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Just sharing my thoughts...

Surely the aim of 'before the glory' was to build bound for glory and make me want to fork out my hard earned cash to buy the ppv. I should have been on the phone ordering it with excitement by the time reaction came on, i should have been waiting in anticipation to see the three way main event and not being able to wait to see ev2 vs fortune in the cage. So how come afterwards i want to see it less. I even found myself skipping parts. I mean its your lead in show to the biggest event of the year and you have EY and OJ vs ink inc in a comedy outing followed by shore, WTF!? The show was back to front and quite simply awful.
The battle royal was a joke and did nothing to further my interest in the main event.

Foley flair was a classic example of how to simply and effectively build a pro wrestling match, 2 guys cutting brilliant promos on each other, asking for a match where the gimmick makes perfect sense and ending the feud with an epic encounter and a clear winner! i was more excited to see these 2 past their prime legends go at it than anything on show at bfg. And they delivered! But these moments are few and far between in wrestling now.

TNA has an incredible roster but the booking is simply awful at times to the point where it ruins the escapism of the sport. WWE is no better, no new stars coming through, over scripted robotic promos, terrible use of gimmick matches. Im losing faith with this beautiful art form called pro wrestling 2 days before i am 'supposed' to be the most excited about it.
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