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AfterMania: Darwin's Monday Night Raw

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Reader's Notes:
This takes place after Wrestlemania XXVII.
Certain matches on the Wrestlemania card have been changed.
The Rock never came back to host Wrestlemania.
This BTB will be done in Recap style.

WWE Championship
The Miz def. John Cena to retain the WWE Championship

WWE Diva's Championship
Awesome Kong def. Michelle McCool, Layla, Eve & Melina to become the new WWE Diva’s Champion

World Heavyweight Championship
Alberto Del Rio def. Christian and Edge (c) to become the new World Heavyweight Champion

Streak... Versus Career?
Undertaker def. Triple H

Jerry "The King" Lawler def. Jack Swagger & Michael Cole

Randy Orton def. CM Punk

The Big Show def. Wade Barrett

Cody Rhodes def. Rey Mysterio

Money in the Bank
Kofi Kingston def. John Morrison, Drew McIntyre, Justin Gabriel, Evan Bourne,
R-Truth, Chavo Guerrero, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus & Booker T
Booker T became the surprise contestant after the 8th contestant didn’t come out. He got up from his announcer's chair and took off his suit to reveal his full wrestling attire underneath.

Dark Match
The Wrestlemania XXVII Gauntlet

Anybody else on the card took part in this Gauntlet match. It started off with Zack Ryder and Mark Henry.
The eventual winner was Yoshi Tatsu who last eliminated Primo.

- - -

WWE Champion - The Miz
United States Champion- Daniel Bryan

RAW Roster
Alex Riley
CM Punk
Daniel Bryan
Darren Young
David Hart Smith
David Otunga
Evan Bourne
Husky Harris
Jey Uso
Jimmy Uso
John Cena
John Morrison
Mark Henry
Mason Ryan
Michael McGillicutty
Michael Tarver
Randy Orton
Santino Marella
Skip Sheffield (Injured)
Ted DiBiase
The Great Khali
The Miz
Triple H
Tyson Kidd
Vladimir Kozlov
William Regal
Yoshi Tatsu
Zack Ryder

On-Air Personalities
Jerry “The King” Lawler
Justin Roberts
Matt Striker
Michael Cole
Vince McMahon

Note: The Smackdown! Roster is here just for my reference but this show will be recapped very briefly just so you know results and get a basic jist of feuds when it comes to the Smackdown! matches on Pay-Per-Views.

World Heavyweight Champion - Alberto Del Rio
Intercontinental Champion - Kofi Kingston
Unified Tag Team Champions - Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel

Smackdown! Roster
Alberto Del Rio
Big Show
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Masters
Cody Rhodes
Drew McIntyre
Ezekiel Jackson
Heath Slater
Jack Swagger
Justin Gabriel
Kofi Kingston
Rey Mysterio
Trent Baretta
Tyler Reks
Wade Barrett

On-Air Personalities
Booker T
Josh Matthews
Matt Striker
Ricardo Rodriguez
Theodore Long
Todd Grisham
Tony Chimel
Vickie Guerrero

- - -

News / Rumours

- The WWE Draft is coming soon and with the draft will come some firings. Expect to see some undercard fat trimmed from both rosters in between the shuffle.

- Word has it that creative are in the process of removing the Anonymous Raw GM which has been in place for some time now. If true you can expect to see developments towards that in the following weeks.

- To all the people who said The Rock was coming back for Wrestlemania? HA! We told you so.

- Jerry "The King" Lawler is expected to retire tomorrow night on the April 4th Edition of RAW. Sources are yet to confirm if it is just from wrestling or from the company altogether. PWInsider suspects it's the former.​
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Decent time period and a nice format. A gauntlet match as a dark match seems kinda weird since a gauntlet match with 20 or so guys would take a long time.

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Monday Night Raw
April 4th - 2011

- - -

Wrestlemania XXVII Package, Pyro and Monday Night Raw's New Theme
The biggest spots of the night along with the ending moments of each match play in this 5 minute package. The video ends with the moment when The Miz scored a 3 count over the challenger John Cena in what was the biggest win of The Miz’s career and also one of the biggest upsets in the history of Wrestlemania. The show then starts off as King introduces us all to Monday Night Raw in ecstatic fashion. As the new music for Monday Night Raw is playing he’s sure to thank KoRn for the non-explicit version of the track “Right Now” which will be the new theme of Monday Nights. He reminds us a couple of times of how he beat both Michael Cole and Jack Swagger last night as CM Punk’s music hits. He comes out to ringside where he says he’ll be taking over on commentary until Michael Cole is fit enough to make his return to the desk.

