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Well I've decided to make the thread now. I've got a few shows written (well a few Raws and a Smackdown). I will post the faces in each division first alphabetically and then the heels alphabetically.

The Roster

General Manager: Eric Bischoff

World Title Division
Booker T
Steve Austin
The Rock
Ric Flair
Triple H

Intercontinental Title Division
Diamond Dallas Page
John Cena
Rob Van Dam
Shelton Benjamin
Randy Orton
Sean O'Haire
Tyson Tomko
William Regal

Hardcore Division
Al Snow
Hardcore Holly
Steve Blackman
Tommy Dreamer
Big Boss Man
Perry Saturn
Steven Richards

World Tag Team Division
The A Team (Billy Gunn and Val Venis)
The Models (Garrison Cade and Rico)
Too Great (Eugene and Grand Master Sexay)
La Resistance (Rob Conway and Sylvan Grenier)
Mack Militant (Mark Henry and Rodney Mack)
Power and Pain (Scott Steiner and Test)

Women's Division
Lioness Aska (Absent)
Trish Stratus
Gail Kim
Kaoru (Absent)
Molly Holly

Chris Nowinski (Client: Molly Holly)
Jonathan Coachman (Client: Rhyno)
The Black Ninja (Masked) (Client: Raven)
Theodore Long (Clients: Jazz, Mark Henry and Rodney Mack)

Evolution - Batista, Randy Orton, Ric Flair and Triple H
Mack Militant - Jazz, Mark Henry, Rodney Mack and Theodore Long

Raw Commentators: Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler
Heat Commentators: Josh Matthews and Kevin Kelly
Interviewer: Terri
Raw Announcer: Lilian Garcia
Heat Announcer: Jason Roberts
Senior Referee: Earl Hebner
Referee: Mike Chioda
Referee: Brian Hebner
Referee: Jack Doan
Referee: Chris Kay


All titles were vacated by Eric Bischoff.


General Manager: TBA

WWE Title Division
Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho
Shawn Michaels
Big Show
Brock Lesnar
Eddie Guerrero
Kurt Angle

United States Title Division
AJ Styles
Charlie Haas
Jeff Jerret
Lance Storm
Matt Hardy
Chris Kanyon
John Bradshaw Layfield
Rene Dupree

WWE Tag Team Division
Americas Most Wanted (Chris Harris and James Storm)
Dudley Boyz (Buh Buh Ray Dudley and D-Von Dudley)
Super Heroes (Jamal and Rosey)
Basham Brothers (Danny Basham and Doug Basham)
Full Blooded Italians (Chuck Palumbo and Johnny Stamboli)
Red Shirt Security (Joe E Legend and Kevin Northcutt)

European Title Division
D'Lo Brown
Hugh Morrus
Kevin Fertig
Orlando Jordan
Sonny Siaki
Bull Buchanan
Dean Malenko
Glen Gilbertti
Kenzo Suzuki
Luther Reigns
Mark Jindrak
X Pac

Paul Bearer (Client: Undertaker)
Paul Heyman (Clients: A-Train, Abyss and Big Show)
Shaniqua (Clients: Danny Basham and Doug Basham)

Heymans Henchmen - A-Train, Abyss, Big Show and Paul Heyman

Commentators: Michael Cole and Michael Hayes
Announcer: Tony Chimmel
Interviewer: Mene Gene Okerlund
Senior Referee: Nick Patrick
Referee: Charles Robinson
Referee: Jimmy Cordaris
Referee: Mike Sparks
Referee: Chad Pattern

WWE Champion: Eddie Guerrero
United States Champion: AJ Styles
WWE Tag Team Champions: Americas Most Wanted
WWE European Champion: Mark Jindrak


X Division
Amazing Red
American Dragon
Billy Kidman
Doug Williams
Frankie Kazarian
Hurricane Helms
Jamie Noble
Jody Fleisch
Jonny Storm
Jushin Liger
Low Ki
Masked One
Paul London
Rey Mysterio Jr
Scotty Too Hotty
Spike Dudley
Ultimo Dragon
Abismo *****
Chavo Guerrero
CM Punk
Chris Sabin
Christopher Daniels
Ebessan (wears a clown mask)
Hector Garza
Jerry Lynn
Julio Dinero
Juventud Guerrera
Kaz Hayashi
Kid Kash
Kuishinbo Kamen (wears a clown mask)
Shannon Moore
Taka Michinoku

X Division Tag Team Titles
Filthy Animals (Billy Kidman and Rey Mysterio Jr)
Team America (Ameican Dragon and Hurricane Helms)
Team United Kingdom (Doug Williams and Jody Fleisch)
Jung Dragons (Akio and Kaz Hayashi)
Team Japan (Ebessan and Kuishinbo Kamen)
Team Mexico (Abismo ***** and Hector Garza)
The Gathering (CM Punk and Julio Dinero)

International X Cup
Team America (Amazing Red, American Dragon, Frankie Kazarian and Hurricane Helms) (Captain: American Dragon)
Team United Kingdom (Doug Williams, Jody Fleisch, Jonny Storm and Masked One) (Captain: Doug Williams)
Team Japan (Ebessan, Kuishinbo Kamen, Nosawa and Taka Michinoku) (Captain: Taka Michinoku)
Team Mexico (Abismo *****, Aguila, Hector Garza and Juventud Guerrera) (Captain: Juventud Guerrera)

Jackie Gayda (Client: Rey Mysterio Jr)
Chavo Guerrero Sr (Client: Chavo Guerrero)
Don Callis (Client: Kid Kash)
Father James Mitchell (Clients: CM Punk and Julio Dinero)

