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We pick up right after the 2014 Royal Rumble, where Roman Reigns set a record with 12 eliminations but where Batista came out on top to headline Wrestlemania.

Also at the Royal Rumble Randy Orton retained his Undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Championship when the Wyatts came out to distract John Cena. Brock Lesnar pummeled The Big Show with a chair in his match and while they put on a clinic Daniel Bryan could not overcome Bray Wyatt. In the Pre-Show the New Age Outlaws made history when they beat Cody Rhodes and Goldust for the Tag Team Championship, 14 years after they were last champions.

Monday Night Raw
Wednesday Night Main Event
Friday Night Smackdown

PPV Schedule:
1-26-14 - Royal Rumble
2-23-14 - Elimination Chamber
4-6-14 - Wrestlemania
5-4-14 - Extreme Rules
6-1-14 - Judgment Day
6-29-14 - Money in the Bank
7-20-14 - Great American Bash
8-17-14 - Summer Slam
9-21-14 - Night of Champions
10-26-14 - Vengeance
11-23-14 - Survivor Series
12-14-14 - Armageddon

Main Roster:

Full-time Main Event:
Alberto Del Rio
CM Punk
Daniel Bryan
John Cena
Randy Orton

Part-time Main Event:
Brock Lesnar
The Rock
Chris Jericho
Triple H

Full-time Super Veterans:
The Big Show
Mark Henry
Rey Mysterio

Upper Mid-Card:
Alexander Rusev
Big E Langston
Wade Barrett
Dolph Ziggler
The Miz
Kofi Kingston
Sin Cara
Evan Bourne - Injured

Lower Mid-Card:
Brodus Clay
Curtis Axel
The Great Khali
Tyson Kidd
Alex Riley
Curt Hawkins
Justin Gabriel
Santino Marella
Yoshi Tatsu
Zack Ryder
Ezekiel Jackson
David Otunga

Tag Team's and Stables:
The Men of Sophistication - Damien Sandow & Aiden English
The Rhodes Brothers - Cody Rhodes & Goldust
The Shield - Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose
The Real Americans - Jack Swagger & Antonio Cesaro
The New Age Outlaws - Road Dogg & Billy Gunn
The Wyatts - Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Erick Rowan
The Prime Time Players - Darren Young & Titus O'Neil
3MB - Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal, Drew McIntyre
Los Matadores - Fernando & Diego
The Usos - Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso
R-Truth & Xavier Woods

A.J. Lee
Tamina Snuka
Summer Rae
Alicia Fox
Rosa Mendes
Eva Marie
Brie Bella
Nikki Bella

NXT Roster:
Angelo Dawkins
Baron Corbin
Bo Dallas
C.J. Parker
Corey Graves
Danny Burch
Jason Jordan
Leo Kruger
Mason Ryan
Mojo Rawley
Sami Zayn
Sawyer Fulton
Scott Dawson
Sylvester Lefort
Travis Tyler
Troy McClain
Tyler Breeze
Victory & Konnor
Colin Cassady & Enzo Amore
Adrian Neville & Oliver Grey

Alexa Bliss
Kendall Skye
Sasha Banks

Date Won

Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion
Current: Randy Orton - 12-15-13

Intercontinental Champion
Current: Big E Langston - 11-18-13

United State Champion
Current: Dean Ambrose - 5-19-13

Tag Team Champions
Current: The New Age Outlaws - 1-26-14

Diva's Champion
Current: A.J. Lee - 6-16-13

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Booker Disclaimer: With this Be the Booker happening so close to where we are currently don't be super surprised if things start out similar to what is currently going on but trust me things will definitely start to change.

Monday Night Raw
January 27, 2014
Cleveland, Ohio

The show starts with Michael Cole speaking to the audience.

Michael Cole: “Last night we saw history when Roman Reigns eliminated a record 12 participants in the Royal Rumble but it would be Batista's night as he earned a spot in the main event of Wrestlemania. But tonight we have a great show starting off with Alberto Del Rio going up against Kofi Kingston and while Cody Rhodes and Goldust shockingly lost to the New Age Outlaws, a record 14 years after their last title reign. But tonight they have already issued their re-match clause. We'll see them go at it later tonight.”
The Show starts off with Daniel Bryan coming out to the ring.

Daniel Bryan: “I demand answers right now, Triple H and Stephanie I am sick of your game, I am sick of you holding me back and I want an explanation as to why you left me out of the Royal Rumble last night.”

Triple H and Stephanie come out and walk to the ring.

Stephanie: “Daniel I know we have a bit of a history but do you really think we intentionally withheld you from the Royal Rumble last night? Daniel your head was slammed into the barricade by Bray Wyatt, we did not enter you into the Royal Rumble because we were looking out for you, why else do you think JBL came from the announce table into the ring? We needed to fill your spot.”

Daniel Bryan: “Then put me in the Elimination Chamber match for the title right now...”

The Shield come out and despite Triple H yelling at them to stop the start to attack Daniel Bryan. However, John Cena comes out to help but the Shield quickly beats him down. Then Sheamus comes out and Brogue Kick's Dean Ambrose, causing the Shield to retreat and drag Dean Ambrose out of the ring.

Triple H: “Guys enough, Daniel if you want a shot at the title in the Elimination Chamber then how about this, you, John Cena and Sheamus will face the Shield and the winning team will take three of the spots in the chamber.”

The six men have a stare down.
Match One: Alberto Del Rio vs. Kofi Kingston

- Alberto Del Rio shows his mean-streak in this one with a solid beat-down of Kofi Kingston. Kofi definitely gets some great shots in and shows his athletic ability to in the end Del Rio makes him submit with the cross armbreaker.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio
Renee Young is in the back to interview Randy Orton

Renee Young: “Last night you successfully defended your Undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Championship against John Cena during the match the Wyatts came out and distracted John Cena. Were you aware of the Wyatt's intentions or aware that they were coming out?”

Randy Orton: “I don't think anybody knows what the Wyatt's intentions are or what they are planning. They are just a group of people who do things without any reason or cause but I'll tell you what. I am sick of everybody coming together and continually demeaning my title reign, whether it be Triple H or The Shield or the Wyatts, constantly coming in and 'helping' me win my matches because all it does it take away from be having be the Champion for nearly six months. All I hear is doubters, people who say I wouldn't be the champion without them but I'm done with it. From now on you're getting the Viper, you're getting a dangerously aggressive version of Randy Orton so anybody who decides to stand in my way.”
Match Two: Alexander Rusev vs. Heath Slater

-This is a complete squash match. Alexander Rusev finished Heath Slater in about two minutes.

Winner: Alexander Rusev
A promo plays for the return of Christian on Smackdown.
Match Three: The Prime Time Players vs. The Real Americans

- Darren Young starts in the ring with Jack Swagger. Swagger pretty much controls everything. He pulls young over to the corner and Cesaro gets tagged in and takes a wicked European Uppercut. Cesaro goes for a pin but O'Neil breaks it up and then runs over and pushes Swagger off the apron. Young makes his way over for the tag. O'Neil gets in and gets some hits on Cesaro, enough to force him to tag Swagger. Swagger got some big suplexs on Titus O'Neil. O'Neil tags Young in but it's no hope. Young gets hit with a Swagger Bomb and pinned.

Winner: The Real Americans
Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar come out.

Paul Heyman: “Triple H and Stephanie I thought my client and I made it very clear that he was the No. 1 Contender for the Undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Championship so there is no need for your six-man tag match that will put three men in the elimination chamber because there will be one one-on-one match at the Elimination Chamber PPV between Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar.”

Brad Maddox comes out.

Brad Maddox: “Triple H and Stephanie are a bit tied up right now so as the general manager of Raw I have decided to come down here to address this situation. Paul here is the thing, no superstar can just proclaim himself the No. 1 Contender for any title, especially not the Undisputed title. The No. 1 contender is determined by a collective group of Triple H, Stephanie, myself, Vicki Guerrero and Director of Opperations Kane. We sit there and determine who the biggest threat to the champion is based on how guys have been performing and then we schedule the match.”

Brock Lesnar steps right into Brad Maddox' face.

Paul Heyman: “So you're trying to tell me that the Beast Incarnate is not the biggest threat to Randy Orton? You're telling me that any one man is more dangerous and more demonstrative than Brock Lesnar?”

Brock Lesnar turns to Paul Heyman and laughs. Then Brock Lesnar picks Brad Maddox up and gives him and F-5.

Paul Heyman: “Triple H and Stephanie, this is a warning. Until you give Brock Lesnar his title shot there will be complete and utter chaos and destruction in this ring.
Match Four: The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler

The Battle of Cleveland. Both come out wearing Cleveland Sports Jerseys

- The match is actually pretty back and forth but the Miz had the upper hand through most of it. The tide turns, though when the Miz goes for an awesome clothesline but Ziggler moves out of the way and hits a Zig-Zag.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Before Ziggler leaves Bad News Barrett appears.

Wade Barrett: “Ladies and gentlemen can I have some decorum please? Thank you very much for joining up but I'm afraid I've got some bad news. Bad news for the television viewers that is because we just had a match that put The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler. It was a match that was entitled the Battle of Cleveland. I'm just grateful that it was not entitled the Battle for Cleveland because that is the type of matchup that would have two losers. Highly appropriate we could all agree seeing that Cleveland is a town inhabited by losers. Thank you very much.

Dolph Ziggler picks up a microphone.

Dolph Ziggler: “Hey Wade, Wade! I'm not going to sit here and do nothing while you badmouth my home town. But you know it's funny because you say Cleveland is inhabited by losers yet here I stand, a two-time World Heavyweight Champion and Money in the Bank winner and Triple Crown Champion and my opponent The Miz, also a Money in the Bank winner and Triple Crown Champion, headlined Wrestlemania and retained the WWE Championship. But you stand up there having won what? NXT? A few Intercontinental Titles, good for you. But how about instead of badmouthing this great city you come down here and take me on in the ring.”
Match Five: A.J. Lee & Tamina vs. The Bella Twins

- Tamina wrecks through this match really and in the end she hits the Super Fly on Brie to get the pin.

Winner: A.J. Lee & Tamina
Renee Young is in the back interviewing Sheamus.

Renee Young: “It's been a long-time coming back for you Sheamus and you made a great return last night at the Royal Rumble and you have a big shot tonight to get in the Elimination Chamber. How good does it feel to be back out here?”

Sheamus: “There is nothing more in the world that I like more than going out into that ring and performing for the WWE Universe. It is great being back and I'm thrilled to have this opportunity tonight because every single Superstar in that locker room wants to headline Wrestlemania and despite being out for six months I still get that chance. But I have to get their first and tonight definitely will be a big challenge.

Renee Young: “Good luck.”
Road Dogg: “Oh you didn't know? You better call somebody. You know me, It's me, it's me, it's that D-O-Double G, rolling once again with that A double crooked letter. Cleveland are you ready? I said Cleveland are you ready? Now then, Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all aged. D-Generation-X is proud to you it's six-time Tag Team Champions of the World, The Road Dogg Jesse James, the Bad Ass Billy Gunn, the New Age Outlaws!”

Billy Gunn: “And if you're not down with that we got two words for ya'” … SUCK IT.

Road Dogg: “Let's get right down to the nitty gritty, last night Billy Gunn and I mad history when we won these belts 14 years after we last held them, showing we still got it. And sure Cody Rhodes and Goldust want their rematch, fine and we'll even take it 24 hours later because here's the thing. We know we can beat them. They can only hope they beat us so Cody Rhodes and Goldust, in the words of Selena Gomez 'if you're ready come and get it...na, na, na, na.”

Match Six: Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs. The New Age Outlaws*
Tag Team Championship

- Cody Rhodes starts out the match with the Road Dogg but Jesse James keeps going out of the ring to create some separation and to slow things down while Cody keeps trying to speed things up in the ring. Eventually Cody get's tired of waiting and spring-boards to out-side the ring and lands on Road Dogg. When the two get back in the ring, though, Road Dogg lands some big punches to slow Cody down and gets a little Shake, Rattle and Roll in. He drags Cody over to his corner and tag's Billy in and the get some more big-punches. Billy Gunn lifts Cody and tries to slam in down but Cody turns it into a DDT out of nowhere. Both make the tag and Goldust dominates Road Dogg. The match goes on for about 10 minutes but it ends when Billy Gunn distracts the referee and Road Dogg uses the title belt to knock Cody Rhodes out and gets the pin.

Winner: The New Age Outlaws
Match Seven: RyBack vs. R-Truth

- R-Truth gets a little bit of offense from the jump but it ends pretty quick when RyBack comes bolting out of the corner after an Irish Whip and hits Truth with the Meat Hook Clothesline. He then picks him up and lands Shell Shock for the pin.

