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a parody song by me: Still wrestling to me

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I made a parody song based off of Billy Joel's still rock n roll to me:

Still wrestling to me:

What’s the matter with the show we’re watching
Can’t you tell that its TV PG
Maybe there should be more four letter words and a diva in a negligee

Everybody’s talking about the pg era but it’s still wrestling to me

What’s the matter with my favorite wrestler can’t you tell he’s not great on the stick
You think should’ve invested in acting classes instead of how to do tricks on a wrist
Nowadays you can’t be old fashion, it doesn’t matter to this generation you don’t need any passion
Wrestling, promos and even a storyline, it’s still wrestling to me.

Oh it doesn’t matter what they say in the dirt sheets cause it’s always been the same old thing
What’s going on backstage and in people’s lives and very little to do with in the ring

How about new trunks and a haircut, an edgy gimmick, let’s see the valet’s butt
Don’t waste your money on that t-shirt
Boycott the product they really notice
The new generation wants the old generation but the oldest generation is similar to this generation ironically
But who fucking cares about ratings and sales because it’s still wrestling to me.

What’s the matter with the crowd and fans can’t you tell they’re fickle
Should you try to be an attitude era fan and long for the anti-PG
Or you could just watch a sitcom brought to by Chuck Lorre
Don't you know about the new fashion honey?
All you need's a gimmick but don't be cheesey or try to be funny
It's the next phase, new wave, dance craze, anyways
It’s still wrestling to me