Velocity Commentators: Mike Tenay and Don West
Announcer: Jeremy Borash
Interviewer: Scott Hudson
Senior Referee: Nick Patrick
Referee: Charles Robinson
Referee: Jimmy Cordaris
Referee: Mike Sparks
Referee: Chad Pattern

X Division Champion: Christopher Daniels
X Division Tag Team Champions: The Gathering
International X Cup: No Champions

None Brand Personnel
Owner: Vince McMahon
CEO: Linda McMahon
Other: Shane McMahon
Other: Stephanie McMahon
Timekeeper: Mark Yeaton
Spanish Announcer: Carlos Cabrerra
Spanish Announcer: Hugo Savinovch
Backstage Personnel: Sgt. Slaughter
Backstage Personnel: Steve Lombardi
Backstage Personnel: Harvey Wimpleman
Backstage Personnel: Pat Patterson
Backstage Personnel: Gerald Brisco
Backstage Personnel: Arn Anderson
Ticket Taker: Sarah
Bell Ringer: Tiny
PPV Announcer: Howard Finkel


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Impressive roster, especially the X-Division.
I look foward to reading this.
Interesting to see Miss Jackie as Rey's manager.

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ditto to everyone else...I will be reading this.

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This should be a great read. I like the rosters. I can't wait for the first show to be up!

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Cant wait to read your show A-Dust(bring in Jeff Hardy even though I know you dont like him)

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Raw Preview

Last night saw the last joint PPV, apart from the big four. Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff also vacated all fives of Raws Titles, which prompted Shelton Benjamin to super kick Eric Bischoff. Rikishi also revealed himself as the man that attempted to run over Stone Cold Steve Austin. The Hardcore Title, Women's Title, World Title and Intercontinental Title will all be re-located to somebodies waists. Also the World Tag Team League will begin. Will Shelton Benjamin up regretting his actions from last nights PPV? Will Steve Austin open a can of whoop ass on Rikishi? The only to find out, is to tune in to WWE Raw.


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Good preview. I can't wait to read RAW!

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From: Seattle, Washington

The show begins with a massive pyro technic display as the Raw theme song blasts away.

JR: Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Raw here in Seattle, Washington. I’m JR and alongside me is Jerry ‘the King’ Lawler. And tonight King we have a great night, including an eight person turmoil match to find out who the New World champion is.

Jerry Lawler: Don’t forget the tag team match between Orton and Batista versus Shelton Benjamin, as well as Edge, DDP, John Cena, O’Haire, Regal and Rhyno going at it for the Intercontinental Title.

JR: That’s correct King, and also the Hardcore title will be decided tonight and the World Tag Team League begins tonight also.

Jerry Lawler: I can’t wait.

*I’m Back*

Eric Bischoff walks to the ring very quickly and with a smile on his face.

Eric Bischoff: Welcome, to Eric Bischoff’s, Monday night Raw. Tonight we’re going to have a new World Heavyweight champion. Eight men will face off in a turmoil match. The reason I’m out here is to confront Shelton Benjamin. Last night you super kicked me down in the middle of the ring. Tonight, your going to pay.


Randy Orton, Batista and Ric Flair walk down to the ring.

Randy Orton: Eric, first off I want to say thank you for allowing me to kick their asses along with Batista.

Crowd: BOO

Randy Orton: But what about the Intercontinental Title?

Eric Bischoff: What do you mean?

Randy Orton: Why aren’t I in that match?

Eric Bischoff: Because you’re going to kick Benjamin’s ass. Don’t worry though, next week it will be Randy Orton versus the Intercontinental champion versus Batista, for the Intercontinental Title.

*Benjamin’s music*

Shelton Benjamin walks out onto the stage with a microphone.

Shelton Benjamin: So I’m meant to go one on two with them? What about a partner? Well, I could beat both of those clowns blind folded.

Ric Flair then takes his jacket off and throws it on the floor and taunts Benjamin to get to the ring.

From behind Triple H attacks Benjamin and then throws him into the ring. Evolution and Bischoff beat down on Bischoff before Van Dam runs down. Van Dam clears house and Bischoff escapes. Evolution and Bischoff walk up the ramp and Bischoff picks up the microphone Benjamin dropped.

Eric Bischoff: Well tonight, it’s RVD and Shelton Benjamin versus Randy Orton and Batista.

Van Dam and Benjamin celebrate in the ring as the camera’s fade to a commercial.

Commercial Break

We come back and Bischoff is walking down a corridor and he bumps into Rikishi as he goes round a corner.

Rikishi: I better be in the turmoil match tonight.

Eric Bischoff: You are Rikishi.

Rikishi then backs Bischoff onto a wall.

Rikishi: I better be the last entrant as well.

Eric Bischoff: Well I’ll be deciding that later on tonight.

Rikishi: Well just remember to pick me.

Eric Bischoff then walks away and breathes a sigh of relief.

JR: Well welcome back to Raw ladies and gentlemen, you just saw Rikishi intimidating Rikishi, I just hope Bischoff’s choice isn’t because of that.

Jerry Lawler: I hope not either JR. But right now, we’ve got the first match of the World Tag Team Title league.

JR: It will be La Resistance vs. the Playas. The other team in their group is Power and Pain.

La Resistance are already in the ring.

*Mack Militant*

Theodore Long, Jazz and the Playas walk down to the ring with smiles on their faces.

