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A "Do not defeat" list to be integrated into protocol immediately!

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With the Roster thinning, they need a tighter policy on who to protect. The back and forth wins and even steven booking needs to go starting now. When one person on the DND List goes against another on the list that is typically the money match, Becuae you've kept these two people away from each other and they both been on a roll so you don't know who's gonna win. Thats the whole purpose.

Who should be on this list?


Brock Lesnar
John Cena
Roman Reigns
Dean Ambrose
Dolph Ziggler

Bray Wyatt
Alberto Del Rio
Kevin Owens

Heel side is thin so I have a feeling they're going to call Corbin up. I don't think its time for him yet as he could use some added training still down in NXT, but the timing may be right like a Strowman type of situstion.

Also they should make a call to RVD immediately. He's not as sharp as his younger days ofcourse but he can still do all of his moves and pull of a great match with some of the new guys like Owens.

I fully expect them to mske s move on Jeff Hardy as soon as they get the chance, maybe Matt too. I wouldn't be surprised if they pony up enough hotcakes to get Hardy's and Dudley's do the favor for New Day at TLC, but idk about specific contracts but if they could steal Alberto from AAA like that and get away with it who knows.

I wonder how true the rumors were a few weeks ago that The Rock is coming back before the end of the year as it wouldn't make much sense to do so since there's nothing for him to get involved in until Rumble at the earliest. And plus he has his other commitments to fit in which is a factor.

I'm pretty sure Big Dave is filming the new James Bond movie so I don't expect him around no time soon.

It might be time to call Storm or Joe up to the main roster. They're certified stars that could get over in 1 day easy.

If Lucha Underground is not having a season 2, I think Brian Cage could play a good main event heel for the Authority. Have HHH sell him as the guy that's bigger stronger faster than Roman Reigns.
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Problem today is that you're either overprotected or you're a jobber. There's like no in between at all. And if you're an over and credible midcarder it just means you're fed to the top guys.

For all of the whining about Kevin Owens, he's actually been one of the best and smartest booked guys WWE has pushed in years.
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