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Exclusive interview with the VP of AAA

"Dorian, your comments via Twitter inviting the CMLL to join Triple-A to counter foreign wrestling, have made much noise in the middle. How do you assess the current state of the industry? What do you think can happen if current trends continue in the co-optation of new fans in Mexico?

"The reality is that Mexican wrestling is not at its best. There have been many problems that are joined to make this happen, it started to pass on the flu and I think all of us in this industry know that from now on the industry has not been the same. To this are added factors such as insecurity and WWE entrance to the market, the support given to this product broadcasters and marketing company that handles this. It is a fact that Mexican market conditions do not allow it to compete against multinational companies, although it is clear that not lower the guard and the battle will always exist. "

It is unbelievable in Mexico do not have the infrastructure for large events, if not Guadalajara, Monterrey or Mexico City, can not find a place that meets the minimum requirements for high yield mass events. While in the U.S. in all the territories are a place with the characteristics of a Sports Palace. Another thing that is amazing is how different mafias of the Republic will come to ask for "dues" if you want to make a function in the territory that they " belongs. "It's outrageous, too, how the government gives no fiscal stimulus to the shows, about Throw in taxes, such as IDE, What happened to believe that our audience is going to pay your credit card entry? are a number of factors people do not see and believe that Mexican companies are stuck where we are fighting in other countries factors do not exist. "

- How do you evaluate the terms of wrestling in the U.S.? What do you think has led to the situation that prevails?

"No disrespect their work, instead have made a monumental task, but I think that when an industry becomes monopolistic begins to have its flaws, I have been to many events of them and is a good show, but that is 100% entertainment not fight.'s why when we did the campaign of our game we put this slogan: It's not wrestling, it's wrestling. WWE has been a company that has been characterized by conquering territories go first around the USA, then Canada, Puerto Rico and now after coming to conquer Mexico, Will we be willing to let us seize it, we'll let become a national sport ******, let's make a show to eat a part of national folklore? We are ready? At first my answer is NO. "

- What steps will you take and has taken Triple A in the past to improve the ratings of Mexican wrestling?

"We have taken several measures. We are currently working with top designers, directors and set designers in Mexico to present quality of transmission of the first world. Now AAA is purchasing all equipment necessary for that from the middle of this year we can be transmitting our program in HD (high definition). We are working with art directors to present the new visual image of AAA, a fresh, modern person with whom young people can identify. We synergies with assemblers and scenery which presented a new set that will be more impressive and can be adapted to local country. We did the first Latin American game for next-generation consoles. We are working in so many ways that people will realize the changes that have AAA in mid of this year " .

- Do you think the conditions exist for this alliance with the CMLL?

"I think it is simple, there is strength. The Mexican wrestling is part of the folklore and culture and now WWE is becoming the Mexican market. It should be noted that the strength of WWE is not the same as last year, but the recruitment of Mystical and the force put on it, denoting the monopoly power they have today. Then we explain the same week as WWE record TV programs in Mexico and finally seeking to open offices in Mexico for next year . I think it's time to put up barriers to the market, it is time for Mexicans to defend what is ours. The quality of our fighters is superior to WWE, as a Mexican wrestler who risks a lot. Wrestling is like Tequila: How would the tequila was made by Americans and sold it in our country? I think the CMLL know what I'm talking about and I think the conditions are best to do something together. AAA and CMLL united against WWE , is one of the ways I see that we can fight the foreign invader, to show that when we unite Mexicans can fight something. And who better than leaving the egos that have kept us apart. I think conditions are ripe and if we Soon we start well we will cover this too late. "

- What do you think about your competition-CMLL-?

"The only thing I can say is I respect my competition and although we have different styles, have the same roots. We are 100% Mexican companies are doing our best."

"Some people in the network has the view that AAA unilaterally seek to benefit from a possible agreement with the CMLL on this, what message you give your competition and the people who think that?

"Gentlemen, it's amazing how if we are talking to take away the egos, people say this. The good news is that most people know that this is a good initiative and that people could watch a show they've always wanted, struggles dreamy combinations that were believed capable. Gentlemen, we are trying to rescue the Mexican wrestling, here not only earns AAA, CMLL also win, and best of all, it also wins Mexico. I recently saw a story about how people joined in New York to keep open a Wal-Mart, you know why? Because they knew they were going to lose more jobs than would be generated, this is an example that if the Mexicans and the industry generally joins, we can do things that previously would have seemed impossible. Mexico is great, Mexico can accommodate the AAA and CMLL, but not to a foreign competitor who is just looking to invade and take control of the situation worldwide. So did he in USA, then in Puerto Rico and now wants to do the same with Mexico, but the only ones who can prevent that is us. "

Your invitation to CMLL, as described on a personal level?

"As an invitation to the best of intentions, zero ego, zero competition, rather, as a first step to ensuring that our national sport, do not suffer more than they are suffering. CMLL, it's time to launch an onslaught against overseas. "

- What do you think should happen, or fail to happen, for the climate towards this union, was suitable?

"Good will on both sides, is all. The two have had hits and misses, it's time to join forces and do our best not only for each of our companies, but by our public, our fighters and our country."

- Have you ever talked to Francisco Alonso Lutteroth? How would you summarize in one sentence you called to him?

"Sure, we had contact on one occasion. The only thing I can say is: It's time to do the unthinkable, bringing together two great and the good of our cultural heritage."

- What do you say to fans who love Mexican wrestling?

"That marketing has a role and they have bought that marketing. But we also give an opportunity for Mexican wrestling to show why it is the best in the world."

- What message to the fans of AAA and CMLL? How do you ask your support in this?

"I ask for their support, I know that I have fans of Mexican wrestling, on the contrary they are already part of this battle, and appreciate your unconditional support, but let's make this support is bigger, stronger and that echoes everywhere as possible. "

- Will you accept the support of any wrestler, manager, journalist or national promotion, and the support you're asking the CMLL?

"Obviously, this is a call for a combination of efforts at television, media, Mexican companies, this is a general support. Lords journalists, do not let money cloud your mind, support wrestling Mexican.

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CMLL will never agree to this. They don't care about tv ratings and that other crap. They make 100% profit off all their shows and own their own 18,000 seat arena. It might seem like business is low, but they no where near the red and probably will never be. Plus, Paco is an egomaniac and makes Vince look reasonable.

AAA is WWE main competition because they present similar products, which is why Dorian wants to compete with them. AAA been doing great this year because they been using a lot of IWRG guys aka Mexican talent. They need to stop worrying about expansion and competition and go back to their roots.

WWE has a more appealing product because they have more money,better production,better job of selling the product and don't do too many shows in Mexico to get stale.

I would love to see AAA and CMLL work together like New Japan works with NOAH and All Japan but for different reasons.

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Its amazing how the outside aquisition of one guy

(ps this outfit this swizzy) can turn a whole country's industry on its ear

So vato, what are your thoughts on this?

"Well on top all the other stuff i've mentioned it certainly doesnt help matters that the single biggest draw in Mexico bar none and at one point the whole world, is now working for them. I just hope our counterparts in The Land Of The Rising Sun are ready for when WWE inevitibly comes after them as well. Why else do you think a dead-ending midcarder won the pre-show battle royal at Wrestlemania 26"
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