World Tag Team Title League
La Resistance (Sylvan Grenier and Rob Conway) vs. the Mack Militant (Mark Henry and Rodney Mack) with Theodore Long and Jazz
Referee: Chris Kay

The match starts with a tie up between Mack and Conway. Conway punches Mack in the stomach and wrenches the arm. Conway then kicks Mack’s knees and then locks in a sleeper hold. Conway has the hold in for about ten seconds but Mack battles back up to his feet and hits three elbows to the gut. Mack then Irish whips Conway into his corner and tags in Henry. Mark Henry gets in the ring and hits four kicks to the gut. The referee then gets Henry out of the corner. Mack then chokes Conway until the referee turns round and warns him. The referee moves out of the way and Henry goes to squash Conway, who moves and Mack falls off the apron. Conway then crawls to the other side of the ring and he tags in Grenier. Grenier walks over and punches Henry in the corner. Grenier Irish whips Henry, who reverses it and tries to follow it up again with a squash but Grenier moves out of the way. Conway gets behind Henry, who stumbles over Conway and falls over and Grenier covers him, but Henry kicks out. Henry gets up and Irish whips Grenier into the opposite corner. Henry again goes for the splash and misses it again. Mack this time gets the tag but Grenier doesn’t realise. Grenier turns round and Mack enters the ring before applying the Black Out. Grenier tries to reach the ropes but can’t and Henry holds back Conway as Grenier is counted out when he can’t keep his arm up after three attempts.

Winners: The Mack Militant with Theodore Long and Jazz

JR: A good match there, this now means that the Mack Militant lead the group with a point. Of course Power and Pain have yet to fight, and La Resistance could still win this league and go on to face the winner of the other league.

Jerry Lawler: I’m surprised Jazz and Theodore didn’t interfere either.

JR: Me to but the Mack Militant proving they can win without their help.

The Mack Militant walk up the ramp with smiles on their faces.

Backstage we see Evolution in their locker room. They all training and preparing for their matches later tonight.

We then go to the Rock walking down a corridor. From behind Kane attacks him with a steel folding chair. Kane then throws him into a wall and then hits a vicious chair shot. Kane then walks off down a corridor and leaves the Rock laying lifeless on the floor.

JR: What is Kane’s problem King?

Jerry Lawler: I don’t know, but something is up with Kane. I don’t mean just tonight, I mean just everyday. He doesn’t seem to see the world through normal eyes, it’s as if he’s possessed with destroying peoples lives. First he set fire to you, then tombstoned Linda, then electrified Shane through the family jewels and now this. I just hope that he learns that he can’t destroy people’s lives.

JR: Well I don’t think he will ever learn that King. I do wonder though, will the Rock be able to compete in the turmoil match later tonight.

Jerry Lawler: Well the Rock wasn’t even moving JR. I hope he can, but I doubt he will.

JR: Ladies and Gentleman we can now go backstage, where our colleague Terri is with Kane.

Terri: Thank you JR. I’m here with Kane. Why did you attack the...

Kane: Why? You want to know why? Because the Rock has everything given to him on a golden platter. When ever he returns like tonight, he is given a title shot. I attacked him tonight to make sure that he doesn’t get a title shot.

Kane now walks off looking angry.

JR: Well I just hope that the Rock can get into the turmoil match and eliminate Kane.

Jerry Lawler: He is right though JR. The Rock should work his way back up.

JR: The Rock is an accomplished athlete and I don’t think he should have to work his way up.

Commercial Break

We come back and The Models and The A Team are already in the ring.

World Tag Team Title League
The Models (Rico and Garrison Cade) vs. The A Team (Val Venis and Billy Gunn)
Referee: Brian Hebner

The match starts off with Rico and Val Venis in the ring and they shake hands. Venis turns round to talk to Gunn and Rico roles him up but gets two. Venis gets up and punches Rico three times but Rico fights back with a kick to the gut. Rico then Irish whips Val into the corner and Rico runs and jumps on to the second turnbuckle and kicks Venis in the head. Rico pins Venis who kicks out at two. Rico then Irish whips Val into his corner and tags in Garrison Cade. Cade then uses the fireman’s carry to get Venis out of the corner and then pins Venis, and again gets two. Cade gets Venis up and goes for a suplex but Venis reverses it by pushing Cade into the ropes and Venis takes him down with a clothesline. Cade gets up and hits an elbow drop on Venis’s back. Cade gets Venis up again and punches him. He goes to the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Venis ducks and tags in Gunn. Billy Gunn enters the ring and snap punches Cade five times before ducking a clothesline and hitting a full nelson slam. Rico runs in but Gunn ducks a clothesline and Venis clothesline Rico down. Gunn and Venis then back Rico and Cade into opposite corners and then Irish whip them and they collide. Venis and Gunn go for a clothesline but Rico and Cade duck and they take each other down. Rico and Cade fall back into two of the corners in the ring. Venis gets up and hip tosses Rico back into the centre of the ring. Venis goes to the top rope and hits the Money Shot, but Cade has pulled Rico out of the way. Cade kicks Gunn out of the ring and then goes to the top rope. Cade hits the leg drop from the top rope and covers Venis.

Winners: The Models

Rico and Garrison Cade help Val Venis to his feet as Gunn gets back into the ring. They shake hands and go to the back together.

JR: Well right now folks it looks like The Models will be facing The Mack Militant, although things can change.

Terri walks down the ramp.

Terri: Rico, tonight you defeated The A Team, do you think you can beat Too Great to win this league?

Rico: We can beat any team in the WWE on our day, but it just goes down to how we perform.

Terri: And Garrison, who do you think will win the other League?

Garrison Cade: Well you have to think it will be The Mack Militant now that they have won their opening match, but it could be any of the three teams.