The WWE Champion , the Miz comes with Alex Riley not too far behind. Alex Riley is the one holding the Championship high in the air while pointing at Miz shouting his praises. Riley even helps miz get in the ring by sitting down on the second rope. Riley hands Miz back the title and gives him a mic. Miz starts by saying, “Last night was the greatest night of my life.” He receives boos continuously as he carries on tooting his own horn the only way Miz can.

My Time is Now!
John Cena comes out, looking mad at himself for losing but determined to get revenge. He does his signature entrance and runs into the ring. Miz scuttles into the corner as Cena stares him down. He grabs a microphone and says how Miz surprised him and everyone around the world last night by beating him. However, he knows if he got one more shot at the WWE Title then he couldn’t lose. Miz butts in by stating that as the challenger he doesn’t have the right to a rematch and that he has to go to the back of the line along with everybody else.

Anonymous General Manager E-Mail
Everyone looks confused as CM Punk looks somewhat excited. He asks King for permission and goes up to the podium. Punk says, “Oh my God, I’ve always wanted to do this… AND I QUOTE!” Punk receives massive heat to his pleasure and opens the laptop to read the e-mail, “The Miz is right, Cena. You’re not entitled to a rematch. But I can tell that getting beaten by the Miz once isn’t enough for you. So I’ll tell you what, tonight’s main event will be a NON-TITLE Wrestlemania rematch of The Miz versus John Cena.” This only gets a mixed reaction when the crowd hears that the main event is non-title, “However if Cena wins tonight, he will become the Number One Contender to the WWE Title.” Cena gets a massive grin on his face as Miz looks fed up with the GM’s decision. The crowd cheers as Cena leaves the ring and does the You Can’t See Me taunt. Miz and Alex Riley look at each other with sour looks.

We see Triple H walking through the corridors backstage wearing his street attire. He walks past a few people, most of whom keep their distance. King and Punk talk about how Triple H came close but ultimately suffered the same fate as his long time friend HBK. Eventually Triple H walks past one technician who pats him on the arm and says, “Nice try man.” Hunter scowls and sighs before carrying on as we hear some enthusiastic Undertaker fans in the background.

Sheamus vs John Morrison
King and CM Punk talk about how these two wrestled each other last night in the MITB match and almost acted like they were the only two in the ring as they rarely attacked anyone else. They also show a clip from last night’s match in the closing moments where John Morrison is stopping Sheamus from climbing the ladder as Kofi Kingston unhooks the case. Sheamus seems pretty angry as he makes his entrance out but John Morrison looks as cool as a cucumber. A surprisingly brutal mach with both men relying heavily on physical attacks. Sheamus targeted Morrison’s legs most of the match with damaging moves such as a body slam on the outside with Morrison’s legs landing on the steel steps. Sheamus dominates most of the match until Kofi Kingston comes down to ringside to watch the match. Sheamus gets distracted for a moment and Morrison gets a sneaky roll up victory. Morrison quickly escapes from the ring and leaves with Kofi Kingston as they both celebrate. King asks if there’s an allegiance between Kofi and Morrison and Punk says that technically Morrison helped Kofi win the match, so why not?
John Morrison def. Sheamus via Pinfall

Commercial Break

It's time to shake things up again!
The 2011 WWE Draft! Next week on a special edition of Monday Night Raw! Don't miss it, April 11th.

Undertaker is seen walking through backstage, as if he’s on the opposite side of the arena to Triple H. He walks past other wrestlers and technicians but nobody says a word. We cut to another part backstage where the rest of the Nexus without Punk are talking. They’re nervous but say they need to make up to Punk for costing him his match against Randy Orton last night. They all nod together.