Winner: RyBack
Batista comes out to address the crowd after his victory at the Royal Rumble.

Batista: “It's been three years since I stepped foot in this ring but I think it's pretty clear that I still got it and because I still got it I'm going to be headlining Wrestlemania for the Undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Championship...”

Alberto Del Rio comes out

Alberto Del Rio: “Batista I don't know what you think but I'm sick of you already. You think you can come back after three years of sitting on your couch and waiting for your movie agent to call and get put right into the Royal Rumble and headline Wrestlemania. Well I'm not having it. I'm here every day, working hard, putting my body on the line every day and I refuse to be shown up by some guy who just walks back in and uses his buddy Triple H to get in the Royal Rumble near the very end to give himself a great shot at winning.”

Batista: “Alberto what are you talking about? Seriously. I don't know what your deal is but my return has nothing to do with you, I mean no disrespect. I'm just here to win that title.”

Alberto Del Rio: “Yea, so am I but I'm actually here every day. You call yourself the animal but to me your nothing but a little Chihuahua, a little perro that needs to be put in it's place. Maybe some people in the back are afraid of you but I'm telling you Batista, I am not.”

Batista: “Again, I don't know what your problem is but it this has...”

Alberto Del Rio sucker punches Batista and keeps attacking him while he's on the ground. Batista goes get up and kicks Del Rio in the stomach, trying to set himself up for a Batista Bomb but Del Rio drops down and rolls out of the ring. Batista is going livid in the ring yelling at Del Rio, while Alberto smiles as he walks up the ramp.
Match Eight: John Cena, Sheamus & Daniel Bryan vs. The Shield
The three members of the winning team earns spots in the Elimination Chamber.

- This is pretty back and forth but Roman Reigns and Sheamus are the shining stars of this match. Near the end Sheamus brogue kicks Dean Ambrose but Roman Reigns darts out with a Superman punch and knocks Sheamus out. Then the lights go down for a second and the Wyatts are out there attacking John Cena. This disqualifies The Shield, giving Cena, Sheamus and Bryan the spots in the Elimination Chamber. After the match the Shield is livid, screaming at the Wyatts after they realize they lost their spots in the Chamber.

Winner: John Cena, Sheamus and Daniel Bryan

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Wednesday Night Main Event
January 29, 2014
Toledo, Ohio

Match One: Alexander Rusev vs. Tyson Kidd

- Alexander Rusev dominates this match. Tyson Kidd's best kicks don't even make Rusev stumble. Rusev knocks Kidd down and makes him tap with the Camel Clutch in barely any time.

Winner: Alexander Rusev
Match Two: The Prime Time Players vs. Los Matadors

- Darren Young and Titus O'Neil really perform well in this match and look very strong but Titus O'Neil starts yelling at Darren you tag him in, and Diego catches Young in the distraction and rolls him up to steal the win.

Winner: Los Matadors
Match Three: Cameron vs. Alicia Fox

- Cameron gets some nice athletic moves on Alicia Fox but in the end the brute strength of Alicia is too much for one half of the funkadactyles to overcome.

Winner: Alicia Fox
Match Four: Rey Mysterio vs. Damien Sandow

- Rey Mysterio is jumping around all over the place, out-doing Damien Sandow with his speed but Damien is able to come back in a huge way with his power. Rey Mysterio is really slowed down after a while with some huge hits by Sandow but Mysterio ends up getting the victory after he guillotined Sandow when dropping down to the floor from the outside. Sandow tried to get up but Mysterio spring-boarded into the ring and hit a hurricarana and finished the match off with a Frog Splash for the pin.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

STILL learning kayfabe
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First off, I would like to say that I am interested in your BTB because of its relevancy but its so common that not many people expect these to live long. I hope your BTB stands out from the pack as not only being interesting, but consistent. So as we enter the show, Bryan says one line and the authority is right on his ass. That seems a bit weird to me because most opening promos have a bit of talk before someone interrupts. I can understand if you want your promos to be more to the point, but if that isn't the case, a bit more description will go the long way.

You have here that Alberto has a "mean-steak", it's streak. But this was an effective way to use Kingston, and it is realistic too. Good push for Del Rio. Again with Orton saying "things without and reason", I think you may need to revise that to "any". Other than Orton's run-on sentence, you set Orton up well here. I hope you have plans for Alexander Rusev, because you can string these squashes for some early momentum.

For the next match, you have a little time problem. The sentence "Cesaro goes for a pin but O'Neil breaks it up and pushed Swagger off the apron." can't be both tenses. Its either Cesaro went for a pin, or O'Neil breaks it up and pushes Swagger off the apron. Since you write in present tense, its most likely the latter. A well-written promo with Paul Heyman comes afterward and it impressed me. The reason is because you wrote Heyman very well.

Aah, I remember the Battle of Clevland(Hollywood, FL). Not much to say here since it seems to be a recap. You had me with the following promo until you said, "A few Intercontinental Title". Divas match, blah. Realistic though. Sheamus's interview pulled me right back in because, even though it has a run-on sentence, Sheamus was booked. " Now then, Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all aged." Capitalization and spelling on that one. Unfortunately, you have way too many errors and referring to them all wouldn't be right in my mind. You have to check on those little errors.

The next match, with Goldust, Cody, and the New Age Outlaws, was surprisingly long, in terms of word count. I liked the read, but again if you are doing recap, I can dig that. The match after sets up Ryback the same way Alexander was set up. The next promo was just like the one on RAW, nothing big. Same with the ME, but again you say you are going somewhere with it, then let us see.

Other than the occasional spelling/grammar error, you seem to be doing well in this show. Good.


Main Event was well too.

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Friday Night Smackdown
January 31, 2014
Toledo, OH

Michael Cole begins the show announcing that during tonight's Main Event the Shield will attempt to get a little redemption after being disqualified from an Elimination Chamber qualifying match on Monday when they take on Sheamus, Daniel Bryan and Big E Langston.
The Show starts with Christian's music hitting.

Christian: “I'm so happy to be here in front of my peeps after a long absence. But I'm going to cut to the chase and say that I'm here for just one thing: one more match. That one more match to get a chance to do something I've never done before, win that prestigious WWE Championship. I've been a World Heavyweight Champion, tag team champion, Intercontinental champion, European, Hardcore, you name it I got is, except the WWE Championship. Never in my career have I won the belt, the one belt that was held above all other belts. So with my return I have an important announcement to make and that is that I am entering myself in the Elimination Chamber for the Undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Championship.”

Vicki Guerrero comes out.

Vicki Guerrero: “Excuse me! I said Excuse me! Christian I know these fans love you but nobody just comes onto my show and puts themselves in the Elimination Chamber and as the general manager of Smackdown I am insulted that you come on my show and expect that I would just go along with it.”

Christian: “Vicki all I am looking for is my one more match and one more chance, besides three of the five spots after Randy Orton were filled on Raw, wouldn't you like to show your skill as a general manager by filling the other two spots?”

Vicki Guerrero: “Your flattery won't work on me Christian but I do have an idea. Tonight there will be two qualifying matches. First, we will see Antonio Cesaro and Rey Mysterio face off for one of the spots and then you Christian will take on Jack Swagger for the final qualifying spot.”

Match One: Fandango w/ Summer Raw vs. Xavier Woods w/ R-Truth & the Funkadactyls

- R-Truth looks good early but Fandango takes control not too long in. Eventually his dancing allows R-Truth to get an extra hit in to regain control and the match then spills over outside the ring but is still pretty back and forth. R-Truth hit's his signature moves and Fandango hits his signature moves but Fandango finally gains complete control of the match when he dodges out of the corner and R-Truth hit's his shoulder on the corner post. Fandango soon hits his leg drop from the top turnbuckle and gets the pin.

Winner: Fandango
Renee Young interview with the Real Americans in response to the match made earlier

Renee Young (to Zeb Colter): “Zeb what does it mean for your two guys here to get opportunities to be in the Elimination Chamber.”

Zeb Colter: “What this opportunity is tonight is a showcase that the Real American way is the best way because I'm getting up there in age but if I remember correctly the Real American Jack Swagger won the Elimination Chamber last year against an absolutely loaded field and now we will get two Real American's in there.”

Renee Young: “Well they have to win to get in first and they have two very skilled veterans they have to beat.”

Zeb Colter: “No we have two non-Americans who go about things the wrong way to beat. First we have Rey Mysterio, who has been mooching off this great country for far too long and taking what he earns back over the boarder to Mexico and then we have Christian. Tell me, when was the last time anybody feared somebody from Canada. If it were up to me we would build a wall on both boarders. But what I ask right now is for all of the Real Americans to stand up, put your hand over your heart and join us in saying...We The People!”
Match Two: The Prime Time Players vs. RyBack & Curtis Axel

- This is a complete squash match, so much so that Titus O'Neil doesn't even get into the match. RyBack dominates Darren Young and finished him off with a shell shock.

Winner: Ryback & Curtis Axel

Darren Young has a cut on his chin and is trying to talk to Titus O'Neil but O'Neil loses it and completely destroys Darren Young, yelling that because of him O'Neil for the first time ever is being called a loser and he's sick of it. O'Neil throws Young out of the ring, grabs him by his head and throws him side to side into the barricade.
Match Three: Alexander Rusev vs. Zack Ryder

- Alexander Rusev completely destroys Zack Ryder. Ryder does get a few moves in but Rusev is unmovable, body slams Zack Ryder and makes him tap with the Camel Clutch.

Winner: Alexander Rusev
The Wyatts come out.

Bray Wyatt: “You people need to wake up, every single one of you has this great infatuation with a man named John Cena, a man who keeps putting a smile on his face and telling you everything is fine if you just follow his lead, and you all do. Well I am here to tell you all that sometimes a smile is just a front. Sometimes a smile is just an act to lure you in and you've all fallen for it. John Cena holds his hand out and you all eat out of it like it's the last supper but in reality that hand has been slapping you in the face. John Cena is a fraud. He has not been leading you to the answers. He has not been leading you people to what you want. But I see the truth. I see John Cena putting everybody else behind him so nobody stands in his way. Well no more John Cena. No more of that because I Bray Wyatt am here to put an end to your tyranny and an end to your lies and I am here to give all of you the answers.”

The Shield interrupts.

Seth Rollins: “Bray I have no clue what you're talking about right now but even though nothing logical goes through your mind I'm sure you're aware that when the three of you came out and attacked John Cena you disqualified the three of us so we did not get spots in the Elimination Chamber.”

Dean Ambrose: “I'll simplify it for you a little Bray. We're pretty angry at you guys right now and when we're angry at somebody we put a target on them and when we put a target on them we go after them and when we go after somebody really bad things happen.”

The six men are all standing in the ring facing each other. Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns stand in the middle facing each other but Harper and Rowan go after Ambrose and Rollins, causing a huge brawl between all six men. The fight is all over the place, in the ring, on the outside, in the crowd, up the ramp. The only thing that breaks the six men apart is loads of security guards who are finally able to get a little bit of control.
Zeb Colter: “I said it earlier and I'll say it again. This here is an opportunity to show that the Real American way is the right way after both of these guys earn spots in the Elimination Chamber so make sure you pay attention. No please rise up, put your hand over your hearts and join us in saying...We The People!”

Match Four: Antonio Cesaro vs. Rey Mysterio

- These two put on a pretty entertaining match. Rey Mysterio is doing his best to speed things up and Cesaro is doing everything he can to use his incredible strength to slow things down. Things go back and forth for a long time and there are several near falls but when Mysterio goes up to the top rope and tries to get a cross body on Cesaro he instead gets hit with a European Uppercut, knocked out and pinned.

Winner: Antonio Cesaro
Match Five: Christian vs. Jack Swagger

- Christian controls a lot of the match and continually uses the crowd to help build momentum. But Swagger won't go away and does a pretty decent job getting counters in key moments so Christian cannot pin him. Now Christian is about to pin Swaggger after he his the killswitch but Swagger kicks out. And eventually gets a move reserved into an ankle lock. Christian is in the center of the ring doing anything to get to a rope but after he gets close Swagger pulls him away and Christian is forced to tap despite a very good return showing.