Jerry Lawler: Well they’re being modest JR, although I think that they are quietly confident about winning this now.

JR: I can’t blame them. They’ve picked up an impressive win over The A Team, but of course they know have to beat Too Great to win this league.

Jerry Lawler: Well, at least we know now that The A Team can’t win this.

We go backstage and Eric Bischoff is walking backstage. He then goes into his office. We see Raven and Tommy Dreamer fighting.

Eric Bischoff: What the hells going on here?

Raven and Dreamer stop fighting.

Eric Bischoff: If you want to fight, get the hell out of my office and do it. In fact, get to the ring. The Hardcore Title is vacant, and you two are going to fight for it.

Raven walks out of the office first and after a bit Dreamer leaves. Raven then attacks Dreamer from behind with a ladder.

Hardcore Title
Tommy Dreamer vs. Raven
Referee: Jack Doan

Raven then props the ladder up against a wall and Irish whips Dreamer into it. Raven then gets a steel chair and smashes it across Dreamers back. He goes to hit Dreamer’s head with the chair, but Dreamer moves out of the way. Raven turns round to a low blow from Dreamer. Dreamer then gets the chair and smashes it over Ravens head. Dreamer picks Raven up and then throws him into some anvil cases. Dreamer then goes into a room and finds a mop. Dreamer walks back and Raven pokes Dreamer in the eye. Raven then kicks Dreamer in the mid-section and then brakes the mop over Dreamers back. Dreamer is on his knees and Raven picks one of the pieces of the mop and then chokes Dreamer for about ten seconds and then lets go. Raven pins Dreamer who kicks out at two. Raven gets Dreamer to his feet and Irish whips him into a barricade, which is sealing something off. Raven then gets a chair and goes to take Dreamers head off but Dreamer kicks Raven in the family jewels. Raven falls down in pain as Dreamer covers him for the two count. Dreamer walks round a corner and is gored through a door by Rhyno. Rhyno covers Dreamer but Raven manages to get there and brake it up. They fight down a corridor where Terri is. Rhyno bumps into Terri and he slaps her. Rhyno then takes Raven down DDT through a wooden pallet. Rhyno covers Raven and Terri brakes it up. Terri walks backwards as Rhyno gets up. Rhyno gets up and goes to gore Terri but Dreamer smashes a steel plate over Rhyno’s head. Dreamer pins Rhyno but only gets two. Raven is stirring now as Dreamer picks Rhyno up and throws him into some anvil cases. Dreamer then kicks Rhyno in the head four times before turning round to a kick to the mid-section from Raven. Raven the uses the Russian leg sweep into a chain link wall. Raven then covers Dreamer, who kicks out at two. Raven gets up and Rhyno pokes him in the eye. Rhyno then gets a steel chair and smashes it over Raven’s head. Rhyno then hits Dreamer over the head with the same chair. Rhyno turns round and Dreamer roles him up and Terri helps hold Rhyno down.

Winner and New Hardcore champion: Tommy Dreamer

Dreamer and Terri celebrate and run away from an irate Rhyno. Rhyno turns round a Raven is there. Rhyno grabs Raven and walks him down a corridor. Rhyno then throws Raven through a glass window. Rhyno walks off as the medical team enters the shot to attend to Raven who is bleeding all over his body due to the glass.

Commercial Break

We return to Eric Bischoff in his office. The office is a mess still due to Raven and Dreamer fighting.

Eric Bischoff: Well, as you know we have our turmoil match later tonight to determine the New World Champion. Now, you should know who the eight men in it are, but in case you morons don’t, I’ll tell you. Rikishi, Steve Austin, Triple H, Goldberg, Ric Flair, Booker T, Kane and the Rock are all in the turmoil match. Now, I have a decision to make, which superstar will be the last entrant in. Well, I’m not going to make the decision. This man is going to make the decision.

The camera’s move back and we see Mr. McMahon.

Mr. McMahon: Well Eric, since you said earlier about this match I’ve been thinking. When it boiled down to it, it was an easy decision. The last superstar to enter the turmoil match will be the man who attempted to run Steve Austin over last night, that superstar’s name is Rikishi.

Eric Bischoff: Well there you go. The other entrant’s numbers will be decided by a computer selection.

We then go backstage where we see Trish Stratus preparing for the next match.

The cameras then go to Molly Holly in her dressing room, and she is getting a pep talk from Chris Nowinski.

Chris Nowinski: Molly, I know you’re the best woman wrestler in the WWE. You know you’re the best woman wrestler in the WWE. Trish Stratus knows that you’re the best woman wrestler in the WWE. So tonight, you’re going to prove it when he defeat Trish Stratus.

Molly Holly nods her head and walks out the door. When she exits she bumps into Trish. The two then start hitting each other. Nowinski then grabs Trish by the hair but some backstage personal, including Arn Anderson and Sgt. Slaughter brake the trio up.

JR: Well King it looks like Rikishi will be the last man in the turmoil match later tonight.

Jerry Lawler: Who cares JR when we have Trish Stratus in action next.

JR: Well some of us around here have more important things to think about than puppies.

We go backstage and the Rock is walking down a corridor looking for Kane. The Rock then walks past Terri.

Terri: Rock earlier tonight you were attacked by Kane. I have already conducted an interview and he said he attacked you because you have title shots given to you instead of earning it.

The Rock: The Rock does get title shots, because I have proved many times that I am worthy to be the champion. I am the most electrifying man in sports entertainment.

The Rock now takes the microphone from Terri.

The Rock: Kane let me paint you a picture. A freak versus the most electrifying man in sports entertainment, the people’s champion, the great one, the Rock. So how about it?

