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Whether it's apathy over the 50/50 booking of today or frustration from the dusty finishes of the eras long past, we, wrestling fans in general, tend to hate both decisive outcomes prior to PPV matches and dusty finishes we've seen done numerous times before. For bookers, this is a trap that can only be escaped through finding new ways to extend feuds, and I've got one.

It's the early goings of the standard face/heel feud. We've seen some semi-random backstage trash talk, maybe a mic segment, and the result has been an accepted challenge to a match on Raw or SD. In the match itself, it's more of the standard fare. They work the minor technical stuff to open. There's a poke the eyes or a cheap shot by the heel to gain an advantage. The face eventually starts mounting a comeback against. Suddenly, the heel lands one of his better signature moves, like his equivalent of a "White Noise" or Bray's outstanding ***** suplex. The heel sits up after landing the move, dusts his hands, and says, "Yep, he's out." Rather than go for a pin, he simply rolls out of the ring and walks up to the ramp with his arms raised in victory.

The following week, he's asked by an interviewer why he forfeited. "Forfeit?" he says. " I didn't forfeit. I've been in this business for X years and I don't need some dude in black and white stripes to tell me when I've knocked somebody out cold. [face wrestler name] got beat. He knows it. I know it. We don't need some guy to count to three to make it official when we got the truth. [face wrestler name] hasn't earned three more seconds of my time."

The build-up then involves the face trying to get another match with a real ending and the heel trying to shrug him off due to having, "Been there, done that." Eventually, after several mic segments, the face wrestler eventually says a line provoking the heel enough to accept a match. Something like, "You didn't walk away because you knew you won. You walked away because you realized your best shot wasn't quite good enough." We get our match. We probably get a dirty finish with the heel going over to extend the feud. We get another of month of the face breaking down the false bravado of a heel to get another match. The feud eventually ends with the face going over clean.

It's a simple, steady feud between a presumptuous heel and a good guy just looking for a real contest. It starts with a new dusty finish to what otherwise would be another among the many throwaway matches we've become accustomed to. With all the problems we cause for bookers with our ever-growing expectations, there are still solutions.
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