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AEW General News, Tweets and Gossip part dos

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Tickets not even on sale yet. Some people are confused about that. They're probably taking a sell out for granted with it being in Chicago, but they just did Forbidden Door there so who knows (especially if Punk isn't back - but if he is, tickets will fly for Mox vs. Punk).
Tony S. mentioned an announcement being made for All Out during Fighter Fest on today's Control Center. Not sure of which week.

i do NOT like this Slim J guy though - feels like a hold-over from the 90s

like an Offspring kid

I know... I used to be one XD
From what I read he is from the time of early original TNA and his gimmick/ look is based off Eminem.

Slim Shady
Slim J

Get it?
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Will Ospreay is the winner of the D Block after defeating Juice Robinson (and with Shingo Takagi losing to El Phantasmo) earlier in this morning's NJPW G1 event.

He is scheduled to face Tetsuya Naito (who is the winner of the C Block) tomorrow morning in the semi-finals.

Not only does this mean that Aussie Open will be entering the Trios title tournament as the new NJPW Strong Openweight Tag Champions, but we'll also have a G1 semi-finalist (at the very least) joining this tournament too in order to add more credibility here.

The United Empire looks like an even bigger threat to Death Triangle on paper within the span of 1 week.
I've always thought United Empire was beating Death Triangle before all this for several reasons;

1.) Pac is All Atlantic Champion so I don't see them doubling up on belts considering his difficulty with travel to begin with.

2.) There has to be a reason Andrade and Will are on the same side of the bracket. This was supposed to be a Forbidden Door match until CMLL banned all AAA wrestlers from competing. I think AEW or New Japan talked to CMLL and discussed with them on the importance and benefits of working together and we are getting that match via Trios.

3.) They are going to tease us with the thought of Omega vs Osprey but won't give it to us... Yet.
FTR will travel to Japan for the first time to defend the IWGP Tag Team Title in Osaka on 11/5. Opponents to be determined. I'd expect them to win this one and then face the winners of the World Tag League at the Tokyo Dome on 1/4.

In December, they will defend the AAA Tag Team Title against the brothers Dragon Lee & Dralistico at AAA's Acapulo show, which will be headlined by Vikingo vs. Bandido for the AAA Mega Title. This show will be on a Wednesday so they'll miss Dynamite that week. I found it funny that AAA used the render of when they were Las Super Ranas, probably the only one of them holding just the AAA tag belts.

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This is a spoiler, not a prediction: FTR is losing tomorrow night.
I always defend TK but his reason for not using Miro is an excuse and I just don’t understand why he’s not on TV.
Tony rotates his talent, it's been that way from the very start. Full Gear just ended which means the start of a new cycle.
Ibushi has set his conditions for joining AEW.

This is much like Bandido seems to be doing, running his own training gym in Mexico.

This is a no brainier. It's pretty much the same deal as Shida/Riho/Yuka and as you already mentioned, Bandido. You sign Ibushi, you keep Kenny and the Bucks.

Do it TK.
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I agree that ROH is piggybacking WM weekend, but that isn't really the same as what WWE is doing against Double or Nothing. Firstly, I hate piggybacking. ROH can get away with it currently because they are restarting and have done it for years, but I hopw they don't do it again. Also, no one believes that SuperCard is going to dig into Smackdown viewers or is being used to take away buys from WM. Placing NXT at the same time as Double or Nothing or a WWE PPV the night before is a direct attempt to limit AEW's buys. That type of stuff is expected between competitors, so I am not mad at it. My post was more aiming towards the people who claim that WWE doesn't care about AEW or that they don't see them as a form of competition. WWE is directly trying to limit the business of a competitor and they have done it multiple times now with AEW.
It's going to happen every year because Righteous Reg from Grapsody asked Tony during a Scrum if they were going to continue having SuperCard during WrestleMania week. At first TK said he didn't want to do that but when Reg told him about the tradition and SuperCard is when he became a fan of ROH, Tony changed his mind. It only reinforced his decision when he saw the same kind of stories from others on social media.
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