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1. He dubbed himself the 'messiah of ECW' but officially he had the title of ECW 'Representative' to Vince McMahon, don't know what the hell that means but he's your basic authority figure.

How did he get any power after he was so instrumental in fighting AGAINST WWE? Well I have no fucking idea, he was also the Smackdown GM in 2003/04. Oh and then there's Eric Bischoff, who almost put the WWE out of business but he became the Raw GM too didn't he?

2. The guys in riot gear were the Basham Brothers, and I think they wrestled quite a few times on ECW.

3. After Heyman's departure, Vince moved to ECW and proceeded to make Lashley's life a 'living hell', with him came Umaga and his handler Armando Alejandro Estrada. So far a time, Vince was the one calling the shots on ECW, and when his program with Lashley concluded, AAE stuck around and became the ECW GM because Vince 'died'.

Oh and then AAE got fired after jobbing to a jobber named Colin Delaney, and then Teddy Long got sent to ECW to replace AAE and then Good Ol' Teddy hired an assistant named Tiffany who eventually replaced him as the brand's GM in 2009.
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