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5 Years on.

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So its been half a decade since the following joined the main roster. What impact have they had in the WWE throughout their tenures so far (if any) and what are your highlights or lowlights of the class of 2010?

Alberto Del Rio debuted in August of 2010 on the Smackdown brand.

Tamina and The Usoa debuted and attacked the then Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty & Natalya.

Kaval won Season 2 of NXT in the autumn of the year.

Whilst all the members of Season 1 formed the Nexus (Barrett, Bryan, Slater, Gabriel, Tarver, Otunga, Young and Sheffield/Ryback) and towards the end of the year recruiting season 2 contestants Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty.
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Forget 2010. 2013 is when it looked like the future had really arrived.

Bryan, Shield and Bray Wyatt.

Ambrose and Wyatt are midcard/rotational main event jobbers.

Reigns is now the de facto top babyface in Cena and Lesnar's absence despite only having around 40-50% crowd support. Mild support at that.

Rollins had a shit title reign. Even as a huge fan of the guy I can say that his title reign was piss. His work before winning the title was his best.

He's the only guy I'd look at and say when he comes back might be hot. Back to a face pop, didn't lose his WWE title legitimately, can talk on the mic (Certainly at least as well as Daniel Bryan and much better than Reigns) So :shrug that will be on WWE to decide that one.

The future is not looking so bright anymore though.
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