Kane then attacks the Rock from behind and again leaves him lying on the floor.

Kane: Yeah. You better get a gravestone ready for your career, because it is OVER.

Kane then starts laughing as he walks away.

JR: I just hope that at the Great American Bash that the Rock teaches Kane a lesson, and that Kane comes to his senses.

Jerry Lawler: You know it won’t happen JR.

Molly Holly*

Molly Holly walks to the ring with Chris Nowinski. Trish Stratus runs down as Molly enters the ring.

WWE Women’s Title
Molly Holly with Chris Nowinski vs. Trish Stratus
Referee: Chris Kay

Molly Holly starts the match by kicking Trish’s back as she enters the ring. Molly then hits four elbow drops to the back and then gets Trish to her feet, before taking her back down to the mat with an arm drag. Molly then applies a bow and arrow stretch on Trish. Molly has the hold locked in for fifteen seconds and then releases the hold. Molly then gets Trish up to her feet and Irish whips her into the corner. Molly then hits the handspring to elbow. Trish falls to her knees and Molly drop kicks her back. Molly then gets Trish up and goes for a suplex but Trish blocks and hits one of her own. Both get up quickly and Molly goes to punch Trish, who blocks and hits a knife edge chop, and then punches Molly four times before Irish whipping her into the ropes. Trish lowers her head and Molly goes to kick her in the head but Trish telegraphs it. Molly goes for a clothesline but Trish ducks and kicks Molly in the mid-section. Trish goes for the Stratusfaction but Molly reverses it with a backdrop. Trish and Molly both get up quickly and Molly distracts the referee as Nowinski pulls Trish down towards him before she falls back in the ring. Molly goes to the top rope and hits the Molly Go Round for a two count. Molly can’t believe it but gets Trish to her feet. Molly goes for a clothesline but Trish ducks and then gets back up and Irish whips Molly into the corner. She puts Molly on the top rope and the referee checks on Molly. Trish turns round and is punched by Nowinski. Trish stumbles towards Molly, who hits a second Molly Go Round.

Winner and New WWE Women’s champion: Molly Holly

Molly grabs her title from the referee and roles out of the ring. Her and Nowinski celebrate walking up the ramp as the camera fades with Molly and the championship.

We go to the back and Rhyno is on a mobile phone.

Rhyno: I don’t need your help, I’ll be the Intercontinental champion before the end of the night. Don’t worry.

Commercial Break

JR: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to WWE Raw. Tonight we’ve seen Molly become the Women’s champion, the World Tag league start and later tonight the Intercontinental and World championships will be on the line.

Jerry Lawler: Trish was robbed JR, did you see Nowinski interfere.

JR: Yes I did King and I don’t think it was right. Trish wanted the Women’s title but you got think that Trish will have something to say next week.

We go backstage and we see Edge, Cena, O’Haire, Regal, DDP and Rhyno training in their locker rooms before exiting.

Randy Orton: You ready Dave?

Batista: Nearly. I’m just imaging ripping Benjamin to pieces like the crap he is.

Randy Orton: Me too, but I’m imaging kicking his and RVD’s ass tonight, and going on next Monday to become Intercontinental champion.

Batista: I’m, going to be the next Intercontinental champion.

Randy Orton: That’s were your wrong.

Ric Flair now enters.

Ric Flair: Calm down. You’re both winners. You’re both real men, your both winners. You are both apart of Evolution, the greatest faction in wrestling history. Focus on tonight, next week is next week. Concentrate, you’re going to win tonight, and then one of you will win on Raw next week. It doesn’t matter which of you does win, you’re both winners.

JR: Well tension there between Evolution’s Randy Orton and his friend Batista.

Jerry Lawler: Why wouldn’t there be. They both want to be in the Intercontinental champion, but like Natche said, they’ve got to concentrate on tonight because Bischoff could easily change his mind.

JR: That is true. Well ladies and gentlemen, let’s find out now, who they will face next week.

Intercontinental Title
Six Pack Challenge
Edge vs. John Cena vs. Diamond Dallas Page vs. William Regal vs. Rhyno vs. Sean O’Haire
Referee: Mike Chioda

The match starts off with DDP and Regal in the ring. DDP kicks Regal in the mid-section and then goes for the Diamond Cutter but Regal pushes him into the ropes. DDP then takes Regal down with a clothesline. DDP locks in a headlock but after five seconds Regal is back on his feet and hits four elbows to the gut and then hits a European uppercut. Regal then gets DDP back into the centre of the ring and kicks in him in the mid-section and then jumps up with his knees and DDP goes down. Regal gets DDP up and then hits a Regal Bomb but instead of going for the cover he applies the Regal Stretch. Edge gets into the ring and kicks Regal in the back of the head and Regal lets go. Regal goes into a corner and tags in Rhyno. Rhyno gets in the ring and hits five spears in the corner. Rhyno then Irish whips DDP into the opposite corner and then goes for a shoulder block but DDP moves out of the way. O’Haire tags himself in as DDP makes the tag to Cena. O’Haire and Cena exchange right hands. Regal distracts the referee and Cena low blows O’Haire. Cena then hits the FU and goes for the win but Regal hits an elbow drop to the back to Cena’s neck. O’Haire gets up and then hits a martial arts kick before Irish whipping Cena into Regal’s corner. Regal enters the ring and punches Cena five times. Regal backs out of the corner and Cena runs after him and Regal takes him down with the drop toe hold. Regal gets Cena up and ducks a clothesline before hitting the Regal Neckbreaker. Regal covers Cena but Rhyno brakes it up with a double axe handle to Regal’s back. Regal walks over to O’Haire’s corner and tags him in. Cena is crawling towards Edge but O’Haire gets him to his feet. O’Haire goes for a suplex but Cena reverses it and hits a DDT. Cena then tags in Edge. Rhyno gets in the ring and goes for the gore but Edge drop kicks him down. Edge then gets Regal into the ring and hits an electric chair drop. O’Haire is up and turns round into a downward spiral from Edge. Edge goes for the cover but DDP brakes it up. DDP won’t leave the ring and the referee is distracted. Regal gets some brass knuckles from in his tights and hits Edge, O’Haire, Rhyno and Cena. They’re all down and Regal covers Cena but DDP brakes it up. Regal gets up and goes to hit DDP who ducks and when Regal turns round he is hit with the Diamond Cutter.