Winner: Jack Swagger
Match Six: Daniel Bryan, Sheamus & Big E Langston vs. The Shield

- Nobody looks weak at all in this match, Daniel Bryan does his kicks and flips, Sheamus shows his brute strength, Big E Langston shows his power and explosiveness but the Shield show how great of strategists they are, constantly wearing their three opponents out by keeping them separated and making it a 3-on-1 fight for as long as they can. In the end, though, there is a mad scramble. Roman Reigns and Big E Langston are the two legal men but everybody is all over the place. Langston goes to pin Reigns and when Ambrose tries to break up the pin he is met with a Brogue Kick by Sheamus, but Reigns manages to kick out. Then when Rollins runs out and throws Sheamus out of the ring but Daniel Bryan hits him with a cross body off the top rope. Rollins rolls out of the ring and both he and Ambrose are double-teaming Sheamus but Bryan hits a suicide dive to clear the ring. Langston sets up the Big Ending but when we turn around Reigns is up and lands a Superman punch for the pin.

Winner: The Shield

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Monday Night Raw
February 3, 2014
Omaha, Nebraska

Michael Cole: “Welcome to Omaha, Nebraska where were we're getting ready for the last stop before Wrestlemania, the Elimination Chamber. In case you missed it on Friday Night Smackdown both members of the Real Americans qualified to take the final two spots in the Elimination Chamber match but we still have a lot more coming and we have a great show for you tonight.”

Jerry “The King” Lawler: “Absolutely we have a great show for you tonight. Wade Barrett will answer a challenge from Dolph Ziggler but most importantly after the New Age Outlaws used their title belts get the victory over Cody Rhodes and Goldust to retain they have been given another rematch but this one will be inside of a steel cage.”

Michael Cole: “Incredible. In this tag-team steel cage match you can win by pin, submission or by escaping over the top but both members must escape to win. Also tonight, our main event. Randy Orton will take on both John Cena and Daniel Bryan in a tag match with a partner of his choosing. And if you haven't hear by now a new young superstar will be making his debut tonight. Stay tuned to find out who it is.

Randy Orton comes out to address the crowd on cue.

Randy Orton: “I'm not sure how many times I have to beat John Cena and Daniel Bryan. These two guys have been a thorn in my side for a long time but I'm still the WWE Champion and find it to be ridiculous that both are in the Elimination Chamber even though I have beaten them both numerous times since I won this championship in August. And tonight now, I face both of them in a tag match. A tag match were I get an advantage of being able to pick my own partner. The reason this is an advantage is because I could either announce my partner right now, or I can wait and let it be a complete surprise to my opponents so they have no time to prepare. Now I'll be honest, I don't need an advantage because I know I can beat both Daniel Bryan and John Cena so in order to get my partner prepared for tonight's match I think I'll let him know who it will be...”

John Cena comes out.

John Cena: “Let's be honest Randy. You've crossed so many people since winning this title that you probably want to announce your partner right now so that way if they tell you to get the hell away you have time to get a new partner, is that right?”

Randy Orton: “You think you're a funny guy John don't you? Do people in that locker room hate my guts? Absolutely. Do they wish I were gone from this company? Of course, and do you know why? It's the same reason you're jealous of me and the same reason Daniel Bryan wishes he could be me and that is because I am the best, I am the face of this company and above all, I and the Undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Champion.”

John Cena: “All I'm saying Randy is you've been around for a long time and you've always had a bad attitude and eventually it's going to completely alienate you from the entire locker room if you don't change, unless it's already too late.”

Randy Orton: “Just shut up John. Nobody wants to hear your Superman speech and how you have to do this and be a good role model. Listen to these people. They boo me because I'm 'the bad guy' but you're the white knight and they still chant 'Cena Sucks' every single time you're out here. And as long as I'm champion I don't care. Besides, my partner has no choice but to team with me tonight. And my partner is...(Orton takes a second to think about it)...you know what. I'm not going to announce him right now. I want you to be surprised.”
Match One: Wade Barrett vs. Dolph Ziggler
The Miz is on commentary and the entire match defends his home town and bad-mouths Wade Barrett, who has accomplished nothing in the WWE.

- Dolph Ziggler quick after Wade Barrett and knocks in back into the corner and stomps him down before backing up and running forward to hit the stinger splash. Barrett rolls out of the ring to create some separation. Barrett tried to talk around but Ziggler attacks him on the outside, jumps on his back and punches him down to the ground. Ziggler then gets up and continues to stomp on Barrett. The referee pulls him off Barrett and tells him to get into the ring, which he eventually does. Barrett rolls into the ring and Ziggler runs after him but Barrett turns it into a spinning back-breaker to completely changes the momentum of the match. Barrett not has the upper hand and lines up quickly for the bull hammer but Ziggler ducks and hits a Zig-Zag. Ziggler celebrates and goes for the pin but Barrett kicks out at the last second. Ziggler can't believe it and goes up to the top rope for something but on his way down Barrett, who is now at his feet, hits him with the bull-hammer and gets the pin.

Winner: Wade Barrett

After the match Barrett and the Miz yell at each other and the Miz challenges Barrett to a match next week.
Randy Orton is shown in the back coming out of Triple H's office.

Triple H: “Alright Randy I'll tell him and if he does anything to cost you the match intentionally there will be sanctions.”
A video promo is played to promote the return of Mark Henry next week on Raw.
Zeb Colter: “Ladies and Gentleman on Smackdown we all saw why the Real American Way was the right way because when these two men beat their pathetic non-American opponents the Real Americans earned one third of the spots in the Elimination Chamber match coming up at the Elimination Chamber Pay-Per-View. That means it is incredibly likely that for a second-straight year it will be won by a Real American. To take part in a match as dangerous and strenuous as that you need real heart, real toughness, real grit and real ability and those are all qualities Real Americans have. Tonight these two will show once again that they have these great qualities when Mr. Mysterio and Mr. Christian both fall victim to them in this tag match here. But right now ladies and gentlemen I invite you to stand up, put your hand over your heart and say with me “We the People!”

Match Two: The Real Americans vs. Christian & Rey Mysterio

- The Real Americans pretty much control the match, thought Christian and Rey Mysterio do get some nice looking, high-flying spots in there. But the pure power of the Real Americans wear them down. However, towards the end Antonio Cesaro and Christian are the two legal men and Christian is laying in the middle of the ring ready to be pinned after a the Neutralizer. Cesaro backs up in his corner and does his arm celebration, taunt but Swagger tags himself in to go for the pin. Cesaro pushes him back and tells him to get back in his corner and the two start arguing over who should get the pin. While they are arguing Mysterio body splashes into both of them, knocking Cesaro out of the ring and Swagger back. Then Christian rolls Swagger up for the pin, stealing the victory.

Winner: Christian & Rey Mysterio
Josh Matthews is in the back set to interview Alexander Rusev.

Josh Matthews: “Alexander Rusev you've taken this company by storm by completely obliterating your first two opponents in barely any time, what are your goals early in your career here in the WWE?

Matthews holds the microphone up to Alexander Rusev but Rusev just stares forward and doesn't say a word.

Josh Matthews: “Can you tell us about your journey to the WWE, becoming the first Bulgarian born Superstar in this business?”

Once again Matthews holds up his microphone but Rusev says nothing.

Josh Matthews: “Any thoughts on your opponent tonight, former Intercontinental Champion Ezekiel Jackson?”

This time Matthews holds up the microphone and Rusev stares down at him angrily. Matthews pulls the mic back down.

Josh Matthews: “Back to you guys.”
Match Three: Bray Wyatt vs. Sin Cara

- When the match first starts Bray Wyatt tells Harper and Rowan he does not need their help and to stay away but while his back is turned Sin Cara lands a drop kick to Wyatt's back. Wyatt turns around and goes on a war path, throwing Sin Cara around and into the turnbuckles before running and body splashing him. Sin Cara gets nice nice offense in and does a Hurricarana on Bray before jumping out of the ring and spring boarding into Harper and Rowan. When he gets back into the ring after a slight celebration Bray Wyatt takes him down with a clothesline and then his Sister Abigail.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

After the match the Shield comes up on the video screen.

Dean Ambrose: “So Bray we have some good news for you, Triple H told us that at Elimination Chamber the three of us will have a match against the three of you.”

Seth Rollins: “Wait a minute, that isn't good news for them, that is good news for us.”

Dean Ambrose: “Oh I guess you're right. That is unless we beat them to such a pulp that they don't even remember the beating. Then maybe it won't be so bad.”

Seth Rollins: “Unlike you Bray, who speaks in riddles and gibberish, we speak in absolutes. When we get done talking there is no question about what we said of what we meant. There is no deep underlying meaning to our words, no. We say what we have to say and that is it. So what we are out here to say right now is that at the Elimination Chamber Pay Per View be prepared for pain, and anguish and for your career to end because when we step foot in the ring with you things are going to get ugly..”

Dean Ambrose: “And you better believe in that..."

Roman Reigns: “And believe in the Shield.”
Match Four: Alexander Rusev vs. Ezekiel Jackson

- Ezekiel Jackson runs full steam into Alexander Rusev and actually makes him take a step back but then Rusev gets and angry look on his face and throws Jackson across the ring. Jackson storms back but Rusev picks Jackson up over his head and throws him out of the ring. Jackson eventually crawls his way back into the ring but Rusev scoop slams him, flips him over and makes him tap with the Camel Clutch.

Winner: Alexander Rusev
Damien Sandow comes out for what was supposed to be a match against Xavier Woods, who is already in the ring.

Damien Sandow: “Tonight I was originally scheduled for a match against this miscreant known as Xavier Woods. A man who has accomplished literally nothing since coming into the WWE. A man who just dances around, flings his hair back and throws a bunch of water around. A man who stole somebody's entrance music that asks them to 'call his mama'. Needless to say, I, a man who won the Money in the Bank, a man who once wrestled for the World Heavyweight Champions, a man who has fought for the Intercontinental and Tag Team titles before, is above this and I refuse to take part in this match.

“However! I know somebody who this match would be perfect for. It is somebody who is ready to make a name for himself. I pulled some string and now he is hear to make his debut. I would like to introduce to all of you a man who is new to this game and trying to make a name for himself, somebody who is very cultured and sophisticated, so much so that he is honestly above taking part in a match against this guys Xavier Woods. My protege, Aiden English.

Aiden English comes out with no music but rather singing his own song to the ring.

Match Five: Xavier Woods vs. Aiden English.

- Aiden English goes right after Xavier Woods with some kicks to the legs and midsection and looks pretty strong as he stomps him down. English hits a leg drop and goes for a pin but Woods kicks out. English continues to stomp Woods and gets a DDT in and attempts a pin, only for Woods to kick out again. English tries to re-pin him again but Woods kicks out. Both men get up and this time Woods picks up some momentum by landing a drop kick. And another one right as English gets up. But Woods goes for a third and English dodges it, leaving Woods on the ground. English continues to stomp him and gets some suplex' and another DDT in. However, instead of winning Woods he goes to yell at and taunt R-Truth. Woods gets up and hits the inverted stomp facebreaker and gets the pin, spoiling English's debut.

Winner: Xavier Woods
Road Dogg: “Oh you didn't know!, You better call somebody! Cut the music. Omaha, Nebraska I got something to ask ya. Who here things Cody Rhodes and Goldust really deserve a title shot inside of this steel cage tonight. I have to be honest I'm pretty sure we won our rematch already but they keep cryin' and I guess that is enough for them to get another chance. What ever let's break it down because as you know, it's me, it's me, it's that D-O-Double G, rolling once again with that A double crocked letter. Now Omaha are you ready? I said Omaha are you ready? Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, children of all ages. D-Generation-X proudly presents to you it's six-time tag team champions of the world, the Road Dogg Jesse James, the Bad Ass Billy Gunn, the New Age Outlaws.”

Billy Gunn: “And if you're not down with that, we got two words for ya'...SUCK IT!”

Match Six: The New Age Outlaws* vs. Cody Rhodes & Goldust
Cage Match for the Tag Titles

- Cody goes right after the Road Dogg and Goldust goes after Billy Gunn. The Rhodes Brothers quickly throw both of them into the side of the cage to send them down. Just over a minute in both try to climb out but before thy can even get off the ropes the New Age Outlaws are there to pull them down. Goldust gets thrown down to the mat by the Road Dogg but Cody keeps kicking Billy Gunn to keep him away. One kick connects to the face and sends Billy backward, where he his met with a cross body from Rhodes. When Rhodes gets up, though, the Road Dogg plants him with a clothesline. But Goldust pops back up and whips Road Dogg, kicks him and gets in his drop-down upper cut after going off the ropes himself. The match lasts quite a bit of time but down the stretch both New Age Outlaws are down on the mat so Cody and Goldust start climbing out. Cody makes it over the top and Goldust is ready to kick his leg over when the New Age Outlaws grab it. Cody just drops to the ground when this happens and Goldust gets pulled back in and double-teamed. Cody tries to climb back up but Billy Gunn is shaking the cage so he can't keep his balance. Both Billy Gunn and Road Dogg take Goldust out and Road Dogg gets the ring for the victory while Cody stands outside the ring in disbelief.

