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___ Wants Noise

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Anyone who is a fan of baseball, might have heard of the whole "Winfield Wants Noise" stuff back in 1992 during the Toronto Blue Jays season, the one which lead to them winning their first(of back to back) world series titles.

It was basically him calling out the fans and telling them that he wanted the crowd to make more noise at the games, and it soon basically became the teams slogan for the rest of the year. The fans responded quickly to that as they started making way more noise, and there were so many things like hats,t-shirts and posters with "Winfield wants noise".

Anyone think that someone in WWE could do this? Call out the fans all around the WWE Universe and basically trying to get them to make more noise at events?

Don't turn this into a "maybe fans will be louder if WWE gave them a reason to be louder" type of thread.

lol, imagine something like "Wade wants noise" slogan. Back in 1992, it was a player from the Jays who called out their own fans and they responded positively to that, imagine if the same impact happened if a WWE star called out the fans(becoming a popular slogan with fans, and fans actually responding to that as well)
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