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AEW TV Ratings Thread

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All the numbers stuff here. Have fun and keep it friendly
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New year, new thread, new me

i’m going to listen to all the critics with a calm ear and a warm heart, trying to see their side of the story

Shall we predict the final rating for the final Dynamite and Rampage of the year?

Dynamite - Wednesday 28 December - 1.1 million.
Rampage - Saturday 31st December - 300k - very low because i expect the pandemic to be truly over by this time and everyone will be spending it at some party or event. If it does not go ahead on this night, then the final rampage will be around 500k.
what, like the end of 2022?

lol - ok

Dynamite - 1.3m
Rampage - 520k
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Rerun Reigns falls to the Bunny once again
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It took me a full minute to even find AEW in the ratings table.
you’ll search longer for Smackdown on that top 50 list :sneaky:
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WWE aired a clip show and was bumped to a 3rd tier specialty channel and AEW aired new content. I'm not sure that's a win worth mentioning for AEW.
naah, last time around when there was a smackdown rerun which ran against a channel and time moved dynamite and it won, we had to hear it for a week

turnabouts fair play - Rampage beat Smackdown
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critics be like ‘it doesn’t matter what else was happening, if they put on a better show it‘ll draw more’ :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
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now guys - remember

if this is nice and high, imma have some receipts for those that said 'the west coast 5pm slot affected nothing', m'kay?
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Lower than what i thought it would be :/
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Might be here to stay but won't be growing unfortunately.
that’s ok i guess

leaves the door open for a 3rd company to also take market share

NWA, MLW can take those spots

maybe even GCW

GCW sucks, would like to see MLW or NWA.
they have a pretty loyal fanbase and a unique hardcore style

but i guess they aren’t for everybody

MLW might be the least offensive 3rd option - they’re kinda NJPW / WWE hybrid, right?
All this boils down to TK’s arrogance with regards to bringing in an experienced booker.

AEW is like an NFL team that has an owner (TK) who has the money to bring in world class players (Wrestlers) and therefore the team (Roster) consists of some World
Class throwers/catchers/blockers. But they don’t have a world class manager (Booker) who can put world class plays together and therefore all the players all go out at the same time and throw/catch/block at the same time and there’s no consistency or common goal.

All successful businesses/teams have a hierarchy and common goal(s) that’s why they are successful:

1. Owner - Buys the players
2. Manager - Tells the players how to play
3. Players - Follow the manager’s instructions

You take away the manager (booker) and you have a bunch of world class players (wrestlers) running around without world class instruction and therefore they are not providing a world class performance.

Simple example
Beer-Drinking, horse-riding, Lone Ranger, ass-kicking hangman page is a lot more relatable/exciting than drinking-problem, friend of dark order hangman.

A world class booker would know that.
this 'inexperienced' booker narrative has come and gone

TK has been running a national weekly show (now two) and PPVs for 3 years - booking and the works

that is a lot more 'live' experience at the top of the table than a lot of bookers today

you guys cannot disregard his 'on-work' experience anymore - you can only say 'i don't like his booking style'

also - your Hangman example is out of whack - Hangman is a 3D character is a lot more interesting than 'wrestling cowboy trope'
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Alright, he has over two years of experience and still puts a ton of garbage on his shows.
3 years - aedub is 3 yahrrss old this month

now tv show came later, but there were specials and ppvs and company creation etc etc
Where did I say TK is an inexperienced booker? I said AEW need a world class booker which TK isn’t. TK was an inexperienced booker when AEW started but now he is abooker, and has booked a wrestling show for a few years, but his audience hasn’t grown after multiple cash/talent injections and therefore that would suggest that his booking isn’t that good and could be better as they have everything else (talent, productions, resource etc)

Regarding Hangman, they could have booked him like Austin vs Mcmahon when he was feuding against the Elite and made him a huge star. Instead they had him play around on lawnmowers with a faction of goofs who visibly look like they shouldn’t be on TV. If you hang around with the goofs consistently then you will begin to look like 1 of the goofs.
tell me who is a better booker actually working right now that he can hire

none of your old podcasters who hasn’t booked in years - actual people doing the work that he can hire today

babyfaces being booked like Austin is lazy and old hat
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That's really not helping him look like a better booker.
it is the best overall wrestling show on every week

i know you're a Smackdown / NXT 2.0 fan - but let's be honest, you're actually a Sasha, Roman and Bron fan (maybe one or two more)

you cannot seriously tell me as a whole, any other show is booked better if you disregarded seeing your faves - like if they left, you would most likely not watch
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In your own words you said this weeks dynamite was ok and outside the world title match the rest of the episode was meh.

For a network debut, with a world title match including Bryan, a Tag title match, a CM Punk segment and a title tournament finale, do you think ok is good enough. The components are all there for a great show so what was missing? The booking.

I don’t know what active bookers are out there, I’m a fan so I don’t need to know. However, if I was putting $100m into a wrestling business I’d make it my priority to find out who it was and offer him a job.

Regarding the podcaster comment, TK had a chance to bring him on board but decided to insult him by saying that he, a person with no booking experience, will be booking everything and therefore ignoring an experienced booker’s opinions.

Hangman - Lone underdog babyface against stable of evil heels will always generate money. People tune in weekly to see him overcome the odds.
yeah, i said it was ‘meh’

but one ‘meh’ episode does not make a shit season - otherwise Lost would‘ve stopped at season 3

Corny was never coming onboard - he wouldn’t travel for it / there are no other available bookers out there on this level, and that is unfortunately the fact
I'd say it's second to SmackDown and I think that's fair. If Tony Khan put his best and most logical shit on TV every week, he could easily have the best overall show, but the stupid shit is incredibly stupid and brings him down drastically.

I will give him credit for the first ever televised DQ that simultaneously advanced a storyline and had a major impact on the show in general. It's a huge step in the right direction. The next step is enforcing tag team rules.
they do enforce tag rules

njpw tag rules / not wwe and not 80s

its very similar to njpw, which is really where they come from historically
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No, they don't. There is no tag rule that says you can have all 4-8 guys in the ring for minutes on end doing stupid dance recital bullshit.
Lol - you’ve never watched njpw
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This is also bullshit. I liked the Bucks in Japan when they had smarter wrestlers laying their matches out. You are choosing to ignore their mediocrity in AEW if you can't see the differences.
it is definitely not bullshit

their tag rules are even more lax than AEW

have you ever seen the Taguchi baseball spot for instance?

also - the bucks laid their own matches out in njpw / just read the book
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I'm not saying there were NEVER silly spots. I'm saying they didn't corrupt the entire match for absurd amounts of time that defy the tag counts in excess of several minutes.
they literally - like quite literally have the same type of tag matches as AEW

just he glad its not AAA lucha tag rules - if you can‘t handle this, that style will make you tear your hair out
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I'm not gonna waste extended time flaming these people while they're recovering from a serious illness, so I will conclude this argument by saying they aren't the only offenders, as we literally just saw it in the shitty tag title match on Wednesday. It's an AEW problem.
come now angel eyes - we aren't arguing

we're discussing :D

i can't argue with you
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