-Alberto Del Rio-
Del Rio comes out to the ring in a new Rolls Royce as Ricardo Rodriguez announces him in Spanish. The odd words are made out in English such as: “Edge and Christianos, terrible tag teamos” and “loseros.” Del rio starts his promo the way he always does: “My name is Alberto Del Rio… But you already know that.” He cuts a promo on how neither Edge nor Christian were any match for his arm breaker and that he added a whole new level of class to Wrestlemania. He tells people to not miss Smackdown! As he ends his promo.

At the Announce Table
King and Punk talk about how Triple H said he would retire if he lost to the Undertaker at Wrestlemania as they tell us to stick around for Triple H’s farewell address. CM Punk also says goodbye to King for a short while as he’s in action next. King asks Punk about what’s happening with the Nexus after they practically cost him the match against Randy Orton last night. Punk says he’ll deal with it when the time comes but to expect some “harsh but fair discipline.”

CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan
A chance for Daniel Bryan to look good as he’s been chucked into this match with CM Punk. Both men have come off Wrestlemania with a loss. A good technical display from both men with some hard kicks and submission work from both men. Spots for this match included a massive drop kick from Daniel Bryan and a super back suplex from CM Punk. Nexus come running down to the ring but Punk tells them to go away, shouting at them like a mad man. While his back is turned, Daniel Bryan grabs and slams him down with a tiger suplex which rolls through to Cattle Mutilation! Punk soon escapes from that submission but Daniel Bryan jumps back on CM Punk with the LeBell Lock! CM Punk eventually has no choice but to tap to the mastery of Bryan’s submission. Bryan makes a cautious exit as Nexus enter the ring and start apologising to Punk. He grabs a microphone from ringside and starts talking. He orders the Nexus to do as they’re told because CM Punk knows best. Then he starts questioning each member’s motives and asking whether they were serious about Nexus. He then accuses Husky Harris of not being straight edge because of his apparent beer belly. After much arguing between the members CM Punk removes all their armbands and demands they all leave his ring. Otunga, McGillicutty and Mason Ryan leave the ring but Husky Harris refuses. Harris shoves Punk into the corner but then begins to apologise for what he’s done. Punk looks furious. He grabs Husky’s Nexus armband and shoves it in his mouth before laying him out with the GTS! Punk escorts Otunga, McGillicutty and Ryan to the back and returns back to the desk.
Daniel Bryan def. CM Punk via Submission

Commercial Break

It's time to shake things up again!
The 2011 WWE Draft! Next week on a special edition of Monday Night Raw! Don't miss it, April 11th.

The King
We come back from commercial to see Jerry “The King” Lawler in his wrestling attire in the middle of the ring with a microphone in hand. He says he great it was to have his own match at Wrestlemania and he enjoyed kicking the crap out of Cole and Swagger. However he says he’s willing to forgive Cole because after all, he still has to announce with him. King goes onto say that he’s retiring from in-ring action but will still be announcing at ringside, announcing, commentating and interacting with the fans. The fans chant “One more match!” and King says, “One more match?! Well it just so happens that I know someone backstage who would be more than happy to give me one final match!” There is a ten second silence.

The Dragon
There’s a big pop for Ricky Steamboat’s music and even CM Punk sounds surprised and excited. As he enters the ring, the two men shake hands and taunt together.

The King's Retirement Match: Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat
In an action packed near 7 minute match, we see the best of both of these veterans. Notable spots include three different piledriver reversals (back body drop, sunset flip pin and Alabama slam), a high flying cross body from The Dragon and a stalling vertical suplex from The King. The end of the match comes from a body slam followed by a diving fist drop from the top rope. As Jerry’s music plays he helps Ricky up and they both celebrate as Ricky holds Jerry’s arm up. Nothing teary or over-dramatic but all in all a nice way to end a very impressive in-ring wrestling career.
Jerry "The King" Lawler def. Ricky "The Dragon Steamboat

Sheamus is storming around, shouting to try and find the General Manager. By chance, Sheamus finds Theodore Long. After explaining his case in a somewhat violent manner, Teddy says this:
“Now hold on playa, you can’t just go about storming all over the place to find an anonymous General Manager, it kinda defeats the point doesn’t it! Now I’ll tell you what. You say Kofi Kingston cost you the match tonight? Well he’s on Smackdown, which is my territory. So you come over on Friday and I’ll make it official. Kofi Kingston versus Sheamus. One-on-one!”
Sheamus then asks if he can have the MITB on the line but Teddy refuses saying that MITB is a big opportunity and it’s never just handed out and is extremely hard to win. No matter how Sheamus feels, Teddy can’t just put Kofi’s briefcase on the line unless Kofi agress to it which he won’t. Sheamus walks off content.