Winner: The New Age Outlaws
Match Seven: A.J. Lee, Tamina Snuka, Summer Rae, Aksana & Alicia Fox vs. The Bellas, The Funkadactyls, and Natayla

- Your run of the mill Divas match. Naomi shows some athleticism, Summer Rae tries to dance but shows a bit of a mean-streak. Aksana and Tamina show their power and Alicia Fox shows her ability but in the end A.J. Lee taps in to try to pin Natayla, who is on the mat after Tamina gave her a nasty looking clothesline. A.J. skips around for a bit and then goes for a lazy pin but it turns out Natayla was baiting A.J. Lee and rolled her up for the pin and the victory.

Winner: Total Divas

After the match Natayla grabs a microphone.

Natayla: “He A.J. just to let you know, since you only pinned me at TLC by cheating and grabbing my hair for leverage I had a talk with Stephanie McMahon and she said that if I were to either pin you or make you tap out in this match I would get another title shot at the Elimination Chamber Pay Per View.”

A.J. Lee has a look of disbelieve on her face.
John Cena and Daniel Bryan are in the ring and Randy Orton comes out.

Randy Orton: “I guess it's time to announce my partner tonight. But before I do I want to make some things clear and that is I spoke to Triple H and is my partner intentionally does anything to make me lose this match they he will be striped of his title shot come Wrestlemania...Batista!”

Match Eight: John Cena & Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton & Batista

- It's a very back and forth match but Batista and Randy Orton clearly are not running as fluid as they used to when they were in Evolution together. At the end of the match, however the lights go out and the Wyatts attack John Cena, ending the match in a disqualification.

Winner: John Cena & Daniel Bryan by DQ

After the match Batista stands there looking at Randy Orton on the outside of the ring and Batista Bombs him through the announcers table. Batista is celebrating when out of nowhere Alberto Del Rio plants Batista with a chair shot to the head. Del Rio stands over Batista while holding the chair over his head as the show closes.

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Wednesday Night Main Event
February 5, 2014
Des Moines, IA

Tom Phillips: “Ladies a Gentlemen welcome to WWE Main Event, I'm here with The Miz and tonight we got a great treat for you because Smackdown commissioner Vicki Guerrerro announced that tonight on Superstars there will be two semi-final matches for a No. 1 contender's tournament for the Intercontinental Title and the two winners will face off on Main Event in two weeks before facing Big E Langston at Elimination Chamber.”

The Miz: “Well I don't quite understand why I am not in this four-man No. 1 Contender's tournament at all I find this to be ridiculous because I am the most must-see Superstar on the roster but here are your four semi-finalist: Fandango, Rey Mysterio, Christian and...Curtis Axel? What? This guy did nothing when he was Intercontinental champion, has done nothing since losing it to Big E Langston and he's in this tournament? I'm appalled. Vicki Guerrero should be ashamed.”

Tom Phillips: “Well clearly The Miz is not at all happy with this four-man tournament, holding back no words, but tonight they kick off and we will be seeing Curtis Axel vs. Christian right after the break and Rey Mysterio and Fandango later tonight.”
Match One: Curtis Axel vs. Christian

- Curtis Axel charges to Christian but Christian flips him with a hip toss. Christian then gets down into a choke hold but Axel stands up and elbows Christian off of him. Then he kicks Christian in the stomach and gets Christian with a rolling neck snap. Christian is seated on the mat and Axel goes for a rear choke hold. Christian tries to get up but Axel gives Christian a belly to back suplex. Axel controls a fair amount of the match but Christian gets some momentum and drop kicks Axel into the ropes. Christian then slingshots out of the ring and slaps Axel in the face. Christian gets back in the ring and hits Axel with tornado DDT, goes back into the corner and gets ready for the spear. When Axel makes it to his feet Christian darts out and spears him before getting the pin.

Winner: Christian

The Miz: “This is ridiculous. Christian came back after not being around for months, lost a match in his return, stole a win in a tag match and then beat Mr. Nobody so he's not in a No. 1 Contender's match for the Intercontinental Champions. This company should be ashamed by this.”
Match Two: Alexander Rusev vs. Camacho

- Camacho is no match for Alexander Rusev, who quickly puts Camacho down and into the Camel Clutch for the submission victory.

Winner: Alexander Rusev

Tom Phillips: “That man is dangerous and a man of no words. We saw on Raw our colleague Josh Matthews tried to talk to the big Bulgarian but he got nowhere with it as Rusev just stared at him before walking away. Call me crazy but I think if he keeps putting his opponents down like that he'll have a very bright future with this company.”
Match Three: The Usos vs. Heath Slater & Jinder Mahal

- The Usos absolutely dominate the match and put up some nice high-flying spots, especially when they jump over the top rope and take out all three members of 3MB. Eventually Jimmy and Jey Uso both kick Heath Slater in the face and Jimmy gets the pin.

Winner: The Usos
Tom Phillips interviews The Miz during the break.

Tom Phillips: “Miz on Monday Night you were sitting on commentary during a match between Dolph Ziggler and Wade Barrett and after the match you had some words with Wade. Can you tell us exactly what you two were talking about there?”

The Miz: “Listen Tom two weeks ago Wade Barrett insulted my home town of Cleveland and thought he could get away with it. Dolph Ziggler tried and failed to make him pay for it on Monday but I'm not letting him get away with it. After the match Wade yelled Cleveland was full of losers and I was not going to sit there and let him say that so next Monday it's my turn to shut Wade up when I pin him 1-2-3.”
Match Four: Rey Mysterio vs. Fandango

- Fandango actually shows a great deal of ability in this match by now allowing Rey Mysterio to jump around and use his speed to get an advantage at any point in the match. Mysterio gets a nice hit from the top turn buckle early but he tries to a jump on Fandango's shoulders to bring him down but it gets turns into a power bomb. Fandango then dances a bit and Mysterio makes it to his feet in the corner but Fandango levels him with an Enzuigiri before going up to the top rope. Landing a diving leg drop and getting the pin.

Winner: Fandango
The show ends with Tom Phillips announcing that on Friday Night Smackdown the Main Event will be Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio.

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Friday Night Smackdown
February 7, 2014
Des Moines, IA

Damien Sandow comes out with Aiden English.

Damien Sandow: “This past Monday night on Raw R-Truth distracted my protege Aiden English during a match against Xavier Woods and cost him the victory so I demand a rematch right now.”

Nothing happens.

Damien Sandow: “Xavier Woods I demand you come out here right now, without your buddy R-Truth and attempt to pin this man of sophistication in this very ring that you stole a victory during his debut in.”

Xavier Woods walks out by himself and has a microphone in his hand.

Xavier Woods: “You really think I needed R-Truth's help on Monday night to beat this guy?”

Aiden English takes a step forward but Damien Sandow holds him back.

Damien Sandow: “Do you really think some half-witt like you has what it takes to beat this cultured, sophisticated, esteemed gentleman who stands beside me right now?”

Xavier Woods: “Half-witt? You do realize I have a Masters Degree in Psychology and I am currently working on my PhD?”

Damien Sandow: “And that is your problem. You have this great education but decide to dance around like a buffoon for these people.”

Xavier Woods: “I like dancing.”

Damien Sandow: “Are you coming down to this ring or not?”

Xavier Woods walks down to the ring but makes sure Damien Sandow keeps his distance.

Match One: Xavier Woods vs. Aiden English

- Aiden English looks strong from the jump again, getting a lot of punches and kicks in on Xavier Woods, wearing him down. After some time into the match and a few kickouts by Woods English tries for the Director's Cut but when he throws Woods' arm over his head it gets reversed into a DDT and Woods steals the victory.

Winner: Xavier Woods

While Xavier Woods is celebrating Damien Sandow runs in and attacks him and is joined by English for a double-team stomp-out until R-Truth runs down and clotheslines English and forces both guys to run away up the ramp. Sandow yells at truth while backing up the ramp and helps hold English up, who is holding his jaw. R-Truth helps Xavier Woods to his feet.
Titus O'Neil walks up to Vicki Guerrero in the back.

Vicki Guerrero: “Hello Titus.”

Titus O'Neil: “Vicki I want a match tonight. I'm not working with that loser Darren Young anymore and I want a chance to prove I'm a winner. Give me a match tonight and I'll show you I have what it takes.”

Vicki Guerrero: “Okay, you want a chance to prove yourself. Head down to the ring and I'll give you that match.”
Match Two: Titus O'Neil vs. Santino Marella

- Santino frustrates Titus O'Neil in this match but a huge clothesline and picked Santino up and landed the Clash of the Titus for get the pin.

Winner: Titus O'Neil

While he celebrated Darren Young comes out and hit Titus O'Neil from behind and forced him out of the ring. Darren Young stands tall in the ring pounding his chest.
Josh Matthews is in the back interviewing Christian.

Josh Matthews: “Christian on Main Event you qualified for a No. 1 Contenders match for the Intercontinental Championship, less than a week after you returned from injury. How has this ride been for you?”

Christian: “It has been a real blessing Josh. Every time I go out in that ring I perform like it could be my last match because in this business things can end quick. Just look at my best friend Edge, who's career ended before it should have because of a spinal injury. Droz, Owen Hart, there are so many guys who should have been around longer than they were so I don't take any day I wrestle for granted...”

Fandango shows up.

Fandango: “Looks like we have a big match coming up in two weeks on Main Event, a match that I shall be victorious in, becoming the No. 1 Contender for the Intercontinental Title that Big E Langston holds...again.”

Christian: “Well I'll certainly be ready for you Fandango.”

Fandango: “It's FAN-DAN-GO!”

Christian: “Well I'll certainly be ready for you FAN-DAN-GO so make sure you bring your a-game.”

Fandango: “Oh I'll be ready, but I'm not sure you will be.”

Fandango attacks Christian and stomps him out while he's on the ground.
Brodus Clay goes in the back and talks to Vicki Guerrero.

Brodus Clay: “Vicki if Titus O'Neil can demand a match then I think I should get a match too.”

Vicki Guerrero: “So you're out to prove yourself too there Brodus?”

Brodus Clay: “I don't need to prove myself. I'm a 6-foot-7, 375-pound monster and I never get my fair shot. I'm a Main Event player Vicki, you guys shouldn't be wasting me by having me just sit in that locker room not doing anything.”

Vicki Guerrero: “Main Event Player huh? Alright Brodus I'll give you a match tonight but if you lose. Well, that wouldn't be too good for you Brodus. Go out and prove that you're that “Main Event Player.”
Match Three: A.J. Lee & Tamina Snuka vs. the Bella Twins

- Tamina does a lot of damage but when A.J. tags in to get the pin at the end Natayla's music hits and distracts A.J. but Natayla doesn't come out. Instead Brie Bella rolls A.J. up and gets the pin.

Winner: The Bella Twins

After the match Natayla comes out to the stage and motions the belt being around her waist.

Natayla: “A.J. you don't have me fooled one bit. I give you credit for something that most people probably don't realize. While you're not incredibly strong or athletic you've been the longest reigning Diva's champion because even though you come off as crazy you're actually really smart and really good at getting in people's head but it's not going to work on me A.J. You're not going to get in my head, you're not going to distract me. Oh no A.J. When we get in the ring at Elimination Chamber it's going to be ability versus ability and there is no denying that I am better than you in those regards.”
Match Four: Alexander Rusev vs. Yoshi Tatsu

- Yoshi Tatsu gets a bunch of kicks on Alexander Rusev's legs but it does absolutely nothing. Rusev slams Tatsu and then pins him.

Winner: Alexander Rusev
A video promo plays, saying Mark Henry is scheduled to return on Monday Night Raw.
Match Five: Brodus Clay vs. Kofi Kingston

- Brodus Clay tosses Kofi Kingston around quite a bit but Kofi uses his speed to gain an advantage. The match actually goes on for a nice bit of time but eventually out of nowhere Kofi Kingston hits Trouble in Paradise and knocks Brodus Clay out long enough to pin him.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

After the match Brodus Clay loses it and completely obliterates Kofi Kingston, throwing him into the barricade, into the steps and over the announcers table before he finally leaves.
Match Six: Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio

- The two brawl for over 20 minutes in this one. Things start out a little slow. Sheamus gets some very powerful hits in early but Del Rio constantly creates separation by rolling out of the ring. Eventually Del Rio gains the upper hand when he gets Sheamus on the ground and rocks him with a back kick. Sheamus doesn't seem right from them on but manages to catch Del Rio up top and throws him into the ring. Del Rio tries to get outside to recover but Sheamus sets him up for a bunch of forearm clubs to the chest. Sheamus hits the Irish Curse Back Breaker but Del Rio kicks out at two. Sheamus attempts to hit the Brogue Kick but when Del Rio gets up be ducks the kick and lands an enzuigiri when Sheamus turns around. Sheamus kicks out at two on the pin. Del Rio now focuses his attention on Sheamus' arm. At some point Del Rio get outside the ring and throws Sheamus' arm, which is haning out of the ring, into the ring posts. Alberto Del Rio goes for the cross arm breaker but Sheamus gets to the rope and forces the break. The two make it to their feet and Sheamus gets going with his running double axe handles and sets Del Rio up for White Noise. However, before Sheamus lifts Del Rio it gets reversed into the cross arm breaker in the center of the ring. Sheamus appears to have no choice but to tap out but Batista's music hits and Del Rio gets up to prepare for a fight. But when Batista doesn't come out after a few seconds Del Rio turns back around and gets hit with the Brogue Kick and pinned.