Winner and New Intercontinental champion: Diamond Dallas Page

DDP celebrates by standing in the ring above the five other superstars and does his signature taunt. DDP then roles out of the ring and walks up the ramp backwards. Orton and Batista then attack DDP from behind. They then Irish whip him into the set before hitting a double spine buster slam. They throw DDP back into the ring and enter themselves. They stand above the six fallen bodies and both go to get the Intercontinental Title. They stare down as we fade to a commercial.

Commercial Break

JR: We are minutes away from the main event, which will determine the new World Heavyweight champion and King, who is your prediction.

Jerry Lawler: Well I don’t JR. Rikishi obviously has the upper hand with being the last man in, but you can’t count any of these eight guys out.

JR: Very true, and what a performance before the commercial by those six men.

Jerry Lawler: It was a good match, but Regal should have won. I mean he’d knocked out Edge, Cena, O’Haire and Rhyno with the power of the punch.

JR: He used brass knuckles King and I’m glad DDP won the title. It was also a spineless attack by Evolution on DDP, but the tension between them grows.

Jerry Lawler: Well I didn’t see any brass knuckles, but it is nice to see some tension between them, because it means that we won’t see one of them back down from the other.

We go backstage and Terri is with Molly Holly and Chris Nowinski.

Terri: First of all congratulations on becoming the new WWE Women’s champion, but do you think you would have won the match if you hadn’t had help from Mr. Nowinski?

Molly Holly: Of course I would have. Trish Stratus is nothing compared to me and it showed tonight. That’s why I’m the Women’s champion and she isn’t. Now excuse me, were going to celebrate some more.

Molly and Chris walk off together and we go backstage where Benjamin and RVD are training.

Rob Van Dam: You ready Shelton?

Shelton Benjamin: Of course I am. You?

Rob Van Dam: Yeah I am.

Eric Bischoff now walks in.

Eric Bischoff: Guys, thought I’d tell you, if you don’t win or RVD picks up the win tonight, then Shelton Benjamin will be fired.

Benjamin and RVD smile.

Eric Bischoff: Why are you smiling.

Rob Van Dam: Because were going to win. Well, Shelton is going to win.

Eric Bischoff: You won’t win tonight. I’ll make sure of it.

Eric Bischoff walks out of the room laughing.

JR: What the hell does Eric Bischoff mean?

Jerry Lawler: I don’t know JR.


Jerry Lawler: We’re going to find out soon JR.

Randy Orton and Batista walk to the ring with smiles on their faces.

*One of a Kind*

Rob Van Dam and Shelton Benjamin walk out and are talking about what Eric was talking about.

Randy Orton and Batista vs. Rob Van Dam and Shelton Benjamin
Referee: Brian Hebner

Orton and Benjamin start the match off with Benjamin going behind Orton and gets Orton on the floor in amateur wrestling move. Benjamin then gets Orton to his feet and Irish whips him into the ropes and hits a drop kick. Benjamin crawls over to Orton and roles him on his stomach and locks in a bow and arrow. Orton doesn’t tap out and Benjamin releases the hold after ten seconds. Benjamin gets up and Irish whips Orton into his corner and tags in RVD. RVD brings Orton into the centre of the ring and is hit by an elbow smash from Orton. Orton bounces off the ropes and goes for a clothesline but RVD baseball slides through Orton’s legs. When Orton turns round he is met with a kick to the head and then RVD tries to kick Orton in the mid-section but Orton catches his leg. RVD tries to for an enziguiri but Orton ducks and RVD goes for a second one but again Orton ducks. Orton then hits five knees to RVD’s side and then applies an arm bar and then tags in Batista. Batista gets in the ring and lifts RVD to his feet by his neck. Batista then throws RVD into a corner and then hits six right hands. Batista then Irish whips RVD hard into the corner. RVD stumbles out of the corner and Batista starts choking RVD and the referee counts to four and Batista lets go. Batista turns round and talks to Orton as RVD tags in Benjamin. Batista turns round into a super kick from Benjamin. Benjamin looks like he’s going for the cover but punches Orton off the apron. Benjamin gets the cover but gets two when Tyson Tomko brakes the pin up from the outside. Benjamin looks over the ropes and Batista roles him up but RVD hits a drop kick to brake it up. Tomko gets on the apron and is knocked down by Van Dam. Van Dam then hits a heel kick on Batista and then hits Rolling Thunder. Orton gets on the apron and Benjamin baseball slides under his legs and trips him up. RVD jumps to the top rope and hits the five star frog splash. Benjamin gets in the ring and covers Batista as RVD throws himself over the ropes and onto Tyson Tomko.

