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Hello I am wrighting this after reading other peoples work and this is a thing for 2006, in 2006 RAW and Smack Down should join togetherto be a name I am still thinking about so I will edit it when i have thought of you can send me a name it could be and why to save time for me so beck to what I was saying RAW and Smack Down should join together in 2006 and have the first month or so with 30 wrestlers only like:

1). The Vanlbowski
2). Brock Lesner
3). Cristian
4). Eddie Guerrero
5). Goldust
6). The Hurricane
7). Jeff hardy
8). Matt hardy
9). Kurt Angle
10). Randy Orton
11). Rico
12). Skotty 2 Hotty
13). Stacy Keilbler
14). Test
15). William Regal
16). Booker T
17). Chris Benoit
18). DDP
19). Edge
20). Hardcore Holly
21). Molly Holly
22). Jazz
23). Kevin Nash
24). Lita
25). Raven
26). Rob Van Dam
27). Shuawn Michaels
28). Tazz
29). Triple H (HHH)
30). Kane.

So now lets start 2006 with a tag match at 5pm on the first day of 2006.
Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy agenst Hardcore Holly and Molly Holly.

The match begins and Hardcore Holly and Jeff Hardy leve the ring leving Matt Hardy and Molly Holly to fight.

Matty starts the fight with a closse line putting Molly on the floor. Matty goes to the top rope to jump on Molly but gets pulled down by Hardcore Holly dragges him to the hard floor. Jeff runs round to help him but as going round the corner he gets jumped on by Molly and dragged down by his neck, with both out cold they throuw Matty in the ring then Molly tags Hordcore Holly and he gets in to the ring and waits for him to wake up. When he did Hardcore Holly ran it him Matty rolled over and tagged Jeff, he got on top rope about to do a back flip and then slipped, he fell on the rope and then to the ground. Jeff was took the hospital after smashing his head open when he fell to the ground. He will not retern for some time.

please give my rep if you like it it's up to you.

Still thinking on the rest will be put in later.
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