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You see what america has become when you have untrained non english speaking americans in america you get alberto del boro the most boring man on the planet.

You get Zeb coulter a true proud american patriot who loves you all and wants what is best for you in america.

Then when you have the greatest american patriot to grace the wwe you the smarky fans all piss on him and his true american heroes:
jack swagger

antonio cesaro

fighting against filth like:
Alberto del mexico

rosa not parks mendez

Antonio Banderas with his
:banderas huge ego

It makes me sick goddamit I want to see the real americans of america triumph over the evil non english speaking peoples from :eek: Mexico :cussin: :cussin: :cussin: .

Cesaro for world heavyweight champ and jack swagger for american champion

The revolution starts now show your support for the real americans
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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