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Now i have been a HUGE mark for Sting since the late 1980's and he was in fact the man that made me love wrestling and he was the first wrestler who was ever my favorite, there was something about the character that would always draw me in and him winning the NWA World title at The Great American Bash against Ric Flair in 1990 is one of my all time favorite moments. That being said though and for all the love i have for him i personally feel that Sting should return to being a part time character similar to how The Undertaker is in WWE rather than a full time weekly character which takes away a lot of his drawing power.

I loved TNA back in 2006 and personally regard it to be the best year that the company has ever had and Sting was at the forefront of that year in a lengthly feud with Jeff Jarrett but that was at a time when he had just come into the company. Going back to his other best period in TNA was in 2008 when he would simply come and go and be used when TNA needed a major draw for a storyline which they did well with Samoa Joe as World champion and the build up towards Sting/Joe and The Main Event Mafia coming in.

When i look across the whole roster as far as in ring workers go there is only really Sting and Kurt Angle as major names that add anything so i wouldn't let Sting go at all when his name carries so much star power still but i would use him sparingly. With Kurt Angle it is different because whilst he has a big name he is not on the same level as Sting and is better suited to working tv in either short matches or simply just promo's and PPV matches but Sting needs to be used like The Undertaker in WWE as a special attraction.

With Sting coming and going and hopefully Hulk Hogan used backstage rather than on screen every week people like Bobby Roode, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Matt Morgan, Austin Aries, James Storm and Frankie Kazarian can be the main focus alongside Jeff Hardy, Ken Anderson and Kurt Angle. Sting coming back here and there for a major storyline or feud will draw but not when he is on tv weekly and not with the current gimmick which whilst entertaining isn't going to help a serious feud to either elevate a younger wrestler or the company. I love Sting but i love Sting even more when he simply appears after an absence as a serious and darker character and at this stage of his career it is how he should be used.
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