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If I were Vince I would try this. Note the draft has been scraped


Kurt angle
John Cena
Chris Benoit
Shawn Michals
Stone Cold
Bob sopp
Brock Lesnar
Rob Van Dam
Randy Ortan
Tommy Dreamer
New Jack
Hardcore Holly
Ray Mysterio
Ultimo Dragon
Tajiri's lackies
Paul London

Tag teams

Backseat boys
Cade and Jingrack
Los gurriros

No changes in woman's division

Shows RAW and HEaT

PPVs W/mania,S/slam,S/series,R/Rumble


WWE World heavyweight
WWE world tag team

Commentators for both TV tapings

Joey styles and Tony Scivanie


Bret Hart

In order for this to make sense I will postthe w/m 20 results in this thread later.
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Here are the Wrestlemania results

attendance 20,000 SELL OUT

Randy Orton pinned John Cena to unify the IC and US straps

The Doudlys pinned The WGTT to unify the tag straps

Tommy Dreamer beat New Jack,Messiah,sabu,RVD
To capture the vacant hardcore title

The undertaker beatKane in an inferno match by setting Kane's face on fire

Eric Bischoff pinned PaulHayman to make SD and Velocity no more. After the match Vince fires Eric andmakes peace with Bret Hart by making him commisoner.

2 of 2

Sgt Slaughter wona legends battle royal by eliminating Iron sheik. This also featured Jimmy Snuka,Jim Cornette,Earthquake,Jake Roberts,Greg Valentine,Hillbilly Jim,Warlord and the Brooklyn brawler

Trish Stratus pinned Lita to retain the Woman's title

Hulk Hogan pinned Randy Savage

Ultimo dragen beat Rey Mysterio jrand Tajiri to win the Cruiserweight title

Cade and Jinderack pinned Spanky and Paul London in an interpromotional match

Chris Benoit pinned Christian in an interpromotional match

Jhon Cena pinned Brock Lesner in the first round of the tournament to crown the WWE world heavyweight champ

Bob Sopp beat Goldberg inhis debut match in the other half of the tourny Cena vs Sopp final

Stone cold beat The Rock in both their fairwell matchs

Bob Sopp hammeredJohn Cena in the main event to become the WWE world heavyweight champion.

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Who in the blue hell is Bob Sopp? I mean use people that aer not imaginary, and what thel hell happend to the people like Matt hardy and Shannon Morre. I mean come on, use your brain alittle bit.

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Bob s*A*pp is some guy in that fighting fed, can't remember what it's called. Well at least I think he is. But giving him the WWE Title...right...

Why would anyone want to see Heyman vs. Bischoff on PPV? And New Jack sucks.

Apart from that and Bob Sapp winning the World Title...the card was decent.
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