Winners: Rob Van Dam and Shelton Benjamin

After the match RVD and Benjamin celebrate but are eventually over powered by Orton, Batista and Tomko. Tomko and Batista then both hit sit-out powerbombs on Benjamin and RVD. Tomko, Orton and Batista then celebrate and go to the back.

JR: Well a good match there, but I didn’t expect to see Tyson Tomko after being fired by Smackdown.

The camera’s go to the backstage where Rhyno is. He is looking frustrated and then throws a mobile phone on the floor and stamps on it.

JR: Rhyno is upset about something.

Jerry Lawler: It’s because he’s gone for two titles tonight and he hasn’t won one.

JR: Well I suppose that would make any wrestler upset. Anyway folks next week we have La Resistance versus Power and Pain, Randy Orton versus Batista versus Diamond Dallas Page and the A Team versus Too Great. But up now is the Turmoil match, to determine the New World Heavyweight champion.

World Heavyweight Title
Turmoil Match
Participants: Triple H, Ric Flair, Rikishi, Kane, the Rock, Steve Austin, Goldberg and Booker T
Referee: Earl Hebner

*If you smell, what the Rock is cooking*

The Rock enters the arena to a massive pop. He walks down to the ring and goes to every turnbuckle and waits on his opponent. Massive red pyro technics go off in each corner of the ring and at the top of the ramp way. Kane comes out and walks slowly to the ring.

Match 1: The Rock vs. Kane

The match starts with Kane hitting eight right hands and Irish whipping the Rock into the ropes. The Rock comes back with a clothesline, which makes Kane stagger. The Rock then takes Kane down with a drop toehold. The Rock locks in an armbar but Kane powers out of it by standing up and hitting a sidewalk slam. Kane then gets the Rock to his feet and lifts in the air by his neck and drops him at four. Kane then again gets the Rock to his feet and grabs him by the throat. The Rock battles back with twelve right hands and then hits a Rock Bottom. The Rock goes for cover but Kane kicks out. The Rock then gets to his feet and stalks Kane, who eventually stands up and turns round into another Rock Bottom. The Rock goes for the cover but Kane again kicks out. The Rock then stalks Kane again who again gets up but goes for a back elbow smash, which the Rock ducks. Kane goes for the clothesline but the Rock hits another Rock Bottom. The Rock this time hits the People’s Elbow and then locks in the sharpshooter and Kane taps.

Winner: The Rock


Goldberg then walks out from behind the curtain and hits three punches and a kick before walking to the ring slowly and confidently.

Match 2: The Rock vs. Goldberg

The Rock goes to attack Goldberg with some right hands but Goldberg pushes him away. The Rock runs back at Goldberg who hits a spear. Goldberg then gets the Rock up and hits the Jackhammer.

Winner: Goldberg


Ric Flair walks from behind the curtain and struts down the ramp way.

Match 3: Goldberg vs. Ric Flair

Goldberg punches Flair in the head three times and Irish whips him into a corner. Goldberg goes to the corner and Flair drops to his knees asking for a timeout. Goldberg takes his eye off Flair, who then uses the thumb to the eye trick. Flair then stands up and hits three knife edge chops. Flair then hits a DDT. Flair goes to the top rope and waits for Goldberg to turn round. Goldberg does but he throws Flair off the top rope into the centre of the ring. Flair turns round into a spear by Goldberg.

Winner: Goldberg

*Can you dig it?*

Booker T walks onto the ramp way and sets some big pyro’s off.

Goldberg vs. Booker T

Booker T gets in the ring and kicks Goldberg in the mid-section and goes for the scissors kick but Goldberg takes him down with a spinebuster. Goldberg gets Booker T up and hits a Jackhammer.

Winner: Goldberg


Triple H walks out to some major heat from the crowd. He walks down to the ring with a smile on his face.

Goldberg vs. Triple H

Triple H enters the ring and punches Goldberg five times. Triple H Irish whips Goldberg into the ropes and then takes him down with a high knee. Triple H pins Goldberg who kicks out at one. Triple H gets Goldberg up, and Goldberg gets Triple H into a military press, before dropping Triple H onto his shoulders and hitting a powerslam. Goldberg then stands in a corner of the ring stalking Triple H. Ric Flair runs down to the ring and distracts Goldberg. Triple H slips to the outside and knocks Goldberg out cold with a sledgehammer shot through the ropes. Triple H enters the ring as Flair gets off the apron.

Winner: Triple H

*Glass Shatters*

Stone Cold Steve Austin walks out taunting the crowd. He walks to the ring and enters, before sticking his middle finger up at Triple H. Austin goes to all four corners.

Triple H vs. Steve Austin

Triple H tries to catch Stone Cold when he comes down from the fourth turnbuckle but Austin blocks the punch and hits seven punches on Triple H and they are now in the opposite corner. Steve Austin Irish whips him into the other corner and then walks over. Steve Austin hits five kicks and Triple H falls down to the floor. Austin walks off and then goes back and kicks Triple H ten times with the fans chanting. Triple H gets back to his feet and goes to clothesline Austin. Austin ducks though and when Triple H turns round he is kicked in the gut and Austin goes for the stunner but Triple H pushes him into the ropes. Austin comes back off the ropes and hits a Lou Thesz press. Austin then punches Triple H ten times and stalks Triple H. Triple H gets up and turns round into a stunner. Austin goes for the pin but Flair distracts the referee. Austin shoves the referee out of the way and stunners Flair using the ropes. Austin turns round into a kick to the mid section and then a pedigree. Triple H goes for the pin but Austin kicks out. Triple H goes for a second Pedigree but Austin reverses it into a spinebuster slam. Austin then gets Triple H, sticks his middle finger up in Triple H’s face and hits the Stone Cold Stunner.