Winner: Sheamus

After Sheamus gets the pin Batista walks out on the ramp with a microphone.

Batista: “Hey Alberto, I'll see you at Elimination Chamber.”

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Monday Night Raw
February 10, 2014
Los Angeles, CA

John Cena comes out to start the show.

John Cena: “Ladies and gentleman of Los Angeles, California welcome to Monday Night Raw! It sure is great to be here but I am starting to get anxious. I'm getting anxious because in two weeks I will be in the Elimination Chamber for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and a chance to headline Wrestlemania, which is something I have done each of the past three years. And if you include title matches that may not have been the final match of the night we're going back to Wrestlemania 21, right in this very building, where I beat Triple H for the WWE Title.

“So what I'm saying is that headlining Wrestlemania is just something I do and don't plan on stopping any time soon. But the fact that I have been the top guy in this company for so long, I think clearly says that even though Randy Orton may have the title and may be the so-called face of the WWE, in order to be the best you still have to go through me because I'm the headliner and I am the Main Eventer and I am the one who always has the target on his back. Not Randy Orton. Not Daniel Bryan. Not Sheamus or the Cesaro or Swagger. Or even Batista.

“In order to keep that streak of Main Event matches I have to win at the Elimination Chamber and while the odds are against me winning, they are against Randy Orton retaining. They are against everybody else in that match but somebody has to walk out champion and when that match it over I fully plan on holding those belts above my head and yelling 'The Champ is HERE!'”

Randy Orton comes out.

Randy Orton: “John I find it a little ironic that you say you are the face of this company and the man to beat when I stand here as the Undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Champion because, sure, we have had some great battles before and we have certainly gone through wars but it's pretty clear that you can't beat me when it counts.”

The Real Americans come out.

Zeb Colter: “It really doesn't matter what either of you two say because we all know that in order to win the Elimination Chamber you have to have heart and toughness and some real fortitude to win the Elimination Chamber, a fortitude that only a Real American so it won't be you Randy, or you John, it will be either Jack Swagger or Antonio Cesaro who will win at the Elimination Chamber. Heck, you're looking at the man who won the Elimination Chamber last year by pinning you Randy Orton.”

Sheamus comes out.

Sheamus: “While I may not have been in as many Elimination Chamber matches as you Randy, or you John, I have been in two Elimination Chamber's before and I know what it takes to win inside of that structure. It takes strength, and power, resilience and determination and when you step inside you better be ready for an all-out war, which is exactly what I'm built for.”

Daniel Bryan comes out.

Daniel Bryan: “I may not be the greatest talker but I like to let the people to my talking for me. None of you have ever been what I have been through since Summer Slam, constantly being denied a fair shot at the title. That has created such a burning desire deep down inside of me that when we're all hurting, we're all in severe pain and our bodies can't go any more, I have that little bit of extra motivation that will keep me going and let me last longer than everybody else.”

Kane comes out.

Kane: “Well hello boys, I'm pretty sure you all know who I am. I am Kane and I am the Director of Operations of the WWE and as the Director of Operations I am here to make sure things run smoothly so I have to make sure things don't get all crazy before your big match at the Elimination Chamber. But I can clearly sense a lot of tension in this ring. The six of you will all battle inside of the most horrific structure in WWE history for the most coveted prize in the world and I can't let you six just brawl it out right now. So instead I will let you guys figure some things out while testing each other out because tonight all six of you will be in matches. First, in tonight's main event Randy Orton you will be going up against Sheamus. Then, John Cens, you will take on Antonio Cesaro. That leaves Daniel Bryan and Jack Swagger, which will happen right now.”
Match One: Daniel Bryan vs. Jack Swagger

- Jack Swagger shows he is nothing to forget about in the Elimination Chamber and pounds away at Daniel Bryan, throwing him into the steps and barricade outside. But Bryan pumps up and there is nothing Swagger can do. A bunch of powerful kicks take Jack Swagger out of it but he does manage to catch one kick and lock in the Patriots Lock. Bryan, however, rolls Swagger over and reserves it into a Yes Lock and gets the submission.

Winner: Daniel Bryan
Renee Young: “Ladies and gentlemen my guest at this time is The Shield.”

Dean Ambrose: “How's it going Renee, I'm sure you're going to be asking us what we're thinking about our Elimination Chamber match against the Wyatts. It's unprecedented. Never before has their been a 6-man tag match in the Elimination Chamber. But it will all come down to who is the toughest and most resilient and more dangerous and even though the Wyatts may think they are a dangerous group of men nobody has done as much carnage in the WWE as us.”

Seth Rollins: “The Wyatts can be destructive as a group, there is no doubt about it, but nobody has done as much damage since coming into the WWE as we have. We are a well oiled machine, all capable of adjusting on the fly and in war that is what you have to do. Take away Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper and Erick Rowan are completely useless.”

Roman Reigns: “In a match like this it's about surviving. It's about going the distance and I don't think they have what it takes to last but you better believe each of us do. And you better believe in the Shield.”

Renee Young: “Well actually Dean I had a different question for you and that was about your United States title.”

Dean Ambrose: “Oh, you want to talk about how I am the longest reigning champion in the WWE?”

Renee Young: “Indeed you are Dean, but there has been a lot of criticism about you not actually defending your title.”

Dean Ambrose: “Are you kidding me? It's not like I'm ducking people. The fact of the matter is, nobody is worthy of challenging me for the title.”

Roman Reigns (laughing about the matter): “Well why don't you just go out and prove that tonight?”

Dean Ambrose: “Whose side are you on Roman?”

Roman Reigns: “Hey I'm just saying go out and prove it to everybody that you're the best.”

Dean Ambrose: “Fine, you guys want to see somebody's career end tonight when they try to take me on and take my title from me. Fine, I issue an open challenge. Tonight, anybody who wants a shot at my title meet me out in the ring.”
Match Two: Wade Barrett vs. The Miz

- The Miz gets a lot of offense in early but Wade Barrett turns things around with a bullhammer when the Miz went for an awesome clothesline and got a decently fast pin.

Winner: Wade Barrett

Wade Barrett: “I think I have proven my point that Cleveland is full of losers. This guy may have been a WWE Champion before but I barely even broke a sweat against him. And Dolph Ziggler, he was just no match for me, proving my statement...”

Dolph Ziggler comes out but while Wade Barrett is distracted by Ziggler, The Miz jumps up and lands the skull-crushing finale on Wade Barrett.
A video promo plays to promote the return of Mark Henry tonight!
Match Three: Alexander Rusev vs. Tensai

- Tensai actually knocks Alexander Rusev into the corner and punches away at him but Rusev pushed Tensai out into the center of the ring and stands tall. Tensai runs (very slowly) at Rusev after they both make it to their feet) but Rusev tosses Tensai into the corner. After Tensai is in the corner Rusev runs in and hits him with a running hip attack and then hits a bunch of shoulder thrusts to the midsection. Rusev walks back and tries to run back but Tensai lifts his foot and Rusev runs into a big boot. Rusev staggers back and Tensai runs after him but out of nowhere Rusev picks him up and lands the Samoan Drop before getting the pin.

Winner: Alexander Rusev
Renee Young: “Ladies and gentlemen my guest at this time: Titus O'Neil.

Renee Young: “Titus two weeks ago you broke away from your long-time tag team partner Darren Young.”

Titus O'Neil: “Who?”

Renee Young: “Um...Darren Young.”

Titus O'Neil: “Oh, you mean that guy who was good for nothing and led to me spending two years of my career winning nothing and being labeled a loser.”

Renee Young: “Well things have been getting pretty heated between the two of you and you have a match scheduled against him tonight.”

Titus O'Neil: “No, it's not a match tonight. It's going to be a slaughter, a beat down tonight. When you look at Darren and I you see too incredibly different types of men. With Darren you see this small, weak guy who just gets overpowered every time he is in the ring. And with me you see this tall, dark, handsome, athletically gifted specimen who is built for greatness. Let me ask you a question Renee. Do you know how to spell champion?”

Renee Young: “Um..C-H-A...”

Titus O'Neil: “No, it's T-I-T-U-S! Champion. That is what I am but for too long Darren Young kept the gold away from me so I decided to go on my own but if he wants a piece of me first, I'll end that really quick.”
Match Four: John Cena vs. Antonio Cesaro

- This is amazing match between John Cena and Antonio Cesaro and it actually makes Cesaro look incredibly, incredibly strong. Cesaro gets his upper cuts, his big swing. Cena gets his STF but Cesaro gets to the rope to break the hold. Cena gets going but another huge upper cut takes Cena out and leads the neutralizer by Cesaro. But Cena kicks out. The Shield's music hits and John Cena gets distracted, leading to another neutralizer by Antonio Cesaro, who gets the pin.

Winner: Antonio Cesaro

The Shield just comes out and sets up their next match.
Dean Ambrose: “Alright, I'm the United State Champion and I am issuing an open challenge so if anybody has the guts to come out here and take me on them make your way down that ramp.”

Mark Henry's music hits and Dean Ambrose looks incredibly distraught.

Match Five: Dean Ambrose vs. Mark Henry

- Mark Henry dominates Dean Ambrose and after getting hit with the World's strongest slam Seth Rollins jumps into the ring and breaks up the pin, causing Mark Henry to win by disqualification but Ambrose keeps his title.

Winner: Mark Henry by DQ
Renee Young is in the back with Natayla for an interviewing

Renee Young: “Natayla you have another Diva's title shot coming up at Elimination Chamber and you've made it clear your strategy is to get in A.J.'s head and distract her.”

Natayla: “Well, not quite. My strategy isn't to get in her head as much as it is to prevent her from getting into my head. A.J. is a very cerebral diva with a great ability to distract the other women in this company. And that includes me. At TLC I wasn't ready for her but not I'm going to be ready and I'm going to win that Diva's title at Elimination Chamber.”
Match Six: Darren Young vs. Titus O'Neil

- Titus O'Neil gets the upper hand very quick in this match and Darren Young gets put in a bad way when he gets thrown into the corner and Titus O'Neil chases after him and hits a huge body avalanche. Titus pulls Darren out of the corner and throws him right back in and tries to lift him up to the second rope and goes for a suplex but Young turns it into a DDT and turns the tide. Now Darren Young get's things going and hits an overhead belly to belly suplex. Darren throws Titus into the ropes and after he comes back hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Things go on for a bit of time but Young has the upper hand until Titus O'Neil hits Darren Young below the belt and loses by disqualification.

Winner: Darren Young by DQ

After the match Titus O'Neil destroys Darren Young, throwing him through the steps and throwing him into the barricade.
Match Seven: The Usos vs. Los Matadores

- This is pretty much a squash match. Los Matadores do some cool things, using the ropes for cool spring board spots, but the Usos dominate and end the match pretty quick.

Winner: The Usos
Batista is in the back walking around when out of nowhere Alberto Del Rio tackles him into the wall. The two punch each other and Del Rio gets thrown into a table but while he is getting hit in the back while draped over the table he grabs something and swings and hits Batista in the face before throwing him into the wall and hitting him with what looks like some sort of metal pipe. Batista lays on the ground up against the wall and Alberto Del Rio pushes a giant metal utility cart into him.
Match Eight: Randy Orton vs. Sheamus

- It's a very powerful match with a lot going on. Sheamus gets his forearm clubs. Randy Orton hits his DDT. Sheamus goes for a Brogue Kick but Orton turns it into a power slam. Sheamus hits white noise but Randy Orton kicks out. At the very end of the match Randy Orton is definitely in control and goes viper and tries to the RKO but Sheamus pushes him away and then Brogue Kicks him after he turns around. Sheamus gets the pin.

Winner: Sheamus

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Nice show you're putting on right now, I would say just come up with a few more novel ideas in booking. Not saying you're not original, just somethings are really similar to how they played out in real life.