No Chance in Hell
Vincent Kennedy McMahon comes out onto the stage to a quiet reaction. He says how Wrestlemania XXVII was a massive success but to look ahead to a new year in the WWE. He says that next week will be the special Draft edition of Monday Night Raw and that it will feature superstars from both Raw and Smackdown! Vince then says that as the owner of the company he will be the one making decisions about any decisions Raw gets to make.

-Anonymous General Manager E-Mail-
CM Punk comes up to the podium and jumps right into his new job as the Anonymous GM speaker.
“Aaaaaand I QUOTE! Man this day gets better and better! *Ahem* Mr McMahon, I respect your authority as the Chairman of the WWE. However, this is my show. You are standing on my stage and are taking up my time with your dribble. I suggest that you leave the stage now and that next week you leave all executive decisions to me. It is my job to ensure that Monday Night Raw remains as entertaining as possible and I can’t do that if you’re going to stick your nose where it’s not wanted. Trust me, I’ve been doing this job better than you’ve been capable of doing for a while now. So with all due respect sir… Get the hell out of my Raw.”
Vince gets extremely angry with CM Punk but Punk defends himself saying he was just reading it the way it was written. He then says that Vince should know who the GM is and that getting angry at him was useless. Vince then avoids CM Punk’s eye for a moment and just says:
“Just make sure you don’t miss next week’s Raw. Goodbye everybody.”

At The Announce Table
King and Punk go into a mini debate from when Vince came out, Punk makes note of the fact that Vince went quiet and couldn’t look at him when Punk said that Vince should know who the GM is. King says, “Well surely the Chairman knows who he is… Right?” Punk simply responds with: “I don’t know.”

WWE Unified Tag Team Championships
Heath Slater (c) & Justin Gabriel (c) vs. Rey Mysterio & Evan Bourne
After the Corre disbanded last night following the defeat from Big Show and seeing as it was Slater and Gabriel’s last chance to hold onto the titles they were challenged by Evan Bourne and Rey Mysterio. While Gabriel and Slater started off promisingly enough but the high paced double teams from Rey and Bourne proved to be too much for them in the end. The ending came when Rey Mysterio hit a Sliced Bread on Heath Slater and tagged in Evan to cap it off with the Air Bourne. The cruiserweights celebrated as Rey grabbed a mic after a quick discussion with Evan bourne. Rey goes on to say:
“We want to be fighting champions, to be the best Tag Team Champions this world has ever seen! So we’re going to state this right now. We’re willing to take on any team, at any place at any time! Me and Evan are always ready. Raw, Smackdown, Pay-Per-View… That doesn’t matter to us homie. Because no matter who we face, we guarantee that we’ll still be champions when the match is over.”
The pair leave with their shiny new belts as King and Punk agree those were big words for two of the smallest superstars on the roster but both say that it will take a team with a lot of tenacity and natural ability to take the belts from those two.
Rey Mysterio & Evan Bourne Win via Pinfall to become the new WWE Tag Team Champions

Commercial Break

It's time to shake things up again!
The 2011 WWE Draft! Next week on a special edition of Monday Night Raw! Don't miss it, April 11th.

Main Event: John Cena vs. The Miz (Non-Title)
If John Cena wins, he becomes the #1 Contender
In a match lasting just over ten minutes, Miz kept control for most of the match and tried to put Cena away early with multiple Skull Crushing Finale attempts. The finish came when the Miz was flap jacked onto a turnbuckle he had exposed himself, and then given a thunderous AA with the momentum. Cena scored the 3 count to a massive pop. The Miz rolled out of the ring and went to grab his WWE Title out of instinct, continually saying, “You’ll never get it!”
John Cena def. The Miz via Pinfall

Anonymous General Manager E-Mail
CM Punk looks excited and hopes up to the podium and says “I wonder if I got any new Frontierville Updates? But I digress. *Ahem* Congratulations John Cena, you’re the Number One Contender to the WWE Title. Your match for the WWE Championship… Begins right now. Ring the bell!”

