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A Flashy request

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Hello artists. I'd like a banner please, roughly the same size as my current one (or a bit bigger, but definitely still definitely rectangular, you know what you're doing more than me). I'd like a Libertines one to go with my avatar (if you want, you can make an avatar too) with the text like it is in the avatar, or like this: http://www.music-dash.co.uk/siteimages/covers/libertineslib.jpg, assuming that's possible.

Not too bothered by the two that aren't the frontmen. Here's a picture of Carl Barat: http://www.lmhr.org.uk/news/archives/carl barat with lmhr banner.jpg, but feel free to find a better one.

Alternatively, use the pic on the album cover (that's my avatar, currently) as that'd look pretty good.

I haven't thought about colour scheme at all, to be honest, so that's up to you (apart from the text - if you do do it like I suggested above, I'd like it to stay black on white or vice versa). Quite a lot to ask, I know, so thanks in advance.

Merci. :)
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