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The next major upgrade to Adobe's industry-leading graphics editing software, Photoshop, is set to ship in the fourth quarter of 2003. This year will see the release of Photoshop 8.0, code-named "Dark Matter," and ImageReady 8.0, code-named "Taconite." ImageReady will remain a standalone application.

With this forthcoming release, Adobe is targeting the video and digital photography markets. However, its feature set is still subject to change. The Mac OS X version of the new Photoshop will require v10.2, Jaguar.

Specific updates will include: NTSC/PAL/HD preview choices to compliment the existing CMYK Preview, a Histogram palette, nested layer sets, and text on a path. Photoshop 8 will also include "filter layers," allowing for non-destructive image editing and manipulations, similar to Adobe After Effects' adjustment layers.

The upgrade will also have tweaked 16-bit support, improved ability to work with non-square pixels, and significantly optimized and cleaned-up code on both the Mac and Windows side. Sources also noted that Adobe is working to leverage its PDF tools and functionality into just about all of its applications, across-the-board.

Additionally, nearly every other Adobe application is also set for an upgrade in the latter half of this year. This includes Illustrator, After Effects 6, and InDesign 3. In the case of InDesign 3, code-named "Dragontail," the release is specifically targeted for August or September. Dragontail is currently at or near pre-release build number 201.

San Jose, Calif.-based Adobe declined to comment on the report.

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When I downloaded Photoshop 7 it only took me about 35 minutes. :) I tried downloading it when I had 56k, but it would've taken me days, so I just waited a few days and downloaded it when I got broadband. Ever since then I've been ripping off companies for thousands of dollars with my illegal software/music downloading. Come get me RIAA. You can't touch me in Canada.(atleast I think...:eek: )
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