WWE Championship
John Cena vs. The Miz (c)
The Miz by now has made it half way up the ramp and Alex Riley has come out to help him get away with the title. Miz keeps saying “No! No!” as he’s being helped up. Cena with a new burst of energy runs up to the ramp and slugs it out with Riley before decking him with a clothesline. Cena then grabs Miz and runs him down the ramp and slides him into the ring. Miz clambers up to his feet and Cena slides into the ring too. The bell is rung and the match is officially underway. However Miz turns round and slams the championship over the skull of John Cena! The bell is rung once more and the match is already over. The Miz is handed a microphone from Alex Riley who is holding the back of his neck after the clothesline he took on the outside. The Miz catches his breath and says:

“Now Cena… Go to the back of the line… Looks to me like you just got outsmarted again by the WWE Champion, The Miz. That’s two nights in a row Cena! Two nights in a row and I’ve defeated you in singles competition. That’s gotta hurt!”

The Miz laughs with Alex Riley as he takes a deep breath and shouts:
Riley and the Miz leave while laughing and a doctor comes down to check on Cena.
John Cena def. The Miz via DQ
The Miz is still WWE Champion

Commercial Break

The Undertaker comes out to talk about Triple H’s loss last night but also to pay respect to someone whose led a great career. The Undertaker talks about a lot of the bouts those two have had together and has said that with every bout, no matter how much hate there was between them the respect only got stronger. The Undertaker then says, “Triple H, you have earned all my respect.”

Time to Play the Game
Triple H comes out to the ring with a sledgehammer in hand, King and Punk are nervously talking about whether Triple H would really attack Undertaker after such a heart warming speech. Triple H leaves the sledgehammer on the apron as he enters the ring. He says:

“You know Taker, my original plan was to come out here with that sledgehammer and knock the living daylights out of you but… As much as it kills me to say it… You’re the man. You’re the man whose going to leave the biggest impact when you’re gone! You’re the man who will author the greatest legacy for future generations to see when you‘re no longer here! You’re always going to be the man, even decades after you leave this ring. It’s sorta like, when an artist dies… His achievements and paintings become that much more valuable.”

There is a silence and a big grin from Triple H… Until he smacks Taker with the microphone! He continues beating down the Undertaker with the microphone, eventually making him bleed.

“Don’t you see Undertaker? I’m trying to do you a favour!”

Triple H throws the microphone down in favour of the sledgehammer, and slams it into the gut of the Undertaker. With an evil look in his eyes Triple H follows through with a Pedigree on the sledgehammer! Triple H taunts with his arms raised in the air but then goes down to Taker’s head with the microphone in hand.

“I was originally going to retire Taker, but I’ve changed my mind. I’m not going to retire, I’m not going to take a day off, I will not rest until I have destroyed the you and the legacy you’ve left behind you! You’re not the man, I AM!

Triple H shoves the head of Undertaker, adding insult to a possible injury. King and Punk keep shouting about how Triple H has gone completely insane and how anyone could do such a thing to anybody let alone the Undertaker. Raw goes off the air as Hunter stands over Taker’s lifeless body.

End Show

- - -

Quick Results
John Morrison def. Sheamus via Pinfall
Daniel Bryan def. CM Punk via Submission
Jerry "The King" Lawler def. Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat
WWE Tag Team Titles: Rey Mysterio & Evan Bourne def. Heath Slater(c) & Justin Gabriel (c) via Pinfall
John Cena def. The Miz via Pinfall (Cena became #1 contender)
WWE Title: John Cena def. The Miz via DQ (The Miz is still WWE Champion)

- - -

WWE Backlash coming to you LIVE from the St Pete Times Forum in Tampa, Florida Sunday May 1st

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Alirght, a great first show. Intersting what could possibly arise from Kofi fighting sheamus. I just wonder how kofi's MITB ends up playing a role in the match. Interesting Nexus developments, but Harris is big enough to lay out Punk instead of getting smashed himself. Retiring Jerry closes that door quite nicely. Its nice to see a good tag team win the titles. I wasn't sure who was heel in the part with vince and the gm though. The John Cena and Miz part was pretty good.

