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3. After Heyman's departure, Vince moved to ECW and proceeded to make Lashley's life a 'living hell', with him came Umaga and his handler Armando Alejandro Estrada. So far a time, Vince was the one calling the shots on ECW, and when his program with Lashley concluded, AAE stuck around and became the ECW GM because Vince 'died'.

Oh and then AAE got fired after jobbing to a jobber named Colin Delaney, and then Teddy Long got sent to ECW to replace AAE and then Good Ol' Teddy hired an assistant named Tiffany who eventually replaced him as the brand's GM in 2009.
The real question is why did Vince McMahon bring back ECW and then fire all the originals? I get it that the first One Night Stand was special and it worked really well but ECW being brought back was easily one of the dumbest things Vince McMahon has ever went through with. From the public wanting the old ECW back and even the most casual fan seeing through it to Vince becoming the ECW champion and pissing so many people off. To just the fact that ECW had been dead and there was already this thing called XPW and already the future "hardcore" wrestlers in a place known as CZW.

As far as this answer here goes I think Vince felt too proud to let ECW just die after Heyman left. He felt like it was his own creation and because he owned it and could keep it on Sci Fi as long as he wanted, rather than letting it die and putting something different on the network he became the champion and disgraced ECW's name even more than December To Dismember ever could do.
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