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Are you the type of WWE fan who cheers when John Cena gets crushed in a match, when he goes crashing through a table?

Anti-Cena fans root against Cena more passionately, more vehemently than fans root against the New York Yankees.

For that vocal portion of the audience, frustrated with seeing WWE's smiling soldier dominate WWE programming, I offer a touch of solace.

Allow these clips of opponents putting Cena through tables to soothe your hatred.

Maybe seeing him take these big bumps will make you respect him a bit more, seeing how tough and dedicated he is to the business.

Judging by the snarl on your face, maybe not.


During a convoluted feud in 2011, R-Truth, The Miz, Triple H, Kevin Nash and CM Punk all had beef with each other.

The Summer of Punk fizzled out in a wash of too many personalities.

But we did get to see a great spot in the middle of that feud. On an episode of Raw, R-Truth interrupted a potential Attitude Adjustment with a spear into a table.

John Cena hit the table with a thud and then sat atop the debris wincing.

Randy Orton

This is not the crispest RKO you'll ever see.

Randy Orton counters an attempted Attitude Adjustment into an underwhelming version of his finisher.

Fans saw Orton and John Cena face off seemingly every week in 2009. Their bad blood spilled over to 2010 when this spot happened.

It may have been the feud that turned the most fans against both participants.

Thanks to a spin of Raw Roulette, the pair faced off in a tables match.

That particular gimmick match hasn't exactly been kind to Cena.


At TLC 2009, a little-known newcomer shocked the WWE universe by winning the WWE Championship without having to do any real ladder-climbing.

In an awkwardly executed finish, John Cena slipped backwards from the turnbuckle and crashed through a table.

I was actually in the audience for this show in San Antonio, and everyone around me was stunned.

For some, that was because it was unfulfilling, a seemingly botched ending. For the kids in the Cena gear bouncing in the seats in front of me, it was because their hero had lost with a whimper.


ECW legend Sabu clashed with Rey Mysterio during his WWE run in 2006 and then with the big name in the business, John Cena.

What a way to get an opponent's attention.

Sabu attacked Cena with a TV monitor and springboarded to the top rope for a booming leg drop that demolished the announcer's table.

In Jim Ross' medical opinion, Cena may have been broken in half.


The ECW fans that filled the Hammerstein Ballroom at One Night Stand 2006 booed John Cena mercilessly throughout his match against Rob Van Dam.

He heard every anti-Cena chant in the book from "You can't wrestle" to "You still suck."

The fans were not shedding any tears over a mystery man spearing Cena through a table.

Perhaps his vision was impaired from wearing a tinted motorcycle helmet, but Edge's shoulder got more of the table than Cena did.


2006 was not a good year for John Cena or for tables.

At Unforgiven of that year, Cena challenged Edge for the WWE Championship in a TLC match.

While Cena got the final move of the night, an Attitude Adjustment through two tables, he received his fair share of bumps during the match as well.

Lita pushed him off a ladder onto a waiting table.

Cena writhes amid the broken wood and wires as Jim Ross turns the dial up on the drama of the moment as usual with a great call.
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