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Nice show you're putting on right now, I would say just come up with a few more novel ideas in booking. Not saying you're not original, just somethings are really similar to how they played out in real life.
They're coming. I have to tie up some story lines the WWE left me with and I'll be honest, I do like some of the story lines they have but by Elimination Chamber things will be incredibly different. Thanks for the comment, glad you're enjoying what I've done so far.

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Wednesday Night Main Event
February 12, 2014
Ontario, Canada

Tom Phillips: “Welcome to Main Event everybody, tonight we have four great matches on the card all headlined with a match that puts Big E Langston up against Brodus Clay.”

The Miz: “Big Brodus Clay demanded another opportunity to make a name for himself after he squandered a shot last Friday on Smackdown against Kofi Kingston and this may be his biggest opportunity yet, going up against the Intercontinental Champion.”

Tom Phillips: “You can only imagine what a win over the champ might do for him with regards to his standing in the title picture. Also on the card Alexander Rusev has looked incredibly since his debut and he looks to extend his winning ways when he goes against one third of 3MB in Drew McIntyre.”

The Miz: “And also on the card tonight if you like high-flyers then we've got a treat for you when Sin Cara goes up against Justin Gabriel in a one-on-one match. And let's not forget about the ladies, Naomi of the Funkadactyls will face the dancing queen Summer Rae.”

Tom Phillips: “But before we get to the action Miz let's recap a bit of what has happened since last week. The shield is definitely having some issues amongst themselves heading into their match against the Wyatts at Elimination Chamber, Titus O'Neil is on a warpath since breaking away from Darren Young and things are really heating up among the six men who are in the Elimination Chamber, but the Real American's seem as united as ever.”

The Miz: “I've been in that Elimination Chamber once before and you have to work together in order to survive but eventually things will get nasty because they are both going to be fighting for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and the right to headline Wrestlemania so while things look great now, it will be very interesting that night.

Tom Phillips: “Miz another thing I wanted to bring up was your continuing squabble with Wade Barrett. You said last week you were going to put him in his place but he beat you on Monday night.”

The Miz: “Really? Really? You want to talk about that? First of all I didn't lose to Wade Barrett he just happened to take advantage and steal a win from me.”

Tom Phillips: “Well he did pin you.”

The Miz: “You know what I'm done with this let's just get to the action here tonight.”
Match One: Alexander Rusev vs. Drew McIntyre

- Alexander Rusev completely handles Drew McIntyre. 3MB attempts to interfere but Rusev slams Jinder Mahal and Heath Slater together and knocks them out. Drew McIntyre gets taken out with a huge body slam and pinned.

Winner: Alexander Rusev
Wade Barrett's music hit's and he rises up on a podium.

The Miz: “Oh god here we go again with this guy.”

Wade Barrett: “Ladies and gentleman can I have some decorum please? Thank you very much for joining us this evening but I'm afraid I've got some bad news. Bad news for The commentator the Miz, actually. And Bad News for Dolph Ziggler as well. You see the last two weeks I beat both of these men in single's action quite easily and I am so confident that I can beat both of these guys that I went to Triple H and did was no man in history of his business has ever done and I actually requested a handicap match against the two of them at Elimination Chamber. Neither of the men are half as talented as I am so I figure both of them still wouldn't be nearly as talented as I am. So come Elimination Chamber I will take on both The Miz and Dolph Ziggler in an elimination handicap match and it will once again prove that Cleveland, Ohio is full of losers. Almost as many losers as Canada. Thank you!”

Tom Phillips: “Wow, Miz you're going to be in a 2-on-1 elimination handicap match against Wade Barrett at Elimination Chamber did you just hear that?”

The Miz: “Of course I just heard that I'm sitting right here next to you. This guy here is ridiculous. He really thinks he can beat both Dolph Ziggler and myself in a handicap match? Well ask and you shall receive but don't bite off more than you can chew.”
Match Two: Sin Cara vs. Justin Gabriel

- This match is pretty amazing for what it is. Sin Cara and Justin Gabriel show some very good high-flying ability and use the ropes in a fast-paced match. At the end of the match Gabriel has Sin Cara down and goes up to the top rope for a 450 splash but somehow Sin Cara moves out of the way. Sin Cara picks up Gabriel, lands a DDT and hits a high-angle senton bomb to end the match.

Winner: Sin Cara
Match Three: Naomi (w/ Cameron) vs. Summer Rae

- Summer Rae shows some serious aggressiveness, constantley getting Naomi in the corner and using her long legs to choke her. But Naomi uses her incredible athleticism to turn things around and finished Summer Rae off with the Booty Call followed by a Split-Legged Moonsault.

Winner: Naomi
Tom Phillips: “Alright ladies and gentlemen it's time for our main event, tonight Brodus Clay gets a huge second opportunity to prove himself when he takes on the Intercontinental Champion Big E Langston. Earlier today I sat down with Brodus Clay for an interview that we filmed. Here is what he had to say.”

A video of the interview comes up. Brodus is sitting in a big chair next to Tom Phillips.

Tom Phillips: “Brodus you've made it very clear that you think you are a 'Main Event Player' and you should be getting more opportunities than you have been given.”

Brodus Clay: “Think? I don't think I am a Main Event Player, I know I am a Main Event Player. It's crazy how some guys are given so many opportunities time and time again and some guys never get the shot. Who in this company is more imposing than I am? I'm a 6-foot-7, 375-pound wrecking ball. If you get in my way you're going to be destroyed, that's just how it is.”

Tom Phillips: “Last week on Smackdown you demanded an opportunity and Vicki Guerrero gave you a match against Kofi Kingston, but you lost...”

Brodus Clay: “Did I really lose? If I remember correctly Kofi Kingston had to be carried out of the ring by doctors and I am here to fight another week. And that is why I got another match, this time against Big E Langston and when I beat Big E Langston I should be the No. 1 Contender for that title.”

Tom Phillips: “Definitely easier said than done.”

Brodus Clay: “Big E Langston definitely won't be an easy guy to beat, he is very good, but he hasn't wrestled anybody as big, as strong or as dangerous as me since joining this company.”

Match Four: Big E Langston vs. Brodus Clay

- Brodus Clay comes out on fire, pushing Big E back into the corner, whipping him into the opposite corner and following him for a body splash. Brodus then gets a running power slam out of the corner and attempts a pin but Big E Langston kicks out. Brodus Clay picks Big E Langston up and suplex' him but Big E rolls out of the ring. Brodus Clay follows Big E Langston and throws him into the steps. Brodus Clay breaks the count by rolling into the ring but rolls out again. He tries to throw Big E Langston back into the steps again but Langston counters and whips Brodus into steps. Both guys are on the ground with the count going but the finally crawl back into the ring by the count of seven. The both make it back to their feet and start punching away. Big E gets a big belly to belly suplex on Brodus and tries to the Big Ending but he can't gets his arms around Brodus Clay and lift him and drops on his back. Brodus tries to the pin but Big E Langston kicks out at two. Brodus goes for a big splash with Big E Langston down but the moves gets cornered and he takes two knees to the stomach. Big E then rolls Brodus up and gets the pin.

Winner: Big E Langston

Brodus Clay is in the ring unable to believe what just happened while Big E Langston holds up his Intercontinental up on the ramp. Then Fandango attacks Big E Langston from behind before Christian comes out and attacks Fandango. But Fandango counters Christian and stands tall.

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The IWC's Only Ryback Mark with the Five (Bullet) Point Review
WWE Main Event 12.2.2014​

  • Love that Rusev is getting a push, but why must it be Drew to job out? Good decision nonetheless.
  • That TV Time for Justin Gabriel and Sin Cara[Hunico? Mistico can't put on good WWE matches] :mark: Keep on giving cruiserweights TV time, it is a nice way to add to the show and fill space.
  • Naomi gets a push? Possible No.1 Contender for the Divas Title?
  • Hate the idea of Barret facing two guys at Elimination Chamber, I feel he needs to have matches, but not so many in a short amount of time.
  • Nice way of pushing Brodus, you made him look like a threat and effectively wrote his new character. Making Big E of all people have to roll up is saying something. Fandango v. Christian v. Big E? This a chance to get Big E over huge or even Fandango. Either way in case of a Triple Thret, Christian sadly has to take the pin if either will look strong.
Show Rating: ***; Nice, nothing ground-breaking. Good management of the C show.

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Booker Note: Sorry it's a bit late but here we go. I will delay Raw until Wednesday and post Main Event on it's normal Thursday.

Friday Night Smackdown
February, 14, 2014
Ontario, Canada

Cody Rhodes and Goldust start the show.

Cody Rhodes: “I stand here right now aside my brother as former WWE Tag Team Champions and the reason is my own fault. I made a horrible mistake not too long ago when I exited a cage and left Goldust in the ring by himself with Billy Gunn and Road Dogg, leading to a two-on-one beat down and all I could do was stand on the outside and watch. And because of that stupid decision to not look back at my brother when I dropped down to the floor from the side of the ring we lost out title rematch. But Road Dogg and Billy Gunn I have a proposition for you. You both know damn well that the two of us are going to be right back in the title picture by dominating the rest of the competition. We're going to win a bunch of tag matches in a row, be granted a title shot at some point and then face either you or whoever else is the tag team champions by that time. So instead of stretching everything out and prolonging this whole process why don't you just give us another title shot at Elimination Chamber.”

The New Age Outlaws come out.

Road Dogg: “Cut the music. Cody Rhodes I don't know what you think you're trying to accomplish right now but nobody just demands a shot at our championship belts. Besides, we beat you three times in a row now, clearly you are not worthy of stepping into the ring with us right now and competing for this gold. Nobody in this business is actually worthy of competing against us for this title gold to be honest. The fact that Billy Gunn and I won our sixth Tag Team Championship belts 14 years after our last championship reign just shows how phenomenal of a duo we are. You two had a halfway decent run, beating up RyBaxel and Brodus Clay and Tensai and all of these other fake tag teams but the first time you got into the ring with a real tag team, a truly great duo who knows how to work together you failed and because you failed you will not be getting another title opportunity.”

Cody Rhodes: “Well then, if you don't want to give Goldust and I a shot at your belts I guess we'll just have to take them.”

Cody Rhodes and Goldust get face-to-face with the New Age Outlaws but Vicki Guerrero comes out before any fight happens.

Vicki Guerrero: “Excuse me! I said Excuse me! My name is Vicki Guerrero and I am the general manager of Smackdown so if anybody is going to be making decisions on who will be wrestling who in any upcoming matches, especially title matches taking place at pay-per-views, then it's going to be me.”

Road Dogg: “That's right Vicki, get these two guys out of our ring.”

Cody Rhodes: “Vicki, Road Dogg, bumbling idiot who can manage to screw up his one line. How about this. Tonight you guys take on each one of us in a one-on-one match and if we win both matches then we get another title shot but if you win either singles match then we will never get another title shot as long as they are around your waste.”

Road Dogg: “How about you just get out of my ring. You lost your titles. You lost your rematch twice. You get no other chance at them.”

Billy Gunn punches Goldust and the two teams go at it until referees break them up and Vicki screams.

Vicki Guerrero: “Road Dogg and Billy why not instead of just denying them another title shot take them up on their offer. If they truly don't belong in the ring with either of you them beat at least one of them tonight. You guys have the advantage....Fine, you know what. I'll make that decision. Tonight. Road Dogg you will be going up against Goldust while Cody you have a match against Billy Gunn. If you two (Cody Rhodes and Goldust) win both matches then you get another shot at the belts at Elimination Chamber but if you lose just one of your matches then you don't get another title shot again as long as the belts are on the New Age Outlaws.”
Match One: Kofi Kingston vs. Titus O'Neil

- Kofi Kingston gets a lot of his fast moves in and really makes Titus O'Neil look bad. Titus O'Neil tries to run immediately in for some punches but Kofi slides under Titu's legs, runs up on the turnbuckle and hits a kick off the top rope right away. Kofi then runs to the side and spring boards off the ropes and hits a body splash. Kofi hit's his boom-boom drop and tries to go for a pin but Titus O'Neil kicks out. Titus gets up and reverses an Irish Whip into the corner and tries to run in for a body splash but Kofi pendulums behind Titus and lands a bunch of punches. Kofi looks great in this match and climbs up to the top rope and attempts a hurricarana but Titus O'Neil turns it into Clash of the Titus and gets the pin.

Winner: Titus O'Neil
Match Two: Alexnder Rusev vs. Jinder Mahal

- Alexander Rusev destroys Jinder Mahal and finished him with a running side slam.

Winner: Alexander Rusev
Renee Young is in back to interview Dolph Ziggler.

