comfortable with putting her in the ring while she was that skinny.
  • Alexa came into NXT with NO experience alongside Sasha, Charlotte, Paige, and Bayley. All of whom except Charlotte had indy experience.
  • Sara Amato gave Alexa her first bump by kicking her leg from underneath her and she will never forget how bad it felt.
  • Alexa incorrectly ran the ropes and kept bashing the back of her neck because she was so short( @IceTheRetroKid :mj) and didn't know she wasn't supposed to do it like that. Months later, she started running the ropes on her tippy toes.
  • Alexa had a sit down with Sara Amato and told her she had no idea what she's doing and to please provide her with help. Alexa always went to extra sessions with Sara to show she's dedicated and prove she could do it if taught.
  • Alexa took offense to people assuming she was a fitness model because of her appearance.
  • Alexa said she was a terrible ring announcer and had to quit because she was so bad.
  • Bill Demott came up with the name Alexa Bliss. Lexi K was an option because her real name is Lexi Kaufman, but she didn't want to use it because it's too close.
  • Becky helps Alexa with the Bliss puns. (Blissed Off, Blissfits, etc.)
  • Alexa has always colored her hair and she pitched the idea for blonde hair with blue tips.
  • NXT staff demanded Alexa switch from blue to red tips when she turned heel and gave her 5 hours before a taping to do it.
  • Alexa has done several DC Comics ring attire cosplays inspired by Iron Man, Supergirl, Freddy Krueger, Harley Quinn, and The Riddler. She has more coming in the future.
  • Alexa is very proud of her Riddler Wrestlemania entrance, and invited her grandparents who love wrestling to Wrestlemania.
  • #GiveSmackdownWomenAChance trending on Twitter during Wrestlemania weekend is what moved the Smackdown Women's match from the preshow to the Semi Main Event
  • Bayley helped Alexa a lot with her matches and character development, and Charlotte was the first woman to take Alexa under her wing and protect her from bullying.
  • Alexa went from Scott Dawson's southern belle girlfriend to a fairy in NXT. Dusty also floated the idea of her being a country music singer, but thankfully, that only lasted 5 minutes.
  • Alexa says she wouldn't be the character she is today without Blake and Murphy.
  • Alexa was told the day before the Superstar shakeup that she's going to RAW. It was a complete secret.
  • Alexa was very excited to go to RAW so she can be with her best friend in real life, Nia Jax. Her current storyline is art imitating reality.
  • Vince critiqued Alexa's over-expressiveness in her first promo on the main roster by saying "You've gotta bring it down a little. Calm down."
  • Alexa says she wouldn't have a job without Triple H, and he was very helpful in NXT and stayed with anyone who needed extra attention.
  • Alexa loves Sarah Stock(formerly Dark Angel) as a wrestler and a coach. She is a big fan of her ring attire.
  • Alexa's finisher, Twisted Bliss, used to be her dismount off the beam during her gymnastics competitions.
  • Alexa thinks Ember Moon is the biggest standout in NXT right now.
  • Alexa wishes she got to work with Asuka in a storyline. She admires Asuka's intensity and psychology.
  • Alexa's favorite ring attire is the Riddler attire.
  • Alexa is a big fan of horror movie characters, but horror movies scare her.
  • The Omen movies traumatized Alexa for life. She can't look at people hanging because it brings back disturbing childhood flashbacks from initially seeing it.
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I was somewhat surprised as to how little Jericho knew about Alexa's career. I guess as fans sometimes we assume too much that the wrestlers themselves keep up with the goings-on of WWE outside of their own program, but Jericho knew absolutely nothing about Alexa Bliss' career. He didn't know anything about how she got into the industry, when she got called up from NXT or her two notable matches with Becky Lynch.

Also for the record The Great Kabuki was in the WWE very briefly in 1994 as he was one of Mister Fuji's mercenaries that he sent out against Lex Luger when Luger was trying to get a title match against Yokozuna. There was Tenryu, Kabuki and maybe one other guy who came in as cannon fodder for Luger to go through I believe at the Royal Rumble that year prior to getting his match with Yoko.

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Becky with the puns <3

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[*]Vince critiqued Alexa's first promo on RAW by saying "You've gotta bring it down a little. Calm down."
[*]Alexa loves Sara Amato as a wrestler and a teacher. She is a big fan of her ring attire.

Slight corrections to these.

Vince came up to her after one of her first main roster promos and said she needed to tone down her facial expressions a little bit.

Sarah Stock (Dark Angel) who is a producer/coach is whose ring attire she loved.

Also she thinks it was her wrestling knowledge that helped her in her initial interview with HHH, which she name dropped Great Kabuki and pitched an idea of instead of spraying mist, she would spray glitter.

Which she did do


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HA, I knew about Bliss's troubles with the back of her neck hitting the ropes. Why don't Alexa Bliss matches just have footstools surrounding the ring rope so she doesn't have to awkwardly pause on her tippie toes to do a rebound. :punk2

It's funny that Becky helped her with puns for her mic work, now she won't ever be SHORT on any puns. :heston

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What a boring interview, problem with these podcast interviews is that if your an employee of the WWE your pretty much restricted to what you can say.
For example it's not like she can call out Banks for stiffing her while she was in NXT, I mean am i really suppose to care if she was forced to change her blue tips in her hair to red tips??? OMG WWE are probably patting themselves on the back saying good job changing the colour of her hair because she would of never been that successful.

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Like i posted in the Alexa thread in the WoW section, she didn't say it, but you can imply she really doesn't like Sasha very much, she put over every HW but Sasha, which the only mention she about her was about being her first match and also being his first match back in Ohio when NXT started touring
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It's amazing how she didn't know how to be mean just a couple of years ago and now she's portraying this awesome bitch so naturally.
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