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Alex Riley @ Mania 27 = Sycho Sid @ Mania 11?

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At WrestleMania XI(aka the worst WrestleMania of all time), Sycho Syd was Shawn Michael's bodyguard, and his interference in Michael's match against Diesel prevented HBK from walking out as the WWE Champion.

In the match, Sid tried to distract the referee so Michaels could attack Diesel. But when Michaels had Diesel pinned, the referee had been attacked by Sid. By the time the ref got into the ring for the three-count, Diesel had kicked out.

HBK ended up blaming Sid for his loss, and the two ended up fueding.

Now unless Alex Riley decides to throw a party and gets another DUI in the next 6 weeks, he's going to be at ringside during The Miz's match against John Cena.

What are the chances that Riley ends up costing The Miz his title against John Cena?