Renee Young: “Dolph on Main Event we heard that Wade Barrett requested and received a match against both you and The Miz at Elimination Chamber. Do you have anything to say about this?

Dolph Ziggler: “I find it hilarious that Wade Barrett thinks he could possibly beat two incredibly accomplished superstars such as the Miz and myself.”

Renee Young: “You and The Miz don't have much experience working together as a tag team. Have you two been talking at all?

Dolph Ziggler: “While we've never really teamed together I think The Miz and I have styles that really complement each other. I've definitely been in contact with him. I called him up right after Main Event to talk about things.”

Renee Young: “Well at least the two of you get a little bit of practice tonight when you take on Los Matadors.”

Dolph Ziggler: “I just can't wait to shut Wade Barrett up.”
Match Three: A.J. Lee & Tamina Snuka vs. Natayla & Summer Rae

- This match doesn't last too long. Tamina and Natayla go at it but Tamina is forced to tag. Natayla takes A.J. Lee down but when she's about to go for a pin Tamina coms running over. However, Natayla flips Tamina over the ropes ans puts A.J. Lee in the sharpshooter for a submission victory.

Winner: Natayla & Summer Rae
Match Four: Dolph Ziggler & The Miz vs. Los Matadors

- Fernando and Diego do some cool moves involving the ropes but Dolph Ziggler and The Miz dominate this match. The Miz gets the pinfall over Diego.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler & The Miz
The Wyatts cut a video promo.

Bray Wyatt: “Ever since the beginning of time there have been people who think they can fix all of the injustice in the world and ever since the beginning of time those people who think they can fix the injustice have become corrupt themselves. These people known as the Shield do the bidding of another man, whether is is just or injustice. These three men are just sheep. Sheep following their herder, doing nothing else other than what they have been trained to do. And they think they can just go from that to a war in the ring with the devil and his son's. Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, I have one question for you come next Sunday. Are you willing to sell your soul for what you want? If you're not then you don't want it enough.”
Road Dogg: “Oh you didn't know? You better call somebody! You know it's me, it's me, it's that D-O-Double G, rolling once again with that A double crocked letter. Ontario, Canada Welcome to the Dog House. We each have a match tonight but what's it matter because once I beat Goldust there is no more title talk for either of these two guys. There is no more challenging for out belts. These two men keep wanting chance after chance but we beat them three times so why do they deserve it? But my boss says one of us needs to win so let's just get down to it. Ontario Canada are you ready? I said Ontario Canada are you ready? Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all aged. D-Generation X proudly brings to you it's six-times Tag Team Champions of the world The Road Dogg Jesse James, the Bad Ass Billy Gun. The New Age Outlaws.”

Billy Gunn: “And if you're not down with that we got two words for ya....SUCK IT!”

Match Five: Goldust vs. Road Dogg

- Road Dogg keeps this a slow match. Trying to wear down Goldust's arm the entire time. But Goldust is able to counter and get in his huge slap in the face in. After some time The Road Dogg tries to get his finishing Pumphandle Falling Powerslam but Goldust ounters is and rolls Road Dogg up for a pin.

Winner: Goldust
Match Six: Billy Gunn vs. Cody Rhodes

- Billy Gunn tries to power his way through this match but Cody constantly gets the upper hand because of his ability to counter everything with his agility. Cody almost loses the match, though, when he tries to moonsault off the top rope to the outside onto Billy Gunn but instead falls through the announcers table but Billy Gunn takes too much time to drag him into the ring and Cody Rhodes barely kicks out of it. At the very end Billy tries to get the fam-asser but Cody stands up, kicks Billy Gunn in the stomach and lands Cross Rhodes to the pin.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

The show ends with Cody Rhodes and Goldust celebrating as they are now the No. 1 Contenders at Elimination Chamber.

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Monday Night Raw
February 17, 2014
Denver, Colorado

Michael Cole: “We are just under a week away from Elimination Chamber, the final pay-per-view stop on the road to Wrestlemania and so much has yet to be determined. We know right now that Batista will take on the WWE World Heavyweight Champion in the Main Event but who will his opponent be? In no match does the Champion have worse odds to retain his title than in the Elimination Chamber and with so much talent in the chamber this year things don't look so good for Randy Orton.”

Jerry Lawler: “I'll say. If I'm a betting man my money is on Daniel Bryan. The guy has so much heart and determination and he's been held back for so long that I don't think anything can stop him from walking out as the champion, not even slim odds like he's facing.”

JBL: “I took part in one Elimination Chamber match in my career and I still haven't recovered from it but the prize of the winning the Undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Championship and headlining the greatest show on earth, Wrestlemania, makes everything worth the risk. And this is coming from somebody who didn't even win.”

Michael Cole: “Well we will hear from Randy Orton for maybe the final time as the Undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Champion tonight when he gives his championship speech to close out the night.”

Fandango comes out to start the night.

Fandango: “I'm tired of waiting. I'm tired of having to spend more nights preparing to beat Christian to become the No. 1 Contender for the Intercontinental Championship and face Big E at Elimination Chamber this coming Sunday. Right now we're scheduled to wrestle at Main Event but I say we get this thing done right now. So Christian if you have any manhood between your legs walk down this ramp, step into this ring and face me one-on-one right now.”

Big E Langston comes out instead of Christian.

Big E Langston: “Unfortunately for you Fandango you have to wait for Main Event because Christian isn't here tonight but if doesn't matter if you beat him and become the No. 1 Contender because I've already proven in a match for this belt that I am better.”

Fandango: “No, no, no, no. No Big E you're wrong there. That was months ago in my first ever title match. You see since then I've learned what it takes to become a champion. First, you need to be able to move unlike your opponent has ever seen before (Fandango dances a few steps). Second, you need to be able to out-think your opponent, which isn't exactly a hard thing to do when that's you. Third, you have to catch your opponent by surprise...”

Fandango runs in and starts punching Big E Langston. When Big E Langston goes down he focus' on his knee, constantly attacking it and stomping on it while his foot is up on the ropes. Fandango walks out to the side and grabs a chair to try to further the attack but Big E clotheslines him and then hits the Big Ending, leaving Fandango laying in the middle of the ring.
Match One: Alberto Del Rio vs. Justin Gabriel

- Justin Gabriel starts the match off by running into Alberto Del Rio, jumping up and landing a tornado DDT. He goes for the pin but Alberto Del Rio kicks out. He then hits a springboard into a moonsault and tries for another pin but Alberto Del Rio kicks out again. Gabriel lifts Alberto Del Rio up to his feet and pushes him back into the corner and starts landing some punches before whipping him into the opposite corner. Gabriel chances after Del Rio but Del Rio lands a back elbow to stagger Gabriel. He goes after Gabriel but as soon as he gets close enough Gabriel lands a double knee facebreaker. Gabriel goes for another quick pin but Del Rio still manages to kick out. Now things start to change. Del Rio gets picked up by by Gabriel and starts landing some punches, incredibly hard and incredibly fast. He punches Gabriel back into the corner and starts stomping him. Gabriel can't even catch his breathe he is hit with so many punches. Del Rio backs up into the opposite corner and when Gabriel stands up Del Rio runs in and hits a step-up enzuiguiri. Gabriel is now on his knees and Del Rio starts his “Si” chant as he goes into for a Superkick but Gabriel ducks and rolls Del Rio up for a pin. But Del Rio kicks out. Enraged, Del Rio continues to stomp away at Gabriel and then hooks the cross-arm breaker and makes him tap.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Batista comes out while Alberto Del Rio is in the ring. The two go at it and Batista leaves Del Rio in the middle of the ring after a Batista Bomb.
Renee Young is in the back interviewing Darren Young.

Renee: “Darren on Friday Night your old tag team partner Titus O'Neil got an opportunity against former Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston to show what he is made of when it comes to singles competition. Tonight you get an opportunity to prove yourself against former Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel. Is there anything in the back of your mind saying that you have to be more impressive in your victory?”

Darren Young: “Every time we go out to that ring we want to be more impressive than other guys on the roster because that is how you get noticed so definitely I would say that but also I want to prove to everybody and prove to Titus and prove to myself that I was not the weak link in the Prime Time Players.”

Renee Young: “Speaking of which last week you two had a match, which you won, but it was by disqualification.”

Darren Young: “That just shows what type of person Titus really is. He had to cheat and intentionally lose a match to make himself look good. Don't worry though, that is not the last of me he has seen.”
Match Two: Mark Henry vs. Roman Reigns (w/ Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose)

- Roman Reigns dominates this match. Mark Henry can't get any offense going other than a few throws after the two elbow lock in the very beginning and try to push each other into the opposing corners. Roman Reigns lands a quick Superman punch and follows it up with a spear for the quick victory.

Winner: Roman Reigns

After the match Dean Ambrose is visually angry that he was shown up by Reigns and attacks Mark Henry outside the ring.

The Wyatts appear up on the video. Bray Wyatt lights the lantern and says “We're here” and blows it out. They make their slow walk out to the ring. The shield is in the ring and the Wyatts line up on the apron staring down the Shield. They then step in the ropes slowly and stare down. Bray then laughs and starts to step back out but Dean Ambrose runs at Bray Wyatt and punches him, causing a huge melee. The Shield clear the ring and stand tall while the Wyatts leave.
Match Three: Darren Young vs. Curtis Axel

- The match is very even for a nice amount of time. Both guys battle each other into the corners, both get some Irish Whips. Actions spills over the ropes down to the floor and early on it is Axel who is controlling things. However Darren Young get the win when Curtis Axel goes for the running one-armed swinging neckbreaker and Young flips around and over Axel to turn it into a neck breaker himself. Young then picks Axel up and lands a Gut Check for the pin.

Winner: Darren Young
Match Four: Rey Mysterio vs. RyBack

- Rey Mysterio uses a lot of quick moves to get things going, so much so that it doesn't even look like RyBack can keep up but when Mysterio tries to jump off the top rope on to RyBack he gets caught and slammed with a spine buster. RyBack then yells “finish it” and picks Mysterio up and ends things with shell shock.

Winner: RyBack
Match Five: Naomi (w/ Cameron) vs. Alicia Fox

- Alicia Fox starts the match by powering her way through Naomi but she gets cocky and starts yelling at Cameron a little bit of time in. This is when Naomi gets Alicia with the rear view as she turns around. It's knocks Alicia to the ground and then Naomi takes complete control of the match. She hits a round house kick as Alicia tries to get up. Naomi then gets to the ropes and hits a split-legged moonsault and gets the pin.

Winner: Naomi
Renee Young is in the back interviewing Damien Sandow and Aiden English.

Renee: “I'm standing here right now with two guys who want to be announced as 'The Men of Sophistication' Damien Sandow and Aiden English. Guys the last few weeks weeks Xavier Woods and R-Truth have gotten the upper hand on the two of you and in just a bit the two of you will be taking them both on in your first tag team match. How much work have you two guys had together in the ring, are you comfortable teaming up?

Damien Sandow: “Renee, half of this wrestling game is physical, which we definitely are, but the other half is mental and that is where the two of us are far superior than anybody else around. When you have bumbling, dancing buffoons like R-Truth and Xavier Woods going out there thinking this is just a fun walk in the park it is easy to just think, I guess anybody can do it. But that is why we are going to demolish them tonight. Aiden and I are just smarter and more cerebral in the ring than they are. Have we had as many matches together, obviously not as this is our first, but we have trained together, we've worked together and we know how each other think so I am very confident in saying that it will be an easy win for the two of us.”

Renee: “Aiden, Xavier Woods has beaten you twice in your first two matches here in the WWE does that at all weight on you and hurt your confidence going into this match tonight? “

Aiden English: “Very amusing Renee. A man like me does not have his psyche hurt by a a loss or two. I may have come up on the short end in the ring but there is no denying that I am far and away ahead of Xavier Woods in life. Tonight I will exact my revenge as Damien and I show that we are a tag team for everybody to fear.”
Match Six: Alexander Rusev vs. Santino Marella

- To this point Santino is Alexander Rusev' toughest opponent but he doesn't actually do anything to Rusev, he just ducks and dodges everything. Finally, Rusev lands a punch on Santino to get him down. He follows it up with a few more clubbing blows before lifting Santino for a huge side slam to get the pin.

