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As the PSN and Xbox Live Gamertag threads have recently passed a lasting existence of eight years, it's time to get rid of them and start anew, especially with the significant rise of current generation multiplayer games. One thread for all accounts. PSN, XBL Gamertags, Nintendo Friend Codes, Steam, and even any smaller ones like Battle.net, Origin, if you wish.

So if you're happy to share your gaming accounts with the world (or just wrestlingforum.com), please post them here.

Please understand that upon posting your information in this thread it will be here until you yourself remove it from your post and I or a moderator remove it from the OP.

If anyone's up for it, I've set up a tinychat here: [B]http://tinychat.com/wrestlingforum[/B]
It can help with communicating with people who can't/don't want to use a microphone to chat during gameplay on consoles.

Let the list slowly begin. :hb
1 - 20 of 129 Posts