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A Few Requests

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Hey everyone, i'm new to the board (I just joined yesterday :)) and I was just wondering a few things since I don't really know what to do. If I want to put an picture in my profile how do I go about doing that? And I see some people have a small picture above their name, how can I get one of those?

And I know i'm new and all but if one if someone here was able to make be a nice looking picture to go in my posts it would be very much appreciated. Just to let you know I will be posting here since it seems like a pretty cool place so don't think your making it for no reason, its just my posts look bare :(

Thanks very much in advance :)
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You need to get 200 points to be able to have an Avatar which is the little pic above your name. 10 posts should get you 200 points.
As for a pic in your sig you can do that yourself. Find the pic you want, get the URL by right-clicking the pic, then post it like so in your profile .
[img*]URL[/img*] Remove the * though.
See how you go. Mods can fix sigs so if you stuff up someone will fix it.
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