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I know full well that there are these “15 facts I learned from …” threads around, that desparately try to be funny and for the most part fail miserably. Now as I set out to write a similar thing, please don’t judge me too harshly: I don’t even TRY to be funny. At best witty in a couple of my points.

  1. All of this RAW episode strongly felt as if they had realized all of a sudden that there was another week on the calender before NoC, and so on short notice decided to fill it with padding.
  2. They don’t even need Teddy Long any more to make stupid pointless tag team main events.
  3. Teddy clearly felt left out by this so he one-upped them by making a yet MORE pointless match.
  4. You realize wrestling is predictable when you not only correctly guess the result of EVERY match beforehand (except for Orton), but also deduce the fact the show is in Canada from the fact that ADR boasts of having retired Edge.
  5. There seems to be a real effort to make the tag team division relevant once again. After all, Miz and R-Truth are basically lower main-eventers. Would not be surprised if they win on Sunday. Long way from Santino.
  6. The commentators seem not to have realized that Sheamus is a face now. The mentioned how he was a man that likes to beat up people. Basically they described him as a bully. Considering that Sheams is active in that anti bullying campain …
  7. Ricardo acting the coward in the ring was actually a good thing. It helps make the impression that wrestling is a dangerous business for trained, superhuman, well, superstars.
  8. I’m not absolutely sure any more that HHH will go over on Sunday, because obviously if he did not Laurinaitis would become COO.
  9. RAW supershow DEFINITELY bodes ill for the low card people.
  10. John Cena sucking up to Bret Hart felt … wrong. Even a desperate face should not do something like that. Only honor legends that are NOT in the arena at the moment!
  11. The main event not being a match but a talk with CM Punk for the nth time over is getting a bit annoying. Can’t that segment be at a different place in the card? And maybe just a wee bit shorter?
  12. Woohoo! Another “shoot”. Phil to Paul, huh? And mike cutoff. Just like Bertholt Brecht famously said: History repeats itself, first time as serious business, the second time as a farce.

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Meaning of the word "Fact"

A thing that is indisputably the case.

Most of your comments are opinions. And there are threads where most of your comments could have been posted.

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There is a RAW DISCUSSION THREAD stickied on the top yet people think their opinion is so much more important than everyone else's that they deserve their own thread. Or they do it because they wrote a lot and want to make sure more people see it- you know, a nice way of saying that they just want attention. FOH with this crap, you didn't make one point that hasn't been made 100 times already...today.
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