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Found this 2009 article on ign
AJ Styles Comments On McCool
Using "Styles Clash", Says
Morrison Steals Moves
By Daniel Pena
Sep 4, 2009 - 2:02:17 AM
There has been quite a bit of
discussion online as of late
regarding Michelle McCool using
the "Styles Clash" finisher
popularized by AJ Styles of rival
promotion TNA Wrestling. The
WWE Women's Champion has
come under fire for using the
maneuver, so much so that she
has spoken out online a few
times defending herself against
outraged wrestling fans.
Regarding Styles' take on the
situation, he is "cool" with the
WWE Diva using his signature
maneuver after discussing the
matter with friend and former
co-worker Gail Kim.
"Gail Kim's one of my really
good friends, and I asked her
about that and we talked about
it and she (McCool) does do my
move, but I'm flattered that she
would think to use that move. It
doesn't bother me at all," Styles
told IGN.com in an interview
promoting his appearance on
MTV's MADE this weekend. "I
guess it might be different if a
guy was doing it and calling it
something else."
Styles feels "there's not a lot of
moves in the world," so he
understands fellow wrestlers
using one of his own.
"It's hard to be different. But it's
cool with me," Styles said. "Now
it would be different if it was a
guy in my own company."
Styles follows the last quote by
criticizing John Morrison, feeling
he copies "everyone else's move
and hasn't come up with one."
However, Styles feels the WWE
wrestler performs them well, so
he has no real problem with
"But there is that one dude.
What's his name? I'm like, good
grief, this guy does everyone
else's move and hasn't come up
with one," Styles said. "He's a
heck of an athlete. Morrison.
Yeah, I've seen him do a lot of
Low Ki's moves. He does my
Spiral Tap. I was like, 'Man, this
guy watches a lot of tape.' But
he does them well, so I can't say
anything bad about him. He
does them well. He's heck of an
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