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OK, so i download the program expecting a new overhaul of features. I open up the program. I see the same as what i see when i open up Photoshop 7. I take a quick look around the features. Same as version 7. The confusion sets in. Someone gets hurt.

So....what in the hell have Adobe added to this new version? The most i've been able to find is a gallery of effects making it quicker to add them. Nothing worthy of splashing out another 200 odd quid.

I'm not sure if this allowed but judging by the ammount of unanswered requests in this forum, i think some of you should take the time to download the program anyway. You'll need Bit Torrent for the download to work but the link is below:

Adobe Photoshop CS

If we're not allowed to post links to files then edit mah post.
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