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Alberto Del Rio/Christian Feud

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How are they going to finish this feud now that Del Rio is winning the Royal Rumble? Do you think Christian will play a part in the inevitable Edge/Del Rio WHC feud?

Edge used Unprettier in his match with Ziggler, i think that's enough tease that Christian will return soon in order to turn the heat up for Del Rio/Edge feud. In a classic babyface vs. heel feud, the babyface usually wins at the end after returning from injury, but in this case, i'm afraid Christian will merely serve as a fodder to Del Rio to make Del Rio look strong going into WM. I, personally, would love to see Christian getting involved further, you know, like putting him in the match to make it triple threat at WM (the match is not gonna sell, i know), but it's just my preference.
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I'm pretty sure no one's dreading ADR's Rumble Victory, not even Christian fans. Hell if anything, ADR's win got some of the 'peeps' positive about Christian's chances at this year's Wrestlemania. So I don't get the generalization.
As a 'Peep' I can tell that I'm evn more negative than I was before. Had Del Rio been eliminated I wouldn't have give much thought to Christian having a major match at Wrestlemania. Now I'm focused on the 99.9% likelyhood that WWE will throw away the opportunity yet again.

I'm still happy that Del Rio won, just not because of the possible Christian feud.

W/ Edge using the "Killswitch" last night, Alberto Del Rio winning the Rumble Match it's hard for me to believe Christian won't be in some way involved in the World Heavyweight Championship match at Wrestlemania. I just don't know how it'll be done. Possibly a Triple Threat but having a 1 on 1 match would be ideal. Quite exciting to see what happens though.
Call me paranoid but I'm convinced Edge using the Killswitch was just to raise peoples hopes only to dash them once more. Mind you, Striker calling it the Unprettier could mean something. Probably not though.
With all due respect, no freaking way he'll be in the match, I will gladly eat my words if he is. I've been a loyal peep since Christian's debut in 1998 way before we were called peeps LOL but it's not happening sadly, that ship sailed in 2005 and if anything Christian will just have a match with Del Rio on Smackdown or something and that will be the end of it. I just don't want to get my hopes up :(
To add to your point, it's reaching the stage where a world title push for Christian would suffer from the same problems as Kane's 2010 push, in other words, it'll turn out to be terrible simply because Christian isn't the performer he was when he actually did deserve the title.

I don't believe that to be the case right now, he's much younger than Kane, less broken down and the natural feuds that can get him into contention are nothing like as played out but it is a worry.
Exactly. Del Rio winning the Royal Rumble match makes Christian more insignificant than ever before, aside from the point of interest involving Christian's relationship with Edge, which Miz touched on last night on Raw.

To make it a simple mathematical formula, Del Rio was already like, a 5 in WWE's way of thinking back in September when the feud between he and Christian (which was only going to last a couple more weeks at best, everyone's acting like they were going to build it up to Wrestlemania or something), and Christian was, oh, let's be charitable and say he's a 3. Well, Del Rio, after winning the Royal Rumble and having a shot at a world championship at Wrestlemania, is now like, oh, I'd say he's safely an 8.

And Del Rio is now beginning a feud with Edge, who, let us say, is a 10 (meaningful number for him, too).

Nothing has happened to increase Christian's numerical value, aside from being mentioned in the program a little and a little there (and note how Striker called Christian Edge's "buddy," which immediately makes you think of a practically-defenseless sort of friend taken out by a bad guy, and last night on Raw, Miz called him Edge's "little buddy"--good grief).

8 > 3

Del Rio and Christian are on different levels now enitirely in WWE. They very well might cross each other's paths, I'd say it's safe to say there will probably be a match (on TV) between them, or maybe WWE makes Christian Del Rio's indentured servant after we discover that Christian took a bad risk in the stock market (I can't think of any storyline like that one), but the point is, they're hardly equals now, and they really weren't back in September.

Christian being inserted into this program as an equal out of the blue would be one of the biggest cases of charity from WWE that I've seen in a long time. Somehow, I don't see it happening. Christian was there for Del Rio's benefit, as Matt Hardy was there for McIntyre's benefit, as MVP was there for Miz's benefit (all by the time of these respective storylines). It was never about an actual battle of equals feud. It was about older wolves being eaten by younger ones.
So we're in agreement that Christian will, at best, be Hardcore Holly to Del Rio's Lesnar. That's perfectly reasonable in the short term although I have, since I was always a Holly fan, given some thought to how he could've been presented as a credible opponant for Brock and I'm sure I could do the same for Christian.
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