Winner: Stone Cold Steve Austin

*I’m a bad man*

Rikishi walks out and walks to the ring very slowly. He gets in the ring and takes part of his attire off.

Steve Austin vs. Rikishi

Rikishi punches Austin three times and then Irish whips him into the ropes. Austin comes back off the ropes and hits another Lou Thesz press. Austin punches Rikishi ten times and gets up. He stalks Rikishi, who eventually gets to his feet and turns round. Austin kicks him in the mid-section and goes for the Stunner but Rikishi reverses it with a Samoan Drop. Rikishi gets Austin up from his feet and Irish whips him into a corner where the referee was standing. Rikishi then hurls his body into Austin and the referee, who falls to his knees and then onto the canvas. Rikishi gets Austin to his knees and Austin low blows him. Austin roles to the outside and gets a steel chair. Austin enters the ring and smashes the chair over Rikishi ten times and the chair has dented. Austin throws the chair to the outside and gets Rikishi up. Rikishi Irish whips Austin into the corner. Austin runs back at Rikishi who hits a super kick and then falls over, landing on Austin. The referee comes round and counts to three.

Winner and New World Heavyweight champion: Rikishi

JR: I can not believe it King. Tonight is the night that Rikishi has stood up and realised his dream by winning the World Heavyweight Championship.

Jerry Lawler: I can’t believe it. I, I,

JR: Your speechless aren’t you King.

The cameras show Jerry Lawler’s, and he can not even say a word.

JR: Well ladies and gentlemen please don’t forget to tune into WWE Smackdown on Thursday night and also to Raw next week.

The camera’s start to fade.

JR: I can’t believe it King.

End Show

Show Recap
World Tag Team League: The Mack Militant beat La Resistance
World Tag Team League: The Models beat The A Team
Hardcore Match – Hardcore Title – Tommy Dreamer beat Raven to become the champion
Women’s Title – Molly Holly beat Trish Stratus with help from Chris Nowinski to win the title
Intercontinental Title – Diamond Dallas Page beat Edge, John Cena, William Regal, Sean O’Haire and Rhyno
Firing Match – Shelton Benjamin and Rob Van Dam beat Randy Orton and Batista
Turmoil Match – World Heavyweight Title – The Rock beat Kane
Turmoil March – World Heavyweight Title – Goldberg beat the Rock
Turmoil Match – World Heavyweight Title – Goldberg beat Ric Flair
Turmoil Match – World Heavyweight Title – Goldberg beat Booker T
Turmoil Match – World Heavyweight Title – Triple H beat Goldberg
Turmoil Match – World Heavyweight Title – Steve Austin beat Triple H
Turmoil Match – World Heavyweight Title – Rikishi beat Steve Austin to win the title


Please reply with your thoughts and ways you think I could improve the show. Thank You.


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The promos are written fantastic and i especially like the character of Eric Bischoff, he is portrayed brilliantly in the Promos that he is featured in. JR and King are also great. I think your high-points of writing are your promos and your ''Hardcore Match'' writing. The whole Tommy Dreamer/Raven Hardcore match which was great to read. I also like how you have brought back the whole SCSA/Rikishi, which was a major factor in the success of WWF in the early 21st Century. I also gather that your main event writing is more eloquent than your mid-card matches. This is a good thing as more people look to a Main-Event as the Climax to the show and most will put some of thier judgement on how a main event is portrayed. I cant wait until you post your Smackdown! Show.

Bold and Italics would also have been helpful, but all in all 10/10

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Liked the show 9/10. Only thing that could have been better is the use of bold and italics but I wont nag you about it if you dotn want to use them. Rikishi winning the title was new and a definate shock. I alos lve the roster. I will continue to read this thread. Great Raw.

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Well, A-Dust what can I say....

I loved this show from start to finish. A lot of really innovative stuff going on. Love the tournament for the Tag Titles, Turmoil match for the Heavyweight title etc.

I always liked Rikishi as a major heel, and am glad you are using him in that slot. Please, give me some more!!!

Pity about Bold and Italics, but StepDads are a bunch of bastards, what can you do??

Looking forward to next weeks show also!!!

Keep it going!! 10/10!!!

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I really liked it great job A-Dust the only, i saw a little mistake when u said bishoff instead of Bnjamin, but who care you are a human, it was kind of funny though. Overall 9.5/10. I'm looking forward to Rikish defending the title and Randy Orton vs. Batista vs. DDP for the IC title. Also i want to see how it turns out with The Rock and Kane, and the Tag Team Divison.

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Nice show Dust, haven't really seen much of your writing but I'm impressed, hopefully you'll keep it going.

Shock to see Kish winning the Belt, and the Tag Turmoil was a nice idea.

still in shock over Kish winning the Belt.....

Hope DDP wins, can't go wrong with Page, also Rock and Kane looks like it could be interesting!

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Awesome Show mate!
Your doing great, and I love that roster!

As a Huge DDP Mark, its great to see DDP as the NEW IC Champ! Hope he keeps it for a while.
As Wolfy said...a very innovative show...thats always great to see.

I had to laugh at "Ric Flair then takes his jacket off and throws it on the floor and taunts Benjamin to get to the ring". That certainly is Ric Flair all over! The characters are alike the real life ones.

I liked the way you brought the Raven/Dreamer match up, great idea.

Its good to see Titles Decided differently...although the Tag Team title Tournament is a little confusing its very interesting.

Rikishi was the most unlikely person to win the title i thought...should be interesting how long Rikishi holds on to the title...

all-up...10/10! Great Show...keep it up!
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