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Thanks for the feedback so far guys. I'll change the Gauntlet to a Mini Rumble and show the title changes after the next Raw because I'll have to show the draft changes as well. Title histories will also come after the next episode of Raw. Until then, here's the recapped results of Smackdown!

Teddy Long comes out and says how he won’t have show run amok like Monday Night Raw. He then says that to keep things in order, he’s come up with the GM Impression Award. He says he’s put together matches tonight that showcase the best of what Smackdown has to offer. Overall he shall choose who has impressed him the most and they will be given a reward. The chance to be the #1 Contender to the World Heavyweight Championship!

Alberto Del Rio then comes out in a sleek Rolls Royce. He talks about how Teddy’s announcement doesn’t matter because he was able to overcome both Edge and Christian to officially put himself on the WWE map as one of the fastest rising superstars in the history of sports entertainment. After more bragging he goes on to praise his finisher, the cross arm breaker as the ultimate submission move as it is both quick, torturous and deadly. He says that it is quite possible then, or perhaps even certain… That Alberto Del Rio is the best submission wrestler of all time?

After this, Chris Masters comes out to Del Rio’s surprise. He mocks Masters as having more brawns than Brains but Masters rebutts him by saying brute strength is where he truly excel because he is the one with the best submission move, The Masterlock. Del Rio swats it away but Masters gets fired up. He challenges Del Rio to a Submission match later on tonight. Del Rio grins and agrees. Del Rio sticks out his hand for a handshake. Masters hesitantly goes for it but Del Rio attempts the cross arm breaker! Masters is able to escape and points at Del Rio while leaving, who is laughing maniacally. He then shouts after Masters, “I’m going to win our submission match tonight… But you already know that!”

Chavo Guerrero def. JTG (Pinfall)
A fast paced match to start off this Friday night, there are a couple of near falls for both men. The finish came when Chavo countered the Shout-Out into a Blue Thunder Bomb variation. From there he hit JTG with the Frog Splash for the victory.

Edge and Christian run into each other backstage and Christian says he’s not sorry for what he did to Edge because he wanted to secure the World Heavyweight Championship. Edge says that it’s okay because he did the same thing. They try to patch things together but it’s pretty awkward. Christian then says that he really wants to make amends so he’s got something planned for later on tonight. When Edge asks what it is, Christian says “Let’s just say it will reek of awesomeness! Now I gotta go see Teddy Long quick.”

Kofi Kingston def. Sheamus (Pinfall)
Kofi scored a win after Morrison interfered with a massive springboard roundhouse kick. Kofi (who didn’t see the distraction) followed it up with the S.O.S for the three count.

CM Punk announces his arrival to watch Smackdown just in case anyone jumps ship, he wants to see what his new competition will be. We cut to someone else walking backstage, wearing black boots and a long black coat. We can't see their face. Could it be the Undertaker?

Jack Swagger def. Big Show (Submission)
After targeting Big Show’s ankle all match, Show collapses when trying to go for a big boot. Swagger takes advantage with the ankle lock and Show has no choice but to tap to the All-American-American.

Sheamus asks for a match against Morrison or a rematch with Kofi when Morrison is barred from ringside but Teddy refuses as he’s a Raw superstar so Teddy cannot do any more. He says that Sheamus should make a choice. If he wants to come to Smackdown to get his own back on Kofi then that’s fine. However, he should stay at Raw if it’s Morrison he’s got the real beef with. Sheamus then roars in anger as he stomps away.

Tyler Reks def. Kane (Pinfall)
A battle of two of the most monstrous competitors Smackdown has to offer, Reks came into his own during this match. He eventually finished Kane off with the Rekkoning Day (Burning Hammer) to score the upset of the night.

