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Adobe CS 2.0 Roadmap: Photoshop, Illustrator details

January 3, 2005
- As fevers run high a week prior to Macworld Expo, we pause to shift our focus from Apple to Adobe, which notes obtained by Think Secret suggest may unveil Creative Suite 2.0 at the show.

Whether an official announcement will arrive at Expo is not entirely certain (Adobe has scheduled an NDA press meeting, however, for what that's worth), but reliable sources indicate that Creative Suite 2.0 will ship in March 2005. Since the publication of our preliminary report last year on Creative Suite 2.0 and the next version of GoLive, we have collated some notes regarding the next versions of Photoshop and Illustrator.

Photoshop CS 2.0

Among the new features arriving in the next and ninth version of Photoshop, code-named Space Monkey, will be the ability to scale placed bit-mapped and vector files losslessly, including the ability to edit the original and have Photoshop update the file; an object-based user interface that will enable, for example, the ability to select multiple layers and perform manipulations across all of them at the same time; Editable Filters, allowing filters to update when filtered content is adjusted; HDR support; a customizable user interface; and a WYSIWYG Font menu.

Photoshop CS 2.0 will not feature 64-bit support, but lays the groundwork for that support, which will arrive with Photoshop 10 (presumably CS 3.0). Photoshop users will also have to wait until Version 10 for the software to use more than 2GB of RAM. Like the rest of the new Creative Suite 2.0 applications, Photoshop CS 2.0 will take advantage of Adobe's new cross-suite file browser, dubbed Bridge.

There have been rumblings that Creative Suite 2.0 will require stricter product activation than previous Adobe products, and sources say this new product activation mechanism could manifest itself in the stand alone version of Photoshop CS 2.0, as well.

Illustrator CS 2.0

Illustrator CS 2.0 (Version 12), code-named Zodiac, will pack a number of major new features. The software has been re-compiled as a Mach-O application, delivering all the advantages (primarily performance) such apps enjoy.

Drawing in Illustrator CS 2.0 has also been completely reworked, yielding an environment that will more resemble drawing/painting in Photoshop while maintaining all the vectors. Also new will be a Vectorization tool that sources describe as an improved version of Streamline; a new Control Palette that mimics the Photoshop Options bar; and font/text improvements, including strike-through and underline of text.

Sources also say that preliminary work has started on Version 13 of Illustrator, code-named Jason. Details are slim, but Adobe is apparently exploring incorporating multiple artboards into Version 13.

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will be the ability to scale placed bit-mapped and vector files losslessly
Could someone explain that? Does it mean you can resize everything without quality loss or something?

Looking forward to this ya
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