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AJ and the white coats idea

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I think would be an interesting angle if due to different superstars and commentators talking behind her back about her being crazy for months before she bacame GM, if she had the men in the White Coats go down and commit to the asylum any superstar who did anything at all out of the ordinary.

It would be a reign of terror and very interesting.
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That would be stupid. AJ is already overexposed.
And how would it be "stupid" exactly? AJ is going to have exposure, she's the GM. The White Coats would give her character purpose beyond simply booking matches.
Kinda reminds me of clockwork orange for some reason minus the rape...well for now.
The idea I had or the events of last night?
That would be quite similar to Cody Rhodes gimmick and the baggers. Also that would only work with a heel character and AJ isn't heel.
I don't think its really similar at all. And AJ could easily become heel.
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