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Should WWE change its booking paradigm?

  • Yes. No more Authority and Roman Reigns: Electric Boogaloo

    Votes: 3 75.0%
  • No. Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon is the gospel: WWE brand is the draw

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I'm not saying anything groundbreaking by saying WWE has failed to make stars. However, I think they intentionally refuse to make stars so the company itself can be the draw. WWE fears they will create megastars who will leave WWE for greener pastures. Essentially, WWE begrudged the Rock for expanding into Hollywood and let his conrract expire instead of renewing back in 2004.

There's also a reason the Authority has yet to be disbanded. With Triple H and Stephanie as permanent fixtures as Authority figures, they can have a revolving door of babyfaces challenge their authority: Daniel Bryan, John Cena, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins. The Authority role is the static element and the babyfaces are replaceable.

Another example is the Crusierweight division. They have purple ropes, a different commentary tram, and its own show. Yet none of the crusierweights are treated as superstars in their own right. WWE is trying to make the entire division the draw.

I think this approach hurts the company. Fans latch onto characters that are relatable or larger-than-life. What about Finn Bàlor reels in an audience? Surely not his body paint. The company doesn't realize that as stars of the Attitude Era and John Cena get older, there's no one to replace them in terms of starpower.

The only attempt of creating a star is Roman Reigns, but he is a disastrous flop that exemplifies the "don't put all your eggs in one basket" aphorism.

Should WWE change its approach and create new stars or should it keep doing the WWE brand is the brand approach?

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They have the talent, they have the money but they lack a set of balls. The inovation which made them huge is completely gone.
It's a different era. With the UFC boom and NJPW rising, I just think they're happy getting their paycheck. I can still enjoy
the product despite it flaws but there's so much untapped potential. Most things they come up with feels very unorganic and forced.

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I guess i can understand why WWE are cautious in thinking that some guys might get too big for their boots and run off to something bigger if they are made to look great, but honestly, if that was the case, why would they bother even trying to make anyone a star? Roman theoretically could do just the thing that they are scared of if they keep on making him this big FOTC. Not saying he will, i highly doubt it, and if they're pushing him because they have faith that he won't run off, i highly doubt he's the only guy on the roster that would stay loyal given a big push.

WWE needs to realise that big stars come and go, it's just something that needs to happen, look at NJPW. They had Styles and Nakamura, who are now in WWE, guys like Okada and Omega have established themselves as big stars in their place, because they were given the platform to do so. Are they big 'mainstream' names? Not really, but honestly i doubt anyone apart from WWE at this point in time could make someone reach that level of stardom, due to the size of the company.

Without stars establishing themselves, the product falters, as the product falters, the ratings drop, attendances go down, as the ratings drop, WWE loses potential earnings, which hurts them. They absolutely need to change their stance on some of their roster, stop having so many run of the mill characters, let some of them stand out and release their attitude.
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