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A quick question for anyone who's been to a house show when Cena's not there?

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Hi, just a quick one, I'm going to a house show next month and the last show I went to, we got John Cena at the show, of which after the show Cena came out and did his whole speech as they do, out of character, gets cheered (even by his critics) and all that, probably as it's outside of the show so to speak and his character, but this time at the show I'm going to, we've got Randy Orton instead of Cena, so I was wondering at the none televised house shows when Orton is on the card instead of Cena, who does the after show speech, is it Randy Orton?

These are the talents advertised now at the show I'm going to :

Daniel Bryan
Randy Orton
The Shield
Big E
Mark Henry
Cody Rhodes
Bad News Barrett
AJ Lee

and obviously loads more talents show up too that aren't advertised (as they did at the last show I was at, you only know of a small selection out of many that appear) ... I've also heard Fandango is there too (which probably means Layla also) as he did an interview with a local paper saying he's looking forward to being there ... and I have no idea in regards to which diva's will appear (other than probably Layla) ... but I have been wondering who does the after show speech at these shows when Cena's not on the card?

Anyone have any idea's in regards to this and thanks :)
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I had a house show with Cena and there was no closing speech. It just ended with him celebrating his victory or whatever.
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