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We show footage of the phone call from last week, where Eric Bischoff was on the Phone with Vince.
The Pryo burst, the entrance video goes off, and were off 2 J.R. and the King.

Jim Ross- Welcome ladies and gentleman as tonight has been a night of endings. Tonight we have a main event between Ric Flair and Chris Beniot as well as Vince McMahon who will be live in Houster, Texas.

Jerry Lawyer- Yea I'm shocked about that tonight. But tonight we got something better then that. We have Trish Stratus taking on Nidia in a bikini contest. And also

* No Chanse Hits*

Vince McMahon Well tonight right here in Housten Texas, we will see the end of the World Tag Team Titles. Because right here in that very ring in 2 weeks at Judgement day the W.W.E. and World Tag Team championships will be unified. Because Eric Bischoff doesn't know how 2 run a roster.Although all in all it wasn't really your fault since u lost ur tag teams in the draft lottery. Anyway at Judgement day we will see the RAW Tag Champs Rosey and hurriciane taking on the W.W.E. Champs former RAW tag champs the Dudleys.

* I'm Back and better then ever hits*

Eric Bischoff- Now Vince McMahon, sir. What if the Hurriciane and Rosey win.

Vince- Well then Mr. Bischoff u will not only be loseing the titles, but u will be losing the Hurriciane and his S.H.I.T. rosey. as they will be on Smackdown now.

Eric- Mr. McMahon sir, what would RAW get if the Hurriciane and S.H.I.T. lose the match, are u just going to fire them. Vince u cant kill something, like a title division without letting me bring something back.

Vince- Will Eric who the hell do you think your talking like that to, ya now what Eric, your fired

Linda McMahon's music hits

Linda McMahonWell Vince your ego has goten the best of you again. Do u think for one second that your going to fire Eric Bischoff. Now sure I might not get along with Eric, however he has been the best man to be G.M. for RAW.

ERic Thank you Linda.

Vince Linda who in the heel do u think u are??n I'm Vince McMahon Damnet not u .


Jim RossO.M.G. king did u hear that at Judgement day it's the World tag champs taking on the W.W.E. champs in a unificition match .

Jerry- J.R. that going to be a crazy insane match, RAW will say goodbye to the tag titles forever. But up next puppies, puppies, oh yes pupies galore.

Lillian - Ladies and gentlemen welcome your special guest refferee. Johnny Nitro .

Johnny Nitro Well I'm Johnny Nitro and I'm here 2 judge a divas nikini contest. Ok now out first is the very sexy Trish Stratus .

Ok out next is Nidia.

Nitro Now the way this works u girls are going to take off your Robes and the fans are going to judge by your outfits who's the sexier diva. Also the winner becomes the number one contender for RAW next week to take on Lita. Ok Trish u first .

Nitro Ok Trish not bad , now lets see Nidia.

Well who do u fans like Nidia or Trish.

Well judgeing by the reaction next week it's Lita vs Trist for the Womens title.

We go 2 Randy Orten in the back.

Randy Orten Ya see Mick u thought it was over between us at Backlash, u thought I was going to just let u pin me and take away my I.C. title. Well it's far from over. ya see Mick I have a dream of one daying ending u to the point where u cant move. Ending u to the point where even ur wife wont want to see u, because ur face will be disfigured. and I know it's about a month away, but at Bad Blood u are going down 2 the legend killer. but Mick lets make this interresting, how about your speciality a H.I.A.C match. So I can finish u off in ur speciality.


Y.J. stinger

Jim RossJerry did u hear that, in 1 month Randy Orten had laid down the challenge againist Mick Foley who miht I add defeated Orten in a Hardcore match at Backlash.

JerryWell J.R. this math is going to be a match of the ages.... if Mick accepts.

Lillian the following match is scheduled for onefall. Introducine first at 220 pounds. Shelton Nenjamin.

And his oppoenen weighting at 310 pounds the monster Batista. They lock up and it's Batista overpowering Shelton into the corner. He's givin him left, and rights. Shelton goes outside. Batista follows him to the outside. Benjamin in the rings, he goes for a spin kick. he hits it and Batista is down. 1.2. kickout by Batista.

He goes for the superkick and misses, Batista has him in a bearhug. the ref lifts Shelton's hand up onec. twice, no he still has some figt left in hi. He hits him in the gut. Batista then sends him off to the ropes, shoulder push. Ben goes down to the outside. Batista fooolws Shelton to the outside he kicks him in the guy and oh no batista boms him into a table. the Ref calls for the bell.

LillianLadies and gentleman the winner of this match as a result of a D/Q Shelton Benjamin.


preview for Judgement day

And were back with the Smackdown rebound
footage is shown of J.B.L. and Booker T. teaming up to take on the Undertaker and Eddie Guerrero, as well as the announceing of the energetin 8 man signed for Judgement day.

Jim Ross And were back and King up next isthe main event, which featured Chris Beniot taking on Ric Flair ,

* I'm back hits * Eric comes out with a breifcase
Eric Well since we all know that at Judgement day the end of the tag division will happen. Raw will lose the tag team titles, but it will gain something much more. in 2 weeks on Monday night RAW a 20 minute battel royal will be made to bring back this.

* opens up the breifcase and takes out a title* The Hardcore title. Thats right I am bring back the Hardcore title 2 spice up raw, and I have been thinking of doing this for a while now.


stacker 2.

and were back, we have taken our last commercile break and were are ready for this main event of a lifetime.

Lillian The following contest is schelded for onefall and it is for the World Heavyweight Title. Introduceing the World Champioin from Atlanta Georgia weighting 250 pound Chris Beniot.
And his oppoenent weighing 210 from Charlote, N.C. the "Nature Boy" Ric Flair. The Nature Boy comes out with Evolution member's Randy Orten and Batista. H.B.K.'s music hits and he comes out to do color comntary .

Beniot and Flair lock up and Beniot goes into the ropes, clean break, they lock up again and Beniot goes into the cornerwhere Flair goes for his signiture chops. Beniot then reverses it and starts chopin away at lair. He sends him into he corner where he hits the ring buckles then starts his walk where he just falls down. Batista then gets up and distracts the ref, Orten in goes for an R.K.O. but missed and Beniot hits 2 germens, he sees Flair geting up , he hits another german and then Flair is at Ringpost. He slas Flair to the mat with a scopeslam. He goes for the crossface, Flair is about to tap, but Batista and Orten attack Beniot.

Shawn Well as u say J.R. buisness is about to pick up and imma have to go assist Beniot. Beniot toses out Orten and is fighting with Batista

H.B.K. goes 2 the ring and the rest of Evolution get out of the ring. Beniot looks at Micheals and says Thank you. They shake hands and then bam H.B.K. superkicks Beniot and the rest of Evolution come into the ring, and Micheals tears away his H.B.K. shirt 2 reveil an Evolution shirt. And this is when RAw goes off the air

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spelling mistakes plus post the titles and backlash results

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Spelling mistakes all over. There weren't enough matches, Vince wouldn't fire Eric, the World Tag Team Titles ending was bad, bringing back the Hardcore Title back was bad, the amount of matches needs big improvement, the lay out needs improvement and the show wouldn't last three hours.

I like the idea of a Foley/Orton match as well as Shawn joining Evolution.

Overall Grade: 6/10

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