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Just realized WWE’s last PPV during WCW’s competition was No Way Out 2001 (they bought WCW out by WMX7) - which was in Las Vegas, and DON - the first PPV offer of their first real competition since then was in the same city. Crazy coincidence in wrestling history. Both were great shows IMO.

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My tips to you would be a few tips I told someone else earlier today.

1. Stay off the internet when watching. You'll enjoy it more.
2. Go in with an open mind and low expectations.

Remember, this is an ALTERNATIVE to the WWE. It'll be easy for those who haven't really watched other promotions (Not aimed at you) to turn their nose up at AEW and Double or Nothing because they're not used to anything else, other commentators, other wrestlers etc.

CM Punk won't be appearing, he's in California commentating at a UFC event and it's likely Moxley won't be there either as he's filming a movie. Neither have been advertised for the show and neither will make or break it.

Omega is worthy of the hype. But again, depends on what you are expecting. If your hype levels are far too high, he may not meet them.

Cody/Dustin won't be a 5 star classic in the ring, so hopefully that's not something you're expecting. The build up to it has been exceptional and the story they'll tell in the ring is likely going to be something a little bit more 80s and slow. If that's not your cup of tea or nor a style you're used to, you might dislike it.

The Bucks are arguably one of the best tag teams in the world but don't sleep on Lucha Brothers. Probably a team you've never heard of if you haven't heard or seen a lot of AEWs roster, but they're fantastic and I believe this could be match of the night.

Production value is big, I get that. It's what separates a big time promotion to those in the lower leagues. But they aren't WWE, who have been doing this 50+ years. WWE and Vince have PRIDED themselves on their production value even back in the 80s.

AEW's production will be completely different. They want to portray it as something different. Face and Heel tunnels for example is something completely different. I am sure they'll have big entrances for the bigger wrestlers, that's a given.

I'm not sure I understand or agree what you mean by ad quality. The production of the Road to Double or Nothing episodes and the "Before the Bell" documentary released on YouTube the other day are some of the best wrestling produced videos I have seen in a very long time, especially outside of the WWE and to think that's the ONE thing that WWE actually do right.

Hopefully, you'll enjoy the show. If you don't, fair enough. In some WWE fans eyes, they'll look at it as why buy an AMD when you can buy an Intel?
Thought I'd get back to this with my reaction.

I loved the show and already halfway out the door as a WWE-only fan!

I was glad to see a heavier emphasis on story-telling than I expected. The commentators called the story that was happening in front of them in particular, which made the heavy in-ring format more story-driven than anticipated. The WWE commentating style with their disconnected key words unrelated to the match wouldn't have worked with this format.

I hated the opening promo by SCU though.

AEW is meant to be young and hip, so they opened their big show with a wrinkley bald guy delivering a WWE-style goofy heel promo while the crowd cheers? That was the cringiest promo I've seen all year and at that point I almost gave up on AEW. The match felt like NXT, and then the Brandi Rhodes promo was intelligently delivered, so I watched a couple more NXT-like matches.

The second half of the show was the best thing I've seen in many years.

Production values were strong enough to convince me they've got the financial investment to compete and that's all I was asking for. The camera issues will be ironed out pretty quickly. Everything looked great.

Young Bucks were absolutely awesome. Cool, great match... hated the gratuitous false finishes though. I completely disengaged about 3 mins before the final pinfall, didn't care who won and don't remember who won.

Omega absolutely sucked. Why does he have grey hair? What's so special about him in-ring? WWE has at least 5 guys who I think are clearly better in-ring who don't have grey hair and I know are good on the mic. I don't see him as a key player moving forward at all, will get pushed down the card after everyone sees him weekly in an English-speaking environment side-by-side with Moxley, Jericho, Punk, etc.

All in all, I loved it and can't wait for the weekly shows to start.

If they went head to head with Raw next week, I'd watch AEW live and maybe watch Raw highlights on YouTube later in the week. They really won me over. The Moxley interview on TIJ consolidated him as my favourite wrestler right now, or at least on par with Daniel Bryan and Reigns.
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