Winner: Alexander Rusev

Alexander Rusev is now 10-0
Match Seven: The Men of Sophistication (Damien Sandow & Aiden English) vs. R-Truth & Xavier Woods

- Damien Sandow and R-Truth start off in the ring against each other but Aiden English says he wants to start things out so Damien immediately tags Aiden English in. Aiden English goes fast to R-Truth and starts wobbling him with punches and kicks and then whips him into the ropes. On the run back for R-Truth English hits a roundhouse kick to knock him down. English goes for a pin but R-Truth kicks out immediately. English drags R-Truth over to his corner, where Sandow gets tagged in and the two double-team him with a few punches. Damien Sandow and Aiden English control R-Truth for a lot of the early part of the match but when Sandow goes to knock R-Truth over the ropes is is sent over to the outside when R-Truth pulls the ropes down. R-Truth is able to crawl over to Xavier Woods but Sandow also gets back in the ring and tags in Aiden English. Woods takes English down with some forearm lariats but English keeps popping back up. Woods then hits a Tornado DDT and tries to pin English but he kicks out at two. After some back and forth action R-Truth and Damien Sandow are the legal men in the ring. R-Truth tries to pin Sandow by English breaks it up. This causes Woods to fight with English and things go to the outside. R-Truth gets a move countered and Sandow then hits the “You're Welcome” to get the pin and the win.

Winner: The Men of Sophistication
Randy Orton comes out to address the crowd.

Randy Orton: “In one week I guarantee that I will be standing here in the center of this ring addressing all of you as the Undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Champion because at the Elimination Chamber I will be the last man standing. I'm not saying this because I am cocky and overestimate my ability. I'm saying this because I know I am the best and I know that I am better than every other Superstar that will be joining me in that chamber this coming Sunday. That is why I am the face of this company and that is why I stand here right now as the Undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Champion and have been the champion since Summer Slam. There are two types of people in that back locker room. There are the guys who have to work incredibly hard and still amount to very little and then there are guys like me who are naturally gifted and born into greatness. It's not hard to see. Just close your eyes and picture what the perfect Sports Entertainer would look like. I bet right now you're picturing me.”

“This is why a the Elimination Chamber I will be victorious. But here is the thing. As the champion, which again, I have been since Summer Slam. I think Triple H should grant me some sort of champions advantage by guaranteeing that I enter the Elimination Chamber last. I think that is the least he could do for me since I have carried this company for the past six months.”

Daniel Bryan comes out.

Daniel Bryan: “Randy you are absolutely hilarious and delusional at the same time. You think you are owed the last spot in the Elimination Chamber because you were handed the title and constantly protected and evaded any title loss thanks to Triple H and The Shield? Now I'm not saying they will give me the final spot, I will more than likely be screwed with and have to go from start to finish, but if anybody has carried this company it is me. I mean, I hear everybody in this arena and even outside of this arena chanting YES! YES! YES! YES!”

Randy Orton: “Daniel Bryan this is my time in the ring so I suggest you get the hell out of here before I make you get out.”

Daniel Bryan: “Randy, just try.”

Randy Orton strikes Daniel Bryan and the two start to fight but John Cena, Sheamus and the Real Americans all run out to join in the massive brawl.

Triple H comes out.

Triple H: “Hey, hey, hey, hey guys save it for the Elimination Chamber on Sunday.”

Randy Orton: “Hunter as your champion I demand some respect around here. When I get my mic time I don't expect to be interrupted by a goat faced troll and I expect to be treated like a proper champion.”

Triple H: “I heard you out here Randy saying you deserve to be the final entrant in the Elimination Chamber and to be honest I agree with you but I still want you to prove it.”

Randy Orton: “Prove what Hunter? Prove that I am the face of the WWE, something that you named me?”

Triple H: “Here is what I am prepared to do for you Randy. On Smackdown all six of you will take part in a timed challenge to determine the order of entrance in the chamber, each against a surprise wrestler of my choosing. Oh and if any of you lose you'll be replaced. That includes you Randy so consider your match a title match.”

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I've had a look through the shows so far and I wanted to give my opinions/feedback so far, this is the first review I've done so excuse the shoddiness of it.

Pros: What stands out to me is that you seem to have a clear idea of who you want to push but aren't over doing it, I'm loving the Rusev push as I believe he could be a great monster heel in the future given the right exposure..right now I feel the push he is getting is perfect, he's not destroying stars but fans will soon forget who he's beaten when they hear numbers like 10-0, it will be interesting to see how you book him when he goes up against bigger names but I feel like this shouldn't be for a while unless you want a "shock" victory...I also love the team of English and Sandow as they just seem to be guys who would have perfect chemistry with both of them having pretty similar stuck up gimmicks, in my opinion this is a pretty logical team that I could easily see on the real WWE shows. Your matches are well balanced and seem to get the best out of all competitors, my only criticism would be that at some points it still feels like we are reading an actual Raw Recap than a Be The Booker...I know that you said changes will be coming soon so I will wait to make my final judgement on this side of things.

Overall a really good start with some good ideas, I look forward to seeing where you go with the shows once your own feuds and story lines truly kick off.

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Wednesday Night Main Event
February 19, 2014
Colorado Springs, CO

Tom Phillips: “Welcome to Wednesday Night's Main Event where our Main Event will be a No. 1 Contendership match between Fandango and Christian for the first to face Big E Langston at this Sunday's Pay Per View, Elimination Chamber.”

The Miz: “I'm very excited for tonight. We're just days away from the Elimination Chamber Pay Per View and we have guys looking to impress while Superstars like myself, Dolph Ziggler ad others are given a time to rest. So we'll get a chance to see some guys maybe we wouldn't usually see and this is their chance to shine and maybe get some more work in the next few weeks.”

Tom Phillips: “One example of that tonight is a match between Tyson Kidd and Zach Ryder. We all know both of them but it has been some time since they've really gotten a chance to shine in the ring. But tonight they will get a shot to show off against one another.”

The Miz: “I remember early in my career when I was an unknown. It was nights like these that helped me showcase my ability and when you do that enough you'll be put on a path for success.”

Tom Phillips: “Also tonight we have seen Alexander Rusev beat his first ten opponents here in the WWE, can he make it 11 when he takes on JTG? And we will see Kofi Kingston take on Brodus Clay in a rematch that Clay demands.”
Match One: Brodus Clay vs. Kofi Kingston

- Brodus Clay easily pushes Kofi Kingston into the corner and lands some hard punches. He then whips Kofi into the opposite corner but Kofi lands a boot to the face when Clay charges at him. This staggers Clay and allows Kofi to take out his leg and get the big man down. Kofi whips around the ring landing leg drops and knee drops. Brodus makes his way to his feet but is taken down again but Kofi. Kofi goes up on the ropes and hits a cross body as Clay just makes it to his feet but during the pin he is thrown off. Clay then throws Kofi out of the ring. Clay follows and throws Kofi into the steel steps. Clay rolls into the ring while Kofi is getting counted. Kofi barely makes it in the ring in time but is immediately met with hard stomps by Clay. Brodus picks Kofi Kingston up but is immediately hit with a double-knee face-breaker. Clay staggers back into the corner and Kofi goes for trouble in paradise but Clay ducks the move and body avalanches Kofi and knocks him down. Clay picks Kofi up and throws him down with a t-bone suplex. Clay then runs to the ropes and springs back for a big splash and pins Kofi Kingston.

Winner: Brodus Clay

Brodus Clay grabs a microphone after the victory.

Brodus Clay: “I told all you all that I am a main event player and tonight was just a glimpse of how dominant I am and how dangerous I can be. This is a message to everybody in that locker room. If you stand in this ring across from me you will get taken out.”
Match Two: Tyson Kidd vs. Zach Ryder

- This is a pretty even match. Tyson Kidd lands some hard kicks and uses the ropes to his advantage but Zach Ryder keeps landing some hard flapjacks and leg drops. Tyson Kidd eventually gets Zach Ryder on the mat and tries to lock in the Dungeon Lock but Ryder is able to lift him up and slam Kidd back down on the ground to break the hold. But Kidd pops right back up and rushes into Zach and takes a behind grapple position. Ryder turns around and breaked Kidd's grip but Kidd kicks Ryder in the stomach. He then sends him into the corner and chases after him but Ryder counters with a double high knee. Kidd gets staggered and Ryder runs in for a Rough Ryder, nails it and gets the pin.

Winner: Zach Ryder

The Miz: “That is how you make a name for yourself right there. Get a huge win in a nice long match. What a performance by both of these guys putting on a wrestling clinic out here. Very fun match to watch but Zach Ryder pulled out the victory.”
Match Three: Alexander Rusev vs. JTG

- JTG runs into Alexander Rusev immediately but Rusev immediately catches him and lands a running sidewalk slam to get a pin in a matter of seconds.

Winner: Alexander Rusev
Match Four: Christian vs. Fandango
No. 1 Contender for Intercontinental Title Match
Big E Langston is on commentary during the match

- Christian and Fandango start the match exchanging a bunch of hard punches until Christian whips Fandango into the ropes. However, Fandango puts his shoulder down to knock Christian down. He then runs right into the ropes and hits a leg drop. Fandango stays on the ground and gets a chokehold in on Christian and keeps the hold in for quite some time. Christian pumps up and gets out of the hold by getting to his feet and punching Fandango in the stomach. Christian keeps hyping up and gets a big drop kick to take Fandango down. Christian sets up for a spear but Fandango catches Christian for a DDT in a very fluid motion. Fandango goes for a pin but Christian gets out. Christian slowly makes his way to his feet and is pushed into the corner by Fandango, who lands 10 punches. Fandango then runs to the center of the ring while Christian takes a few steps out. Fandango then runs back and takes Christian down with a clothesline. Fandango continues to control the match for a bit until things level when Christian, who was thrown to the outside, guillotines Fandango, who is inside the ring. Christian makes his way back into the ring and starts picking up the offense. He lands some bit hits and focuses on Fandango's right leg with his stomps. Christian whips Fandango into the ropes and takes toe dragged him down. Fandango leans on the ropes and Christian jumps out to the outside and gets a huge slap on Fandango. Christian gets back into the ring and keeps working until Fandango counters a suplex. Fandango follows that up by picking Christian up and landing a side Russian Leg Sweep. Fandango then goes up to the top ropes to set up his diving leg drop but instead of executing the move immediately he taunts Big E Langston for quite a bit of time until Christian recovers, hits the ropes, knocks Fandango down and then rolls him up for a pin.

Winner: Christian

Fandango continues the assault on Christian after the match until Big E Langston chases him out of the ring.

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Great BTB and is that a Justin Gabriel mini push I see?He is one of my favorites. Looking forward to see what you do with him and all the lowcard guys

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STILL learning kayfabe
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This review is for your February 17th edition of RAW.

Ok so you start off with an opening promo which is the safe and practical way but I think someone big should start the show. You can only make one first impression and Fandango isn't to that level yet and considering how you did not branch out yet, he isn't going to be for a while. The promo itself was actually great which is why I would have saved it for later and let the big stars have their time because that promo could have been dead in the middle to keep your audience grasped to your show. But that's just me. I'm marking Christian.

Impressive opening match. It did not seem like any side was going to win based off of how over they were which is great, actually. Your opening match hit well and hooked me into the rest of your show. (with the one line of Batista :side:) I liked how calm, cool and collected Darren Young was when he was interviewed. I do think he has a chance at the title. Your next match, all I have to say is darn, Reigns burying the WSM? But whatever you have to do, is whatever you have to do. So, with that being said, I liked the segment after with the Wyatts. It was pretty well and it didn't necessarily follow real life which means you're branching out. :D

Awesome next match, it was even and you couldn't really say that one was better than the other for miles. I am just surprised Titus didn't screw 'em. Maybe down the line? You messed up on the Mysterio and Ryback show. Ryback ends it with a shell shock and Mysterio wins? Check. The diva's match recap was longer than Ryback v Mysterio's? Bleh. But the divas match sounds better than the WWE one. Like any diva in real life would do a split-legged moonsault. Push 'dem divas. :mark: I wonder who'll end Rusev's squashfest? As for the tag team match, you are really selling the fact that they should be taken seriously with the position they are on the card. I can see that because of the action in the match. So, he got the win, but I don't think their momentum is up to par with Truth/Woods yet.

The last promo was very interesting! I really was interested in the show at this point, even though your main event for the second time I reviewed is a tag team division match. But nonetheless, I will look forward to Smackdown. An awkward way to end the show, but hey, SmackDown can guarantee itself this viewer. Awesome show.

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You messed up on the Mysterio and Ryback show. Ryback ends it with a shell shock and Mysterio wins? Check. The diva's match recap was longer than Ryback v Mysterio's? Bleh.
Yup I screwed up. Also thank you everybody who is reading and reviewing my Be the Booker. I know the real theme is that people want me to branch out a bit more and get away from how things actually happened and I know I keep saying trust me it will but I just wanted to say again that I had to close some of the story lines that I was left with so after Elimination Chamber things will really, really be different. Almost there!
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