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Hey, I was wondering if someone who's really good at making banners can make me one with the following,
-I want this picture of the Terminator on the left side of the banner.
-and I want this picture of Torrie on the right side of the banner.
http://photostore.nba.com/source/PO...aspx?L1=lakers&L2=11252&page=6&imageId=616018 -and I want this picture of Kobe Bryant in the middle of the banner, being the center of attention kinda thing, and a little bit bigger than the other pictures.
Additional info is that I want an effective, blue/dark blue background and I want 'Tha N-Man' in black, sorta jagged letters close to the bottom of the banner. And try to keep size at around 400x250.
BIG thanx to whoever decides to do it.
If anyone has any problems with the pictures or anything, tell me in this thread or PM me.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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