Undertaker’s music comes on but it’s Triple H who comes out. When the music finally dies down, Triple H says, “Expecting someone else?” He then goes on to say how Undertaker probably didn’t have the guts to come tonight, let alone the energy to get out of the hospital bed he’s probably staying in. Teddy Long comes out and says it’s appalling how Triple H would rid Smackdown of one of it’s biggest and best superstars because he’s a sore loser. He then orders that unless Triple H is leaving right now, he’ll have to wrestle to make up for the fact that Taker isn’t here. Triple H decides to leave but says that it wouldn't matter if Teddy brought anyone out because if anyone was foolish enough to fight Hunter right how, he’d take them out with the sledgehammer the same way he did to Taker on RAW.

WWE Unified Tag Team Titles
Evan Bourne & Rey Mysterio def. Edge & Christian (Count-out)

The 7 time Tag Team Champions were a little rusty but soon found they were in their element. A lot of pops from the crowd for this long-awaited reunion. Bourne and Mysterio impressed once more with their cruiserweight double team moves. The end comes however when Edge falls victim to the 619 and staggers backwards from the blow. Christian then runs into the ring and gives Edge the Unprettier! Christian then leaves muttering trash talk under his breath; Bourne and Mysterio look really annoyed as Christian ruin the match. Out of respect for Edge they don’t attack or pin him after Christian’s attack but rather allow them to lose via countout.

Alberto Del Rio and Master’s match is next. Masters is looking focused but Del Rio is looking overly confident. Del Rio grabs the microphone and says this, “Hey, beefcake. I’m so confident that I will win with my patented cross arm breaker that if you can last longer than 5 minutes… I’ll put the World Heavyweight Championship on the line.” At this point the commentators go crazy saying that this could be Master’s biggest opportunity yet. As the bell rings, a 5 minute timer appears on the screen.

Main Event - Submission Match
Alberto Del Rio vs. Chris Masters

Masters goes all out on Del Rio, impressing with his physical offence and use of submission holds such as the abdominal stretch. Masters even goes as far as to target other body parts with impressive shoulder breaker moves. After 4 mintues, Masters has already avoided one cross arm breaker attempt. With ten seconds left on the clock, Masters gets the Masterlock on Del Rio! Del Rio doesn’t look in pain but panics like hell and looks at the clock. With precious seconds left, he screams at the referee that he gives up! Masters releases and by the time he looks up at the tron, the timer has run out. Tony Chimel goes to announce the winner and Masters looks ecstatic but anxious. Chimel announces,

“The winner of this match by Submission… Chris Masters! However, still the World Heavyweight Champion, Alberto Del Rio!”

Masters goes crazy shouting “NO!! NOO!!” but watches intently on the tron as they show a slow motion replay. Del Rio says that he tapped out at 4:57 and the bell was rung at 4:59. Therefore, the World Title was never on the line. If Masters had not locked Del Rio in that hold then he could very well have been the World Heavyweight Champion! Del Rio then grabs the microphone from Chimel and walks up the ramp with his World Heavyweight Championship. Del Rio gloats,

“Like I said… You’re all brawns but no brain! And that is what separates the common guy like you… From the World heavyweight Champions like me, Alberto Del Rio.”

The commentators finally twig that Del Rio wasn't really tapping from pain but just ending the match to get Master's hopes up while keeping his championship safe! Masters looks extremely frustrated as Del Rio carries on laughing as the walks to the back.

Chris Masters def. Alberto Del Rio (Submission, 4:59)

End Show

- - -

Quick Results

Chavo Guerrero def. JTG (Pinfall)
Kofi Kingston def. Sheamus (Pinfall)
Jack Swagger def. Big Show (Submission)
Tyler Reks def. Kane (Pinfall)
WWE Tag Team Championships Rey Mysterio & Evan Bourne def. Edge & Christian (Count-out)
Chris Masters def. Alberto Del Rio (Submission, 4:58)

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alright this was a pretty good sd. the kofi/morrison/sheamus thing is getting a little confusing, i hope you reveal what is happening there. since you had reks win it only makes sense you continue giving him a push. a title feud with kofi would make sense. mysterio and evan wih the titles is good, but a christian heel turn should be highlighted more. the last part gives del rio more heat, which is nice.

rating so far: 7/10. its good, but some things dont make sense. make sure you do something good with superstars who are idle.
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