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Alberto Del Rio/Christian Feud

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How are they going to finish this feud now that Del Rio is winning the Royal Rumble? Do you think Christian will play a part in the inevitable Edge/Del Rio WHC feud?

Edge used Unprettier in his match with Ziggler, i think that's enough tease that Christian will return soon in order to turn the heat up for Del Rio/Edge feud. In a classic babyface vs. heel feud, the babyface usually wins at the end after returning from injury, but in this case, i'm afraid Christian will merely serve as a fodder to Del Rio to make Del Rio look strong going into WM. I, personally, would love to see Christian getting involved further, you know, like putting him in the match to make it triple threat at WM (the match is not gonna sell, i know), but it's just my preference.
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What kinda question is that? OF COURSE he'll be in the match. WWE arent that dumb, they know Christian's history with both competitors.
With all due respect, no freaking way he'll be in the match, I will gladly eat my words if he is. I've been a loyal peep since Christian's debut in 1998 way before we were called peeps LOL but it's not happening sadly, that ship sailed in 2005 and if anything Christian will just have a match with Del Rio on Smackdown or something and that will be the end of it. I just don't want to get my hopes up :(
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